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Some Russian History

Prior to the end of World War I, The Ukraine was part of Russia and extended from the Black Sea to the North Sea at Estonia near St. Petersburg.  Poland, Austria-Hungary and Romania bordered the Ukraine. The other Baltic countries were further South.
World War I
Russia was invaded by Germany in 1914, but extracted the Germans by 1917. July 31, 1914 - Reacting to the Austrian attack on Serbia, Russia begins full mobilization of its troops. Germany demands that it stop. August 1, 1914 - Germany declares war on Russia. France and Belgium begin full mobilization. Russian lost 3.5 million in the war and Communism took over. Europe would never be the same.
World War II
Russia was invaded by NAZI Germany in June 1941. Germans are forced to retreat in December 1941. Germans end retreat in February 1942 and launch a counter-attack to retake lost territory.  By April 1942, Germany had lost 1 million soldiers.  By July 1942, Germans reach Stalingrad. In January 1943 the Germans retreat from Stalingrad.   By July 1943 the Germans had started their retreat.  In January 1944 Russia retook Stalingrad.  D Day was June 6 1944.  In July 1944 Russia takes Minsk and enters Poland. In January 1945 Russia takes Eastern Prussia.  By March 1945 Russia takes Vienna.  The War ended in May 1945.  The German land war against Russia began in June 1941, turned in July 1943 and was completed by May 1945.
Some 27 million Soviet soldiers and civilians and nearly 4 million German troops lost their lives along the Eastern Front during those years of brutality.
After World War II, Russia reassumed control of the Ukraine and seized the other Eastern-Blok countries as part of the USSR.  In 1989, Russia dissolved the USSR and freed the Eastern-Blok countries. The Russian socialist economy could no longer support the USSR. The Eastern-Blok countries with a 100% private economy are doing better than the others. They continue to trade with Russia, Germany and their other neighbors.
In 2015, when Ukraine ousted their President, Russia retook Ethnic Russian Crimea and sent troops to Syria to assist President Assad’s Syrian government and return 800,000 “refugees” back to Syria. Low oil prices, a limited private economy and the declining global economy are affecting Russian citizens.
Life in Russia has not been easy, but the Russian people have more resilience now. They generate electricity using 68% thermal, 16% nuclear and 16% hydro. They didn’t waste money on wind or solar. They have no private property rights and that is holding them back.
Russia will continue to try to improve its economy and operate in its own interest, but it needs more of a free market private economy, so its citizens can prosper.  The US would be better off by reducing government corruption and returning to the Constitution (as written).
The recent “globalism” scam is running out of gas. Sovereign countries are realizing that they need to rely more on improving their own private economies and increasing their production for their own consumption.
US relations with Russia should improve after Obama and his crowd are removed from office. Our real enemy is the UN and the US is keeping this destructive parasite alive. UN Agenda 21 is the driver of the destabilization we are seeing in the Middle East and Europe. Obama is the saboteur hired by George Soros to orchestrate the destabilization.
Russia knows how to deal with Muslims and they don’t want to be invaded by refugees. They will fight to keep their trading partners and their geography dictates that some of these partners are Muslims.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

New World Disorder

Thousands of Muslim migrants 'disappear' from camps, But U.N. Agenda 2030 has a fix: Step right up for your 'universal ID', by Leo Hohmann, 10/30/15, WND 
Where oh where have the Muslim migrants gone? That is the question German authorities are asking themselves after some troubling reports of disappearances. According to German press reports, keeping track of all the Muhammads and Alis pouring across borders is proving ever so tricky for European countries being flooded with people on the move from the Middle East and Africa.
Now, the United Nations is partnering with a private company to offer a solution – a new “universal” identification system that will comply with the United Nations’ sustainability goal of having biometric identification “in the hands of every citizen” in the world by 2030.
As author-blogger Pamela Geller noted this week, citing German press reports, more than one in two refugees from one camp went missing and are now unaccounted for and considered “on the run.” At least 580 refugees initially were reported to have disappeared from Camp Shelterschlefe. Now, in a “terrible new twist,” the disappearances are spreading.
“It’s become an epidemic,” Geller said. “7,000 migrants have left the Brandenburg shelters. Where are they going? Who is sheltering these illegals, many with ties to ISIS?” Such a high number of people hiding is “completely unacceptable,” according to the German authorities. “Where are they hiding? Could they be connecting with sleeper cells?” Geller writes.
“Is it any wonder that Europeans are scrambling for guns?” Geller added, referencing a report by WND earlier this week that long guns are flying off the shelves in Austria and other countries where it’s still legal for average citizens to buy firearms.
Die Welt is reporting that thousands of refugees have left their accommodations on their own. “They are simply not there anymore,” the news outlet reports. Refugees disappear daily from the initial welcoming centers in Brandenburg without giving notice.
Authorities said they believed the missing persons to be heading on their own to stay with family or friends already in Germany or in other countries throughout Europe, or at least that’s the hope. At least 7,000 people have left without registering with German processing centers.
Several hundred migrants have disappeared each week since the beginning of September without signing in, Ingo Decker, the spokesman of the Potsdam Ministry of the Interior, told Die Welt. “Eventually, these refugees are simply not there anymore,” he said.
On Wednesday alone, more than 600 people left the welcoming center, Susan Fischer, the deputy ministry spokeswoman, reported to the newspaper. According to official figures of the state government, more than 17,000 newcomers came into the country since early September. About 7,800 have been housed in cities and villages, about 2,700 people are still in the initial reception centers. That leaves at least 7,000 who have left and are AWOL.
A report from German news outlet headlined “Refugees disappearing from lodging,” says around 700 refugees disappeared from emergency accommodations in Lower Saxony. Voices calling for a direct registration by the governmental agencies are getting louder. National authorities required cities and towns in the region to accommodate 4,000 on short notice and now can’t account for all of them.
Germany’s welcome mat ‘setting the stage’
Paul McGuire, an analyst who has appeared on Fox News and the History Channel and author of the new book, “The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End Times Mystery,” says the heavy influx of Muslim migrants almost assures there will be another terrorist attack at least as big as what happened in Paris earlier this year at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office.
He said sources in Germany tell him the majority of the nearly 1 million migrants who have streamed into the country are between 18 and 25. “There’s no way they could be this stupid and let this many in. It has the look of something intentional,” he said. “I’m getting emails from people in Germany. They know this is being done on purpose, to destroy their villages and towns.”
McGuire said he was in France just a few days after the Charlie Hebdo attack. “They were sitting ducks, and the people of France were completely shocked,” he said. “So they’re setting the stage for another attack.”
McGuire said the leaders of the global “hardcore left,” such as billionaire philanthropist George Soros, are using the Muslim migrants as a battering ram against the walls of the Christian West. Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban was quoted by a public radio outlet this week calling out Soros for his backing of the migrant invasion, saying: “His name is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, they support everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle. These activists who support immigrants inadvertently become part of this international human-smuggling network.”
McGuire said the Muslim migrants are particularly useful to socialist globalists like Soros. “They are like a bludgeoning group, they can bludgeon everything Christian out of our society,” he said. “The hard left uses them because they demand all these laws and special accommodations, and inevitably they enact Shariah and force the culture to go into retreat, and then you have this weak Christianity that can’t withstand anything.”
‘Driving the new world order’
McGuire sees a perfect storm brewing in which global authorities will need to keep better track of people, especially refugees, but the new rules will end up applying to everyone. “So these migrants are coming to drive the new world order, to bring order out of chaos,” he said. “You destroy nationalism, destroy social cohesion, and then these Muslim groups coming in will create a crisis and force a response that will feature a state crackdown and the need for heightened security, and one of the ways you do that is through universal IDs. It’s just evil.”
A large portion of Germany’s missing refugees had not been registered, nor had they applied for asylum, which is a recipe for chaos. The local authorities point out that they have no authority to hold people.
The same rules apply to refugees sent from the Third World to American cities. Once they are resettled in a city, whether it’s Denver or Minneapolis, Des Moines or Detroit, they are free to migrate anywhere in the United States. The refugees are placed on a fast track to full citizenship and signed up for various welfare benefits by resettlement agencies affiliated with the Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal, Jewish and evangelical-Christian organizations. A congressional research study found that 91 percent of refugees from the Middle East receive food stamps.
Local politician Angelika Jahns criticized the current situation in Germany. “We need to know who is staying in Lower Saxony,” she told the Die Welt. She said the refugees should be registered as soon as they arrive in Lower Saxony, but they are not forced to do so by the German national government. The problem of refugees gone missing is definitely on the radar of global elites, and in fact they are already using the refugee crisis to tout a new form of global ID system, WND has learned.
The United Nations high commissioner for refugees in May 2015 awarded a three-year contract to a firm called Accenture to “identify and track” refugees in a pilot program targeting camps in Africa and Asia with a new biometric ID, reports, a trade journal covering the biometric and information management industries. Accenture is an international technology services provider based in Chicago.
Here is how FindBiometrics describes the project: “The UNHCR will use Accenture’s Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS) for the endeavor. BIMS can be used to collect facial, iris, and fingerprint biometric data, and will also be used to provide many refugees with their only form of official documentation. The system will work in conjunction with Accenture’s Unique Identity Service Platform (UISP) to send this information back to a central database in Geneva, allowing UNHCR offices all over the world to effectively coordinate with the central UNHCR authority in tracking refugees.
“Starting with a pilot project in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi, the program has blossomed over the last couple of years to provide services in refugee camps in Thailand and Chad, with over 220,000 people identified in the two countries so far. It’s an ambitious project, but Accenture has experience with large-scale biometric system initiatives, having helped the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Biometric Identity Management with a major border control project, for example. This latest endeavor will see the company’s technology used in important humanitarian efforts – and in fact it seems to have already helped hundreds of thousands.”
U.N. Agenda 2030 calls for ‘universal ID’ for all people
This “universal ID,” which grabs the biometric data of refugees, is just a starting point for the United Nations. The goal is to eventually bring all people into the massive data bank. The proof is in the U.N.’s own documents.
The U.N. Agenda 2030 document adopted by 193 of the world’s heads of state, including President Obama, at the Sept. 25 U.N. conference on sustainability in New York, includes 17 goals and dozens of “targets.” Target 16.9 under the goal of “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” reads as follows: “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.”
The World Bank is also throwing its weight behind the United Nations biometric project being conducted by Accenture. In a new report issued in collaboration with Accenture, the World Bank is calling on governments to “work together to implement standardized, cost-effective identity management solutions,” according to FindBiometrics.
A summary of the report states that about 1.8 billion adults around the world lack any kind of official identification. “That can exclude those individuals from access to essential services, and can also cause serious difficulties when it comes to trans-border identification,” according to FindBiometrics. “That problem is one that Accenture has been tackling in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which has been issuing Accenture-developed biometric identity cards to populations of displaced persons in refugee camps in Thailand, South Sudan, and elsewhere. The ID cards are important for helping to ensure that refugees can have access to services, and for keeping track of refugee populations.”
Then comes the final admission by the World Bank that the new biometric IDs are not just for refugees. “Moreover, the nature of the deployments has required an economically feasible solution, and has demonstrated that reliable, biometric ID cards can affordably be used on a large scale. It offers hope for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of getting legal ID into the hands of everyone in the world by the year 2030 with its Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative.”
It is a serious problem for the authorities that many thousands of people are on their way on their own in the federal territory, Decker told Die Welt. He said refugees might be registered multiple times as the registration is based on information given by the registrants, which almost always come without any papers.
“The same guy that is Muhammad Ali here in Eisenh├╝ttenstadt can be Ali Mohammed a little bit later in Hamburg,” Decker exemplified. “The states must live with that for the time being, because a proper registration at the border is currently not in sight.” Once the U.N.’s biometric labeling of all humanity is in place, this will no longer be a problem.


Syrian “Refugees” are ISIS Terrorists

ALERT: FBI Defies Obama’s White House, Issues DIRE Warning About This Obama Plan for 2016 

(PJ Media) – Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told USA Today yesterday that the wave of Syrian refugees that will be admitted into the U.S. in the coming year will be subjected to “extensive, thorough background checks.”

But just last week, testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, FBI Director James Comey said exactly the opposite. When asked about criticisms made by Donald Trump about the administration’s immigration policies and about concerns that ISIS may embed themselves among Syrian refugees as a “Trojan horse,” Johnson replied:

Well, in terms of the level of effort of security review that we will apply and we have applied it will be and it is extensive. Both law enforcement and homeland security have improved the process from the days when we admitted a lot of Iraqi refugees. We now do a better job of connecting the dots, consulting all the right databases and systems that we have available to us, and the refugee review process is probably one of the most if not the most extensive thorough background checks that someone seeking to enter this country goes through.

Now we’ve made this commitment for 10,000 Syrian refugees in FY2016. It is a commitment that the United States as a global leader should and will meet.

But during a House Judiciary hearing last Thursday, Comey was asked by Rep. Louie Gohmert about the database the U.S. government maintained to screen Iraqi refugees, including an IED fingerprint database in addition to other intelligence obtained by U.S. forces and the Iraqi government. Despite the extensive database screening Iraqi refugees, U.S. authorities have admitted that possibly dozens of terrorists were admitted into the U.S. under that program, including two Iraqi terrorists living in Bowling Green, Kentucky, who were convicted of attempting to send weapons and money to Iraqi terrorists.
When asked further about the nature of intelligence available to screen Syrian refugees, Comey admitted, contrary to Secretary Johnson, that the Iraqi database  – which possibly admitted dozens of terrorists — was much more extensive than anything they have for Syria.

Rep. Gohmert pressed further about the ability to screen refugees: Gohmert: Well, without a good fingerprint database, without good identification, how can you be sure that anyone is who they say they are if they don’t have fingerprints to go against?

Comey: The only thing we can query is information that we have. So, if we have no information on someone, they’ve never crossed our radar screen, they’ve never been a ripple in the pond, there will be no record of them there and so it will be challenging.

The exchange between Rep. Gohmert and Director Comey on the Syrian refugee issue can be seen at about 2:05 in the video below:

The contrast between Johnson’s confidence and Comey’s concern is striking. This confusion comes on the heels of the White House announcing last month that it will admit 10,000 Syrian refugees in the new fiscal year, more than five times the number admitted this year. Adding to the mixed messages coming from the administration, White House spokesman Josh Earnest touted the “robust” databases during the announcement:
Refugees go through the most robust security process of anybody who’s contemplating travel to the United States. Refugees have to be screened by the National Counter Terrorism Center, by the FBI Terrorist Screening Center. They go through databases that are maintained by DHS, the Department of Defense and the intelligence community. There is biographical and biometric information that is collected about these individuals.

To recap: twice, the Obama administration appealed to the effectiveness of the screening databases to justifying the safety of allowing a dramatic increase in Syrian refugees.
But in a third statement, the only one of the three given under oath, the administration admitted the screening is inadequate.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry has announced that the U.S. will accept 85,000 refugees overall in 2016 and 100,000 in 2017, up from 70,000 in the current year.

And Congressional Democrats have sent a letter to Obama asking him to admit another 65,000 Syrian refugees, and former Obama and Bush officials have asked that he authorize an additional 100,000 Syrian refugees over and above the 70,000 worldwide ceiling for the current year.

End Medical Price Gouging

Stop the price-gouging at the for-profit Hospital Corporation of America, by Joe Weinzettle, St. Petersburg FL 10/30/15

On March 17, 2015, I was in a car accident. Despite telling the paramedics that I didn’t feel I needed medical attention, I was taken to a for-profit hospital run by Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). I arrived with no injuries and no complaints of pain, only what the hospital called a "mild condition". Staff insisted I get X-Rays and CT scans, nobody told me the prices whenever I asked. Three and half hours later, the only actual treatment I would receive was some IV fluids. When HCA sent the bill for my emergency room visit it would be for $45,000 dollars.

HCA, an organization that gained notoriety for having to pay the biggest fraud settlement in US history, is at again. This time, they are participating in some of the worst price-gouging in the industry. In my home state of Florida, HCA charges $20,000 more per patient than non-HCA hospitals, and $40,000 more for trauma patients. This is unfair, and it has to stop.

This petition calls upon the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to open an investigation into the pricing practices of HCA. We are at our most vulnerable when we seek medical attention, and we must be protected against price-gouging by for-profit healthcare companies like HCA.

Emergency room patients need consumer protection, fair pricing and price transparency. Having already been forced to go to the hospital, I didn’t believe I had a choice in the tests being administered and I definitely was not informed about the prices. HCA uses this to their advantage to charge up to 10 times the cost without even informing the patient. An example is one of the CT scans I received was billed for $13,748 dollars when HealthCare Bluebook values them at $500-$600.

It’s almost impossible for patients to avoid excessive overcharges if taken to an HCA-run facility. With HCA operating in 20 states, it is time for the FTC to take action. A 3-hour stay with no serious injuries should not cost someone $45,000 dollars. Please join me in standing up to the powerful for-profit healthcare company, HCA. Together, we can get the FTC to take action and stop their price-gouging.

Please contact the FTC if you have also experienced HCA price gouging or other unfair and deceptive practices: Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20580
Joe Weinzettle, St. Petersburg, FL,  Petitioning Federal Trade Commission, Sign Petition on URL below:

We may need to get our rights back via State Laws.  We should have the right to refuse medical attention if we don’t need it.  We need to end the Ambulance Scam.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Revenues Down Stock Prices Up

The Greatest Disconnects EVER? by Mike Larson, 10/30/15, Money and Markets
Nothing ever goes exactly according to plan in the capital markets. I've seen minor divergences, disconnects, and dichotomies from time to time in the almost two decades I've been in the investment and financial education business.
But right now? I'm seeing some of the greatest disconnects EVER! Take earnings versus stock prices. Corporate managements have been warning about weakness left and right. Overall S&P 500 earnings are poised to drop as much as 4% this quarter, while revenues are going to drop for the third straight quarter. That hasn't happened since the Great Recession.
But the Dow Jones Industrial Average has surged almost 1,700 points from its late September low. The PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQ) just traded to within a couple bucks of its summer high. Since stock prices are supposed to track earnings results closely, the divergence makes no sense.
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That brings us to the next major disconnect: Mega-cap stocks and broad market averages versus several market sectors and small caps.
Sure, the QQQ has been strong and so has the Dow. But the Russell 2000 has barely bounced. It's still roughly 10% below its June high. The Dow Jones Transportation Average is also more than 1,100 points off its highs.
Retail stocks trade like death warmed over, as do biotechnology names. Energy joined them in the doghouse this week after crude oil and natural gas plunged.
Can a gain in a handful of big cap stocks hold up the averages, even as hundreds of stocks behind them wilt? That seems nuts to me, frankly.
Can a gain in a handful of big cap stocks hold up the averages, even as hundreds of stocks behind them wilt? That seems nuts to me.
Or how about the disconnect between the performance of Treasury bonds and stocks? When stocks rise, bonds typically fall, and vice versa.
But that hasn't happened this time around. Bond prices have risen and bond yields have fallen despite the rise in stocks. That's a glaring non-confirmation of the rally.
Then there's the massive disconnect between commodities and stocks. You would expect to see both asset classes rally sharply if the global economy was strong, and demand for commodities and the products they go into was firm. But commodities can't get off the mat despite the rally in stocks.
That brings me to yet another major disconnect — the plunge in energy prices and the consumer's lack of a response to it. How many times have we been told that falling gasoline prices would cause retail spending to skyrocket? How many so-called "experts" came on television and said American consumers would be dancing in the streets?
But have you been listening to Wal-Mart Stores (WMT)?  Have you seen a chart of the SPDR S&P Retail ETF (XRT)? Did you see how retail sales missed forecasts in September, and flat-lined in August? Or how consumer confidence fell to 97.6 in October versus 102.6 a month earlier, despite further declines in gas prices? These and other data points show the "retail boom" thesis isn't panning out at all.
But suffice it to say my research suggests these disconnects are going to be a big problem for investors. I believe they merit a cautious investment approach -- one that focuses on using hedges to protect against downside risk, maintaining elevated cash levels, and owning only the "best of the best" stocks in non-economically  sensitive and higher-yielding sectors of the market. Until next time, Mike Larson
Money and Markets

American Malaise

No, you haven't lost your mind. Yes, America has.
If someone just 20 years ago had said, for starters, that we'd someday elect an anti-American president who would intentionally flood our borders with millions of illegal immigrants and Islamist "refugees," that we'd soon celebrate as "heroic" a former Olympic champion for mutilating his body and pretending to be a woman, that we'd have five extremist lawyers on the Supreme Court unconstitutionally force the radical redefinition of marriage to mollify people with same-sex fetishes – you might call that person crazy.
Well, crazy is the new normal. America has lost its mind. We've snapped. Anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear and a brain to think knows it.
But why? How did it happen? What exactly caused America's moral GPS to send our nation headlong into oncoming traffic? And can anything be done to fix it?
Maybe once in a generation are we so graced with a communicator like veteran journalist and best-selling author David Kupelian. His matchless ability to unpack the complicated issues of our day with simplistic precision is nothing short of genius, a gift from God he has shared once more in his latest book, "The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture."
As I've said before, when David puts pen to paper, it "has the same effect on your brain that yawning has on your ears at high altitude. Things just suddenly pop with crystal clarity." The closest comparison I can make to David Kupelian is author and Christian apologist C.S. Lewis. As a Lewis enthusiast of the first order, I don't make that comparison lightly.
In, "The Snapping of the American Mind," Kupelian one ups himself by exploring, in lucid detail, the root cause of our current age of lawlessness and moral anarchy. Yet, somehow, he manages to leave us filled with hope for American revival and renewal. "Snapping" is just the book America needs for a time such a time as this.  Get your copy here. In it you will learn:
• How the left has succeeded in redefining not just "marriage," but the rest of Americans' core values, from "equality" to "justice" to "freedom";
• Why America, unquestionably the least racist nation on earth, is now being portrayed as a deeply racist pariah state;
• Why the United States is intentionally being flooded with millions of needy, dependent, Third World immigrants;
• How a group that amputates healthy body parts and has a 41 percent attempted suicide rate is officially declared "normal," yet new "research" suggests conservatives have malformed brains;
• Which of the two major U.S. political parties has a far higher incidence of mental illness;
• Why Americans today are more stressed-out, confused, conflicted and addicted than at any time in the nation's history – and where this ominous trend is leading;
• And much, much more …
Kupelian, who is vice president and managing editor of WND and editor of Whistleblower magazine, authored two previous blockbuster bestsellers, "The Marketing of Evil" and its sequel, "How Evil Works."
"The progressive left under Obama," he writes of his new book, "is accomplishing much more than just enlarging government, redistributing wealth and de-Christianizing the culture. With its wild celebration of sexual anarchy, its intimidating culture of political correctness and its incomprehension of the fundamental sacredness of human life, it is also, whether intentionally or not, promoting widespread dependency, debauchery, family breakdown, crime, corruption, depression and addiction."
"Surveying this growing chaos in American society," notes the book's summary, "Kupelian exposes both the utopian revolutionaries and their extraordinary methods that have turned America's most cherished values literally upside down – to the point that madness is celebrated and normality demonized."
In essence, "Snapping" untangles the modern-day manifestation of the timeless biblical truth found in Isaiah 5:20: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."
But unlike the woeful occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kupelian offers a substantive path forward – real hope and real change that will fundamentally repair what the "progressive" left has "fundamentally transformed."
"I don't give up hope," said Kupelian on the radio show "Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory. "I mean, you could say, if there's no hope then what do you do? You go off, you drop out, you live for yourself, for your family, and you try to live a good life. No; too many people have fought and bled and died to help this country and to help strangers in foreign lands. There's still half the country that has not had their mind snapped."  Which half of the country maintains majority influence over the whole, may determine whether we have any future at all.
"The Snapping of the American Mind" is good medicine for an America gone mad. Pick it up today. Read. Learn. Plan. Because America's time may be running out.
SPECIAL OFFER: Get your copy of David Kupelian's "The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture" – autographed and personalized – at a special discount at the WND Superstore!

Nullify Gay Rights

Americans' weapon against 'gay marriage': Nullification, Grassroots movement developing from states' 'vehement' opposition to court ruling, by Bob Unruh, 10/29/15, WND
When five of the U.S. Supreme Court justices last summer created a constitutional right to “same-sex marriage,” they overturned a bunch of state constitutional and statutory provisions against that status.
And they crushed the will of tens of millions of voters who had across dozens of states thought about “same-sex marriage,” and decided against allowing it. Some of those voters now are strategizing ways to simply nullify the ruling from the lawyers on high.
Some high-profile resistance cases already are well-known – that dispute in Alabama over what to do with the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision in the state, the Kentucky county clerk who refused an order from U.S. District David Bunning to violate her faith and issue “same-sex marriage” licenses.

A lawyer in the state, Jeff Cobble of the Cobble Law Firm, told WND on Thursday that there are hundreds for sure, and possibly thousands, of residents in his state already taking up the discussion of how to nullify the decision.
Multiple arguments and possible moves are being discussed, but he said a couple of counties already have adopted resolutions condemning the action by the justices in Washington and expressing the sentiment that the decision needs to be ignored.
“Outlasting the Gay Revolution” spells out eight principles to help Americans with conservative moral values counter attacks on our freedoms of religion, speech and conscience by homosexual activists One of those counties, Greene County, recently approved a resolution that says the county is “vehemently opposed to same-sex marriage.” It asks Tennessee state officials to challenge the Supreme Court ruling however they can. Cobble explained to WND that he’s discussed the issue with dozens of lawmakers, a multitude of local officials, and state residents by the thousand through email chains and other social media.
The sentiment is that something needs to be done, and the most likely avenue is simply nullification. That, he explained, is simply making the court decision of no account. It’s already being done in practice in America, he said, on other issues.
For example, dozens of states have approved medical marijuana use. Some have even adopted laws allowing recreational use of the drug. But under the federal statutes, it remains illegal and a criminal offense. The fact that the federal government does not, will not, or cannot, arrest and prosecute all of those industry participants is a result of nullification – the fact that although the law remains on the books, no one really pays any attention to it.
Cobble said he even expects a legislative proposal when the state’s lawmakers meet after the first of the year, and he expects a positive outcome to the plan.
The lawyer, who is working without a client on the issue, but just for his own personal goals, said the other issue where nullification has proven effective is sanctuary cities.
Immigration laws remain on the books on the federal level, and the federal government has demanded complete control of the issue. But hundreds of cities and counties simply announce they are sanctuary locations, and won’t enforce the federal immigration statutes.
Washington has done nothing to try to enforce those.
In both cases, he said, “progressives feel free to just ignore the law.” But the results prove that the president believes in nullification, the attorney general believes in nullification and “that it’s widespread.”
His own interpretation of the Constitution is that since marriage is not mentioned in the document, it remains one of the subjects left to the states. Now, he said, it’s “time for us to step up.” Perhaps, he said, past time.
After all, what about the abortion decision by the court in 1973, the school prayer and Bible cases from the 1960s, and even earlier? A multitude of decisions have simply been imposed on America by a judiciary without constitutional authorization, he said.
Cobble, who is active in the group Reclaiming America’s First Principles, told WND the grassroots already is working on the situation. He recalls exchanging emails about the issue after the June decision. Then he contacted some friends, some lawmakers and got onto some email chain lists. From there, it snowballed, with thousands now discussing.
Are there similar talks going on in other states? Likely, he said. In the state’s Blount County, Commissioner Karen Miller is sponsoring a resolution asking the Almighty to “pass us by in His coming wrath and not destroy our county as he did Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighboring cities.”
Her request is based on the U.S. Supreme Court decision on June 26 that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.
Other commissioners have resorted to tricks to keep the item from coming up for discussion, but she’s determined to keep introducing it until the people have an opportunity to act.
The plan from Miller states, “We adopt this resolution before God that he pass us by in His coming wrath and not destroy our county as He did Sodom and Gomorrah …”
It also says, “We adopt this resolution begging His favor in light of the fact that we have been forced to comply and recognize that the state of Tennessee, like so many other God-fearing states, may have fallen prey to a lawless judiciary in legalizing what God and the Bible expressly forbids.”
WND reported only days ago that nullification is being pursued more and more by local and county governments, as well as states. A new report from the Tenth Amendment Center, which focuses on state-federal issues, explains that issues recently have included the right to try experimental drugs or treatments, surveillance, hemp, the Second Amendment, the federal militarization of police, marijuana, money, Obamacare, asset forfeiture and Common Core. Get “Taking America Back,” Joseph Farah’s manifesto for sovereignty, self-reliance and moral renewal
“Today’s nullification movement is revolutionary because it offers the hope of smashing the established political order; an alternative to ‘voting the bums out’ – a way to support the Constitution and liberty whether the federal government wants us to or not,” said Tenth Amendment Center Executive Director Michael Boldin.
He noted nullification actually was what rid the United States of prohibition. Lawmakers removed the law but that was long after it was essentially ignored.
Boldin notes that James Madison addressed the issue of the federal government enacting a measure that states found unacceptable. “Should an unwarranted measure of the federal government be unpopular in particular states, which would seldom fail to be the case, or even a warrantable measure be so, which may sometimes be the case, the means of opposition to it are powerful and at hand,” Madison wrote. “The disquietude of the people; their repugnance and, perhaps, refusal to cooperate with officers of the union, the frowns of the executive magistracy of the state; the embarrassment created by legislative devices, which would often be added on such occasions, would pose, in any state, very serious impediments; and were the sentiments of several adjoining states happen to be in union, would present obstructions which the federal government would hardly be winning to encounter.”
Regarding marijuana, it remains illegal under federal law, but 19 states have legalized it for medical use. Colorado, Washington state, Oregon and Alaska also have legalized it for recreational use. The federal government has made no serious effort to address the discrepancy.