Saturday, July 8, 2017

Education Reform

Florida Passes Educational Bill Criticized As Anti-Science July 5, 2017 By  

Florida governor Rick Scott has signed a law that requires school districts to appoint an “unbiased hearing officer” who can take complaints about the material taught to public school students and decide whether to change the material in question, or leave it intact. The move has been blasted as “anti-science” by critics, but supporters say that the bill is not meant to target any specific topic and may actually make it easier to establish a procedure by which members of the public can successfully challenge material that they deem “pornographic,” inaccurate or otherwise unsuitable for children.

Supporters of the law have stated that they may use the law to force school districts to teach the Christian belief in Creationism alongside the more agnostic theory of evolution.


The “anti-science” ruse must be coming from the Theory of Evolution fans, who don’t want it identified as just a theory. Those who oppose this Bill also don’t want Christianity or the Bible to creep back into the classroom.

I have heard complaints from parents about the uselessness of Common Core Math. I have read that parents are alarmed by schools teaching Islam to their kids. I have also heard students complain about Liberal propaganda in schools.

I endorse “real world” education where students can excel in the skills they will need to be self-supporting. I advise students to choose an occupation they love and are good at.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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