Monday, July 3, 2017

Federal Priorities

Job #1 is to cut corporate taxes.  Job #2 is to reduce immigration. Job #3 is to repeal Obamacare. Job #4 is to ban Sharia law. Job # 5 is to build and finish the wall.


There are three things Congress must do to restore the economy with jobs.  The first is to reduce the corporate tax rate to 15%.  The second is to reduce the number of unnecessary immigrants.  With the first, we allow companies to return manufacturing to the US and begin the restoration of the middle class.  With the second, we reduce our welfare costs and allow the 94 million working-age US citizens who don’t have jobs to find jobs.  The third is to repeal Obamacare to deregulate healthcare and allow healthcare to begin to return to free market pricing.


There are two things Congress must do to restore US sovereignty and security.  The first is to ban Sharia law in the US, so we can avoid becoming like Europe. If we don’t, we may need to repeal the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act. The second is to build a wall on the Mexican border and get control of our visa system.


The US needs to quit the UN Refugee program and stop all unnecessary immigration. We need to continue to deregulate and repeal all job-killing, unnecessary and harmful regulations. We need to accelerate US energy exports to reduce our trade deficit.  We need to cut all unnecessary government spending.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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