Monday, December 24, 2012

Political Science Redefined

This is science done to support a political objective. Money funds science and that money comes largely from government.  Government is its own special interest group and needs to be monitored by citizens for corruption. Journalists used to participate in this monitoring, but no more.  It falls to the average citizen and is as daunting as you would expect.  Independent Internet websites and blogs have replaced newspapers for uncensored news.

Since the “global warming” scam, honest scientists are more active on internet sites and we need more exposure of junk science and non science from our scientists to give us some benchmarks.  We suspect that carbon is NOT a pollutant and has no affect on global temperature or weather.  We need a full assessment of pollution claims by EPA and other Agencies.  We need valid criteria to amend the “endangered species act” and ensuing regulations. 
We suspect government agency overreach is out of control. We see government initiated private property land and water seizure.  We suspect this is being done to satisfy UN Agenda 21’s treasonous political ends. 
We have witnessed the removal of logging accompanied by more forest fires.  We are witnessing assaults on food production.  We have some evidence that supports allegations against the U.S. geological service weather altering experiments spraying plant and animal killing poisons via airplane “Chemtrails”.  We call out to these scientists to weigh in on these issues. 
The UN is regrouping and will not stop.  Our best hope is to defund Agenda 21 on all levels.  The article below explains the UN’s plan to move forward by strengthening their crony science.  Take note of the sponsors and work to defund this dangerous movement.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Future Earth:

Re-Branding Agenda 21 For Global Environmental Control   by Susanne Posel

Climate change was created by the Club of Rome who stated that “in searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.

All these dangers are caused by human intervention and thus the real enemy, then, is humanity itself believed humanity requires a common motivation, namely a common adversary in order to realize world government. It does not matter if this common enemy is a real one or one invented for the purpose.”

Eco-fascists have begun a 10 year initiative that strengthens partnerships between governments, alarmist scientists and investors to develop “opportunities of global environmental change and support transformation towards global sustainability in the coming decades.” This new scheme is called Future Earth.

While phrases like Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development are becoming more “mainstream” the environmentalists who believe in eco-technology and controlling the world’s population for the sake of protecting Gaia, the new buzz words “future earth” seem harmless enough – yet they simply hide behind the unassuming fa├žade to coerce people into supporting the global domination plans of the UN.

Future Earth endeavors to design a global plan to oversee:

• Research and development of sustainable methods that control food, water, energy and healthcare
• Utilizing technology, sciences and economics
• Pressure governments and law makers to support their efforts
• Manifesting sustainable agendas with academics, corporations, appropriated funds and product production
• Controlling under-developed nations by forcing sustainable technologies

In March of this year, the Planet Under Pressure conference brought together the goals of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) and an estimated 3,018 in attendance with another 3,500 watching on live web streaming.

Some of the supporters of the conference were:
• The Center for Carbon Measurement
• Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research
• European Cooperation in Science and Technology
• The 
European Space Agency
• Global Water System Project
• The Met Office
• Oxford University
United Nations Environment Programme
• The Royal Society

The document “State of the Planet Declaration” explains how pollution, resource demand and potentially catastrophic consequences are changing our “global civilization”. In order to maintain our planet for future generations, we must accept the consensus of a “new epoch, the Anthropocene.”

This new mode of thought focuses on Earth as a conscious being that supports all living beings through interconnected and interdependent systems. Through this balance, sustainability facilitates protection of the future. One method is to ensure global governance over the environment to mitigate climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Future Earth also collaborates with the Alliance for Global Sustainability, (AGS) which partners with various universities to provide research institutions for the progressive forward path toward sustainability.

The AGS “brings together hundreds of university scientists, engineers, and social scientists to address the complex issues that lie at the intersection of environmental, economic, and social goals.”

Their purpose is to:
• Develop action plans
• Influence decision-making in public and private corporations
• Use propaganda to steer younger generations toward sustainability
• Partner with “agents of change” of corporations, government and society
• Use the international community to secure water, food and energy
• Mandate the “rise of mega-cities”
• Commit world leaders and presidents to changing a global paradigm toward sustainability

Future Earth is a vision concocted by eco-fascists wherein their version of global environmentalism is meant to become all-encompassing as they endeavor to “define pathways towards sustainability and respond effectively to the risks and opportunities”.
Once they are successful in convincing the world that “human activities have already transformed the Earth system”, they will use pseudo-scientific research that supports their agenda and force the nations of the world to make the appropriate transformations toward global sustainability.
Source: Pakalert Press, December 21, 2012, Future Earth: Re-Branding Agenda 21 For Global Environmental Control by Susanne Posel

Stagflation Continues

It takes a good amount of money printing over time to produce systemic inflation.  Our global economy is being propped up by U.S. Federal Reserve printed dollars. So, what happens when the party is over ?  A soft landing requires that we reduce the federal government deficit gradually.  If we wait too long, it will be too late and we will experience a dollar collapse and hyperinflation.  Prior to QE3, the Fed had increased the money supply by 300%.  Real inflation has been about 10% per year since 2008.  So, at that rate, we will have this inflation built in for the next 26 years, just from QE 1 and QE 2.  QE3 will supply $44 billion a month, forever, and amounts to $528 billion a year. 

So, now we have the global economy floating in cash, rather than reflecting actual demand.  Actual demand, given flat wages, high unemployment and cheap interest rates will continue to decline.  If the Federal Reserve decided not to print any more money, the stock market would quickly fall 30% to reflect the expected decrease in demand.  Nobody wants the party to end and nobody seems to mind that most of federal government’s spending is wasted on bribes and fraud.
Politicians are hiding behind the myth that reducing government spending will throw us into a deep depression.  This is a lie.  Reducing government spending in the right places would result in an increase in our freedom and enhance our chances of returning to a healthy private sector economy with our inalienable rights intact.
Our current economy is stagnant and we have real double digit inflation and unemployment.  This Stagflation will not end by returning interest rates to market the way it did in the early 1980s.  It will take a doubling and redoubling of US oil and natural gas production to refurbish the private economy.  So far, the government has been anything but helpful.  The federal government insists on restricting oil and gas production and keeping legal immigration at all-time highs, creating high unemployment.  Regulatory overreach based on phony science continues to discourage the return of manufacturing to the US and threatens to double our electric power rates and food and water costs.  The federal government seems determined to destroy the US economy.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Less Coal, More Cost

Power Company Loses Some of Its Appetite for Coal by Eric Lipton

New York Times, Published: December 19, 2012 WASHINGTON — Coal took another serious hit Wednesday — in the heart of coal country.

The Big Sandy power plant in eastern Kentucky. Its owners said it would shut down the facility’s coal-burning furnaces in 2015.
American Electric Power, or A.E.P., the nation’s biggest consumer of coal, announced that it would shut its coal-burning boilers at the Big Sandy electric power plant near Louisa, Ky., a 1,100-megawatt facility that since the early 1960s has been burning coal that was mined locally.
Big Sandy this year became a symbolof the plight of the coal industry nationwide. Strict new environmental regulations are forcing large utilities to spend billions of dollars to retrofit old coal-burning plants or shut them down, replacing them in most cases with equipment that uses cleaner-burning natural gas.
A.E.P., which is based in Ohio, has repeatedly changed its mind over what to do with Big Sandy, a big employer in eastern Kentucky, both at the 120-employee plant itself and in the Appalachian-area coal mines that feed it 2.5 million tons of coal each year.
In May, the power company withdrew a plan to spent $1 billion to retrofit Big Sandy so that it could continue to operate. But that would have required a 31 percent increase in electricity rates for eastern Kentucky residents.
On Wednesday, A.E.P. announced that it would close both of the coal-burning furnaces at Big Sandy in 2015, but left open the possibility that one of the units would be retrofitted to use natural gas. Area residents, if the Kentucky Public Service Commission approves the plan, would see an 8 percent increase in their electricity rates — to replace Big Sandy’s production with electricity from West Virginia — much less than the earlier plan
But the decision still hurts, said State Representative Rocky Adkins, a Democrat who represents the area.
“It’s kind of like we have had our heart and soul taken from us,” said Mr. Adkins, who also is the majority floor leader of the Kentucky House. “The impact on the economy here is just going to be devastating.”
This has been a bad year for the coal industry.
A total of 55 plants, including Big Sandy, have closed or have announced plans to shut down, according to a count by the Sierra Club. That will leave 395 coal-burning plants in the United States, compared with 522 in 2010, according to the Sierra Club.
Last week, Dynergy of Houston announced that its Danskammer coal-burning power plant near Newburgh, N.Y., which was damaged during Hurricane Sandy, would alsoclose permanently. Last month, Patriot Coal, based in St. Louis, which filed for bankruptcy this year, announced it would be shutting down its Bluegrass Mine Complex near Henderson, Ky., one of dozens of mines that are reducing production or closing operations as electric utilities shift at a record rate from coal to natural gas.
Nationwide, coal production dropped this year by an estimated 7 percent even as exports grew to Asia and Europe, according to the Energy Department.
Politically, this has been a disappointing year for the coal industry as well. Industry executives contributed heavily to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, while also sending large donations to important Congressional races, like Senate contests in Ohio, Virginia and Montana, in which their preferred candidates lost.
“Anyway you count it, this is the worst year ever for coal,” said Bruce Nilles, one of the managers of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign. “And to see Big Sandy added to the list — it underscores how the economics of coal have turned so fast. This is eastern Kentucky, a place where the state was willing to do a lot to save it.”
Mr. Adkins said the repercussions in eastern Kentucky will last for decades, adding that local hotels, trucking companies, and even schools, would be adversely affected by the shutdown.
“We will get up, dust ourselves off and we will try our best to move forward,” Mr. Adkins said.
Luke Popovich, a spokesman for the National Mining Association, said that there remained hope that the price of natural gas would rise in the coming year, making coal more competitive. He said surging demand in India and China could help replace declining domestic sales.
“We have the most of the fuel — coal — that the rest of world wants the most of,” he said.
Source:  New York Times, 

Coal and Nuclear power costs 2 cents per kwh.  Natural gas fired power costs 4 cents per kwh.  Wind and Solar costs over 10 cents per kwh. As we allow the government to close coal and hydroelectric plants due to bad science, the global warming hoax and the carbon capture scam, we allow EPA and UN overreach.  We force our electric utilities to bow down to the false carbon god and double our electric rates.  We’ve already lost 10% of our coal fired plants and will experience immediate electric bill increases as these losses begin to hit Georgia  If we insisted on real science and incorrupt government, we wouldn’t need to do any of this.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cherokee County Officials Indicted

Cosby says: Grand Jury Findings Support Citizens’ Call for Commissioners Resignations*
Carolyn Cosby, leader of the Citizens’ Committee that exposed the Bobo Boondoggle, called today’s report of the Grand Jury regarding the actions of the BOC “highly disturbing but expected.”  Cosby continued,* “This Grand Jury is uncovering the same highly questionable actions of County Manager, Jerry Cooper, and the county Commissioners that the citizens have found.”*
“It was a 'sweetheart deal' from the beginning that demanded answers," said Cosby. "The Grand Jury is confirming that no logical explanation exists for the setting up of the recycling plant to begin with; and, the Grand Jury confirmation of the $3.5 M land purchase in which the county paid more than twice its value is enough to call for the Commissioners to be indicted," *said Cosby.   Cosby continued, “This is the same criminal activity that took place in Gwinnett County that led to the prosecution of their Commissioners.”
Earlier in the citizen investigation, Cosby raised the real possibility that money laundering was taking place, particularly when evidence was brought forward of campaign donations given to Commissioner Karen Bosch by Jimmie Bobo but never reported.*
Cosby continued, “The call for discipline of County Manager Jerry Cooper and the deeper investigation of the county Commissioners confirms the citizens’ call for the three remaining BOC/RRDA members to resign.”
Cosby stated, *"It is now clear that county manager, Jerry Cooper, failed to follow the law as cited in the Grand Jury findings.  That alone should warrant his firing.  The three remaining Commissioners, Chairman Leavitt Ahrens, Harry Johnston and Jason Nelms should immediately resign and save the county the cost, time and embarrassment of a drawn-out criminal investigation that should result."*
Cosby stated she is proud the Grand Jury is investigating the highly suspicious actions of the county leadership with the same determination as their fellow citizens.
FMI: Read Grand Jury Presentment #14 Below
Jury Book 2 Pg 326  Filed ,Jnd Recorded 12!1812012 1:21 53 p
28-2012-000071 Patty Baker Clerk of Superior Court Cherokee Cty. GA
The Honorable Frank C. Mills, III Chief Judge, Superior Court
Cherokee County, Georgia
The Honorable N. Jackson Harris Judge, Superior Court
Cherokee County, Georgia
The Honorable Ellen McElyea Judge, Superior Court
Cherokee County, Georgia
We, the members of this Grand Jury, chosen and sworn to serve the September 2012, term of the Superior Court of Cherokee County, hereby submit the following report and recommendations.
We, the September 2012, Grand Jury heard 227 bills of indictment, returned 227 true bills and 0 no bills.
The September 2012, Grand Jury commends Superior Court Chief Bailiff Jane Johnson, Bailiff Johnny Champion and all bailiffs for their diligent assistance in arranging materials for Grand Jury proceedings, managing the schedule for cases to be presented, coordinating Grand Jury payroll, and ensuring that proceedings run smoothly.
The September 2012, Grand Jury commends District Attorney Garry Moss for his 30 years of selfless and faithful service to the citizens of Cherokee County and we wish him many healthy and happy retirement years.
We, the September 2012, Grand Jury commend District Attorney-Elect Sharmon Wallace, each Assistant District Attorney and each law enforcement officer and investigator associated with the cases brought before the Grand Jury.
The September 2012, Grand Jury sincerely expresses its appreciation to the directors and staff of the Anna Crawford Children's Center in recognition of the tremendous assistance and comfort provided to at-risk and victimized children in our community.
The September 2012, Grand Jury sincerely expresses thanks to Cherokee County Chief Financial Officer Janelle Funk for her well-planned and professional explanation of the Homestead Option Sales Tax.
The September 2012, Grand Jury sincerely expresses thanks to Clerk of Court Patty Baker for a thorough and knowledgeable overview of juror and bailiff compensation.
The September 2012 Grand Jury sincerely expresses thanks to Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison, Captain Karen Johnson, and the staff of the Sheriffs Office and Adult Detention Center for hosting an informative tour. The Detention Center was found to be well-lit, clean and effectively managed.
The September 2012, Grand Jury sincerely expresses thanks to Investigator Randy Reagan for his assistance with the Grand Jury's IT requirements.
The September 2012, Grand Jury sincerely expresses thanks to Judge Ellen McElyea for her professional and informative empanelment and orientation of this Grand Jury.
The September 2012, Grand Jury sincerely expresses thanks to Mr. Lamar Barton for his many years of service on the Cherokee County Tax Equalization Board.
We, the September 2012, Grand Jury, recommend pay for Petit (Traverse) Jurors and bailiffs be maintained at its current level. The Grand Jury recommends pay for Grand Jurors be reduced from the current rate of $50.00 per day to $45.00 per day.  This reduction is intended to bring Cherokee County in line with other counties in Georgia and to practice fiscal responsibility in light of current economic conditions.
We, the September 2012, Grand Jury, recommend that the Cherokee County legal organ be changed to include both the Cherokee Tribune and The Cherokee Ledger *I *News to ensure the widest possible dissemination of the official business of Cherokee County.
We, the September 2012, Grand Jury, appoint a liaison committee consisting of the following current Grand Jury members to meet with the January 2013 Grand Jury for a continuance of knowledge of the RRDA *I *BGR matter. The Liaison Committee members are: Val Frazier, Pete Dean, Jon Flaig, Clark Blackwell and Michael Ameye.
We, the September 2012, Grand Jury, in a previous interim presentment appointed Val Frazier, James Rigsby, Pete Dean, Gerald \Vright and Jon Flaig to a special Committee for the purpose of investigating and further reviewing the status of the Resource Recovery Development Authority of Cherokee County (RRDA) in the aftermath of the May 2012, Chapter 11 bankruptcy of the tenant Mr. Jimmy Bobo, et al I Ball Ground Recycling, LLC (BGR).
The Committee interviewed the following county officials: County
Commission Chairman L.B. 'Buzz' Ahrens, Commissioners Harry Johnston, Karen, M. Bosch, Jason Nelms, and Jim Hubbard (BOC). The above individuals also comprise the current board of the RRDA.  The Committee interviewed Cherokee County Manager Jerry Cooper.  The Committee also interviewed fom1er County Attorney Mark Mahler, private citizen Steve Marcinko, and former Development Authority of Cherokee County I Cherokee Office of Economic Development (DACCICOED) member Larry Lusk.
The Committee reviewed and abstracted all available documents related to the dealings between the BOC I RRDA I County Management and Mr. Jimmy Bobo, et alI BGR.
*The Committee reported to the Grand Jury. Based upon the Committee's report the Grand Jury Found:
The Grand Jury found no evidence of another RRDA in the state of Georgia having been created for the purpose of relocating a private business from one location to another, nor has this Committee found an example of another RRDA established for the purpose of "recovering" a waste substance that did not adversely affect public health.*
The Grand Jury found the circumstances surrounding the original
discussions and agreements between the BOC and Mr. Bobo which led to the formation of the RRDA and the establishment of the new recycling facility to be murky and virtually undocumented.
The Grand Jury found that in 2006 Mr. Bobo, et al had purchased 61.21
acres of contiguous property on Ball Ground Highway at a total cost of
$3,531,537. This acreage was to be used as the new operations site of BGR.
The Grand Jury found that in 2007 the BOC I RRDA purchased a 35.85 acre portion of the aforementioned 61.21 acre assemblage at a price of
$3,684,999. The unencumbered ownership of the remaining 25.36 acres was retained by Mr. Bobo, et al.
The Grand Jury found that at the property sale closing Mr. Bobo et al, was reimbursed for the interest carry on the original 2006 loans to purchase the property in the amount of $323,763. Mr. Bobo et al, was further reimbursed $239,446 for the closing costs associated with those original loans.
The Grand Jury found language in the Bond Documents between the RRDA and BGR I Mr. Bobo, et al that appointed BGR I Mr. Bobo, et al to be the "true and lawful agent" for Cherokee County in this arrangement, such appointment being accepted by Mr. Bobo' s signature.
The Grand Jury found language in the Bond Documents between the RRDA and BGR I Mr. Bobo, et al that arguably prohibited the lessee (BGR I Mr. Bobo, et al) from realizing a profit on the sale of land to Cherokee County I RRDA. This is the position taken by the BOC I RRDA in its current civil lawsuit against Mr. Bobo, et al.
The Grand Jury found that a verbal request from the BOC I RRDA to the County Manager Mr. Jerry Cooper established Mr. Cooper as the de facto project administrator on behalf of the RRDA for the construction oversight of the BGR facility.  The Grand Jury further found that the County Manager was solely responsible for validating the criteria for the disbursement of funds for the BGR construction. The Grand Jury found that the County Manager disbursed the construction funds on the basis of the design architect's signature alone. The Grand Jury found that the design architect was hired by Mr. Bobo et al and was not contracted by Cherokee County.
The Grand Jury found that there was a free resource available (the
Association of County Commissioners of GA (ACCG) Construction Guidelines) to the BOC I RRDA and County Manager that outlined step by step the way to set up and manage a construction project of this scope. However, it appears that the BOC I RRDA and County Manager did not use this resource in developing and managing the project.
The Grand Jury found that the BOC I RRDA and County Manager in managing the construction draw process, failed to adhere to the Association of County Commissioners of GA (ACCG) Construction Guidelines which follow O.C.G.A.  §§ 36-91-1-36-9-2, §§ 36-91-20-36-91-22, §36-91-40, §§ 36-91-50-36-91-54, §§ 36-91-70-36-91-72, and §§ 36-91-90-36-91-95, the Georgia State laws governing Local Government Public Works Construction.
*The Grand Jury found that the assets of the RRDA were not carried on the Cherokee County ledger books from 2007 until present and thus were not subject to audit.  The Grand Jury found that in 2009 the Cherokee Office of Economic Development (COED) purchased from Mr. Bobo et al, a 53 acre site at Highway 92 & James Dupree Road at a cost of $5,273,730.*
The Grand Jury was informed by law enforcement agencies that no
investigation of the RRDA and Ball Ground Recycling matter would be
possible without a forensic audit of the concerned parties. The Grand Jury was further informed that after the completion of the forensic audit any subsequent investigation by law enforcement agencies would not be automatic.
Recommendation 1: The Grand Jury recommends that Cherokee County Board of Commissioners (BOC) not limit the cost of the forensic audit of the RRDA *I *BGR matter. A comprehensive audit may require more than the $75,000 currently authorized.
Recommendation 2: The Grand Jury recommends that the BOC pay the cost to publish the full and complete results of said audit in the county legal organ and in the Cherokee Ledger News as soon as the results are presented.
Recommendation 3: The Grand Jury recommends that any investigation conducted pursuant to the aforementioned forensic audit be pressed to the fullest extent.
Recommendation 4: The Grand Jury recommends that the BOC continue its civil suit against Mr. Bobo et al.
Recommendation 5: The Grand Jury recommends that the BOC *I *RRDA continue the previous May 2012 Grand Jury recommendation to add equal number of nonelected citizen members to the RRDA who are not county employees.
Recommendation 6: The Grand Jury recommends that the County Administration include the complete assets of the RRDA on the county books and subject those assets to complete and routine audits.
Recommendation 7: The Grand Jury recommends that the January 2013 Grand Jury continue the investigation and fact finding into the RRDA *I *BGR matter.
Recommendation 8: The Grand Jury recommends that the January 2013 Grand Jury investigate the circumstances surrounding the Cherokee Office of Economic Development's purchase of 53 acres at Highway 92 & James Dupree Road from Mr. Bobo et al.
Recommendation 9: The Grand Jury recommends that those recommendations of the previous May 2012 Grand Jury that have not been accomplished be continued.
Recommendation 10: The Grand Jury recommends that BOC employees be held accountable and or disciplined for their actions in the RRDA *I *BGR matter.
Recommendation 11: The Grand Jury recommends that the citizens of Cherokee County be diligent in their oversight of their elected officials.
Recommendation 12: The Grand Jury recommends that before any new real estate is purchased by any entity of Cherokee County government that an appraisal, by a licensed appraiser independent of purchaser or seller, be performed to assure that Cherokee County is paying market prices.
Recommendation 13: The Grand Jury recommends that *ALL *new capital assets purchased by Cherokee County be immediately added to the county ledger books.
Recommendation 14: The Grand Jury recommends that research be done to ensure that all current county capital assets are presently carried on the county ledger books.
Michael Ameye, Grand Jury Foreman
It is ordered that the within and foregoing Grand Jury Presentments having been read and considered, the same be filed.
It is further ordered that a copy of the Presentments along with a copy of this Order be sent to the Cherokee Tribune for publication and the usual fees paid thereon.
This the 18th day of December, 2012.
Ellen McElyea, Judge, Superior Court, Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit

Source: Cherokee Tribune, Cherokee County Public Records, Press Release from Carolyn Cosby Date: Dec 20, 2012:  Carolyn Cosby is Canton GA Tea Party Leader.