Friday, June 16, 2017

Communists Rely on Violence

If you look at the Communist takeover of Russia in 1917, you will see many of the same tactics being used in the US today. It started with protestors organizing to march through the streets. The Czar’s army was called out to break up these marches and the marchers got sympathy. It began as the Social Democrat Labor Party in 1898.

The industrial revolution put people to work, but failed to check the attitudes of the people hired into these factories and allowed troublemakers to remain in the workforce. The owners, investors and managers of these factories focused on the technical and financial aspects of their businesses, not employee relations. The work was hard and sometimes dangerous. It was easy to demonize the owners.

During and after the Russian revolution in 1917, free speech and private property rights ended in Russia. Over the decades, we in the US have seen our federal government grow out of control and have seen challenges to our property rights and free speech. We have also seen a decline in our economic freedom and prosperity.

There are some differences between the Communist takeover of Russia and the Communist takeover of the US.. The Communists involved in attempting to take over the US are Democrats. This is a political party that has functioned in the US as the anti-aristocratic party since 1792 as the Jeffersonian Republicans.  It was given the name Democrat in 1830.

Hamilton and Jefferson clashed over Hamilton’s push to have the US government establish a national bank, because it was not in the “enumerated powers”. Hamilton got his bank to pay off the Revolutionary War debt, but Congress closed it after the debt was paid. Hamilton was a banker and Jefferson was a farmer.

Both parties were infiltrated by “Progressives”, who violated the US Constitution to create a bigger federal government.

The creation of the Federal Reserve and the US Income Tax in 1913 heralded the beginning of the “managed economy” and the end of the “free market economy”. It stripped wealthy families of their inheritance and started taxing wages. The US dollar of 1913 is now worth 3 cents, due to money printing to pay for government overspending.

The creation of Social Security by Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 heralded the beginning of “socialism” that was culminated in 1964 with Medicare and Welfare by Lyndon Johnson. The US government debt is now $20 trillion and is unsustainable.

Democrats are adamant and will fight to keep socialism. Republicans insist that the US needs to restore the “free market” private sector economy to reduce dependency on welfare and restore economic freedom, so that US citizens can again become self-supporting. Democrats argue that the

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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