Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Sessions Answers Innuendo

Jeff Sessions met with the Senate committee and testified that he had no knowledge of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.  Sessions reported that he has no information regarding the FBI investigation of Russian collusion since March 2017 after he recused himself because he was a campaign advisor. Sessions continued to run the Justice Department, including the FBI and directed Comey to follow FBI rules.

Sessions said he only recused himself from the one investigation, but didn’t recuse himself from doing the rest of his job and defend himself from lies. Sessions recused himself to follow DOJ rules stated in the CFR. FBI officials in this case are restricted from leaking discoveries to others in the government. 

This investigation is like an “internal affairs” investigation by Police Departments.  This investigation was launched without any valid evidence of wrongdoing. This phase of this investigation is at the beginning and like police conjecture who might be guilty, they are trying to prove or disprove the allegations made by the Democrats citing “unnamed sources”. This potential evidence includes the collection of records placing “persons of interest” at the scene of the crime. In this case, the records of attendees to various functions are part of this evidence.

Sessions says that removing Mueller would not be something he would do, but would leave Mueller’s supervision to the Deputy AG. 

Sessions also said that he is not allowed to discuss any of his discussions with the President.  This is another DOJ rule.

Assistant AG Rosenstein identified that Comey needed to be fired, because of problems in the FBI, not because of the Russian investigation.  Also, investigators only present evidence and don’t make the decision to prosecute.

Sessions thanked the Senate for the opportunity to answer the allegations about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Sessions said that Comey’s usurpation of AG authority in announcing that he could not recommend prosecuting Hillary Clinton in 2016 was a factor in his agreement with Rosenstein that Comey should be fired. The FBI Director doesn’t have that authority.  The decision to prosecute is at the sole discretion of the AG.

Sessions said that if there is no evidence that the Russians actually influenced the outcome of the 2016 election, then that part of the investigation could be concluded.

This seems like abuse and a set-up that allows unsubstantiated political attacks by Democrats aimed at Trump. Democrats want to have Trump condemned in the press.  They want Democrats to fail, so that they can pick up seats in the 2018 election.  The Democrats lost their “labor” constituency and have no platform other than the Obama legacy bad laws and the “protected groups” they sponsor.

Democrats use televised hearings as a platform to make allegations of Republican wrongdoing and spew their talking points.  It may be that we are electing too many prosecutors to elective office; they seem to be incapable of dropping their prosecutor roles. This is mob rule, is based on extortion and exposes the problem with our entire justice system. False accusations are never punished.

When democrat false accusations are denied, they shift to questions like:” Can’t we all just get along?” They probe to get appeasement. In this session, Democrats pivoted to accuse Sessions of “obstruction” for not answering questions due to DOJ rules.

It looks like these politicians enjoy attacking each other and defending themselves. They need to do all of this on CSPAN and put their political footballs away. Paying elected officials to fight with each other does nothing to solve the problems the federal government has caused and are slow to correct.

As of today, it appears to me that the Russians did not succeed in actually influencing the 2016 election, but Comey’s statements on TV about the Hillary Clinton email case may have influenced the election.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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