Tuesday, January 31, 2017

American Values

Self-reliance has been at the top of the American Values list from the beginning of the colonies in the 1600s. These pioneers had to feed, clothe and house themselves as they struggled to grow their own food and livestock, using hand tools, water and wind-power.

The Family was the basic economic unit and families took responsibility to look after their own members.

Moral Behavior was expected and it included not harming peaceful neighbors and not disobeying any of the 10 Commandments written in the Bible. Punishment included banishment from the community.

Hard Work was needed in order to ensure that the families were well prepared for adversity or attack and to build a certain amount of wealth to ensure the families’ survival.

Faith in God was central to daily life to bless the efforts of the faithful. A personal relationship with God was encouraged.

Freedom to function was critical to American life. Government abuse was not tolerated by citizens.

The Rule of Law was needed to ensure property rights.

The Free Market system allowed families to control prices by responding with lower demand.

Problem solving was valued and included the invention of better tools and remedies.

Self Defense was needed to guard against being attacked.
America was founded as a colony to allow the expansion of resources.

America was founded to be a Meritocracy, where ability and results are rewarded.

American Values did not include any of the things Democrats and RINOs are claiming are American values to effect the reversal of Trump’s plans to renew America and keep it safe.
Immigration has historically been allowed to solve real labor shortages and now we have a labor surplus.

Immigrants have historically been selected based on their self-reliance with the recommendations of sponsoring families who vow to support them until they can find jobs and afford to live on their own..

Socialism is not an American value; it is antithetical to self-reliance. 

Immigrants who are known to not behave should be banned from entry to the US.  Immigrants from incompatible cultures should be turned away. Muslims should be banned until the War on Terror is over.

Immigrants who are admitted should be the best on the planet.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

America's Second Civil War

By Dennis Prager, 1/24/17, Townhall

In fact, with the obvious and enormous exception of attitudes toward slavery, Americans are more divided morally, ideologically and politically today than they were during the Civil War. For that reason, just as the Great War came to be known as World War I once there was World War II, the Civil War will become known as the First Civil War when more Americans come to regard the current battle as the Second Civil War.

This Second Civil War, fortunately, differs in another critically important way: It has thus far been largely nonviolent. But given increasing left-wing violence, such as riots, the taking over of college presidents' offices and the illegal occupation of state capitols, nonviolence is not guaranteed to be a permanent characteristic of the Second Civil War.

There are those on both the left and right who call for American unity. But these calls are either naive or disingenuous. Unity was possible between the right and liberals, but not between the right and the left.

Liberalism -- which was anti-left, pro-American and deeply committed to the Judeo-Christian foundations of America; and which regarded the melting pot as the American ideal, fought for free speech for its opponents, regarded Western civilization as the greatest moral and artistic human achievement and viewed the celebration of racial identity as racism -- is now affirmed almost exclusively on the right and among a handful of people who don't call themselves conservative.

The left, however, is opposed to every one of those core principles of liberalism. Like the left in every other country, the left in America essentially sees America as a racist, xenophobic, colonialist, imperialist, warmongering, money-worshipping, moronically religious nation.

Just as in Western Europe, the left in America seeks to erase America's Judeo-Christian foundations. The melting pot is regarded as nothing more than an anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic meme. The left suppresses free speech wherever possible for those who oppose it, labeling all non-left speech "hate speech." To cite only one example, if you think Shakespeare is the greatest playwright or Bach is the greatest composer, you are a proponent of dead white European males and therefore racist.

Without any important value held in common, how can there be unity between left and non-left? Obviously, there cannot. There will be unity only when the left vanquishes the right or the right vanquishes the left. Using the First Civil War analogy, American unity was achieved only after the South was vanquished and slavery was abolished.

How are those of us who oppose left-wing nihilism -- there is no other word for an ideology that holds Western civilization and America's core values in contempt -- supposed to unite with "educators" who instruct elementary school teachers to cease calling their students "boys" and "girls" because that implies gender identity? With English departments that don't require reading Shakespeare in order to receive a degree in English? With those who regard virtually every war America has fought as imperialist and immoral? With those who regard the free market as a form of oppression? With those who want the state to control as much of American life as possible? With those who repeatedly tell America and its black minority that the greatest problems afflicting black Americans are caused by white racism, "white privilege" and "systemic racism"? With those who think that the nuclear family ideal is inherently misogynistic and homophobic? With those who hold that Israel is the villain in the Middle East? With those who claim that the term "Islamic terrorist" is an expression of religious bigotry?

The third significant difference between the First and Second Civil Wars is that in the Second Civil war, one side has been doing nearly all the fighting. That is how it has been able to take over schools -- from elementary schools, to high schools, to universities -- and indoctrinate America's young people; how it has taken over nearly all the news media; and how it has taken over entertainment media.

The conservative side has lost on every one of these fronts because it has rarely fought back with anything near the ferocity with which the left fights. Name a Republican politician who has run against the left as opposed to running solely against his or her Democratic opponent. And nearly all American conservatives, people who are proud of America and affirm its basic tenets, readily send their children to schools that indoctrinate their children against everything the parents hold precious. A mere handful protest when their child's teacher ceases calling their son a boy or their daughter a girl, or makes "slave owner" the defining characteristic of the Founding Fathers.

With the defeat of the left in the last presidential election, the defeat of the left in two-thirds of the gubernatorial elections and the defeat of the left in a majority of House and Senate elections, this is likely the last chance liberals, conservatives and the right have to defeat the American left. But it will not happen until these groups understand that we are fighting for the survival of America no less than the Union troops were in the First Civil War.

Lowering Education Costs

The cost of public school is too high and the outcomes are mixed. Too much money goes buying land, building new schools, supporting a county school bureaucracy and maintaining unsustainable pension plans.

Students in K-8 can be grouped by performance, but low performers don’t learn basic skills. This is the biggest problem public schools have. Students need to develop enough self-discipline to take responsibility for their education.

Parents need to enforce learning and make sure homework is done correctly. Teachers and parents need to focus like a laser on basic skills for these students. Things that compete with this focus should be eliminated.  Liberal political propaganda trumps learning basic skills like reading, writing and math. Too many students reach age 18 without developing these basic skills.

The purpose of education is to allow students to discover their own talents and motivated abilities with an eye toward their careers. This requires exposure to lots of activities where these skills can be discovered. Successful people have consistently confessed that they love their jobs. Students need to learn what they love to do and what they’re good at.

Public schools take all students, including students who have limited ability and limited motivation to learn. They may have talent and may need to leverage that talent to find an occupation that uses it. 

Private K-12 schools can “select” students and often do not admit students who are low performers or problems learning. Private high schools have entrance exams and take top performers. Lower performers should not be expected to take college prep courses

The use of the internet for education has allowed On-line schooling and Homeschooling to be implemented.

Homeschooling is vastly superior to any other system, but it requires a parent to do this. Most households require both parents to work, so only the fortunate will be able to homeschool.

On-line schooling can work for high-schoolers who are self-learners and like homeschooling, it takes half the time it takes to attend the regular 8am to 3pm school schedule, plus travel, 5 days a week.

I grew up in the 1940s and 1950s. I was homeschooled until I was age 7 and entered 3rd grade at Holy Child Catholic School in Queens NY. We moved back to St. Louis and I went to Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish School. We had Loreto Nuns on site teaching grades 1-8.  There were 320 students, 40 students in each grade in a well maintained 100 year old building and tuition was free. The school operated on income from church contributions and parishioner donations.

I won a scholarship to Christian Brothers College Military HS. We had Christian Brothers on-site in a well maintained 100 year old building with 1000 students and 40 students per home-room. Tuition was $500 per year. I started a Rock band after 8th grade and made $45 per week playing 3 nights a week and also worked Summer jobs.

I went on the St. Louis University and attended classes in well maintained 100 year old buildings. We had Jesuits teaching on site and tuition was $1000 per year. I joined a Blues band and made $120 per week playing 6 nights a week at a night club and also worked Summer jobs.

My education was superior and affordable. I was able to pay all of my own expenses. I was blessed and learned how to work. My work was actually play.

Our 6 children grew up in the 1960s and 1970s and were able to attend Catholic Schools until 1983 when we moved to Atlanta. They worked in restaurants, retail and lifeguarding. They weren’t able to pay all of their high school and college expenses, but they did graduate without student loans to pay off.

Our 15 grandchildren began to arrive in the 1980s. Many are working, but they are facing unsustainable college costs and a weak US economy. 

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Bob Gray runs for US House Seat

Bob Gray is running for US House Rep in the 6th District. He is a business guy. Bob lives in Johns Creek and serves on their City Council.  He is running to replace Tom Price.

Bob Gray Announces Campaign for U.S. Congress: January 30, 2017 – Johns Creek-based Technology Executive and International Business Leader, Bob Gray announces his campaign for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District today. “We have a narrow window of opportunity to affect real change in America. President Trump is going to need willing partners in Congress to make that happen”, said Bob Gray. “While the political elite is obsessed with serving their own interests, the American people are ready for business leaders who can deliver results in Washington.  After being blessed with three decades of success in the private sector, I’m ready to serve my country and community in Congress.
As a business executive, Bob has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 and private equity 
companies across a range of industries.  

His responsibilities have taken him to nearly 30 countries including China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, and the UK. As an investor in technology businesses, Bob serves on the board of directors of Ammacore, an Alpharetta-based North American network solutions company. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Purdue University and studying Accounting at the University of Illinois, Bob earned a Masters in Business Administration in Finance from the University of Chicago.  Bob is married to his high school sweetheart, Susanne.  The Grays raised their four children - Madeline, Marshall, Savannah and Allie - in Johns Creek, Georgia where they currently reside.  They're active members at Passion City Church where they serve in a variety of volunteer positions. “Having first met at Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church, Tricia and I have known Bob and Susanne for 15 years now.  Bob brings just the right intellect and ability to root out government overspending and waste.  He’s a Donald Trump ally with the demeanor of Mike Pence and the resume of David Perdue.” – State Rep. Brad Raffensperger (R-Johns Creek)


Director (Board of Directors) Ammacore Inc

Dates Employed 2013 – Present, Employment Duration 4 yrs, Location Greater Atlanta Area

Championing growth through the development and execution of a comprehensive go to market strategy. Establishing strategic channel relationships, overall business development including account management and sales functions, and offerings including pricing and contract models.

Chief Consulting Officer Maine Pointe

Dates Employed 2014  2015, Employment Duration 1 yr

Location Greater Boston Area

Executive Leadership Team. As part of the management team, responsible for overall growth strategy and annual results. Achieved 40% growth in 2015 over 2014.
Chief Consulting Officer. Responsible for all client engagements, 100+ delivery resources and on-going practice development in operations, sourcing and logistics. Delivered 33% engagement gross margins.
Clients included Fortune 500 and Private Equity firms, notably AEA Investors, Centre Lane Partners, HIG Capital, Little
John & Co, Mill Road Capital, Kohlberg & Company, Peak Rock Capital, SVP Global, and Wellspring Capital.

President, Commercial Services, North America, NTT Data Corporation

Dates Employed 2010  2013, Employment Duration 3 yrs

Americas Leadership Council. As part of the management team; integrated 6 companies including Keane, set operating policies, and delivered overall financial performance ($1.3B). 
Business Unit Leader. With P&L accountability, reorganized a $220M+ business unit (>3,000 employees) and recruited new leadership for three industry teams: communications and media, consumer and retail, and manufacturing and transportation industries. With investments in industry and technology solutions, achieved annualized growth of 8%.
Global Client Council. Charged with implementing the framework adopted as worldwide corporate policy for developing global accounts and industries. Personally accountable for Honeywell, NTT Data’s 2nd largest global account, with $80M in annual revenue.

Executive Vice President, Keane

Dates Employed 2008  2010, Employment Duration 2 yrs

Global Leadership Council. As part of the management team selected by Citibank Venture Capital, restructured and turned around the business that had revenues decline rom $1.2B to $750M. After returning the business to growth and $900M revenues, positioned the business for sale to NTT Data.
Business Unit Leader. With P&L accountability, assumed responsibility for a $200M+ business unit with revenues declining by 13%. Restructured the business and implemented an industry go to market strategy resulting in annualized growth of 5%.
Global Clients. Personally accountable for Honeywell, Keane’s largest global account, with $60M in annual revenue.

Global Leader of Strategic Transactions, Bearing Point

Dates Employed 2006  2007, Employment Duration 1 yr

Led the development of a global practice, assisting clients in developing acquisition strategies and completing the post-merger integration. Practice participated in over 500 transactions with over 850 staff, generating approximately $300M in annual revenue.

Vice President, Capgemini

Dates Employed 2000  2005, Employment Duration 5 yrs

Americas Products Industries - Transformation Consulting Leader. Led the service line focused on consulting with CXOs on key business issues and jointly executing technology improvement programs. Directly responsible for select manufacturing and hi-tech accounts. Generated $135M in total sales.
Syngenta Global Account Executive. Developed this client into the Group’s largest global account, managing work in 10 – 15 countries in North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Responsible for $110M in sales and $90M in revenue during 2001 and 2002. Developed $170M services agreement for 2002 - 2004. Partnered with HP to secure additional infrastructure services.
CGE&Y Global Merger Director. Worked with the CEOs and executive management to develop the overall integration strategy and plans for the merger of Cap Gemini and Ernst & Young Consulting, an $8B; 57,000 employee organization.

Partner, Ernst & Young

Dates Employed 1997  2000, Employment Duration 3 yrs

National M&A/Post Merger Integration Practice Leader. Led the US practice, assisting clients in completing due diligence, quantifying synergies, developing integration strategies and transition plans, and implementing integration programs. Practice sales totaled $150M in 1997/1998 and $230M in 1998/1999. 
i2 Technologies Global Alliance Manager. Initiated and developed global relationship with i2 Technologies. Developed alliance strategy and managed on-going relationship. Generated first year sales of $10M.
Supply Chain Practice - Account Executive and Engagement Partner (various clients). Generated $10M – 15M in sales annually.

Vice President, Gemini Consulting

Dates Employed1992  1997

Employment Duration 5 yrs

Client Relationship Officer. Led the global relationship and service delivery for a leading tire manufacturer. Generated sales in excess of $3M, $13M, and $44M in 1995, 1996, and 1997, respectively. 
Solution Offering Leader. Developed the firm’s Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISCM) and IT Effectiveness solution offerings. Responsible for marketing, alliances, and on-going capability development.

Manager, Accenture

Dates Employed 1985  1991, Employment Duration 6 yrs

Led business process reengineering, IT strategy and large scale custom systems development and system integration projects.



University of Chicago, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Finance, General

Dates attended or expected graduation1987  1990

Dates attended or expected graduation1987  1987

Purdue University, Bachelor’s Degree,Industrial Engineering

Dates attended or expected graduation1982  1985

Activities and Societies: Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE)

Other candidate possibilities are as follows:

Republican Party[edit]


·       Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan, economist[2]
·       Donnie Bolena, candidate for Mayor of Sandy Springs in 2009[3]
·       Judson Hill, State Senator[4]


·       Brandon Beach, State Senator[1]
·       Karen Handel, former Secretary of State of Georgia, candidate for Governor in 2010 and candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2014[1]
·       Cade Joiner, small business owner[1]
·       Charles Kuck, attorney[1]
·       Bruce LeVell, businessman[1]
·       Dan Moody, former State Senator[1]
·       Betty Price, State Representative and wife of Tom Price[1]
·       Kelly Stewart, former Johns Creek City Councilwoman[1]


I look forward to hearing these candidates in the debates. A special election will be called for 30 days following Tom Price’s swearing in as HHS Secretary.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Monday, January 30, 2017

UN is Toast

Trump Sends Stern Warning to Socialist Run United Nations, by Lynn Jolly, 1/30/17

For decades, American presidents have been letting the United Nations walk all over the United States. Sadly, that even includes Republican presidents. In fact, it seems the United Nations has been walking over and somewhat controlling America ever since its inception on October 24, 1945.

American forces fought in Korea in the early 1950s under UN control. American forces fought and lost in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s, under UN control. As a matter fact, over 50,000 Americans were killed and many more wounded in Vietnam because of the United Nations controlling the war efforts.

Since the 1960s and 1970s, the United Nations has become more and more of a socialist organization with the sole purpose of establishing a one-world government with them in control. Every US action in Vietnam had to be approved by the UN Security Council on which sat 2 communist nations, 1 of which was aiding our enemies. How smart is it to send our men and women into battle when the enemy already knows everything you are going to do? We lost Vietnam before it ever got started, all because of the United Nations.

During the past eight years, the United Nations has exerted more influence and muscle in their efforts to gain control of America. They passed a number of resolutions that would have placed parts of American government, law and way of life under direct or indirect UN control. The ONLY thing that saved us was that there were enough Republicans in the US Senate to block ratification of these un-American resolutions.

Among those un-American resolutions is gun control, gun bans, and taking away more parental rights over their minor children. The United Nations pushed to legalize prostitution for girls as young as 12-years of age and give them rights that should belong to their parents. Some of the UN resolutions signed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would have basically banned all handguns and most hunting, target and sport rifles and shotguns.

When Al Gore represented the United States at the first Earth Summit meeting in Rio de Janeiro, he whole heartedly agreed with all of the climate scares issues at the conference. He also signed all of the accords for the US that were presented at the summit including giving the UN complete ownership and jurisdiction of land in the US and the rest of the world. He also signed accords that would forcibly distribute much of America’s wealth and technology to third world countries. Fortunately, not enough other nations signed on to those particular accords and they were never ratified and put into place.

VIDEO Haley: "U.N. could benefit from fresh set of eyes"
The United Nations is America’s Number One Enemy and needs to be expelled from US soil and treated as an enemy. Think about it! The current UN Secretary General is Antonio Guterres, former leader of the Socialist Party in Portugal and former President of Socialist International.

One of the main governing bodies in the United Nations is the Security Council. It is made up of 5 permanent and 10 non-permanent members. Among the five permanent members are China and the Russian Federation, both communist and enemies of the United States. Other than the US, the other two permanent members are France and the United Kingdom. Currently, the President of France is François Hollande, a member of France’s Socialist Party. That basically gives the communists and socialists a 3-2 advantage over the US.

The ten non-permanent member nations of the UN Security Council are:
·       Bolivia (President Morales) – Movement of Socialism
·       Egypt (President el-Sisi) – Independent Party, Muslim
·       Ethiopia (President Teshome) – Ethiopian People’s Democratic Organization (socialist)
·       Italy (President Mattarella) – Changed Party 5 times, currently listed as Independent but most of career as socialist)
·       Japan (Prime Minister Abe) – appointed by Emperor Akihito (hereditary monarch)
·       Kazakhstan (President Nazarbayev) – Communist Party
·       Senegal (President Sall) – Alliance for the Republic (former socialist)
·       Sweden (Prime Minister Löfven) – Social Democrats (socialist)
·       Ukraine (President Poroshenko) – Petro-Poroshenko Bloc (socialist)
·       Uruguay (President Vázquez) – Socialist Party

Eight of the ten non-permanent nations on the UN Security Council are run by a socialist, 1 run by a Muslim and the other is Japan run by a monarchy. Combined with the 5 permanent members, that places 11 socialist/communist to 2 free, 1 Muslim and historic monarchy in control of many of the military decisions made by the United Nations. If you break it down to allies versus hostile nations to the US, it is 12-2 against us.

Perhaps that’s why President Donald Trump sent newly appointed American Ambassador to the United Nations Mikki Haley (former GOP Governor of South Carolina) with a stern warning message to the entire UN assembly. Haley told the assembly:

“You’re going to see a change in the way we do business. Our goal with the administration is to show value at the U.N., and the way we’ll show value is to show our strength, show our voice, have the backs of our allies and make sure our allies have our back as well.”

“For those who don’t have our back, we’re taking names; we will make points to respond to that accordingly.”

As much as I like Nikki Haley, I would love to see President Trump kick the UN out of the US and withdraw our membership from the one-world socialist organization. It would save America hundreds of millions of dollars each year and would also save the lives of many US military personnel. It would also be a huge step in preventing the UN from gaining any more control of the United States and the American people.