Friday, July 7, 2017

Understanding Trump Derangement Syndrome

Donald Trump reset the bar for politicians. He answered questions directly, brought up divisive issues, made correct conclusions and took positions, brought up the most important issues and didn’t “play the game”. He exhibited a common sense grasp of all the real issues and articulated what we were already thinking.  That proved that he did his homework on the most important issues and was an honest broker.  He hit on every issue we voters felt were critical and he diagnosed the problems and solutions correctly and completely. He didn’t mince words. He was direct and succinct.


It drove the media crazy.  He broke all the rules.  Crooks and Communists and appeasers had no place to hide. Trump Derangement Syndrome was the media reaction to Trumps courage and honesty. That left all the liars and dummies exposed and they hated it.  They still hate it.  Trump offended the scammers and they will never forgive him.


For decades politicians were trained by their handlers to avoid real issues, to dodge voter’s questions, to bloviate platitudes, avoid offending anybody, pander to protected groups, lie and smile while lying. They wanted to “get through” whatever voter contact they had and survive these encounters one at a time.  They posted their family pictures on their website along with a section to solicit contributions on our master cards.  But they avoided giving their positions on the most divisive and important issues. Their answers to questions, on the rare occasions they did this were banal and reflected a lack of understanding about the job they were running for. Trump showed them up.


Usually, the best qualified candidates fail to impress uninformed voters, who prefer shallow answers based on an emotional message.  A slick lawyer running for Mayor of a small affluent city was asked what his top priority was.  He said Police. The real answer should have been to fix the expensive roads and sewers that were falling apart.  But that was not an “emotional message” choice; it was a logical, common sense choice.  The lawyer won the election. No wonder our cities, counties, states and federal governments are in trouble. 


We need candidates who will use Trump’s courage and state the real problems they would be able to solve. They need to state these problems directly and succinctly. They need to tell voters what these elected positions are responsible for and how they have failed to do the job. This results in a list of actions to repeal bad laws and ordinances and concentrate on the highest priorities. Voters need to know the consequences of sloppy governance. European leaders need to put their own citizens first. Trump is Global Marxism’s worst nightmare.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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