Monday, February 29, 2016

Stop Bad GA Bills

Monday is Crossover Day in GA Legislature

There are more abridgements to your liberty at the local and state level than at the federal level.  The following 2 bills in the Georgia Legislature purport to address a concern but may make the problem worse.  Monday is crossover day.  Please get informed and get engaged with your representative and senator.  Call the committee members listed below and urge them to reject.

H.B. 929 - National Popular Vote []

H.B. 941 - Unconstitutional Double Standards Bill for Grand Jury []

H.B. 929 - National Popular Vote

The U.S. Constitution provides a unique set of checks and balances so that one state does not have more power than another in the Electoral College process of selecting the President and Vice-President.  It created a republic where the rights of the minority are protected, not a democracy.

The National Popular Vote Compact (which is being pitched to legislators in all states across the nation) is an agreement between the compact states which mandates that the compact state throw their electors in with all of the other compact states for whichever presidential candidate gets the most votes, regardless of how the voters in each state cast their ballots.

NPV is an end-run around the U.S. Constitution that established the Electoral College as the most balanced way to elect U.S. presidents and vice presidents.

If the National Popular Vote movement attains 270 electoral votes, the Electoral College process would be misdirected, and less populated states would become less important, perhaps irrelevant, in presidential elections.

Currently, ten states and the District of Columbia have passed the NPV agreement. As a result, the NPV movement has 165 electoral votes. Currently, five Republican states, including Georgia, have pending NPV legislation. If all five pass, the NPV movement would acquire 55 additional electoral votes for a total of 220, only 50 votes shy of the 270 needed to divert the outcome of presidential elections. Read the Georgia bill here:  HB 929.  []

Other articles:

The Heritage Foundation:  Destroying The Electoral College: The Anti-Federalist National Popular Vote Scheme by Hans von Spakovsky []

Wall Street Journal:  It's Time to Junk the Electoral College by Jonathan Soros Chairman of Soros Fund Management []

Townhall:  Breaking the Constitution – National Popular Vote Interstate Compact []

American Thinker:  Countering the National Popular Vote Initiative []

Washington Times:  NRC stomps Electoral College switch []

The Weekly Standard:  George Soros Supports the Tea Party? []

Reasons to Keep the Electoral College As Is

Five densely populated states – California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Texas – with residents totaling 115,863,717 (which is over 1/3 of the U.S. population of 313,281,717) would control presidential elections if NPV is implemented.  Five sparsely populated states – Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota – have fewer than a million residents each. Altogether, the residents of those five states total only 3,339,406, and would become insignificant in presidential elections.  The five densely populated states outnumber the five sparsely populated states 34 to 1.  NPV presents a HUGE, INSURMOUNTABLE disadvantage to residents of less populated states.  The Electoral College levels the playing field for all states in presidential elections.  The NPV movement changes the rules and muddies that playing field.

ACTION ITEM: Contact one or more of the Committee members below and ask them to reject this bill.

Message: Vote NO on H.B. 929 and keep it in committee. Under the national popular vote system, the densely populated states would ALWAYS control the outcome of presidential elections. Less populated states would be powerless to change the outcome.

The National Popular Vote would further destroy Georgia's sovereignty by breaking the balance of power between large states and small states.  Remember that HB 929, the National Popular Vote, would mean that the most populous states would elect the president and that means California and New York would decide your president.  Contact these representatives today.

Rep. John Meadows []  404.656.5141  Chairman

Rep. Brett Harrell []  404.656.0254 Vice Chair

Rep. Richard Smith []  404.656.6831 Secretary

Rep. Stacey Abrams []  404.656.5058

Rep. Mandi Ballinger []  404.656.0254

Rep. Tommy Benton []  404.463.3793

Rep. Jon Burns []  404.656.5052

Rep. Sharon Cooper []  404.656.5069

Rep. Katie Dempsey []  404.463-2247

Rep. Tom Dickson []  404.463.2247

Rep. Karla Drenner []  404.656.0202

Rep. Earl Ehrhart  [] 404.463.2247

Rep. Stacey Evans []  404.656.6372

Rep. Barry Fleming []  404.656.0152

Rep. Rich Golick []  404.656.5943

Rep. Gerald Greene []  404.656.0202

Rep. Matt Hatchett  [] 404.656.5025

Rep. Carolyn Hugley []  404.656.5058

Rep. Mack Jackson []  404.656.0314

Rep. Jan Jones []  404.656.5072

Rep. David Knight []  404.656.5099

Rep. Greg Morris []  404.656.5115

Rep. Butch Parrish []  404.463.2247

Rep. Allen Peake []  404.656.5132

Rep. Jay Powell [] 404.656.7855

Rep. Alan Powell []  404.463.3793

Rep. Matt Ramsey []  404.656.5024

Rep. Tom Rice []  404.656.5912

Rep. Carl Rogers []  404.656.7855

Rep. Terry Rogers []  404.651.7737

Rep. Ed Setzler []  404.656.7857

Rep. Barbara Sims []  404.656.7857

Rep. Lynn Smith []  404.656.7149

Rep. Calvin Smyre []  404.656.0116

Rep. Ron Stephens []  404.656.5111

Rep. Tom Weldon []  404.656.5105

Rep. Wendell Willard []  404.656.5125

Rep. Coach Williams []  404.656.0202

H.B. 941 - Unconstitutional Double Standards Bill for Grand Jury

A memo circulating in the Georgia House from HB941 sponsor Rich Golick states that 5 police, sheriff and District Attorney (D.A.) Associations have endorsed his bill. That may normally be a good thing but HB941 contains unconstitutional language favoring law enforcers who face a grand jury indictment. Grand juries are already required to notify Georgia "peace officers" of an investigation and allow them to testify during the investigation with an attorney present.

No other class of Georgia citizens has those unequal privileges prior to an indictment and trial. HB941 allows officers to be cross examined and excludes them from the rest of the hearing but instead of correcting the offending code section, it introduces new code sections with new double standards that defy Equal Protection Clauses in the Georgia and U.S. Constitutions.

Read the Georgia bill  here:  HB 941 [].

ACTION ITEM:  Contact one or more of the Committee members below and ask them to reject this bill.

Non-Civil Judiciary Committee Member

Sen. Jesse Stone (404) 463-1381,  []

Sen. Vincent Fort (404) 656-5091,  [],

Sen. William Ligon (404) 656-0045, wil []

Sen. Joshua McCoon (404) 463-3931, jos []

Sen. John F. Kennedy (404) 656-7454,  []

Sen. Mike Crane, (404) 656-6446,  []

Sen. Charlie Bethel, (404) 463-1383,  []

Sen. Harold Jones (404) 463-3942,  []

Sen. Elena Parent (404) 656-5109,  []

Sen. Hunter Hill (404) 463-2518, hun []


Dear Senators,

We, the people of Georgia, are requesting that you abide by the Georgia and U.S. Constitutions as your oath of office requires and not pass House Bill 941 in the Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee. This bill contains a variety of double standards that are in direct conflict with the clear, plain text of the Equal Protection Clauses in both the Georgia and U.S. Constitutions.

The bill objective stated by the authors is to "dial back" special privileges that Georgia Peace Officers receive at grand jury hearings. If true, that can be accomplished simply by modifying that special privilege clause O.C.G.A. 17-7-52. Instead, this bill proposes to implement a variety of new double standards in different code sections that subvert the current grand jury process. It also retains the existing double standards that would likely be found unconstitutional if challenged in court. The details are explained in these articles that include related references:

Police, Sheriffs, D.A. Groups Back Unconstitutional Bill to Shield Officers from Criminal Charges  []

HB941 Double Standard of Justice Refutes Authors' Claims  []

Submitted by Garland Favorito at []

Sessions endorses Trump

Trump gets endorsement of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, Published February 28, 2016

Sen. Jeff Sessions on Sunday endorsed GOP candidate Donald Trump for president, becoming the first senator to endorse the first-time candidate and billionaire businessman.
The Alabama Republican endorsed Trump at a campaign rally in Mobile. "The American people are not happy with their government. So some say we should forget it, there is an opportunity this year, Tuesday, the last opportunity we have for the people's voice to be heard. Has the government fixed immigration? Donald Trump will do it," Sessions said. "I am pleased to endorse Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States.”

Among the members of Congress, Session is considered on the toughest on illegal immigration. 

The endorsement is not a total surprise, considering Sessions has appeared on stage before at a Trump rally. However, it will likely be considered a setback for fellow GOP presidential candidate Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, whom Sessions has supported.  

“There is a man I respect that is an expert on the borders and so many things, we want strong borders, we want to the wall ... We are going build that wall, they are going to come into this country, but legally. I think of a great man, who am I talking about? No one knows, kept it a surprise -- Senator Jeff Sessions,” Trump said in introducing the lawmaker.

Fox News’ Christopher Snyder contributed to this report.

GOP’s Plan to stop Donald Trump

Claim: GOP's secret plan to block Trump, even by electing Hillary by Jerome Corsi, 2/28/16, WND

NEW YORK – In a bitter fight for its life, establishment GOP leaders have decided to block Donald Trump’s nomination at all costs, even if it means losing the presidency to Hillary Clinton, says Roger Stone, co-author of the 2015 bestselling book “The Clintons’ War on Women,” and the recently published “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family.”

“The big fix is in,” Stone, a former adviser to Trump, told WND in an exclusive telephone interview Sunday. “Beware the ‘Big Steal,'” Stone warned. “The leaders of the GOP establishment plan to steal the nomination from Trump and to thwart the popular will, and they don’t care if they lose. Trump threatens all the establishment GOP leaders’ cozy deals. He’s a threat to the lobbying class. He’s a threat to the consultant class. He’s a threat to the globalists.”

“The GOP establishment would rather suffer through four years of Hillary – whose policies are indistinguishable from Marco Rubio’s or Mitt Romney’s – than to have an outsider be president like Trump, who is beholden to no one,” Stone insisted.

“Rubio has been given until Tuesday and if he doesn’t win the Florida primary, the establishment GOP leaders have decided to dump Rubio in favor of drafting Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential nominee who lost to Barack Obama in 2012,” he explained. “If Rubio cannot win Florida, then Rubio drops out and Romney is in.”

“The GOP establishment’s secret plan is to back Romney against Trump in the hopes of winning enough delegates in the primaries after Super Tuesday to block Trump on the first ballot at the GOP national nominating convention in Cleveland,” he added.

“If Trump does not win enough delegates to carry the nomination on the first ballot, there’s no way he will be president,” Stone stressed. “On the second ballot, the GOP establishment figures enough delegates, including the 210 GOP super delegates, can be pounded together to make Romney the GOP nominee in 2016.”

Stone argued the GOP establishment as seen by the GOP leadership in Congress would be as comfortable with the policies of Hillary Clinton as they have been caving into the policies of Barack Obama.

“If Romney loses to Hillary in the general election, that’s fine with the GOP establishment,” Stone continued. “With Hillary as president, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan keep their jobs as the congressional heads of the GOP and they actually have more power under a Democratic president, the lobbyists supporting the GOP stay put, and the globalists open-borders crowd in control of the GOP establishment remain in power within the party.”

“The GOP establishment knows that if Rubio or Romney win the nomination, the nomination will be worthless because the GOP will lose to Hillary in November,” Stone elaborated.

“But the GOP establishment is fine with that outcome because Hillary Clinton’s plans are the same plans the GOP leadership in Congress currently has,” he insisted. “The Democrats and the GOP in Congress both want to continue open borders, to introduce amnesty for the illegal immigrants already in the United States, to give the green light to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and ship more millions of jobs overseas, and to expand the welfare state and retain Obamacare, and to allow Goldman Sachs and their friends on Wall Street to make all the money they want to make.”

‘A battle to the death’ for control of the GOP Stone explained what is going on right now in the remaining GOP primaries is “a battle to the death” for the future control of the Republican Party.

“Right now the GOP establishment is throwing all the dirt they can find against Trump against the wall to see what sticks,” Stone noted, commenting on Romney’s call for Trump to release his income taxes and the recent allegations that the litigation against Trump University exposes students Trump supposedly cheated out of tuition dollars.

“The GOP establishment attack on Trump is just beginning,” Stone commented. “If Trump becomes the GOP nominee, ‘Plan B’ is for the GOP establishment to go into a full-court press to defeat Trump, even if it means Hillary wins the general election.”

“Since the GOP establishment would be perfectly comfortable with losing to Hillary, either Rubio or Romney winning the GOP nomination would be fine with them,” he argued. “But if Trump wins the White House, it marks the end of the cozy deal the GOP establishment in Washington and D.C. has had with the welfare-state leftists controlling the Democratic Party.”

“I keep trying to explain to people – on what issue were the GOP controlling Congress and Obama and the White House any different? Endless war, the Patriot Act, bailouts for banks and Wall Street?” Stone asked. “Sure the GOP in Congress tries to sound different, especially when running for elections. But it’s all rhetoric. The real fight is between the globalist welfare state of the Obama, Hillary, and the GOP establishment controlling Congress and the Trump supporters who still believe in American sovereignty.”

A brokered convention

“So, the GOP establishment has decided to go to ‘Plan B,'” Stone insists. “If Rubio loses Florida and it becomes clear he can’t suck up enough delegates to block Trump on the first ballot in Cleveland, then the GOP establishment will draft Romney to run.”

“The GOP establishment has lawyers right now checking filing deadlines to make sure Romney can yet be registered in the big primaries remaining, including New York, New Jersey and California,” he noted.

“The GOP establishment is dead set to back whichever candidate – Rubio or Romney – that they believe has the best chance of getting of a block of delegates in the remaining primaries big enough to block Trump on the first ballot in order to force the GOP into a brokered convention,” Stone detailed. “Then, if Trump loses on the first ballot, the GOP establishment plans to vote the super delegates and swap enough delegates from the remaining delegates to take Trump out in the second ballot,” he insisted.

“In 2012, the delegates for Ron Paul were ruled down at the GOP convention,” Stone recalled, referring to the 2012 GOP Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, when Ron Paul supporters walked out of a rules committee decision to replace with Romney supporters 10 of Maine’s 24 delegates pledged to support Ron Paul, in a move that effectively stopped Maine from submitting Ron Paul’s name in nomination.

“In 2012, although Romney had enough delegates to win the ballot on the first ballot, the establishment GOP leaders wanted to avoid a floor fight so GOP could present a united front to the American public,” Stone noted. “It’s the same this every year. By controlling the rules committee, the GOP establishment seeks to control the nominating convention.”

Pro-Refugee Sales Job

Bloomberg and Murdoch (rich globalists) working to control your communities, by Ann Corcoran, 2/28/16

This morning we learned from a New York Times story that Fox News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch failed in 2013 to persuade you that Marco Rubio’s ‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty bill would be good for America.

However, having failed through Fox News propaganda, he and other rich globalists (they need cheap labor!) created a new way to change your minds about how, by ‘welcoming’ more immigrants to town, you would benefit and created a special grant program called ‘Gateways to Growth.’

They are coming for you one town at a time!
Here is what I said at American Resistance 2016! a month ago: Welcoming America and the Partnership for a New American Economy have partnered in a grant giveaway program—Gateways for Growthdesigned to get your town or county softened up to accept MORE immigrants and refugees!  [Since I first wrote about this last month, you can no longer see the grant requirements without a password — typical secretive creeps!—ed]

The gist of the program is that Lefty Open Borders groups would ‘partner’ with business interests and local government to create a kind of political juggernaut that would bring Republicans and Democrats together against you, average citizens who do not want to change the social and cultural make-up of your towns, and who believe Americans should get the first shot at well-paying jobs.

The Twin Falls, Idaho target!

Longtime readers know that we have written a great deal about the ‘Pocket of Resistance’ in Twin Falls, Idaho (where Chobani Yogurt has built its largest plant in the world).  Click here for our extensive Twin Falls archive.

So, now check this out!  Here is Murdoch’s (and former NY Mayor Bloomberg’s) Gateways for Growth trying to go operational in Twin Falls.  In order to get the Murdoch/ Bloomberg payola, the Open borders advocates must “partner” with the supposed ‘other side’—local government, Chambers of Commerce etc.

This is our first news of how the globalists and the do-gooders are working together in your towns!

Be sure to see ‘Gateways for Growth challenge’ to see what they hope to gain.  It is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about “integration” (not assimilation!).  They will really simply be propagandists.

From Magic where we learn that the Murdoch groupies got ahead of themselves and listed the local government on their grant application.

TWIN FALLS | The City Council is entering the refugee issue after unanimously voting Monday to appoint a liaison to a local advocate group.

The Council heard from the Magic Valley Refugee Advocates, a fledgling group that intends to establish services for refugees in Twin Falls if it’s able to land a grant and hire staff.

While council members did not offer support for the group’s efforts — and in fact were opposed to being listed as a “supporter” in a letter of intent for the grant being sought — they agreed an exchange of information with the group was appropriate. It marks the first time the city has formally engaged in a months-long heated debate over refugee resettlement in the Magic Valley.

Several Council members were not pleased, however, the city was listed as a partner agency in a grant being pursued by the local advocacy group from the Partnership for a New American Economy, an immigration advocacy organization formed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Vice Mayor Suzanne Hawkins noted the Magic Valley Refugee Advocates listed the city as a supporter before it had agreed to be a partner.

More here! Read it all!
The leader of the Magic Valley Refugee Advocates is Erika Willsey.  Here she makes a presentation of her support of the resettlement contractor in Twin Falls—the College of Southern Idaho.  Ms. Willsey is carrying the water for globalists Bloomberg, Murdoch and Hamdi Ulukaya/Chobani Yogurt (whether she knows it or not).

I urge all of you to be on the lookout for a similar attempt being made in your towns to use globalists’ grant money to put the business community in concert with the Leftist do-gooders to change your community and to work against your interests.

By the way, the next time you hear some big company boss moaning that they can’t find American workers—tell them they need to pay a decent wage and they will get them!

No Refugees for China

China takes no Syrian refugees for several important (sensible!) reasons, by Ann Corcoran, 2/28/16

Why aren’t the Chinese on the bandwagon for multiculturalism and “inclusion?”  The most important reason may well be the last one given in this very informative story:

China’s narrative of nationhood is more static and exclusive. It emphasizes shared history and common heritage.

Clearly they haven’t fallen for the ‘diversity is strength’ meme unlike the political Left (their soulmates) in America and in Europe!

Here are a few snips about some of the other reasons they are NOT WELCOMING the stranger.

First, Chinese leaders say the turmoil in the Middle East is our fault:

Chinese authorities argue that Western countries caused the meltdown in Syria that resulted in the mass exodus, making its resolution their responsibility.

Chinese political ideology actively discourages the acceptance of non-Chinese migrants: non-interference in other countries domestic affairs is the cornerstone of its foreign policy, and accepting refugees is often viewed as demonstrating a political preference of the country of origin.

Beijing even claims its foreign aid has “no political strings attached.” Unlike major western powers, China vehemently opposed external interference in Syria — in particular military intervention. By taking in refugees from the region, China could risk forsaking its diplomatic principle and partaking in the fallout of a failed Middle East policy against which it had tried to warn the West.

There’s also little public support for refugee resettlement. Mirroring the concerns of some in Europe and the United States, religion is also a factor. Islam is one of the religions whose practice is permitted in China, albeit with many preconditions.  Lots more useful information, read it all.

Maybe those Chinese are pretty smart! They haven’t fallen for the huddled masses propaganda!  They know they need to take care of their own people!

Students are Responsible

When education worked, students were responsible for their own education.  Many, like Abe Lincoln accepted this responsibility; they hired tutors, borrowed books, took apprenticeships and managed to learn enough to enter an occupation and earn a living. 

Parents and teachers can’t help students who aren’t interested in learning, so these students need to as least be willing to learn the minimum required to function as an adult. Students who demonstrate a lack of interest need to be in special classes unless and until they decide to take responsibility for their own education.  Then they might be able to apply for and be accepted in other forms of schooling aimed at their interests.

GA Education Bills
You will find lots of education bills that nibble at the edges of different problems, but they won’t do much because the Legislature has failed to establish who is responsible.  They are looking for someone to blame for public school failures. None of this thrashing around will help.

Lessons from Homeschooling
Homeschoolers are proving the value of tutoring at an early age, which is what they actually do. They are able to adopt learning to the differences in each student.  This gives the students the freedom to take responsibility for their own education.  The time saved in homeschooling is used to develop other skills and interests.

Lessons from the One-Room Schoolhouse
When communities were large enough to build a one-room school house and hire a teacher, older students were taught to tutor the younger ones. Teachers kept this going until the curriculum was very advanced.  Tests from this era (1800s and 1900s) were much more advanced and comprehensive.  The curriculum was “classical”.

20% Failure rate
The 20% failure rate has always been with us.  The farm family in the 1800s with 5 kids invariably had 1 kid who didn’t learn math or reading easily.  Not being good at it, this 1 kid worked farm chores and remained on the farm.  Many of these early failures eventually learned more than enough to function as adults.

Government’s Unconstitutional Grabbing
Education is not one of the enumerated powers granted to the federal government in the US Constitution (as written). The federal government needs to end its meddling and leave it to the States and the People. The People should decide how to go forward from there. Public schools could survive if they can be funded and controlled by parents, teachers and Principals. This could take a while to get the cost of education down to reasonable levels and maintain forward motion for students in the system.

Corporate Interests
Businesses who hire students and graduates need to stay engaged, but their responsibility is to hire the best employees they can find. 

Corporations who are in the “education business” have offered little, are not necessary and should be suspect.
Corporations who fuss over graduation rates should be encouraged to consider hiring the other 80%.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump could Win

Trump Rides Political Wave Hillary Missed, By Patrick Buchanan, 2/26/16, Newsmax

In a Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump race — which, the Beltway keening aside, seems the probable outcome of the primaries — what are the odds the GOP can take the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court?

If Republicans can unite, not bad, not bad at all. Undeniably, Democrats open with a strong hand.

There is that famed "blue wall," those 18 states and D.C. with a combined 242 electoral votes, just 28 shy of victory, that have gone Democratic in every presidential election since 1988.

The wall contains all of New England save New Hampshire; the Acela corridor (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland); plus Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin in the Middle West; and the Pacific coast of California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

Changing demography, too, favors the Democrats.  Barack Obama carried over 90 percent of the black vote twice and in 2012 carried over 70 percent of the Hispanic and Asian votes. These last two voting blocs are the fastest growing in the USA.

A third Democratic advantage is simple self-interest.  Half the nation now receives U.S. government benefits — in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, student loans, rent subsidies, school lunches and Earned Income Tax Credits, etc.

Folks who rely on government benefits are unlikely to rally to a party that promises to cut government. And as half the nation pays no income tax, these folks are unlikely to be thrilled about tax cuts. Bernie Sanders, who promises free college tuition and making Wall Street and the 1 percent pay for it, knows his party.

While these realities of national politics would seem to point to inexorable Democratic dominance in coming decades, there are worms in the apple.

First, there is the strangely shrunken and still shrinking Democratic leadership base. As the Daily Caller reports, under Obama, Democrats have lost a net of more than 900 state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 U.S. House and 13 Senate seats. Such numbers suggest a sick party. Republican strength on Capitol Hill is again as great as it was in the last years of the Roaring 1920s.

Second, due to Trump, viewership of the Republican debates has been astronomical — 24 million for one, 23 million for another.

The turnout at Trump rallies has been unlike anything seen in presidential primaries; and what's more, the GOP voter turnout in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada set new records for the party.

Yet voter turnout for the Clinton-Sanders race has fallen, in every contest, below what it was in the Clinton-Obama race in 2008.

Bernie's millennials aside, the energy and excitement has been on the Republican contest, often a sign of party ascendancy.

Not only would Trump at the top of the GOP ticket assure a huge turnout (pro and con); he is the quintessence of the anti-Washington, anti-establishment candidate in a year when Americans appear to want a wholesale house-cleaning in the capital.

As a builder and job creator, Trump would surely have greater cross-party appeal to working-class Democrats than any traditional Republican politician. Moreover, when Bernie Sanders goes down to defeat, how much enthusiasm will his supporters, who thrilled to the savaging of Wall Street, bring to the Clinton campaign?

This is the year of the outsider, and Hillary is the prom queen of Goldman Sachs. She represents continuity. Trump represents change.

Moreover, on the top Trump issues of immigration and trade, the elites have always been the furthest out of touch with the country.

In the 1990s, when Bill Clinton fought the NAFTA battle, the nation rebelled against the deal, but the establishment backed it. When Republicans on Capitol Hill voted for most-favored-nation status for China, year in and year out, did Republican grass roots demand this, or was it the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable?

On immigration, where are the polls that show Middle Americans enthusiastic about increasing the numbers coming? Where is the majority demanding amnesty or open borders?

The elites of Europe are as out of touch as America's. Angela Merkel, Time's Person of the Year in 2015, is at risk of being dumped in 2016 if she does not halt the next wave of Middle Eastern refugees who will be arriving on Europe's shores when the seas calm in the spring in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

If we believe the immigration issue Trump has seized upon is explosive here, look to Europe. In the Balkans and Central Europe, even in Austria, the barriers are going up and the border guards appearing.

Mass migration from the Third World to the First World is not only radicalizing America. It could destroy the European Union. Anger over any more migrants entering the country is among the reasons British patriots now want out of the EU.

America is crossing into a new era. Trump seems to have caught the wave, while Clinton seems to belong to yesterday.

A note of caution: This establishment is not going quietly.

Patrick Buchanan has been an adviser to three presidents, a two-time candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, and the nominee for the Reform Party in 2000. He was also a founding member of "The McLaughlin Group," which began on NBC, and CNN's "Capital Gang" and "Crossfire." His latest book is: "The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority." For more of his reports,
Go Here Now.


The big “ground game” Democrats have perfected over decades is voter fraud.  They continue to hone this skill from election to election. They mutate like a virus, so the GOP will need many more ground troops double-checking voters and voting machines in the obvious places more so now than ever. There are more dead people now than there were 4 years ago and many more illegal immigrants with UN drivers’ licenses. Democrats make sure that polling places and election commissions are staffed by their co-conspirators in these obvious polling places.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Super Tuesday Polls

Here’s How The Polls Look The Each Of The 12 Super Tuesday States

Super Tuesday is right around the corner. The GOP field will be competing in 12 states for 595 delegates, which amounts to around 25% of the total number of GOP delegates. A presidential candidate will need 1,237 delegates in total to win the Republican nomination.

Here's how the latest polls are looking in each of the Super Tuesday contests:

Georgia (76 Delegates)
Donald Trump: 37%
Marco Rubio: 21%
Ted Cruz: 18%
Ben Carson: 8%
John Kasich: 8%
Source: RCP Average

Texas (155 Delegates)
Ted Cruz: 34%
Donald Trump: 27%
Marco Rubio: 18%
Ben Carson: 7%
John Kasich: 5%
Source: RCP Average

Massachusetts (42 Delegates)
Donald Trump: 45%
Marco Rubio: 18%
John Kasich: 16%
Ted Cruz: 10%
Ben Carson: 4%
Source: RCP Average

Minnesota (38 Delegates)
Marco Rubio: 23%
Ted Cruz: 21%
Donald Trump: 18%
Ben Carson: 11%
John Kasich: 2%

Oklahoma (43 Delegates)
Donald Trump: 30%
Ted Cruz: 23%
Marco Rubio: 21%
Ben Carson: 6%
John Kasich: 4%
Source: RCP Average

Alabama (50 Delegates)
Donald Trump: 35%
Marco Rubio:12%
Ted Cruz: 15%
Ben Carson: 12%
John Kasich: 2%

Arkansas (40 Delegates)
Donald Trump: 23%
Marco Rubio:23%
Ted Cruz: 27%
Ben Carson: 11%
John Kasich: 4%

Tennessee (58 Delegates)
Donald Trump: 29%
Ben Carson: 25%
Ted Cruz: 14%
Marco Rubio: 12%
John Kasich: --

Colorado (37 Delegates)
Ben Carson: 25%
Marco Rubio: 19%
Donald Trump: 17%
Ted Cruz: 14%
John Kasich: 1%

Virginia (49 Delegates)
Donald Trump: 36%
Marco Rubio: 21%
Ted Cruz: 16%
Ben Carson: 7%
John Kasich: 7%
Source: RCP Average

Alaska (28 Delegates)
Donald Trump: 28%
Ted Cruz: 24%
Ben Carson: 9%
Marco Rubio: 7%
John Kasich: 2%

Vermont (16 Delegates)
Donald Trump: 32%
Marco Rubio: 17%
Ted Cruz: 11%
John Kasich: 10%
Ben Carson: 3%