Monday, June 26, 2017

Colleges giving Degrees in Social Justice

Development 'exposes the fraudulent priorities of contemporary higher education' by Paul Bremmer, 6/24/17, WND

High school students who aspire to be social justice warriors are increasingly finding higher education options available to them, as more than 100 colleges and universities in the U.S. now offer formal academic programs in “social justice,” according to research by the College Fix.

The Fix discovered at least 64 American colleges that offer minors in social justice or a markedly similar field. At least 18 schools offer four-year degrees, and at least 15 offer master’s degrees.

There are even two universities that offer Ph.D. programs with a social justice focus: The University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Social Justice Education) and Fielding Graduate School in California (Inclusive Leadership for Social Justice).

Schools with social justice programs range from small private universities, such as Carleton College in Minnesota (B.A. in Human Rights and Social Justice), to large public universities, such as the University of Michigan (minor in Peace and Social Justice), to religious institutions such as Northeastern Seminary (M.A. in Theology and Social Justice). Even Cornell, an Ivy League school, has an MPA program in Human Rights and Social Justice. These schools offer a wide variety of social justice-themed classes.

At Merrimack College, for instance, social justice majors can take a class called “Thinking Green: Environmental Justice, Gender, and Animal Rights.” Students in the University of Iowa’s social justice B.A. program can learn about the “History of American Inequality.” Ohio Wesleyan University offers a course on “Feminist Perspectives on Race and Gender in the Media.”

At the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, social justice minors can learn about “Gay & Lesbian Literature,” while Oregon State University offers an entire program in “Food in Culture and Social Justice,” including a course titled “Food and Ethnic Identity: Decolonizing Our Food and Body.” Scott Greer, deputy editor at the Daily Caller, can only shake his head at the rise of these non-traditional academic programs.

“Social justice degrees are a logical conclusion to the prevalent trends within higher education that stress teaching left-wing orthodoxy over real-life skills,” Greer told WND. “It’s unclear how this major will help a student navigate a real workplace environment, and is likely only going to encourage them to identify every little thing as a representation of white supremacy.”

Greer, author of “No Campus For White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination,” said there is one good thing about the creation of social justice majors: “It exposes the fraudulent priorities of contemporary higher education.”

International journalist and educator Alex Newman, co-author of “Crimes of the Educators,” said the appearance of social justice degrees is a natural byproduct of a public K-12 education system that no longer prioritizes real education.

“After generations of dumbing down and indoctrinating children in government schools, it was inevitable that this would happen someday,” Newman told WND. “As Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld and I show in ‘Crimes of the Educators,’ this sort of lunacy is the bitter fruit produced by the poison tree that is the ‘progressive,’ anti-Christian, anti-liberty, collectivist government education inflicted on the American people by socialist humanist John Dewey and his radical cohorts. Now the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost.”

Newman foresees devastating consequences for the country: “Legions of brainwashed social-justice warriors with ‘community organizing’ skills and thorough statist and humanist indoctrination will constantly agitate for more government, less freedom, more globalism, more insanity, and more tax funding to feed the perpetually expanding beast that has been unleashed on America and the world.”

Newman suspects those who graduate with social justice degrees will have trouble getting real-world jobs that create value for society. On the contrary, he worries about the adverse effects they will have on society.

“The danger, if taxpayers and voters are not vigilant, is that these indoctrinated overgrown children will end up burrowing their way into government and becoming a permanent parasite class that sustains itself by leeching off the taxpayer and making ever-more ludicrous demands,” Newman warned. “These taxpayer-funded universities are producing zealots to wage war on God, Christianity and liberty on an industrial scale. Taxpayers and voters must demand an end to it.”

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