Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Gainful Employment Regulations

Betsy Devos Set to Rewrite Gainful Employment Regulations


The issues here have dealt with low-paying jobs like Cosmetology. The question has been whether or not students taking programs for low paying jobs can repay their student loans. Requiring completion of programs for licensing and licensing itself is under review.

The larger issue should include identifying all low-pay and job unavailability University curricula. We’ve had decades of students majoring in subjects that have no direct professional occupational link. Job availability is another issue.  If students are majoring in subjects that may relate to government employment in fields that will be deregulated, they might think again.

Loans must be based on the borrowers’ ability to repay the loan.  We haven’t had that for years and we have government regulations that leak money all over the place.

We have millions of college grads with useless degrees who are performing the same minimum-wage jobs they had as students. They have graduated and have unsustainable student loans and unless they can get themselves into a field that pays a living wage, they will not be able to support themselves.

The millions who took Criminal Justice found that they need to enroll in Police Academy in order to work as a Police Officer. 

Common sense doesn’t appear to be making a comeback. Universities are still launching non-occupational curricula and students are signing up.  If you extend the trend, our universities will have Departments of Anti-American Studies to house their Progressive “revolutionary” subject majors. We will also need Departments of Useless Information to house all other courses for hobbies.  We certainly need Departments of Junk Science. That brings us to Departments of Obsolete, Unavailable Government Jobs. 

We really need to clean house at the US universities.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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