Monday, June 5, 2017

GA GOP Split

The GOP “Establishment” rules Georgia and “Reformers” are viewed as “rogue” elements.  The ratio of reformers to establishment delegates is 48:52.  Reform delegates voted for Alex Johnson for Chairman and Establishment delegates elected John Watson for Chairman of the GA GOP.

Those of us in the “Reformer” camp want the legislature to follow the “will of the voters” and the Georgia Constitution in full compliance with the US Constitution (as written). Reformers are “Constitutionalists and Populists”. Reformers would actually shrink the government footprint and restrict its activities to infrastructure priorities. Reformers would not allow tax revenue to be spent on “economic development” and would privatize public transit.  Reformers would restore the sovereignty of the “Private Sector” and families and reduce government overreach.

The “Establishment” camp wants the legislature to follow the “will of the special interest groups”. The largest special interest group is Georgia government.  90% of all bills passed and signed are requested by Georgia municipalities and other government entities.  The next largest group are businesses who are the largest campaign contributors. The “Establishment” opposes all descent. The Establishment follows the money. They are too dependent on federal “grants to states” and big corporations.

Reformers are not allowed to serve in the legislature. The Establishment recruits and funds their own candidates to oppose them.

The split in Georgia is the result of the “globalist vs nationalist” split.  During the Obama administration, the GA legislature supported the globalist agenda to get federal funds. They are happy with the Trump agenda, but are slow to adjust their own behavior. They are still dependent on the big corporations and have not moved to repeal “regionalism’ required by UN Agenda 21.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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