Friday, April 30, 2010

Political Almanac Voters' Beliefs

Political Almanac Chapter 2: The History of Politics

Voters' Beliefs

The actions voters take are based on what they believe to be true.

Liberals who believe in Evolution and believe in public schools voted for Obama.
Conservatives who believe Evolution is hokum and who want to close public schools voted for McCain.

Liberals who don’t believe life starts at conception voted for Obama.
Conservatives who believe life begins at conception and believe we are one Supreme Court Justice away from ending abortion voted for McCain.

Climate Change
Liberals who believe we are causing global warming by burning coal and oil voted for Obama.
Conservatives who believe the California wild fires are the cause for global warming voted for McCain.

Liberals who believe Democrats will cut their taxes voted for Obama.
Conservatives who don’t believe Democrats will cut anybody’s taxes voted for McCain.

Work Ethic
Conservatives believed Moses when he said, “Pick up your shovels and mount your asses and follow me to the promised land” Liberals believed FDR when he said, “Lay down your shovels and sit on your asses, this is the promised land”

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Political Almanac Political Parties

Political Almanac Chapter 2: The History of Politics

Political Parties

This is a political party used for elections only. This is an odd grouping of people who don’t want socialism. They believe in the free market system and the law of supply and demand. Republicans also believe that life starts at conception, and would like to see abortion illegal, but are quick to send our armies to attack our enemies. (This totally confuses Liberals). Most religious voters are Republican, many because of the abortion issue. Half the 40M Catholics in the U.S. are Republicans. Many blue collar, pro-gun, pro-liberty voters are Republicans. Almost all small-government, pro-free-enterprise voters are Republicans. Republican candidates must promise giveaways and pander to the entitlement-minded just enough to get elected by narrow margins.

This political party is a relentless, year-round, day-after-day, bi-coastal group forever bemoaning why they didn’t win this or that election. These people are driven. They believe their job is to offer government give-aways to bribe voters to vote for them. They cannot be out-pandered. They are allied with the labor unions and use the public schools to indoctrinate students into becoming Democrats. They are dedicated to continuing abortion on demand, at your expense, but are largely pacifists who decry our use of the military, unless they are in the majority. They are generally anti-gun, but pro-blue-collar. Most blue collar minorities and anti-energy Environmentalists are Democrats. Half the Catholics are Democrats, but don’t seem to mind abortion. These Catholics are environmentalist, recyclers, who are fixated on the poor.

Like most socialist republics, we have a one party governing system and once in office all politicians become Left-Center governing Demopublicans regardless of party. Republicans become more apt to vote for giving your money to somebody else and Democrats tend to fund the military.

We are split 50-50 Left to Right for various reasons. This breaks when 51% of all voters are receiving substantial support and benefits from the government. When that occurs, Republicans will just quit and move elsewhere to start a real country. The rest will stay and become Socialists like the Europeans. Businesses have been quietly leaving the U.S. in anticipation of the socialist coup. The socialists don’t realize nobody will be left to pay for their schemes – they will just go nuts.

Liberal Lobbies

AARP is the propaganda arm of aging big government Liberals. They will lobby like crazy to get every dollar our government can print given to the old.

Black big government liberals have too many propaganda organizations to name. They will fight like hell to ensure that black Americans get their fair share and that nobody ever forgets they didn’t ask to come to America.

Unions have invested $500M a year for decades in Democratic candidates. Their base shrank from 20M mostly manufacturing employee members in 1983 to 12M mostly government employee members in 2008.

The ACLU and Trial Lawyers Association have a long history of supporting Democrats and Liberal causes, like guaranteeing “freedom from religion” to angry atheists, and guaranteeing Liberal Court rulings to free dangerous criminals. They are also working on crippling our homeland security strategies.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Political Almanac The History of Politics

Political Almanac Chapter 2: The History of Politics

How Did This Start ?

Why We Invented Elected Officials
Elected Officials were invented because we assumed that some necessities, like roads, would not be built by volunteers using their own money. On the Frontier, Americans did this successfully until they got mad at “freeloaders”, who didn’t help. It has been “downhill” ever since. Over the years there were lots of things we wanted to force everybody else to pay for. Looking back, we could have done without most of those things. When we chartered the U.S., we did allow for elected “representative” government. We unfortunately neglected to identify whose welfare they would represent or just how they would do that.

What Did We Expect Them to Do
In the early years, we copied what others had done. We knew that if we were threatened we would need an Army, so we maintained a small Army. We based our Courts, Legislation and Executive political activities on much of what Europe had done. We limited what government would do and we went about our business of farming, ranching and trading. We were less restricted and taxed by government than were our European friends. On the Frontier, we farmed and traded without any government, so everybody had guns, similar to how it is now in our inner-cities. As we moved gentile Easterners to the West, we hired Sheriffs, Mayors, City Counsels, Judges and Tax Collectors. We built churches, recruited doctors, built jails and complained that the rowdy cowboys needed to stop drinking, shooting up the town and flaunting their loose morals, just like they do today in Los Angeles. We gradually expected government to get rid of the Indians and provide roads, bridges, clean water, sanitary sewer systems, a postal service, stage coaches, telegraph lines, railroads and eventually street lights. We also went along with Courts, Legislatures and Governors. Mostly, we wanted courts to protect our legal property rights, but the courts distracted themselves and have abandoned this entirely.

What Happened Next
Gradually, government took on a life of its own and wanted to establish public schools, particularly where there were no private or parochial schools, thereby allowing parents of private school students the opportunity to pay for the education of their neighbor’s children. Having been elected, Legislators became bored with roads, bridges, water and sewers. They also needed more emotional issues to make voters more emotional and less lucid, so they invented these issues like ‘River City Needs a Boys’ Band’. They decided to claim sovereignty over almost everything. They competed with each other to stretch their reach beyond anything they could actually have any affect on or afford to do. Early on they discovered they could make up scandals in which their opponents were allegedly involved and the free press would print this drivel. They promised the church ladies they would outlaw alcohol, dancing and card playing and they were elected.

When Did Ideology Start
By 1900, the chasm between business owners and workers, well publicized by novelists and intellectuals, had reached a new low. Karl Marx was widely read. Intellectuals and thugs joined together and produced the Russian Revolution to allow Communism to spread across the globe. Even the United States had a small but active Communist Party. In another intellectual camp, Margaret Sanger began a movement to limit the population growth of the great unwashed intellectual inferiors, who didn’t graduate from Ivy League schools. Our best trained thugs were with the Mafia and they took up the cause of labor and worked to organize labor unions using extortion, threats and intimidation. This witches brew of intellectuals and thugs became the Democratic Party, favoring redistribution of wealth, socialism, labor unions, free love, public schools with a pro-socialist agenda and abortion on demand. Everybody else who saw what they were doing and said: ‘Hey, that’s not right….or…’I don’t agree with that.. became Republicans. This culminated in 1932 when the WW-2 Bonus Marcher Veterans were routed from the Capitol after Congress refused to pay their promised bonus early. None of these folks were reelected. That locked in the final pillar of the Nanny State, which says: ‘Promise to transfer wealth to the poor all the time and actually do it when you can get away with it, and you will be reelected. This only works when most of the voters are poor, most of the time. This realization did crystallize the Democratic Party’s primary goal: to make all the voters poor, so they will vote for them.

How to Destroy the Global Economy
Our Regulations under the Community Reinvestment Act forced banks to make 42% of their loans to folks who had no money, credit, jobs, citizenship, or ability to repay the loans. This is a good start. Lenders rolled these bad loans into securities and sold them world-wide. In 2008 the global economy lost $50 trillion in equity and we were sinking fast. In 2008, our GDP was about $14.3 trillion. Our National Debt was over $10.9 trillion and growing, our unfunded liabilities total $55 trillion and our net worth was a negative $5 trillion and heading South. Our annual taxes took in $2.4 trillion a year. In 2010 Our GDP is projected to be about $15 trillion due to the infusion of $24 trillion printed dollars. Our unemployment is actually close to 30% and isn’t budging. Our Federal Budget ballooned to $3.9 trillion and our National Debt is planned to reach $20 trillion by 2020. If all those who are funding our debt decided not to, we would be insolvent and would either debase the dollar (hyperinflation) or cancel all entitlements. Everybody will be poor and would therefore only vote for Democrat candidates (How’s that gonna work out for us ? ).

The Tyranny of the Minority (taming the great free beast)
We in government have gone too far according to your average American cowboy. To tame the cowboy beast and distract him from complaining about the real horrendous things we’ve done, we have enacted a boat-load of laws and cultural movements designed to keep him in his place under the guise of protecting him from himself including: seat-belt laws, no driving with a beer, no big convertibles, required bicycle helmets, designer coffee and bottled water. We also went crazy protecting minorities, including everybody but the cowboys. You will recognize our government monuments to minorities by how much trouble they are and how few people really visit these sites. Our harassment campaign includes more handicapped parking spaces than necessary, HOV lanes with one or two cars in them, over-treatment of all diseases, under-crowded passenger trains, busses with one passenger, endless paperwork required to track hiring and treatment of “protected classes”, protecting employees from polygraphs, guaranteeing employees 12 weeks of unpaid leave, ensuring that everybody makes more money than the cowboys and ensuring freedom from religion for atheists and freedom to flame in public to gays. Dangerous criminals are set free by our courts based on overcrowding in our prisons. Criminals continue to terrorize citizens over the internet. Drug addicts are sent to prisons where they can continue to get drugs.

Where We Are Now
We politicians have now established our delusions as fact, that we can save everybody from everything, real and imagined, including things we’ve caused. Presidential political campaigns now cost $1 billion to $2 billion per year. Senate and Congressional campaigns cost $200,000 to $10 million. Unions contribute $500 million to $1 billion a year to Democrats. Liberal wealthy folks who purchase all their political favors contribute the rest Republican voters are totally disillusioned, so they don’t make campaign contributions. Contributors bribe Politicians when they want something. Politicians extort contributions from lobbyists when they need money.

We politicians are hired by these interest groups to promote the interests of our contributors. These interests can include preferential tax treatment, exclusive advantages like excluding national banks from usury laws and excluding derivative and hedge fund investors from being subject to gambling laws. These groups work to get their candidates elected by limiting the candidates to those they’ve chosen to hire. We Voters pretend that these candidates will work for us, but they don’t. The issues Politicians use to divide and conquer us include Culture War issues like abortion, gay rights, class warfare, transfer payments, open borders, out-of control judges, rampant immigration and freedom from religion.

Liberal Politicians are offering voters free health care, housing, food, condoms, education and pensions if they join unions. Those who disagree are called intolerant, racist, uneducated, ignorant, evil cavepersons. They encourage all voters to celebrate diversity by being tolerant, secular, gay, inclusive and environmental. The tools they use include laws and programs designed to fail, bullying, intimidation and name calling, totally fabricated problems like global warming, bribery and extortion, candidate control and debasing the currency,

Bullying the Federal Reserve has really worked out for us. We can easily debase the currency by printing more money and we’ve done so undetected at the rate of 4% per year for decades. In 1968 new cars were $2,000, now they’re $20,000. Houses were $30,000, now they same house is $300,000. Family health insurance was $600 a year, now it’s $12,000 a year; College tuition was $900 a year, now it’s $18,000 a year. Health Care and Education inflated 8% per year. A good family income was $10000 / year, now it takes $100000 / year. Most large purchases are 10 times higher than they were 40 years ago, except for health insurance and education; these are 20 times more expensive. The way to confirm changes in inflation is to look at the growth in the gross domestic product (GDP). It too has grown 4% per year for that past 40 years. (isn’t that interesting…) The purpose of announcing the GDP is to give us the illusion that we are making progress. Looking forward, because of the size of our debt and the diminishing value of our economic capability, we look forward to debasing the dollar at double the rate of the last 40 years. The voters will really need us then.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Political Almanac Running for Office

Political Almanac Chapter 1: Politician’s Handbook

Running for Office

Planning Your National Campaign
If you have a million dollars in the bank and a personality and you can sell your services to the highest bidder and you graduated from Harvard or Yale, you can consider running for a National office in the U.S. Senate or U.S. House. You will need a boat-load of money, so you need to know who has the money and what you’ll need to do to get some. First you need to decide what job you want to run for, and where; then find out what party the majority of the voters belong to, so you can pick that party. At this point, you should figure out how you’re going to handle what you’ll say to different groups on a variety of issues. If you think anybody will buy it, you go forward. You then hire a pre-campaign staff to plan and execute a series of gatherings of potential contributors. The staff will gather a committee of interested donors, who will gather more donors and pretty soon you’re rolling.

Securing Contributions
Your staff should be able to find out what your contributors want in return for the contributions they will make. It could be “access” to you, to give you their take on legislation, their support of your shared “world view” and political philosophy or other reasons. Some businesses and investors are more susceptible to legislator’s actions. Some potential contributors are more influenced by ideology. Here you should be taking notes.

Doing the Straight Jacket Dance
Now you know what your contributors want. It’s time to reread all applicable sections above and practice your responses to questions from the very diverse groups of voters who hate each other, without saying anything that would offend your big contributors. Don’t forget to be candid, sincere and careful.

Planning a Local Campaign
If you want to run for state senate or house or a city office, you’ll need $50,000 in the bank and lots of friends. The fundraising need not be as heady as a National Office run, but the basics are the same. Make sure you stick with local issues like water, roads, highways, zoning, parks, crime and services. I knew a state senate candidate who wanted to lower health insurance costs. Now he attacks windmills with his lance.

Get Out The Vote
Illegal Mexicans can be paid to vote for us, and don’t forget dead people, but the best list is the 40% of Americans who don’t vote or have health insurance. Make sure your ballot-box stuffing gang of voter fraud executors don’t get caught.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Political Almanac Local Politics

Political Almanac Chapter 1: Politician’s Handbook

Local Politics

We get most of our money from the federal government, so we should take their lead and be hapless, blind-sighted and incapable of anticipating crises.

Water & Sewer Maintenance
We don’t know how to anticipate where water and sewer line breaks might occur, so we don’t bother to do that. We usually wait until a road collapses to give us a general idea of where a break has occurred. Make sure you block off all the roads around these work areas for quite some time.

Road Maintenance
We only do road maintenance after we have a water or sewer line break.

We ask everyone not to drive. For a while they didn’t listen to us, but lately we think we’re getting through to them. We invented HOV lanes to remove a lane from our highway systems, but the other lanes are still jammed. We also put stop lights at on-ramps; that jammed up the feeder roads.

Road Expansion
Our multi-use mall and apartment developers do most of this, so we try to approve all of their crazy schemes. We don’t like to do road expansion. We just want everyone to drive less.

We approve zoning changes based on emotion rather than logic. We are always relieved and surprised when voters don’t show up at zoning hearings with torches and pitchforks. We usually hang out with crazy developers with zany ideas; they are generally more fun to be with.

We sit on school boards to approve whatever budget the Superintendent wants. We run and hide when the voters show up with torches and pitchforks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Political Almanac International Relations

Political Almanac Chapter 1: Politician’s Handbook

International Relations

Third World
When dealing with the Third World, we must take a lesson from our missionaries. A missionary journeyed to a Third World country to meet the native people and show them that he had a good heart. Once they were convinced his heart was good, they ate it.

Manufacturing Policy
We have had great success in driving most manufacturing overseas by refusing to offer the kind of bribes offered by foreign governments and refusing to impose any import tariffs. After all, most of these foreign governments are potential or active campaign contributors.

As the world’s leading colonial power, we have been able to attract an ever-growing number of Mexicans without having to seize any Mexican territory.

Having the U.N. in New York has been invaluable in helping us find creative ways to give billions of dollars to foreign scam artists, crooks and brutal dictators. This enables them to ensure that they will continue to impoverish and brutalize their populations. These U.N. folks provide us with movies and photographs of their starving citizens. This motivates us to send money and food to their countries.
This, in turn, allows them to steal the money and food and buy more guns to keep their citizens under control.

Funding our GDP
We have been successful in attracting foreign capitol by continuing off-shoring our manufacturing and encouraging the purchase of everything these amateurs sell us. We no longer make anything of value that isn’t a scam. We have an information economy. Unfortunately, most of our information is wrong. To avoid boredom, we are encouraged to become consumers, funding our purchases with borrowed money. We will soon owe China more than we’re worth.

Humanitarian Aid
The down-side of giveaways to foreign crooks and brutal dictators is that their populations are left starving in a war zone. We can now ensure TV coverage of our deliveries of relief supplies to these countries.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Political Almanac

Political Almanac Chapter 1: Politician’s Handbook

National Domestic Politics

To ensure success in your political career, you should look for every way you can take credit for giving handouts to the voters. To have a political career, you must make friends with “special interests”, who will give you the campaign contributions you will need to run your campaign in exchange for “favors”. These favors can be found in the Tax Code every Law passed and every Regulation. These “favors” take extortion and bribery to a whole new level. It’s important that we keep this a secret, so voters don’t find out what we’re doing. You must say stuff that sounds good, so you will be popular with voters. Make voters think that if they vote for you, they will get free stuff. Voters love promises.

To ensure that voters won’t catch on, you must continue to find new ways to ruin our public schools, to dumb down the population. This makes them all the more eager for handouts. Also, if you can somehow ensure the supply of marijuana to voters, you will have no problems with them.

To keep the viability of this strategy, it is imperative that you are able to engineer continuing waves of crises from which you can promise to rescue the voters. Your campaign contributors can help to create these crises, so you won’t have to do it all yourself. You merely need to cripple the regulators assigned to the particular segment of the economy you are planning to create the crisis in. Remember, our government is not organized to anticipate events or behave pro-actively or see anything coming, therefore we must continue to be hapless and react to every crisis we encounter, even pretend ones.

When the crisis comes, you should act surprised and outraged. You can then march the scapegoats from business or the other Party before the congressional committees to receive their beatings. Then it is necessary to beat up on the regulators who will cite their budget cuts over the previous years. Finally, it’s important to craft new legislation with bigger holes in it than the previous version, so it will help to create another crisis down the road. Your congressional staff lawyers can be very helpful here. Remember, what you want is a law that doesn’t work, but that the Supreme Court still uphold.

If the voters get really angry about something, make sure to blame the other Political Party, that’s why we pretend to have a two party system. If the voters’ statements are too close to the truth, they must be discredited as crazy anarchists.

There are some tried and true areas we have been successful with in creating the continual crisis machine that has worked so well for us over the years. These are:

Health Care
We owe the healthcare and insurance industries lots of favors in payment for the billions of dollars they’ve given us in campaign contributions. Therefore, we must make the healthcare and health insurance industries continue grow in spite of their dismal performance, glaring inefficiency and declining popularity. Therefore, the goal for health care is to keep the costs rising and concentrate on the most expensive treatment we can imagine. Finding cures really won’t help us. We can claim it’s a crisis every 4 years. Health Insurance companies have been very helpful.

Malpractice Insurance
Malpractice lawsuits have succeeded in making our healthcare industry the least efficient industry on the planet, in the history of the world. We need for this inefficiency to thrive. Otherwise, we won’t be able to continue to claim we can have government provide healthcare for free. We owe the trial lawyers big time for ensuring this inefficiency and for their generous campaign contributions. Therefore, the goal for malpractice insurance is to keep costs rising as much as possible. We must protect the peoples’ right to file as many lawsuits as possible. The Trial Lawyers Association is one of you best sources for campaign contributions. High malpractice premiums are invaluable to our goal of keep Health Care costs rising.

If we can’t keep the voters distracted, they may try to stop us from saving public education. Our best bet is to make them as stupid as possible, so we can tell them outrageous lies they will believe. Therefore, the goal for education is concentrate on ensuring that our students test scores decline even more when compared to other countries. Our goal of dumbing down the population is being met. Our indoctrination of students to turn them into voters who will demand more socialist reforms is going well. The Teacher’s Union has been invaluable to ensure that our goals will be continually exceeded. The population is eager to believe that a rise in test scores is just around the corner if we only will continue to throw more money at the problem. We’ve convinced them that the problems are so bad, we dare not entrust our children’s education to anyone but union professionals. We’ve got to keep raising the cost of education, so the parents will think it has some value. Also, the union teachers who indoctrinate the students would like to make more money for the key roll they play in bringing down our civilization.

We’ve decided that the American people use way too much energy, so we’ve restricted U.S. oil and gas exploration for decades, hoping that energy costs would rise and force the people to conserve. Therefore, the goal for energy going forward is to keep the costs rising by imposing taxes on the utilities and to ensure periodic shortages and impressive price hikes. The Environmental and Arab Crazies are your best bet to keep this crisis reoccurring with no end in sight. The global warming story we invented should help us for decades to come. This myth will allow us to tax energy so we’ll have less of it. So, we want to tax utilities $642 billion for cap and trade. They will pass all of this tax on to consumers. This will drive everybody crazy. This will result in a doubling of everybody’s electricity and gas bills. We are so proud we finally have an energy policy.

Global Warming
This hoax has given “political science” a whole new meaning. If it weren’t for the reductions in funding higher education periodically over the past several decades, we wouldn’t have our global warming scam. Our most enterprising college professors and scientists invented global warming to market their services for federal grants and contracts. This has sparked job growth within our most loyal political voter base. I think we can count on the Darwinists to support this fantasy. They owe us big time for driving God out of all government owned property and for insisting that Darwinism is too real science.

Auto Bailout
The last vestiges of American Unionism in manufacturing is in danger. Our campaign contributors, the UAW and U.S. automakers have followed our lead to be hapless and blind-sighted. To reward them for not noticing our flat production of oil over the past 20 years, we should give them $50B for their executive compensation budgets and other purposes. Then we can march their CEOs in to yell at them regularly for their greed and stupidity. We can parade laid-off and retired UAW members in to whine to the Senate about their healthcare and pensions. Everybody loves a soap opera.

Monetary Policy
The 1913 dollar is now worth 13 cents. You can track our current level of inflation by watching the growth in the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). GDP is the myth we use to make us think we are making progress. We are fortunate to have the Federal Reserve System to keep quietly printing all the money they can to help to keep costs rising. The voters will never notice that we have debased the dollar for decades. We should continue to drive interest rates up and down every 10 years. This will continue to throw the financial markets into boom and bust cycles which should coincide with presidential elections.

Bank Bailout
We forced the banks to give mortgage loans to folks who couldn’t pay for them. They not only did it, they invented sub-prime and no doc loans and then sliced up these loans into untraceable bundles and sold them as securities to unsuspecting investors world-wide. They pretended that house values would continue to go up in this bubble forever. Then foreclosures increased and prices stalled. Just before that we imposed a mark to market accounting standard. Now our campaign contributors, the U.S. banks are insolvent and need our help. We encouraged them to loan money to our impoverished voters who have no money to buy houses and other stuff. Now, these groups need $10 trillion for their executive compensation budgets and other purposes. The key to continuing this crisis is our mark to market FASB rule. It forces the bank to write off every dollar they spent investing in mortgage based securities. Most of these are worth 50 cents, but our hedge fund campaign contributors will buy them for 10 cents. We are lending the banks trillions of dollars of taxpayer money on this scam. None of this would be happening if we had suspended the mark to market rule earlier, so it’s important that nobody talk about this rule.

Market Crashes
Whenever our campaign contributors can’t make double digit earnings in the stock market, we try to arrange a crash. Our campaign contributors start by pulling their money out. We tell the folks to keep their money in the market while this is going on. Then we threaten to tax everybody to death and the rest of the market tanks. When it hits our prearranged bottom, we all buy and we’re back to making double digit earnings again.

It’s important that we keep enough dangerous criminals on the street and coming over the border to hold the voters interest. Our best bet here is to appoint Goofy Judges and continue border fence litigation. We will continue to provide inmates with drugs and internet access, so they can continue to harass the folks. Our refusal to help the border states keep drug gangs from coming over the border is finally paying off. There are now almost as many kidnappings in Phoenix Arizona as there are in Mexico City. Our hedge fund campaign contributors are now looking at investing in Phoenix housing for 10 cents on the dollar as retirees flee to South Dakota.

Civil Rights
The goal here is to get the ACLU to attack majority’s values and beliefs until they stop having them. Once again, the ACLU, Trial Lawyers and Goofy Judges are our best bet. Everyone agrees, one indignant atheist can now shut down any public school that allows anyone to mention God.

The voters will just go nuts when we run out of water. This crisis is timed for just when voters think their home values have gone back up from the lows we created with the Community Reinvestment Act. This one will dwarf the $4 a gallon gasoline shock. They’ll really need us then.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Questions for Supreme Court Nominees

We Conservatives want Senators who will be able to ask questions of Obama’s Supreme Court nominees not to be shy. We deserve to hear the truth from these nominees. Areas I would question are listed below:
1) How would you interpret “Life” in the Constitution and who is entitled to that God given right ? How is it that the unborn are currently denied this right ?
2) Does the Constitution guarantee a citizens’ right to property ? If so, where ? How can government seize private property and give it to another private entity ?
3) How would you interpret “ Born” in the Constitution ? Why are children of non-citizens born in the U.S. given U.S. citizenship ?
4) Do you think “Congress shall establish no religion” means the government should not declare that all citizens join the Baptist Church ? Do you think the 10 Commandments should be removed from all courthouses ?
5) Do you think the Federal Government may now engage in activities in violation of the 10th Amendment ? Shouldn’t schools be left to the State or the people without federal requirements and funding ? Does requiring all citizens to purchase health insurance violate the 10th Amendment ? What is the Constitutional rationale for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other transfer payment schemes now operated by the Federal Government ? Aren’t retirement savings, health insurance and welfare absent from the limited Federal Government powers outlined in the Constitution ? Aren’t these reserved to the States or the people ?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Your Government Needs Your Help

Dear Citizen,
We hope you think that we in government are doing a good job. We know that life isn't perfect and, therefore, we have made that our philosophy. We are doing the best we can with the little money we have. We have been busy worrying about our society. That's our job. We would like to share some of our concerns. We are having some problems funding our criminal justice and education systems, and our environmental protection and health programs and could use more money. Most of all, we want you as citizens to do your part by volunteering to help us implement our newest program ideas.

Our parole boards are having to let violent criminals out of jail because there aren't enough jail cells. We would like for you to initiate a petition to increase your state and federal taxes so that we can set up a fund and study it and maybe build some more prisons in 10 or 20 years. In the meantime, we are excited about using the money to start our new "adopt a felon" program, where you can adopt a released convict and keep him in your home and be the family he never had.

Our immigration service is concerned that illegal immigrants are streaming across our borders and have given up trying to catch and deport them because they all claim political asylum. We passed a law that prevents companies from hiring them, so some are selling drugs and the others are going on welfare. We are currently planning an "adopt an illegal Immigrant" program so that you can keep one in your home and learn a second language and a different culture.

Some time ago, we let all of the crazy people out of the mental institutions because we were afraid that we were violating their civil rights and besides, we needed the money we spent to keep them there for other things. We need a "crazy person neighborhood watch" program so that if these people wander into your neighborhood, we will know what they are doing. Remember, we can't do anything unless they kill somebody, so if they do, make sure to call and let us know.

Our police officers are unable to stop the violent crime associated with drug gangs and crazy people. Drugs flow freely over the border, and crazy people are everywhere. We need money so we can hire 100,000 police officers who can get out into bad neighborhoods where these drug gangs and crazy people live so they can get to know them.

Our teachers are having to teach kids about safe sex, hand out condoms, check kids for weapons and teach classes in self esteem, environmental protection, diversity, homosexuality, child abuse, and political correctness. Consequently, we no longer have the time or money to teach them to read, write, or do math. We would appreciate it if you could go over reading, writing, and math with your kids at home in your spare time. We would like to avoid any further decline in their SAT scores.

Our nuclear production sites are a mess. We can't clean them up. This stuff could be leaking into your drinking water soon. We need money to throw at this until somebody figures out what to do.

Our Medicare and Medicaid programs were a big success, and the demand for health care skyrocketed. Giving free health care to old and poor people was much more expensive than we thought, and there's no end in sight. We are continuing to spent much more on these programs than we take. Rather than raise your taxes, we decided not to pay the providers what they charged. These providers then raised their charges to make up for what we didn't pay. Insurance premiums got so high that 37 million people didn't buy health insurance and really sick people couldn't get it. Providers treated them anyway and raised their charges to make up for what they didn't pay. Well, now we have to fix this mess and make everybody buy health Insurance. We need your support to make these 37 million people pay premiums to the insurance companies. It's an outrage.

On a more positive note, we want to share our excitement with you over some of the ideas we have to help families through government programs and create more non-manufacturing jobs. We are excited about our health reform, foreign trade, and gun control initiatives as well as our plans to purchase more land. We plan to issue everyone a national health card and a national ID card and perhaps give everyone a tattoo with their number on it for a small fee. In addition, we are excited about our plans to help the former Soviet Union, South America, Africa, Asia, certainly all of the third world countries, and let's not forget about Europe. I hope you are as excited as we are about our ideas for new programs, and we know you'll agree that increasing taxes, so that we can begin to cook up new things to try on our many problems and fund many worthy projects, is the answer. We need to hire a lot more government employees, because you taxpayers will be demanding a lot more government services, and it's our job to see that you get them.

Warmest regards,
Your Government

Mr. Leahy Is President of NTL Human Resources Maragement Consulung, 1312 Wynterceek Lane, Dunwoody, GA 30338, phone 770-394-1284.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Health Reform: A Consumer's View

Health Reform: A Consumers View by Norbert T. Leahy 1994

Any government that gets into the pension business on the bet that people will die shortly after age 65, and then pours billions into health business to ensure that people will live forever has a death wish.

We should be allowed to bring our own Tylenol to the hospital.

Getting Access After Health Reform
There's lots of empty rooms in hospitals now, but we should makes reservations about 3 months before all Of this stuff becomes free. All the mental hospitals are empty because the patients have been let out on the streets, so if the others are full, I'd try there.

We should subcontract this to the Japanese. They are more thorough.

Malpractice Reform
If the same jurors who let murderers off with probation were selected for malpractice cases, our medical bills would be lower.

Insurance Companies
The insurance industry is a single cell animal with no brain and three working parts. It collects premiums, pays claims, and increases premiums.

Remember our rights to lower cable rates ?

Standardized Claim Form
The federal government should draft a single claim form and force everybody to use it. The IRS does such a nice job on forms, I'd let them do it. Penalties and fines should be stiff, if violators are caught using their own form. I think the IRS should do the enforcement, too, because they are thorough. Violators should have all of their equipment, land, buildings, children, and employees impounded and sold at government auction.

Outcomes Data
Patients should know that no one has ever recovered from pancreas transplant surgery.

Cost Containment
We should move all the old people from Florida, where medical costs are double the national average, to Idaho where medical costs are half the national average.

Defense Conversion
We can make microscopic nuclear bombs, fire them down orthoscopic tubes, and explode cancer tumors.

Government's Ideology
It's Fabian socialistic, world government, ruling elite, Gilbrathean neo-feudalism, using Nazi tactics to tax the masses for their own good. Everybody likes it because its inclusive.

What Does Government Like To Do?
Government likes to do new things. They don't like to do what they already have on their plate. These are sales guys.

Business Opportunities
Invest now in black money market, underground, back alley medical care business to serve those who don't want national health cards. This is a cash business offering tax-free income. Phone Guido (202) 555-1000, evenings and weekends.

Medical Protocols
The government is writing politically correct medical protocols for doctors to follow so we can over treat problems claimed by women, blacks, gays, and other special groups. That should keep these groups occupied.

Another Business Opportunity
Leisure industry for HMO employees whose patients don't want to come in and get yelled at any more. This is a high-end market, catering to well paid people who will have a lot of free time. We want to put a medical theme park in some state that needs the tourist dollars. Phone Ira (202) 555-1001, Wednesdays after 4 p.m.'

Job Opportunities
We're going to hire an extra 500,000 police officers to find welfare moms and force them to take their kids to the hospital to get their measles shots.

Welfare Reform
Taxpayers should be able to deduct checks written to their parents, children, and other family members. These funds should not be taxable to the recipients. We could call it "famfare."

Government Gets What Nobody Else Wants
Government has 16 million union employees. I've not been able to find any U.S. business who wants them. Everyone wants to go to Mexico. The government has the post office. I don't hear Federal Express and UPS demanding to deliver mail every day to everybody's mail box. I'm sure Lloyd's isn't interested in guaranteeing the banks and savings and loan deposits. No one else wants to insure people who have no money and who have pre-existing conditions.

Mr. Leahy is President of NTI, a human resources management consulting firm , 1312 Wyntercreek Lane, Dunwoody, GA 30338; PH/ 770-394-1284.


Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Greek to me

Greece is bankrupt. Like Italy, it hired most of its’ citizens as civil servants and the rest depend on tourism. For a while, they became unionized civil masters and extorted the entire total tax revenue and then some from their hapless, but complicit politicians (sound familiar ?). Now they have no money and have a federal debt the size of their GDP (see USA). Now it’s over. The civil masters are being laid off and their pensions are in jeopardy. They need to reduce government expenses and develop a private economy to pay for whatever nonsense is left.

Fast forward to the full socialism prescribed by the Democrats and you’ll see something like Greece or even California without a federal government to give it money. We can call ourselves the United Socialist States of America until we get a grip. Unless we reverse the current government spending trend and pare back our federal spending to match revenues and pay off our national debt and unfunded liabilities (think $100 trillion), we will be Greek. Our Federal Government will be in default. It can monetize the debt (print money) and invite hyper-inflation, or hunker down and lop trillions off our federal government liabilities, or continue to farm out our debt to China and Japan and get ready to pay $1 trillion a year on interest only. If that happens, we should cap other federal spending at $1 trillion a year, so we can pay off $500 billion in principle. Now does Ron Paul make sense ? How many of our 700 military bases can we close ? The government doesn’t encourage us to have interest only mortgages any more, so why should they have one. Why doesn’t the government have to pay part of the principle with their payment like we do ?

This will all be lost on future generations unless we document this debacle. We should construct a Declaration of Dependence and have all current and deceased Progressive Democrats and Republicans sign it. After they’re dead, we’ll hang them for treason.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cut Congress' Scope

Congress does a poor job because they don’t stick to their knitting. Their knitting is amply described in the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, a little understood and unpopular document among Progressives. The Progressives push the scope of government way beyond the confines of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. Congress needs to get out of the entitlement, earmark and foreign aid businesses and do it quickly. If they do not, they will bring down the government and the economy in a crash that will make the end of the Roman Empire look like a picnic.

Congress should end Social Security and Medicare. Those millions still stuck in these systems will need to be paid out, but children who have not yet earned any wages should have their 15.3% sent to their own private accounts to pay for their own retirement and healthcare. The shortfall of no new entrants should be paid by a 5% National Sales Tax that goes lower to match the lower costs, then ends. Future retirees will have $1 million to $2 million accounts and no government hand-outs.

Medicaid, Healthcare and other welfare subsidies should be drawn down gradually until they no longer exist. Third-party payer schemes should be reduced, then ended.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cut Campaign Spending

Presidential campaigns cost up to $100 million. Senate and Congressional campaigns cost from $2 million to $10 million. This wasn’t always the case, but now campaign dollars come from special interests and battling ideologues and this has resulted in a cost spiral. If all the red states and blue states were grouped together, we could do what Sweden did and form Norway, or what India did and send all the Moslems to Pakistan.

A better solution is to restrict campaign contributions to registered voters in the candidates’ city, county, district or state and outlaw all campaign contributions from unions, special interests, corporations, industries, foreigners and wealthy king-makers. If we want our elected representatives to work for us, the taxpayer, we will need to prevent special interests from contributing. They can take their freedom of speech and publish their own propaganda.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Supreme Court Expands Corruption

How did campaign contributions get tangled up with free speech ? Is it because you guys want campaign contributions tangled up with earmarks, bribery, extortion, kickbacks, graft and corruption ? This is worse than their misinterpretation of “Life”, “Born”, and congress shall establish no religion. These lawyers are raveled up in their own underwear. Your lawyers write 2500 page unintelligible bills. Some lawyers become judges and haplessly release child molesters.

What would the Supreme Court say about restricting campaign contributions to registered voters in the candidates’ city, county, district or state ? Would they overturn that law, because it limits free speech ? Voters are disenfranchised. There is no way you can get re-elected without millions of dollars of special interest money, so the game never changes. That’s why the Tea Party movement took root and why so many voters stopped supporting their parties and declared themselves as independents.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cut the Federal Budget

Federal revenue is about $ 2.5 trillion a year and will be for some time. Our national debt target ceiling should be $6 trillion, not $20 trillion. A good start would be a 10% across-the-board reduction in spending for each budget year from 2010 through 2019. It won’t cost a cent. We really need to cut the federal budget back by 20% for 2010 from $3.7 trillion to $2.9 trillion. We need to freeze the unspent Stimulus money and send it with the TARP returns to the Treasury to reduce the deficit. Why would we need to spend more than $2.9 trillion ? There’s no way the government can increase spending by another trillion dollars without wasting most of it. Federal agencies are tripping all over themselves to spend this extra $ 800 billion and they’re failing. Put them out of their misery. Then pull years 2011 through 2019 back to $2.9 trillion It is federal spending and congressional scrambling to spend more that has the recovery stalled. Markets don’t like instability and Congress has become the poster-child for instability.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amnesty, then Cap & Trade

I expect the barrage of bad legislation will continue until 2011. The next should be the resurrection of Illegal Immigrant Amnesty in the House and Senate, then Cap & Trade in the Senate. How many Senators support this and how many will vote NO ? Recent events should have exposed this hoax and it should be clear to all Senators that man-made climate change is probably wrong and carbon dioxide was falsely classified by the EPA as a pollutant. I don’t expect Senators as dense as John Kerry to vote NO and since passage of the hated Health Reform Bill, why would I think Amnesty and Cap & Trade are dead.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Failed Education System

Public Education is overpriced and underperforming. They won’t reduce costs or improve outcomes until we make public schools non-union and close the Federal Department of Education as a signal to school districts that the job is theirs to do. Our bloated public education systems needs to be drastically reorganized or disbanded. Disturbed, abused and low academic achievers need to be together and not sprinkled around in each classroom. In Singapore, all students take a test and must pass it to move to 7th grade. Those who do not pass are sent to occupational education to learn to become taxi drivers, maids, housekeepers, etc. We need to get serious.

Technologies are available and have been deployed elsewhere to improve instruction and lower cost. These involve large class sizes with DVD lectures by the best teachers and internet courses. We need a 30% reductions in school employee headcount. The Public Education headcount and expense increase we’ve seen over the past 40 years is not the answer. It’s exactly like government; the more expensive it gets, the worse the outcomes.

At the beginning of this recession, the private sector reduced headcount and costs as demand fell. Our productivity increases have strengthened us. The public sector is still wringing their hands over cutting staff or raising taxes. The answer is to cut staff and costs to match expected tax revenues and implement effective strategies.

The content taught and level of teacher competency are abysmal. Smart teachers become unhappy working in a dumb, bureaucratic , godless, politicized system. Our out-of-control, evolving anti-discrimination laws coupled with the Marxist invasion and unionization of teachers is a train wreck. We rank low globally on every scale. Barely literate teachers are sent from teacher’s colleges, armed with their socialist orientation, certifications and union cards to indoctrinate public school students in all Progressive myths. Armies of Marxists and Atheists are recruited from our graduate schools to indoctrinate college students. All of our real math and engineering students are here on student visas from foreign countries.

The text book monopoly is a disaster. Like lemmings, every year, school districts run to the sea of ineffective text books. Text books are written by indoctrinated graduate students who never really learned the subject matter. They are wordy, boring and unhelpful. They sell for over $50 each. School Superintendents must demand better teaching materials. Physics Made Simple is a good example of a straightforward helpful text. The internet has better material than our current textbooks. The material used by home schooling moms seems to work. I would replace current textbooks with the home school material. This should happen, one school district at a time.

Because indoctrination has replaced education, too many courses increasingly offer no useful knowledge or skill. It is not only possible to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and no employable skills, it is probable. Most black studies, women’s studies, criminal justice, environmental studies and art history graduates remain in the retail, service or clerical jobs they held as students, or go to work for the government. Marketing, communications and business graduates become administrative assistants or remain in retail. Environmentalism is not an occupation, it’s a religion. Accounting is an occupation. The global warming hoax has given “political science” a whole new meaning.

Waste in the public school system rivals the waste Medicare fraud and the rest of the government-run operations. Millions are spent building new schools because state legislatures specify the facilities as elementary, middle school and high school. This flies in the face of moving demographics. Schools close, students are transferred to nearby schools not in their neighborhoods and new schools are built. What makes sense is to build generic school buildings that can be retrofitted to change from elementary to middle school to high school. The amount of dollars in school owned goods stored in school warehouses should be publicized and reviewed. Millions of dollars are spent on buildings and equipment rather than instruction. These are large bureaucracies with huge budgets. Public schools maintain unsustainable defined benefit pension plans and should convert them to defined contribution plans Home and Internet schooling doesn’t require school buildings, staff, guards and buses. Home schooled students do better than public school students in part because they can move at their own pace and they work faster. Public schools are overpriced and produce poor results.

In colleges, the progressive political agenda dominates many departments; only progressives need apply. Nursing and Social Work Schools insist on a strong pro-abortion and statist orientation as part of their admissions process. Biology and Environmental majors are pre-indoctrinated to believe that government jobs are good, Darwin hung the moon, God is a myth and global warming is real. Private universities are no better off. They chase student aid cash and enroll anybody who can sign a loan document. These students struggle, but they need to keep their tuition flowing because these poor students are critical to school revenues. They live on government supplied financial aid dollars. Harvard, it appears, trains lawyers to ignore the Constitution. Nobody at Yale suggests there might be a Progressive political-industrial complex, based on favored treatment in exchange for their silence and campaign contributions, we should be concerned about.

We need to repeal the current case law governing the separation of church and state. We need to remove the political indoctrination material from our schools. It is a destructive waste of time. Schools spend too much time trying to keep from being sued. It’s time to tell offended minorities that majority rules. Parochial schools don’t have security guards and metal detectors, so why should public schools bear this expense. State Lawmakers need to be wary of state laws that saddle school districts with ridged school construction restrictions This makes construction an expensive never-ending sand hole because of shifting demographics. Lists of subjects to be “covered” for graduation is like the minimum wage and gives schools an excuse to graduate the brain-dead. There are some things government should have never taken on, and schools, it appears, is one of them.

Lower current tax revenues and the need to cut costs should motivate legislatures and school superintendents to reduce headcount and adopt cost-effective changes. These changes must be planned and well implemented and can start one class at a time based on the identification of good substitute materials. Teachers with the worst student performance and surplus staff should be cut by 30%. Class sizes should be increased. Students should be grouped by competency level, so classes can be tailored to their abilities. When classes are too diverse in their abilities, teachers can laps into thinking their job is just to cover the material and no more and do this at a middle pace to bore the bright students and lose the poor students.

Comprehensive exams should determine the student’s competency level. Students should not be advanced to the next class until they have a good grasp of the material in the last class as evidenced by their exam score. Extracurricular activities should not be eliminated. The students who are not performing well academically, may be good athletes, musicians, gymnasts and actors. Good extracurricular performance can make up for the lack of academic talent. They can and should involve participation fees where needed.

Beware of teachers’ unions who resist the needed cuts and changes, but who suggest diversionary schemes. They’ve not been right so far. We need to stop seeing education as a jobs program or we will continue to see the same dismal results. Beware of Democrats (always).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hapless Criminal Justice System

Half of our prison inmates are illegal aliens who committed other crimes in the U.S. I expect them to receive Obama amnesty for their illegal entry and then go on fast-track to citizenship. The other half include rapists, murderers and child molesters who are released back to our neighborhoods on a regular basis. We will introduce these folks to the newly arrived Muslim Terrorists. Let the recruiting begin. It wouldn’t be that bad if the child molesters – turned jihadists, blew themselves up, but they will surely strap these bombs to the children they have been molesting. These children will go gladly, just to get away from their molesters. I’m sure we will supply a Koran, a prayer rug and internet access to everyone. That should make terror attacks a regular event to distract our hapless free press. Imagine what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed could accomplish with everybody distracted by multiple daily suicide bombings in our malls. Eric Holder is now staffing up with ACLU-minded lawyers, (swell). That will put them in the pipeline for Federal District Judgeships. We need to have these guys face popular elections and get away from political appointments.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The $800 Hammer

The government has heavily subsidizes healthcare and public education for the past 40 years, the two industries whose costs have increased at double the rate of increase compared with every other expense. These industries were encouraged to squander all the subsidies by the same government that gave them. There is a phenomenon that wildly increases the cost of whatever is heavily subsidized. It’s cash push inflation that doesn’t allow the marketplace to work. The best way to lower prices in these two sectors is to dramatically cut off demand. These are third-party payer industries, but if everybody cancelled their health insurance and stopped showing up at school or the doctors’ offices and hospitals, prices would be drastically reduced.

For both of these industries, the market would not have allowed these increases on its’ own. In retrospect, both industries have failed and are broken beyond repair. These costs have been artificially increased beyond their value. We now have a reason to reduce these subsidies for healthcare and education, we’re broke. I predict we would see quality and productivity improvements in these industries if we do reduce the amount of money going into them. We should also eliminate unnecessary tasks they have been performing (think malpractice insurance reform).

If you inspect the processes and activities in place in private and parochial schools, you’ll get a good idea of what public schools should be able to eliminate. A hint, it is said that if all the government required paperwork documenting the design and production of an airplane had to be loaded on that plane, it would be too heavy to take off.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Evil Deed Unrewarded

It’s clear the banks and health insurance companies are the clear winners of the federal lottery as we begin this new decade. If asked what stocks sectors to pick, I would have to go with financial services and healthcare. After all, they are the industries who worked hard to bring us to economic ruin and they should be rewarded.

If Cap & Trade passes, utilities will be the next beneficiaries of federal largesse, but this time the tax will be passed through as higher utility bills (think stealth), Utilities house many of the only remaining “private sector” union members, so their overpriced pension plans must be protected at any cost (to taxpayers). I can hardly wait to see the CEOs of all the Utilities marched into congressional hearings for their beatings on CSPAN.

Education is the other sector who, like healthcare, managed to double their prices, but Education is also funded by county property taxes and state income taxes (so troublesome). There must be a way the federal government can reward Education for delivering rock bottom results.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Damien and the Lepers

I went to a “meet the candidates” meeting in Kansas in the 1970s. It was the scene out of the movie Damien and the Lepers, where Fr. Damien was landing at Molokai Hawaii after a trip for medicine and supplies. All the Lepers he was caring for showed up at the dock to greet (see maul) him. There were 150 state employees, 3 young candidates pronouncing their support for the state employees and a couple of us managers from manufacturing plants. The most vociferous lobby is government employees. It was clear to me at the time that allowing state employee unions to contribute to political campaigns was not a good idea.

Fast forward to 2010, California has an unsustainable debt and is being held hostage by their government employee unions and their functionaries (see elected representatives). The relationship between government employees and elected representatives should be the same as any top management group and the rank-and-file employees of an organization. The management is appointed by the boards elected by the stockholders’ , rather than being elected by the employees. It should be a team oriented relationship and the customer is the voter, who should give guidance to priorities and attack waste. In our current system , the customer isn’t in charge, except that they can move from state to state; however nothing but moving from country to country helps when the federal government is also infected. We can resort to “Propositions” , as California is known to do, but this strategy has failed.

In 1972, despite civil service rules, which were very similar to union rules, government employees were allowed to join unions. Prior to this, they were not. This allowed unions to survive and direct dues revenue to be targeted to campaign contributions. Over time, this caused candidates to be hesitant to take positions in opposition to the unions, despite the rising costs of operating (think extortion). This has now resulted in government employee union influence trumping voter concerns and sound fiscal management. What we get from government is not only overpriced, most of it is unwanted. Only 20% of the population (see Liberals), are in favor of the government union agenda.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Return Manufacturing to U.S.

We need targeted tax reduction for manufacturers for all product they develop or manufacture in the U.S. This would be a large tax reduction and should apply to both engineering and manufacturing activity. We need to give manufacturing the incentive to do either or both in the U.S. We may also need a tariff on manufactured goods designed or produced overseas. The combination should neutralize the cost advantage manufacturers now face when determining how much manufacturing they need to off-shore in order to remain competitive. No other segment of the economy is worth subsidizing or bailing out. I would remove subsidies to non-production segments to pay for returning manufacturing to the U.S.
Some manufacturing will remain in the U.S. Some are operations with high automation and specialized production equipment, like plastics injection molding for plastic buckets or blow-mold plastic milk bottles. These plants should be close to customer facilities to allow real-time supply chain delivery. If the paint or milk is made in the U.S., the buckets and bottles will be made in the U.S.

Cost reduction in manufacturing is continual. When new products are developed, the tendency was to do all the engineering design, process development, automation and production in the U.S., preferably with all functions in the same location until processes were defined. After the processes have been defined and the production lines and enhancement plans are fully developed, the manufacturer can move the entire operation to a NO TAX, LOW COST country.

Electronics manufacturers currently reduce their costs by outsourcing manufacturing and sustaining engineering to OEM contract manufacturers overseas. Most electronics boards are stuffed overseas with high-speed component insertion equipment. Design and development of new product typically continues to be done in the U.S. This is true for manufacturers of automobiles and other durable goods where electronics is a component of the product.
In recent years, manufacturing companies have adopted LEAN MANAGEMENT principles and strategies. These involve Teams and processes and rely on non-adversarial workforces. These strategies allow companies to continually reduce costs and improve quality.

These companies will not return manufacturing to the U.S. if they think Unions will be successful in organizing their workforces. CARD CHECK is a job killer. Current manufacturers who do have operations in the U.S. will go overseas if Card Check is passed. Union labor was the first group whose work was sent overseas. The reasons are obvious.

Finally, “green jobs” is a hoax wrapped in a scam. Global warming is the hoax and green jobs are the scam. Wind and solar cost 5 times what coal and nuclear cost. The Cap & Trade tax will be passed on from utilities to customers’ bills. Customers want economical energy; government wants expensive energy. Who works for who ?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Dollar Meltdown

The National Debt is approaching $14.6 trillion and will reach 100% of GDP. The Federal Budget is projecting a $20 trillion National Debt in 10 years. We have nothing in our history to match this level of fiscal irresponsibility. The last time we had high debt in the 1970s, we paid for the Vietnam War and the War on Poverty with inflation; we printed the money, all prices went up and all moms entered the workforce to pay the bills. We came out of the inflation with the Reagan tax cuts and the computer / electronics manufacturing surge in the 1980s. We had more manufacturing in the U.S. then and we were able to computerize and automate our businesses. This made productivity increase and tax revenue increased, so we grew our way out of that recession. Before 1990, our National debt was under $1 trillion. By 2000 our National Debt was $3 trillion. Now, in 2010 our National Debt has reached $12.8 trillion. Federal Revenue is $2.6 trillion and spending is $3.9 trillion. It’s like assuming a million dollar home loan, thinking we can pay for it with a $20,000 annual income. Now, most of our manufacturing is in no tax, low cost countries and there is nothing to pull us out of this.

Our unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid total $55 trillion, so together with the $20 trillion National Debt, our total debt will be $75 trillion and could reach $100 trillion. Our entire wealth as a country, counting all private and public land, resources and cash don’t equal $50 trillion and we’re heading for a government debt-load of twice that much. As U.S. Bonds lose their AAA rating, interest on this debt will increase to $1 trillion a year.

The 1913 U.S. dollar is now worth 3 cents, so it’s easy to see how, in 2030, a household income of $100,000 a year could be just above the poverty level. It took decades after World War II to monetize the debt from that war. Overall, inflation has averaged 4% a year for the past 40 years and our current government spending is dramatically increasing that rate.

We are not in a good place. The current Recession, with 10-20% unemployment is likely to last for several more years. The Federal Budget planned through 2020 includes $1 trillion deficits in each year. Government is making no effort to curtail spending and is spending an extra $1 trillion a year on more government. This expansion of government will have to be reversed to save the private economy. It’s time to cut government spending now to prevent a “banana republic” style meltdown of the U.S. economy. We are all aboard the Titanic, an “unsinkable” ship with a delusional captain; we are at full throttle heading for an iceberg. The balloon payment on the socialist policies we’ve put in place since the 1930s is coming due.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Government Spending Will Prolong the Depression

The Congress must recognize the instability it creates chasing the ideas it gets from the Progressives’ failed methods of issue selection. These include what I call the ‘parade of victims method’, the ‘unpopular causes method’ and the ‘sounds good but doesn’t work method’ and the “it’s a right method’.

The ‘Parade of Victims Method’ requires that members of congress find victims, isolated individuals and families, plain folks who lost their healthcare, couldn’t get a personal leave of absence or were attacked by a polygraph. Victims seeking congressional relief are usually hard-luck cases and there are not many of them. This one is right out of the union playbook and appeals to the entitlement crowd. This puts Issues like health insurance on the agenda. The 80% of us who don’t have these problems sit in wonder at the hand-wringing that goes on over issues that don’t affect us. We are dismayed that anyone can think healthcare costs will do anything but increase with any kind of government initiated health insurance reform.

The health insurance reform foray took a year and in that time all of the very ill and uninsurable could have moved to Massachusetts, where they could get health insurance. Congress should pass simple no tax cost reforms like a modest roll-back of Medicare Advantage rates to adjust for its’ overpayment, a healthcare bill that ends coverage cancellation or refusal and makes other reforms to produce cost reduction like malpractice lawsuit reform – NO FORCED ENROLLMENT, NO EMPLOYER MANDATES, NO EXPANSION OF MEDICAID, NO FEDERAL SUBSIDIES, NO FINES, NO TAX INCREASES AND NO INCREASED GOVERNMENT CONTROL. This Bill combines the ‘unpopular causes’ and ‘won’t work methods’.

The ‘Unpopular Cause Method’ is characterized by taking a standard Progressive goal, declaring that we must address this goal to insure “fairness” and forging ahead while we who disagree all go nuts. The issues are all fabricated so thinly as to be laughable. (like global warming).

The Cap & Trade bill created turmoil that is worse than the corn ethanol exercise. On energy policy, Congress must unmask the global warming hoax and kill this Bill. Utilities should be free to select energy sources based on production costs. Coal and nuclear costs 2 cents/kwh. Solar and wind costs 10 cents/kwh. Is this hard ? Solar and wind need to become more competitive before utilities should be able to consider them. U.S. based oil and natural gas drilling should be pushed. EPA and Environmentalist interference should be discouraged. Real businesses will simply NOT invest until Congress stops scrambling. Threatening to impose uneconomical electric power generation sources on power utilities has prompted gaming businesses to invest in plans that probably won’t be implemented – just like the corn ethanol scam. Government must first look hard at the cost of things being proposed, then determine if it is feasible. They need to have your bandwagon taken away from them. They do way too much damage.

‘The Sounds Good, but Doesn’t Work Method’ is best illustrated by the”jobs programs”.
Congress should not spend more money on jobs programs’ it’s sand hole. Demand is down 30% and won’t budge until government spending stops. A 10% across-the-board cut in federal budgets would do more to stabilize the private sector than anything else Congress could do and it won’t cost a cent. This would signal to all that they are trying to reduce the national debt from its’ current projections. Further “very important” initiatives designed to benefit a few must be curtailed and ignored. If government really wants drama, it should become embroiled in actually reducing costs and spending. Let the economy bottom.

The ‘It’s a Right Method’ includes healthcare, food, shelter, education and spending money from taxpayers, redistributed based on need, pure Marxist doctrine.

When these bills fail to attract enough votes to pass, Progressives tuck them away only to pull them out again when they think they might slip through. When anything goes wrong, they claim that the passage of their failed bill would have prevented the problem. None of the claims these bad bills were supposed to prevent are provable. The Democrats passed their $3 trillion Health Insurance reform and costs increased, they claimed that their bill made them increase less. If they fail to pass Cap & Trade and oil and energy prices rise, they will blame the failure of its passage. If they fail to pass Card Check, they will declare that it would have been the salvation of the economy. Count on excuses being illogical.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hapless Immigration & Visa Systems

The industrial revolution was 100 years ago; we needed millions of huddled masses yearning to breath free and escape the murder and starvation going on in their home counties. These immigrants went to work in our factories and integrated in to become Americans. We now have a 30 million surplus of huddled masses and two thirds of them are here illegally.

Our borders are still broken and Democrats would pass an amnesty bill for 20 million illegal immigrants to fast-track to citizenship if left to their own devices. Further, Democrats will let them bring more family members in for a possible influx of 100 million, Spanish speaking day laborers. They may think we need them to continue the Social Security Ponzie scheme, but they will bring their elderly parents to the U.S. as well. If we hadn’t killed 50 million babies, we would only need half of these illegal aliens. I hope they can all work on California farms. Whoever panders to these folks will have a non-stoppable voting block. Most of these immigrants will be poorly educated low income workers. Unemployment should remain at 20 % for a number of years, and this infusion will certainly prolong that number for the next decade. The Democrats are 6 steps ahead of us.

I can lay this failure at the feet of Bush 2’s “Expansionism” - As the world’s leading colonial power, we were able to attract an ever-growing number of Mexicans without having to seize any Mexican territory.

Not to be outdone by Bush 2, Obama will declare amnesty for illegal aliens. It’s not a good time to double our underclass population. We have 25% (75 million) of our 300 million population, 12% in the underclass and 13% in thte working poor. If we add another 20 million illegal aliens, we will expand that to 31% (90 million). If they bring in their relatives, it could expand to 58% of our population (175 million). Most of these folks will be added to our transfer payment system. Thinking that they will eventually have U.S. manufacturing jobs is a myth. Expanding the underclass and working poor will tip the political balance and well over 50% of the population will be receiving some form of transfer payment income from the government. We are on the fast-track to irreversible socialism.

It is clear, we don’t need more unemployed day laborers. Our public schools are completely capable of producing more drop-outs than we could ever employ.

We play fast and loose with visas. Anybody can come here and disappear. We certainly need to limit visas for potential terrorists. Many of these are college students spending time in U.S. mosques.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Leftism is a Religion

Leftism is its own religion. It would include tree-huggers, Darwin believers, public school enthusiasts and global warming fans.

Leftists, once having decided that we should feed the poor, further concluded we would not do that on our own, so they ensure that we spend tax money on feeding the poor, so the poor will vote for them. The Leftist version of the Good Samaritan would go like this:

A Samaritan finds an injured man on the road and immediately leaves the scene to find some Roman soldiers. He brings the Roman soldiers back to where the man is laying and tells them to take the injured man to the Inn and give the Innkeeper some of their money to nurse the man back to health.

Mother Theresa had it right. Get yourself out there and help the poor yourself. I question how Catholics can avoid becoming Republicans. Opposition to abortion is in the Republican Party Platform. I also question how a pro-choicer can run as a Republican.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Government Employee Unions

The 1972 Law that allowed government employees to join unions should be repealed. Because unions are allowed to contribute billions of dollars to political campaigns, they are now able to co-opt the legislative process to ensure that they will have never-ending increases in funding for their groups. I’m sure the Congress and Senate who passed the 1972 Law were bought and paid for by the unions they “paid back” with the 1972 Law. California continues to be bankrupt with no solution in sight because of this interdependence between unions and politicians. Politicians work for the union government employees; they do not work for the registered voters in their city, county, district or state. There are several solutions to this dilemma.
1. Campaign contributions should be restricted to registered voters in the candidates’ city, county, district or state. Special interest groups can pay for their own ads to get their point across and exercise their “free speech”.
2. The 1972 Law that allows government employees to join unions should be repealed. These are civil service jobs that already had their own procedures, the only reason for allowing them to join unions was to create this conflict of interest. These employees elect the same politicians who approve their ever-increasing budgets.
3. Government should follow the same rules we citizens follow. Government borrowing should be limited to 3 times their revenue and be able to afford to pay off the principle and interest on their debt up to 28% of their total income. If we did this, the permanent National Debt Ceiling would be $7.3 trillion with no hope to increase it. Government would have to live with it; we do.
4. Government employees should have the same retirement plans we private sector folks have. That would require terminating all government employee defined benefit pension plans and converting them to defined contribution age-weighted and 401k plans.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Laws are Hapless & Destructive

The Federal Government is hapless. Laws miss the mark, regulations go far afield, the innocent are burdened and the guilty are never caught. Dangerous criminals are released to commit more crimes. After a decade, the Mexican Border hasn’t been closed and drug gangs are tearing up Texas border towns. Regulations work at cross-purposes. Regulators didn’t connect the dots and we got the financial meltdown of 2008.

The EPA hampers our ability to build roads, get water to crops and drill for U.S. gas and oil. The Democrats want to raise our energy bills five-fold with Cap & Trade because of the global warming scam. The Democrats want to chase away what little manufacturing remains and unionize hospitals with Card Check.

The Supreme Court misinterprets the Constitution with regularity. Our right to “Life” doesn’t protect the unborn. Now 50 million babies are dead. Separation of Church & State is taken to extremes. The decline of our public schools began when that interpretation was adopted. “Born” is not interpreted for those born in the U.S. and whose parents are U.S. citizens, If an Irish couple vacationing in the U.S. has an emergency maternity delivery in the U.S., do we force them to make the baby a U.S. citizen ? These illogical interpretations are held dearly by Progressives as is their global warming myth, their insistence that Darwin’s theory can be applied beyond viruses, their hatred of religion, their obsession to kill “unwanted” babies, their defense of their failed public school system, their support of union and trial lawyer abuses, their mania to raise taxes, their hatred of freedom, private property and free enterprise and their drive to totally ruin our economy to make us a socialist country. Unconstitutional laws must be stopped in the legislature.

Having failed to uphold its legitimate responsibilities over the past 100 years, the Federal Government is hell bent to take over everything else, so it can screw it up.

Laws are Hapless & Destructive

The Federal Government is hapless. Laws miss the mark, regulations go far afield, the innocent are burdened and the guilty are never caught. Dangerous criminals are released to commit more crimes. After a decade, the Mexican Border hasn’t been closed and drug gangs are tearing up Texas border towns. Regulations work at cross-purposes. Regulators didn’t connect the dots and we got the financial meltdown of 2008.

The EPA hampers our ability to build roads, get water to crops and drill for U.S. gas and oil. The Democrats want to raise our energy bills five-fold with Cap & Trade because of the global warming scam. The Democrats want to chase away what little manufacturing remains and unionize hospitals with Card Check.

The Supreme Court misinterprets the Constitution with regularity. Our right to “Life” doesn’t protect the unborn. Now 50 million babies are dead. Separation of Church & State is taken to extremes. The decline of our public schools began when that interpretation was adopted. “Born” is not interpreted for those born in the U.S. and whose parents are U.S. citizens, If an Irish couple vacationing in the U.S. has an emergency maternity delivery in the U.S., do we force them to make the baby a U.S. citizen ? These illogical interpretations are held dearly by Progressives as is their global warming myth, their insistence that Darwin’s theory can be applied beyond viruses, their hatred of religion, their obsession to kill “unwanted” babies, their defense of their failed public school system, their support of union and trial lawyer abuses, their mania to raise taxes, their hatred of freedom, private property and free enterprise and their drive to totally ruin our economy to make us a socialist country. Unconstitutional laws must be stopped in the legislature.

Having failed to uphold its legitimate responsibilities over the past 100 years, the Federal Government is hell bent to take over everything else, so it can screw it up.