Sunday, June 25, 2017

Economic Activity

Design and product lifecycles determine economic activity. When technology is developed to advance manufactured products, economic activity increases. The design phase activity decreases after theses development cycles are completed. What is left is a newly designed device to manufacture and sell.  These product improvements need to be timed to arrive as old equipment needs to be replaced.

Today, we need to replace our electricity power grid and insulate it from cyber and other attacks. We also need to improve our clean water infrastructure to increase clean water supplies across the US.  We need highway, bridge and road maintenance and expansion.  We need updated radar equipment for air travel. We need to develop our oil, and natural gas infrastructure to increase US energy exports. We need to expand mining of minerals and harvesting of timber and resume our fishing industry with family fishing businesses.

We need to reduce our endangered species list and consign conservation to limited areas away from residential areas. We need to stop letting water from our rivers spill into the ocean and build reservoirs to hold this fresh water for farming and human use.

We need to reduce unnecessary regulations to ensure US competitiveness.  We need to reduce our US corporate tax rate to 15% and reduce our tax rate on repatriated funds to 10%. We need to restore manufacturing to the US and end excessive immigration to allow US citizens to find jobs.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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