Monday, May 17, 2010

Fantasy Island

Government gets it wrong, on purpose. They fabricate crises based on fantasies to enrich their friends and hand you the bill (think: River City’s gotta have a boys band). This doesn’t include every politician and every government employee, but Democrats are clearly the party pushing these flimflam schemes. Democrats are American Socialists. Socialists have been infiltrating our government for decades and they have found a home in the Democrat Party. They have tentacles reaching into every department and agency their conspiracy can infect. Once in, they only hire their own kind to ensure the continuation of their dream to turn the U.S. into a full blown socialist republic with a one party system. Think USSR. We’re almost there.

Their strategy is as bold as it is devious and insidious. They take the long view and started to implement their plan in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the income tax. They have fielded political candidates since the 1880s and have put Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and Barack Obama in the White House. Their rouse is to pledge to fight for the “little guy”, while taking massive campaign contributions from the “big guys”.

Socialist Democrats are more relentless than Michael Myers; just when you think he’s dead, he comes back to life. They make up phony crises and create real crises, so they can advance the role of government to expand its strangle-hold on us and our economy. Because big government politicians can give big businesses monopoly power in exchange for scandalous amounts of cash, the collusion to do this is inevitable.

Our current gang of American Socialists in Washington invented the global warming hoax over the past two decades and have lately been trying to pass Cap & Trade. They want us to believe that man-made carbon releases will cause global warming with polar ice melting, causing 20 foot sea rises and a total collapse of our sea currents heralding a new ice age. The EPA decided that carbon is a pollutant, so they are ready in case we lose too many Socialists from the Legislature to pass it. Carbon in CO2 is not a Pollutant. It is a way for crooks like Al Gore and other global socialists to get rich brokering carbon credit trades and doubling our electric bills annually for a while. First, there is no global warming. The earth’s climate operates in cycles; it warms and cools on its own. That’s why we don’t rename Greenland every few hundred years; it will freeze over and then thaw. If we allow government to tax carbon, our electric bills will increase 5 fold and our economy will collapse as all businesses move overseas to countries who thumb their noses at carbon capture (think India, China, etc.).

Government has a long history of springing hoaxes and doing damage. DDT (banned in 1972) harms nothing but mosquitoes. But our Progressive govern-ocrats banned it in a panic ignited by environmentalists, causing the deaths of 500.000 malaria victims in third-world countries. Margaret Sanger would have been proud that her genocidal view of socialism was still being practiced. When abortion became legal I’m sure she danced in her grave.

The 2008 Meltdown is traceable back to the 1993 Community Reinvestment Act, requiring banks to lend to non-creditworthy borrowers, The Federal Reserve then imposed low interest rates and a declining dollar designed to push prices up. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd personally protected Fanny & Freddy, who offered to buy all these bad mortgages, so they could be bundled into toxic securities. Wall Street jumped into the game and after a couple of decades the bubble broke and $50 trillion went down the toilet. Everybody was happy. Poor people got to live in real houses for a while and nobody responsible for this scam got punished. It did result in crashing our economy and ensuring 20% unemployment for the next decade.

Most of the “growth” in our economy since we off-shored manufacturing is attributable to foreign investment, unnecessary services, financial scams and 4% annual increases in the money supply, imposed by the Fed to devalue the dollar and make us think we are making progress. We entered the Information Age and the information wasn’t good; it was the off-shoring of all our wealth producing manufacturing jobs. Our current service economy merely transfers money around; it doesn’t add value.

We need to vote Democrats out of office, cut government spending by 50% and return manufacturing to the U.S. or we will destroy our economy.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Socialists & Sociopaths

Liberal American Socialists want the federal government to totally take over water, air, environmental regulations, healthcare, banking, lending, energy, aid to the poor and transportation. They want to create global governance of the environment and banking so they can usurp American sovereignty. Their strategy is incremental activism, with great acceleration of liberty-robbing legislation when they have a Democrat majority. Their solutions involve assuming control during “emergencies” they created. They are committed to the relentless pursuit of enslaving and controlling us. The problem is that their solutions are far more expensive and intrusive than the majority of voters will probably allow. They could hardly wait to absorb dominion over the young, health and uninsured, because these folks openly ignored them. Now they want to tell them what to eat and when to exhale.

The voting base for the American Socialists comes largely from hapless Christians and Jews who buy in to Democrat politicians’ rhetoric about helping the poor everywhere. These folks ignore the fact that the federal government’s pending debt and unfunded liabilities will soon be greater than the entire wealth and property owned by private citizens; after $100 trillion, we’re done. Private citizens ignore the danger they face in losing all their savings and personal property because it hasn’t happened yet.

The sociopaths are the recipients of the Socialist Democrats largesse. They are quick to march in protest that their free stuff might be in danger of being eliminated. Just like in Greece, the rioters will be those on the take. It worked in the 1960s when blacks rioted in large cities and the politicians caved to squander billions of dollars on Johnson’s War on Poverty. Now illegal aliens are protesting in the streets and in the media demanding amnesty. They holler “racist” and politicians go into a coma.

I urge you to rent the 1971 movie A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick. It predicts how Liberals would cripple the judicial system to let gangs of murderers run free to create more havoc. The federal governments’ refusal to close the borders and enforce current immigration laws is our current case in point. Illegal aliens are demanding amnesty they describe as “comprehensive immigration”. For Orwell fans, this is new-speak for amnesty. If our current immigration laws are replaced by amnesty, millions more will stream over the border to sign up for our government social welfare systems. Our only hope is to actively enforce our current immigration laws.

Friday, May 14, 2010

California Dreamin'

We like illegal immigration, it’s just a bad time right now.

If half of California’s $20 billion deficit is due to the costs of hosting illegal aliens, we should fire all of them and let them deport themselves for a while, until we have the border closed and the H2b work visa system ready to take applications. We should outsource jailing Mexican inmates back to Mexico to save some money and put them closer to their families. If they had children born in the U.S., we should rescind their citizenship so the whole family can be Mexican citizens. In the meantime, we can hire the 20% unemployed to replace the illegal immigrants.

We can cut the other $10 billion by converting the California government employees’ pension plans to defined contribution 401k type plans like the rest of us have.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

If the Nazis had won

I’m sure, if the Nazis had won World War II, some crazy, radical, right-wing, conservative, Germans would be objecting to the continued gassing of Jews and the murder of handicapped children, but the government doesn’t listen and life would go on. We won World War II, but somehow lost control of our elected and unelected government officials. They decided to make murdering the unborn legal, make illegal aliens legal and prayer illegal, but life goes on. Our elected monsters haven’t finished yet, but every time they get a chance, they move like a wildfire. Their goal is to control every aspect of our lives along with all global wealth.

We can no longer afford to elect Liberal, Socialist, Progressives to office, or allow them to be appointed to government policy-making positions. They have been destroying our Constitution since 1900 and want to replace it with their power over us. They know it will take bankrupting the country to distract us enough so they can really take over. They don’t believe in God, so they don’t believe in inalienable rights; the think the Constitution is a joke and we are protoplasm. Now they go through the façade and pretend to defend the Constitution and swear to it with their hand on the Bible, but they can’t wait until they can discard these mythological trappings.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unions & Communism

Ever since the American Communist Party linked up with trade unions to create the “workers’ paradise”, the Ideological link between them never waned. In 1917 American Communists got excited about the Marxist Revolution in Russia. The leaders of the American Communists included Ivy League intellectuals, authors, playwrights, eugenicists, and all Progressives, who had read the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx (Pub 1848), agreed with him and worked in groups of like-minded radicals to establish communism in America. Marx believed Socialism would replace Capitalism. In Russia, the strategy was to pit the ‘have-nots’ against the ‘haves’, and there were a lot more ‘have-nots’. They were angry about World War I and eager to blame the Czar. A “workers’ paradise” sounded good to them after the Bolshevik thugs explained that joining the communist party would improve their health . The end result was the flight of capital from Russia that never returned. Nobody would invest money in the USSR, because their government took ownership of all private property and enterprises. The American Communist Party was formed in the 1920s and began to support candidates for political office to both parties.

American Unions, representing skilled trades, had been formed and disbanded during economic recessions since the early 1800s. Karl Marx began writing for the New York Daily Tribune in 1852. In the 1880s the Knights of Labor formed for producers of goods and their managers. The AFL formed later in the 1880s but included only workers and excluded managers. By 1924, with the formation of the CIO, strikes became the weapon of choice. Their playbook included extortion, intimidation and violence, but they insisted they were fighting for their “rights”. The mafia fit right in; they took over unions and began recruiting politicians. What unions became was the American companies’ un-caged pet rattlesnakes. Being suspicious of power is healthy, but having a union is like blowing off your own knee cap. Companies cannot serve customers well unless they work as a team and the continuation of unions relies on distrust and class warfare in the ranks.

From the 1930s through the 1960s, the coalition of Communists, Union Leaders, Progressive Politicians, Marxist Intellectuals and Mafia Chieftains built the government infrastructure to institutionalize unions’ role in politics and legislation. In the 1960s Progressive Politicians turned on the Mafia, but retained their tactics. In the 1970s large American companies discovered they could move their production operations overseas and began to globalize; this trend continued throughout the 1980s through the 2000s.

The power we need to be suspicious of today is the cabal of Progressive government, banking, finance and global interlopers like the U.N. the E.U. the IMF, the Fed, the environmentalists and all those lined up to profit from the current scams this cabal promotes. Their goal is to move America closer to becoming a Socialist Republic, controlled by the Progressive Elites. The role of the unions in this plot is the same as the Bolsheviks in the Russian revolution. They are the same as the ‘brown shirts’ during the Nazi take-over of Germany. They are there to foment class-warfare, to separate workers and managers. This will cripple companies; they will lose focus on customers and begin their decline. The government will then step in and take over these companies. Next, the government will seize all private property to continue the redistribution of wealth. Like Russia, capital will flee the U.S., as hyperinflation destroys the dollar.

Unions can survive in land-locked monopolies like the Postal Service, public schools, utilities and government. They are monopolies, so delivering value and customer service are not critical. All of these monopolies are regulated to death, so efficiency isn’t worth much either. The increasing cost of these monopolies will accelerate as they work with their hand-picked Legislators to ensure unlimited government funding for their members.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Corporate Welfare & Socialism

The bailouts from Congress and the Federal Reserve after the 2008 Meltdown consisted of trillions of dollars created out of thin air. This fiat cash infusion will result in the inflation we are sure to experience for the next several years. Estimates of this largesse range from $8 trillion to $30 trillion. The Fed is a creature of the bankers and socialists who created it in 1913 and the Fed has proven to be no friend of the dollar. The 1913 dollar is now worth 3 cents. Add that to our National Debt scheduled to hit $20 trillion in 2020 and our $80 trillion in unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the new health insurance law and all the welfare and giveaway programs. The wealth of the entire U.S., including private property and investments is only $100 trillion. The entire value of government owned property is $7 trillion.

The Tax Code, Laws, Regulations and Subsidies are too generous to large companies. Their campaign contributions and lobbying investments are evidence of this. Laws and Regulations pick winners and losers. The Commerce department doles out dollars for U.S. companies to export product. Farm subsidies were enacted to help small family farmers during the dust bowl in the 1930s. Now, most family farms have been sold and these subsidies go to large agribusinesses.

The proposed Cap & Trade Bill is based on the climate change / global warming hoax. The government, environmentalists and energy companies have colluded to deliver themselves trillions as they plan to double and redouble our energy bills. They will push wind and solar, currently costing 10 cents/kwh each, vs. coal and nuclear costing 2 cents/kwh each. Take our your energy bills and multiply them by 5. These guys are crooks and this is a hoax.

Our public schools and our public and private universities are largely funded by tax dollars. Universities once operated on tuition dollars and alumni gifts and public schools operated from county property tax. Now they both operate largely from state and federal tax dollars. The worldview of education has shifted to the big government socialist model and that is the value system they teach.

Medicare was created to save the large companies from offering health insurance for retirees. All but the most arrogant large companies adopted that view and their retirees are now on Medicare. Hospitals once operated on small charges for room and board, medical care, lab fees and donations. Our 4% a year, built-in inflation has allowed all of these costs to expand. Intellectuals and crooks supported the dumping of tax dollars into medical care with the promise of cures. There have been no cures, just ever-more expensive treatments.

We are broke. We will be bankrupt soon, like Greece, but nobody will lend us money. We will need to reduce all government spending, including tax breaks, regulations and subsidies by 50%, to reset the economy. Half of all government employees will be laid off permanently. The Fed is now buying our Treasury Notes because there are no other buyers. The problem is that we citizens have nobody at the table to represent our position. The same government that got us in this dilemma will decide who gets to pay the price and who will be protected. They will protect themselves and we will pay the price.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Political Views

My Political Views

We operate according to our beliefs. We support what we believe is true. This includes our views of who we are and why we’re here. Based on what we believe, we either endorse it, refute it, or dig to find the truth. My beliefs were formed by my family, but more importantly by my reactions to what I experience and learn.

I am a product of a Catholic education with emphasis on human behavior and physical science. St Louis University required minors in philosophy and theology; my elected minor was English and major was psychology emphasizing Gordon Allport, Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and other contemporary business consultants. This prepared me to enter Personnel / Industrial Relations / Human Resources. I graduated in 3 ½ years and went to work. It was many years later when I completed a Fellowship in Strategic Studies.

My family voted Republican and disliked Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. They disliked Socialism, Communism, Unions, Organized Crime, Liberals and Atheism. They liked freedom, independence, self reliance, industriousness, perseverance and the joy of work. They prayed regularly and believed confidently that God had given them life and we were here to do God’s Will. My parents and grandparents had lived through World War I, the Great Depression and World War II. I was born during World War II and grew up during the Korean War and the Cold War.

In school, I read War and Peace and The Brothers Karamazov, and saw the damage intellectuals could do. In Brideshead Revisited is saw the declining English Aristocracy’s lack of ambition.. Emerson and Ayn Rand wrote about self reliance. Thomas Aquinas explained the nature of man. Newton and others explained physics. Ethics explained the circumstances and conditions of responsibility. I learned more human behavior in good novels and plays than I learned in most Psychology courses.

Political campaigns were not burdened by the expense of TV advertising and the bar to entry was not too high when I was going to school in the 1960s. The battle lines between Democrats and Republicans had been drawn. Democrats would gain the support of the poor by supporting unions, socialism and government welfare programs and would gain the support of atheists and liberals by taking actions that diminish religion and allow abortion and genocide.

In the 1950s, Senator Joe McCarthy led the Congressional hearings aimed to root out Communists from the government and other sectors. The Liberal Progressives were forced underground, but they did not go away. They began to infiltrate the universities and the government. Law schools began to teach that the words in the Constitution should be ignored and that creative interpretations were called for. They struck a retaliatory blow in the 1960s.

In 1962, the Catholic Church opened the Vatican II Counsel. In the years that followed, thousands of nuns and priests quit. Catholic hospitals were sold and for-profit companies bought them. The sexual revolution of the 1960 would further alienate young people from their churches. Buddhists, Hindu and Moslem religions became the fad, along with the popularization of illegal drugs. Churches fell error to Liberation Theology and enabled several Communist revolutionary movements that would break out in South America in the 1970s.

In 1963 the ACLU filed suit and the Supreme Court banned prayer in public schools, followed by abortion on demand. The media and the courts sided with the Democrats and expanded “free speech” to include everything except hollering “fire” in a crowded theater. That’s when ”special interests” hijacked our political campaigns and were able to make campaign contributions to anybody to exercise their “free speech”. Starting in the 1950s pornography was allowed as “free speech” and by the 1980s pornography was common on TV and continues to dominate the “popular culture”. Feminist Liberal groups became active to promote their cause of equal rights in hopes to become a protected group along with racial minorities. They supported abortion on demand consistent with their Progressive, Margaret Sanger political roots.

In 1964 the Federal Government passed the Civil Rights Act, the birth control pill was put on the market and the Supreme Court approved legal abortion of the unborn as a women’s rights issue. Also, in 1964, the Vietnam War was becoming a major war and President Lyndon Johnson announced his War on Poverty, a major wealth redistribution bill supported by the Left. The debt created by the combination of the Vietnam War and the War on Poverty was eventually paid by debasing the dollar, creating a crescendo of 6% to 13% annual inflation rates, starting in the late 1960s and culminating in the 1970s with Stagflation, high inflation and high unemployment. Also, in the 1960s, large corporations were busy establishing operations in Europe and across the globe. The 1960s established the contentious laws and conditions we continue to fight about today.

In the 1970s, to prepare to ship manufacturing jobs to other countries, the media promoted stories of bored, union auto manufacturing employees, drawing the conclusion that these were unattractive jobs. The inflation of the 1960s and 1970s changed American families; all moms went to work to help pay the bills. The Federal Government and the Federal Reserve redoubled their efforts to hide the fact that they planned to continue to debase the dollar by 4% a year. But now, they knew not to allow inflation above that amount to be felt or detected by the voters. Voters, working moms and families were angry and ready for Ronald Reagan in 1980. Again the Progressives, called free-spending Democrats, went underground, but continued to run the House and Senate.

The 1980s brought the end of the Cold War and the computer revolution with increases in productivity included as its byproduct. Reagan cut taxes and reduced the size of government. Just like the economic expansion of the 1950s paid off the World War II debt, the increase in free market revenues of the 1980s produced enough additional tax revenue to pay off Lyndon Johnson’s Debt. Reagan won the Cold War and George H.W. Bush took the helm and won the Gulf War. Throughout the 1980s, I saw a barrage of laws aimed at Human Resource departments. Just when we learned to avoid the unions, the Democratic Congress reached us with more regulations.

In 1994, Newt Gingrich led the Republican victory, winning control of both Houses. Government balanced the budget. Manufacturing jobs were still being shipped off-shore and the media announced we were entering the information age….what they didn’t admit to was that the information was not good. When you lose all your manufacturing jobs, you cease to create real wealth. The economic realities however would be realized and when the financial analyses were completed, almost everybody moved their manufacturing overseas.
On September 11, 2001, we experienced a dramatic terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York and we went to war in Afghanistan and later Iraq. Using our military to hunt down and defeat these terrorists proved to be a very expensive proposition and our Debt grew from $3 trillion to $10 trillion.

Cheap interest rates benefitted the government as their debt rose and also allowed housing prices to rise. In the meantime, the time-bomb left by the Democrats was ticking. The 1993 Community Reinvestment Act and HUD anti-discrimination rules directed lenders to give mortgages to un-creditworthy buyers. Lending rules loosened and over time, 30% of all mortgages were set to fail.

At the same time, Fannie and Freddy and Wall Street bundled those mortgages together and sold them to unsuspecting customers. In 2008, these toxic assets failed, and together with the newly imposed mark-to-market FASB rule made credit markets freeze up. The Federal Reserve ensured to the replacement of trillions of dollars of “lost” equity and bailed out the perpetrators.

Having presided over a $1 trillion war and a $30 trillion meltdown, refusal to secure the borders and failure to drill domestic oil and gas, the Republicans were toast. The Democrats selected the most Liberal Senator they had and Barack Obama became President in 2009. He immediately added $1 trillion to the already $2.7 trillion annual federal budget and announced a return to redistribution of wealth. The Democrats had a ready arsenal of bills they had been saving for just such an occasion. With control of both Houses plus the Executive, what would stop them ? We now have a health insurance law that requires everyone to buy health insurance. Next up may be an Illegal Alien’s Amnesty Bill, in the midst of 20% real unemployment, followed by a Carbon Tax Bill, based on the Climate Change hoax, that would double our electric bills every few years, followed by the Card Check Bill that would allow unions to organize any organization they choose.

The 2010 elections could result in Republicans taking back both Houses, but much damage will have been done. A majority of voters disapprove of virtually all of the Bills pushed by the Democrats, so it’s a safe bet that we will have a Republican Congress in 2011. It is also likely that Barack Obama will be a one term President.

For me, having our Federal Government is like being married to a drug addicted cocktail waitress who sleeps around. We continually see Congress pass laws we disagree with. These laws benefit special interests, both corporate and ideological. Special interest groups pick the candidates and we get to vote for one of them, just like Iran, Russia and Venezuela.

I would prefer that only individual registered voter be allowed to contribute to political campaigns. They could give only to candidates who appear on their ballot. They could not contribute to any out-of-state campaigns. Special interest groups would be banned from making any contributions to any candidate. They can express their free speech by taking out their own ads. All politicians really need is a website, some yard signs and some gas money. Maybe then politicians could work for us. Maybe then they would read the Bills.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Problem with Campaign Finance

The Problem with Campaign Finance

Voters have been disillusioned with political campaigns for decades. Routinely, only half the eligible voters even bother to vote. Political campaigns are now so expensive, voters ignore candidates’ solicitations for donations. The thinking here is that the $25 the voter would send is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions the candidates receive from special interest groups, unions, PACs, Parties and corporations. There is another shift in voters’ feelings about this dilemma; it’s a shift in trust.

Over the past few decades, voters recognized that the political party organizations in the states and nationally generally hand-pick finalists from the field of candidates. This is no different from the way the candidate finalists are selected in Iran, Venezuela or Russia. What is different is that voters’ reactions to the lists if finalists are no different than voter reaction to candidates in these countries. Voters’ cynicism is reinforced when elected officials block actions voters consider routinely necessary like closing the Mexican border, drilling for domestic oil and gas, or allowing citizens to determine whether or not to buy health insurance. Worse, voters see the relationship between big business, unions, ideologues and special interest groups like Environmentalists as they object to bank, insurance and auto bailouts, cap & trade based on the climate change hoax.

Voters in the past were more trusting of politicians’ abilities to refuse to vote for bills that damage the economy or their personal liberty, but the onslaught special interest bills began in the 1960s continue to accelerate. Voters have had enough. Voters firmly believe their Federal Government is wasteful and deceitful. Voters believe politicians won’t stay within their budget because “special interests” won’t let them. The end result is a $20 trillion projected National Debt and an $80 trillion addition to that Debt for unfunded liabilities like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Voters believe the total $100 trillion Debt cannot be paid for and our entire economy will crash under the weight of the Debt.

In 1770, a Scottish lawyer and writer named Alexander Fraser Tytler wrote:
"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to lose fiscal policy..."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Liberal Tea Party

Liberal Tea Party

Liberals have been enraged over our Tea Parties since they started. They were looking for some way to have their own Tea Parties. They did send groups of communists and union goons to our Tea Parties, but got in trouble when Fox News showed them hassling the Tea Partiers. But when Arizona, our own domestic war zone, passed their illegal immigration crack-down, Liberals went wild. They mobilized the 6 million of our illegal aliens who have criminal records, added some bus-loads of communists and union goons and they had their own Tea Party to protest the Arizona law. They are giddy with excitement that Arizona copied the Federal Immigration Law that has been widely ignored for decades and gave them the excuse to protest against conservatives for a change. This is like protesting the defenders of the Alamo.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Political Almanac Government Benefits

Political Almanac Chapter 2: The History of Politics

Government Benefits

Your staffs will be in place to move our borrowed dollars from the printing press and into the hands of our campaign contributors and loyal voters. You should have a working knowledge of these benefits.

Government Support for Education
This is so bad, it requires its own section. U.S. students rank 28th in math and 14th in reading compared to 40 other developed countries. K through 12 public schools cost $8,000 to $10,000/ year / student, ten to twenty times more than most of the other countries who out-score us. Education costs have gone up 20 fold in the U.S. over the past 40 years due to our inability to teach on reading and math. We must keep the “professionals” in charge and give them more money.

Expensive Health Care
This is also bad enough to require its own section U.S. health care is the most expensive on the planet, but the state of our health as a nation lags many other countries. This gives us every excuse to continue to ruin it, like we are doing with public schools. We spend 35% of our health care dollar on paperwork, 60% on treatment and 5% on cures. Health care costs have gone up 20 fold over the past 40 years. We started this when we had our campaign contributors purchase hospitals from the nuns, They invented HMOs and let the government impose crippling bureaucracy everywhere in healthcare. This debacle has given us unlimited opportunity to pander to all voters until they can no longer afford private schools, automobiles or cigarettes.

With 45 million retired and disabled subscribers, this costs $480B a year; that’s $10,666 per person. Medicare Advantage plan participation rose to 10.1 million subscribers by 2008. We let our campaign contributing health insurance companies in on this so they could get the $10,066 from the taxpayers for all who signed up to Advantage. This is like spending $150,000 on a sweet sixteen birthday party. Nobody needs to spend over ten grand a year for healthcare, but it still doesn’t cost enough. So far it’s working like bottled tap water for a dollar a bottle. They love it because they think it’s free.

Energy Policy
Our new energy policy is to drive the cost of energy up to what it costs to run everything on wind and solar. We will tax the electrical power companies to death under cap-and-trade and make them build nuclear power plants and charge their customers in advance. Then make them buy solar panels and wind generators. We could double everybody’s energy bills every year as far as the eye can see. To start, we will refuse to allow any more drilling of oil and gas. These people simply must stop using energy. But we won’t stop there, we will continue to drive up the cost of wind and solar until everybody has to live in communes in the forest.

Social Security Retirement
This is the great chain letter started by Franklin Roosevelt to raise more revenue the government can borrow from the voters. This is a ponzie scheme that runs in real-time, that we need to reinvigorate by debasing the currency on an on-going basis. This one can really sink the boat; they’ll really need us then.

Labor Law
This is part of our indoctrination through punishment program for cowboys, who are largely the small business owners we get most of our tax money from. We have laws protecting our citizens from polygraphs, accidents and their failure to get along with anybody, We kept our labor unions alive by organizing all government employees. But now we need to increase union membership by allowing our union organizers, Guido and Vinnie to spend more time with potential union members to convince them that joining the union would be good for their health.

Laws Protecting us from ourselves
We must continue to pass laws to prevent people from hurting themselves or annoying us. After all, if we are eventually going to provide everybody with everything free, we need to get really anal if they cost any money. We need everybody to wear bicycle helmets while not smoking.

The Postal Service
When the easterners headed west, they demanded a postal service so they could send letters back to their eastern friends and relatives. Unemployed cowboys formed the pony express and charged them to deliver mail from town to town, it took weeks, even months to get mail. Now the U.S. Postal Service delivers mail we still need to deliver in envelopes. This works ok for us unless we need to go to the Post Office in person, where it takes weeks, even months to wait in the lines.

Access to Favors
We have been working hard to increase political campaign expenses for decades. This allows immediate access by the rich and crazy to give boatloads of money to candidates. These “Special Interest Groups” are then invited to write all and House and Senate Bills themselves. It’s a “partnership”.

The Courts
We like to let the Courts interpret the Constitution. Most Judges think the words used in the Constitution should be ignored. Instead, they prefer to make their interpretations based on what the Constitution could say if they wrote it.

Support for Crazy Stuff
Our campaign contributors often want their crazy schemes required by law. Most laws are written to support crazy schemes and what would ordinarily be illegal activity like extortion, bribery, gambling and murder.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Political Almanac Liberals

Political Almanac Chapter 2: The History of Politics


Hollywood Liberals
Movie stars have been conditioned to become Liberals through the decades-long, highly orchestrated discrimination against Conservatives (cowboys), an unprotected group. This movement began in the 1930s when the Sons of the Pioneers recorded the “Indian Love Call”. These were real cowboys and that song was so bad, I would have discriminated against them myself. The hatred of cowboys was reignited in 1950s when most of Hollywood was persecuted for being Communists. This can be traced back to 1900 when writers were intellectuals who agreed with Karl Marx. This group is now firmly in charge of make-believe and can’t be trusted to do anything. Some of the writers became newspaper reporters and remained sympathetic to Marx and Lenin’s values. They are our socialist, environmental, pacifists, in charge of promoting sex, abortion and freedom from religion. If you threaten their right to peddle this drivel they go nuts. They hate censorship and cling to their free speech rights. They would outlaw guns, war, tobacco, pesticide, incarceration, wire-tapping and anything else that’s really fun or necessary. They are exhibitionist hermits on drugs.

The Liberal Press
As mentioned above, the liberal press migrated from the Hollywood Liberal writers during the great American Communist persecution in the 1950s. The job of the press was to report the news and raise hell if our government overstepped its bounds. Their influence has never reached the heights ascribed to them by their ambition. They are therefore susceptible to being angry, bored, asocial and partisan. Because they are Communists, it’s important to at least sound like a socialist to win their support. Once you have their support, they will protect and defend you, no matter what mischief you create.

Jewish Liberals
This group invented humanism. They are smart, hard working, driven, humble, inseparable and extremely kind. They are intellectual enough to be in our camp, but are too nice to ever think we could do them harm. Won’t they be surprised….again….oi….

Christian Liberals
These folks are really nice. They invented “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” They are incapable of criticizing us, especially when we want to take all of their money and give everything to the poor. They love our big government heart. They are cafeteria Christians, so they pick the gospel verses they like. They either can’t find, or don’t like, “thou shalt not kill”, so they don’t mind our pro abortion laws.

Intellectual Liberals
These folks are students of Socrates and Plato. So were Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Margaret Sanger, Adolph Hitler and Lenin. They want to design a perfect society and rule it. They will be happy if we continue to elect only Harvard or Yale graduates.

Liberal Atheists
This is our core group. They are so intellectual, they have to hide in their own virtual worlds like anti-social computer nerds. They believe anyone who believes in God is a Neanderthal. They clump together hiding in colleges, universities and government service. They are fanatics who love law suits. They do worship Darwin and usually work as Biology, Archeology and Anthropology Professors.

Liberal College Professors
This group is composed of Liberal Atheists in training, who are not in the Biology Department. They are Professors of Sociology, Psychology, Art History, Women’s Studies, Black History, and similar groups. They are socialists who receive their salaries from the government….perfect.

Foreign Exchange Students
This started shortly after we invented college professors. They have never recovered from their anger over being highly educated but too poor to travel the world on a continual basis to make new friends. Because they are so poorly paid, they are forced to make new friends in all the countries they want to visit, so they can have a place to stay. Some professors migrated to the State Department and other government jobs in search of new sources of cash. The most enterprising of these did well selling military secrets to the parade of enemies we’ve had over the years. Foreign governments were excited to find Americans who could appreciate their culture of commerce by bribery. We’ve increased the number of foreign students dramatically over the past 40 years, coinciding with the beginning of our long-term goal to ruin our public schools. Today, half of our engineering students and 80% of our Masters and PhD engineering candidates are from foreign countries.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Political Almanac Popular Culture

Political Almanac Chapter 2: The History of Politics

Popular Culture

As an aspiring politician, it’s important to understand the popular culture so you can pander to the hundreds of separate groups you will need to win over. The following is a brief synopsis of things you’ll need to know to ensure these groups that they have your support.

Gay History

Homer 850 BC Homer was extremely close to his brother Jethro,

Amenities, an ancient gay Greek, is the father of interior decorating, 480 BC. His significant others included Socrates and the 300 Spartans.

Obscene, the gay Persian was known for the colorful rugs he sold to Amenities. He had a brief tryst with Plato and his brothers Knifo, Forko and Cupo, but his extreme guilt about being gay drove him to the edge. He beheaded himself in 400 BC

Precarious, an ancient gay Roman was the father of acrobatics and the inventor of the high wire and trapeze. He fell to his death in 80 BC and was devoured by lions. His significant others included Grabus and his sister Flagella.

Promiscuous, the gay Roman hooker (80 BC) was pursued for years by Sparticus and his army. His significant others included the Emperor Gluteus Maximus, his sister Flotilla and whoever happened to be in the Roman baths.

Pediphillious the 4th century gay Roman monk was the founder of the Vatican boy’s choir. Enough said.

Béarnaise, an 11th century gay Frenchman was the father of French cooking and rich sauces. His significant others included his students Soufflé, Escargot, and Croissant, who became famous in their own right.

Ambiance and Venue were 14th century gay French interior decorators who were students of Amenities. Ambiance greatly influenced later generations. They were the inspiration for 17th century Gays barbers to become ballet dancers and hairdressers.

Plie’ the 16th century gay ballet dancer’s influence is unrivaled. Virtually all of our ballet dancers today are gay. His significant others included Glissades and Saute who helped him perfect the Ronds de Jambs A Terre, which can be very painful.

Bouffant was a 17th century gay French barber. Bouffant is the father of gay hairdressers. His significant others included the court of Louie XIV and most of the sheep in Leon. .

Disabled History (I couldn’t stop…someone help me..)

Homer’s blindness
Yes that’s right Homer the 8th century BC Greek poet was blind. Homer’s mother would tell him, “If you don’t stop doing that, you’ll go blind.” He didn’t listen. But being blind was a blessing for Homer. He would wander about reciting his poetry thinking everyone was listening and never felt rejected, because he couldn’t see everybody quietly walking away.

Alexander the Great’s epilepsy
Alexander suffered greatly from epilepsy because he couldn’t get health insurance. He tried to be gay, but every time he got excited he fell down and oscillated. This frightened his would-be partners and they ran out of his tent.

Ludwig van Beethoven
Beethoven was a great 18th century musician and composer, even after he became deaf. Like Homer’s blindness, this was a mixed blessing. He no longer flew into a rage in reaction to bad music played sloppily.

Vincent van Gogh
Van Gogh was a gifted 19th century Dutch painter. He had everything including: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, syphilis, poisoning from swallowed paints, temporal lobe epilepsy and acute intermittent porphyria, aggravated by malnutrition, overwork, insomnia, and a fondness for alcohol, and absinthe in particular. Having lived 37 years by 1890, the beginning of the gay 90s, and not being gay, he shot himself.