Friday, June 9, 2017

Time to Trump Up Our Immigration Policy

by Richard Holt, 6/6/17

A nation that can’t defend its borders isn’t a country at all. To anyone demanding protection from these criminal elements, from drug smugglers to terrorists, is called a racist. If Germans or British citizens were killing families along with our southern border or were suicide bombers that had carried out attacks, would demanding a halt on their importation of evil also be called “racist”, or would we call it common sense?

Legal briefs were filed with the Supreme Court last Thursday evening that asked the court for two things: to allow a travel ban to go into effect now and to hear the arguments for the ban in the fall. But since Trump’s travel restrictions were only for a 90 day period, a fall date could be a moot point. The case against the executive order has thus far been that Trump’s a racist and seeking to discriminate based on religion, a clear violation of the law. And that’s the core of the argument that Trump’s intent was to discriminate. The courts saw that as a crime and ruled against the order.

In phase two of implementing these temporary travel restrictions, the Justice Department has tried to argue that the bans are temporary and only from certain nations. This was a good argument from a legal perspective but Trump’s tweet that it’s a “travel ban” could reinforce the original rulings of discrimination. But even if it is discrimination, is it really such a bad thing? It’s only temporary, it only applies to 6 countries this time (Iraq is off the list) and it is actually necessary.

Unfortunately, liberals and their “all criminals welcome” brigade will continue to roll out the red carpet for the world’s most dangerous people. But the left would rather burn the American flag than close our borders to protect our citizens. Trump’s reuse of the phrase “Travel Ban”, has once again ignited the left whose only argument is that our president is a racist. First off, Islam is a religion, not an ethnic group. But I guess if liberals were smart enough to know that, they would have seen Sunday’s ISIL sponsored terrorist attacks in London as a sign we need to use some caution in our immigration policies. The last travel ban was imposed on nations of concern and anyone who’s from that region will understand.

If you haven’t talked to anyone from the middle east, then I challenge you to ask them what they think of the travel ban. You’ll get an earful about how easy it is to come to America, how we’re letting the wrong people in, and they’ll probably allude to our policies as naïve and a little stupid. But that’s just been my experience, I hope you’ll comment below on your experience asking this question.

Looking at the other border problem, the once from Mexican migrants, you can see that a little over half of illegal immigrants have been arrested for a drug charge and 27% make up federal prison inmates. Take into consideration that a majority of illegal migrants who commit crimes are deported without serving any prison time. Of the 78,690 illegals deported in 2010, 17,797 reentered the US. And those are just the ones that we know about because they were deported again. We don’t have to wonder what the real number is because they’ll be coming for you at a gun point soon enough.

Why does the Mexican government continue to press the US to soften its migration policies while they get tougher on their own? Mexico deports more illegal aliens per year that the US does. And that’s after they have spent 2 years in prison for entering the country illegally. If they are caught in Mexico again, its 10 years in prison! Why is it ok for Mexico to be tough on illegal immigration but if the US goes in the same direction, it’s an in-depth racist stratagem to oppress Hispanics?

But when in doubt, ask who’s getting paid. In the case of Mexico, it’s the two-thirds that send $300 home 14 times per year that accounts to the $27 billion responsible for propping up the Mexican economy. For the Syrian refugees, its Christian and Muslim non-profits that get up to $2,200 per refugee and that’s just from the State Department. Catholic Charities are netting $3.8 billion annually with at least $1 billion coming from the Refugee Resettlement program.

Michael Leagy1 argues in his article on Breitbart that these charities have become extensions of the US government bureaucracy. Although I don’t believe they aren’t trying to “Islamicize” America, I’m confident that they are willing to sell out our country for a few pieces of silver. On the other hand, what’s wrong with charities helping people out? Isn’t it the American way to help poor widows and orphan families live someplace safe? Isn’t it heartless for us to live in a great country and keep people out?

What about the migrants that come here legally? Don’t they deserve a safe place to live as well? These charities often lose track of the refugee’s within four months of their arrival here. Gone! They aren’t required to help them nor they aren’t required to keep track of them in any way whatsoever.

The immigration problem, be it illegals from Mexico or refugee’s from Syria are part of the same problem. On the one hand, illegals from Mexico come from a culture of crime. Sure, a large number of them end up living the quite life on small farms in Ohio and Wisconsin, but those who don’t end up in prison and even become rapists and murders. With the Syrian refugee’s, we have an opportunity to do something that we can’t do with our southern invaders, pick and choose.

Through a proper vetting process, we can at least make sure that those coming haven’t just been dropped off by a prison van at our border. We can see their educational background, make sure they’re sane, and otherwise make sure they aren’t connected to terrorist groups. A common sense approach to a simple humanitarian effort. But we’ve got to build that God Damned wall! Illegal migrants from the south will continue to take advantage

The permissive culture of illegal immigration created by President Obama and his lax policies will come back to haunt us for generations to come. The same liberal attitudes against building a wall are the same ones that will one day allow for a mushroom cloud to loom brightly over a major American city. All in the name of being politically correct.

Update: The President states in a White House Press Release that 8 US Code 1182 grants him the power to suspend migration “when he deems it to be in the national interest”.

It’s time to trump up the immigration policy, the US border problem. If it’s not the southern borders open gateway to illegal migrants, it’s the courts welcoming of possible Islamic terrorists from the middle east. At some point, we need to ask ourselves why our government is so adamant about letting everyone into our country?


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