Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Weaponized Laws

Our enemies are attempting to destroy us using our own laws. These laws need to be identified and repealed. Our enemies want us to hesitate and not repeal these laws. That would be a big mistake. 

Most of these laws are unconstitutional progressive laws passed in nefarious ways over the past 100 plus years without the required Amendment ratification by the States.

When we passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, we did it to encourage employers to hire Blacks. That allowed Blacks to expand their employment opportunities and that was a good thing. It would have been better to destroy the myths that had segregated Americans and give the readily available truth that human abilities are similar for all humans. We all reside somewhere on the “normal curve”. We have always had both gifted geniuses and severely retarded individuals in every race and sex.

The additions of welfare and related anti-discrimination laws that followed resulted in the destruction of the Black family and the Black business community. The segregation of public access to bathrooms, water fountains and seats on buses was an insult and needed to be ended.

Forced school desegregation and access to businesses ignored individual choice and neighborhood schools. It damaged employer rights of “free association” and subjected them to frivolous, predatory lawsuits.

Welfare rules removed the family as the primary sovereign economic unit and replaced it with the State, further enforcing progressive socialism in what was the most successful free market economy that had ever existed.

Adding everybody else to “protected group” status was a mistake.

2008 Meltdown was the direct result of the Community Reinvestment Act 1993 and HUD anti-discrimination rules that forced lenders to give mortgages to unqualified buyers and then allowed them to sell these failing mortgages as securities. The current HUD zoning provisions that dictate racial ratios in cities and counties will destroy property value and public schools.

The addition of religion as a “protected group” is being used by Muslims to replace US law with Sharia law. It did nothing for all other religions. The “separation of church and state” Supreme Court mistake muzzled Christianity and sent it into decline. The goal was to establish a “state religion” using political correctness to impose a set of progressive secular humanist “values”.

The addition of women as a “protected group” was engineered to soften the blow of US 1970s inflation that forced women to take jobs. It did reduce sexual harassment, but also allowed accusations to become weapons.

The addition of age and handicap as “protected groups” was a non-event, except for empty handicapped parking spaces.

The Supreme Court mistake allowing gays to marry and cities and counties that preemptively passed anti-discrimination laws created the myth that gays are a protected group. A domestic partner status would have allowed broader legal protections to partners and family members. LGBT folks are not included as a “protected group” in the current version of the Civil Rights Act.

These anti-discrimination laws need to be repealed.  There are no unintended consequences.  Most of the problems we are having today are based on bad, unconstitutional laws being passed by legislators who are bought and paid for by special interest groups, most of which are Marxist fronts.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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