Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Beware of Islam

*Kamal Saleem*(koomeministries.com), former Sunni Muslim, member of the Muslim Brotherhood and PLO, now a Christian, gave his testimony in an interview recently televised by Dr. Irvin Baxter. Kamal matter-of-factly communicated the now nearly complete Islamization of America, underway since 1960, stating:

·Muslims are either Sunni - those who seek to live and do as their Prophet did according to his writings (the Sira); or Shia - those who consider themselves linked to the Prophet's bloodline. Sunni (85% of Muslims) follow Saudi Arabia; Shia (15% of Muslims) follow Tehran.

There are two categories of Sunni Muslims coming to the US, those who intend to bring us under Islam and those who have not yet been radicalized to that point of their faith and are still reachable by the Gospel of Christ. Kamal tells us to have nothing to do with the former; the latter are only reachable in the first 2 years after their immigration before they become radicalized.

Sunnis advance Islam across the globe only by 'holy war', jihad. Kamal was sent to the US by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1980 to join the 'civilization jihad' being waged against America on our soil since 1960, an effort only partially revealed to the public on 9/11/2001.The cornerstone of Islam is jihad; Sharia is its rules. The goal of this jihad has been to divide America along every line, social, political, ethnic, religious, economic, and racial, until every American is either converted or enslaved.

Sunnis have been brought into America by the US government - principally from Saudi Arabia - under 'student visas', the method by which Kamal entered (and never left) as well as 16 of the 19 9/11 hijackers, along with literally millions of others. The 'refugee' program has similarly opened floodgates.

Sunni mosques are NOT 'churches', but literally 'places of training' where men, women and children become skilled in the use of the weapons of jihad, including terror. Sunni schools, like the one Obama attended, indoctrinate children in the 'glory of Islam' and the means of 'civilization jihad' .Muslim 'cultural centers' are courts run by Imams administering Sharia law.

Sunni radicals - *all* those who seek the rule of Islam over America - believe that, regardless of actions, no servant of Allah can be considered a terrorist, but a martyr. Martyrdom is their only sure path to Paradise. They believe that any lie, particularly lies of OMISSION,  are permitted provided these further the cause of Islam.

They believe that every possession of the infidel (non-Muslim), homes, wives, children, material goods, money, everything, belongs to them by inheritance and they can take it at will. This self-justifies rapes, murders and enslavement of women and all infidels. Their highest sin is to question Islam, or the following of their Prophet. You are either a friend (who will live) or an enemy (who will die).

The Obama administration, working directly with the Muslim Brotherhood, the 'Mother Ship of Radical Islam', has personally targeted every single Sunni Muslim immigrant and refugee for the purpose of radicalizing them to fight for the Islamization of America. Council on American-Islamic

Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Muslim Student Association (MSA) with campus chapters all across America, as with the PLO, are the offspring and co-workers of the Brotherhood. ISIS is Sunni.

Source: Bruce Duncil, 6/19/17

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