Monday, June 12, 2017

Whatever Happened to the American Dream

Posted by Keith Broaders, 6/11/17 in Letters to the Editor

The American Dream has become a Nightmare because the American People has abandoned the principles upon which our nation was founded. We are no longer the United States we have become the Divided States of America.

Instead of embracing the values that lead to peace, prosperity and freedom we have collectively turned our back on the message of Jesus Christ and are following a different Gospel. Instead of loving our neighbors we have been taught to compete with them for the bounties of life,

Today we are taught that we are morally justified to lie, cheat and steal if we gain materially in the process. We are also taught that by virtue of our humanity we were are entitled to harvest the fruits of another man's labor.

We have subjected ourselves of a myriad of unjust laws that violate our Constitution and the principles equality and justice. Our government was created as a Republic but has become an oligarchy consisting of corrupt bankers, lawyers and politicians.

They have turned our schools into lap dog training centers where are children are programmed become mindless robots who always do what they are told and love the government that has stolen our country.

The billionaires who control the three branches of government also control schools, universities and the media, They also control the churches, the banking industry, the medical industry, the insurance companies and the stock market.

George Washington and James Madison both warned us of the dangers of political factions. By ignoring their counsel we have allowed political parties to divide the American people into competing bands of Vikings seeking to pick the pockets of their political opponents before their pockets are picked.

Our government is no longer a republic, it has become an oligarchy of the financial elite who have turned the American Dream into a Nightmare. The financial elite have turned a nation of free man and women into a giant plantation filled with millions of obedient debt slaves.

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