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Global Warming Fraud

11 Liberal Media Lies That You Probably Did Not Even Know Were Bogus: Climate Change Is The Number One Threat Facing Our Nation, 9/5/15

The mainstream media establishment has almost exclusively reported global warming from the point of view of religiously zealous global warming advocates. But when thousands of emails were released to the public by hackers that proved that climate “scientists” were cooking the data and then working with members of the media, especially the BBC, to sell global warming theories, the Old Media tried its best to completely ignore the story. Weeks and weeks went by before the first few mavens of the Old Media finally mentioned the emails that put the lie to the “consensus” of global climate change.

John R. Lott reported in a column in 2009 on that “Computer hackers have obtained 160 megabytes of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in England. These e-mails, which have now been confirmed as real, involved many researchers across the globe with ideologically similar advocates around the world. They were brazenly discussing the destruction and hiding of data that did not support global warming claims. The academics here also worked closely with the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

Yet biased media piece after biased media piece attempted to counter this disturbing story with plaintive accusations of misinterpretation and blaming conspiracy-theorists. The mainstream media dutifully circled the wagons and continued to cry “global warming” in an attempt to drown out the dissenting voices pointing at the “smoking gun” of damning emails. And it may have worked.

That was then, this is now. And now, according to Robert Tracinski writing in, “…one of the big problems with the global warming theory: [is] a long plateau in global temperatures since about 1998. Most significantly, this leveling off was not predicted by the theory, and observed temperatures have been below the lowest end of the range predicted by all of the computerized climate models.”

So what do the conscientious researchers do in the face of contrary data? “Why, change the data, of course!” And, in the meantime, thousands more Climategate emails have been released, but have you heard of them? Probably not…

Refugees by Force

Obama Sends Blackmail Threat to Every State… Give This Group Food Stamps Or Pay The Price!

(Conservative Tribune) – Tis the season to be jolly? Not if President Barack Obama and the Department of Agriculture have their way.

In a letter from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to the state of Georgia’s social service agency, Obama gave an ultimatum: issue food stamps to Syrian refugees or face dire consequences for disobeying federal laws.

According to Breitbart, Jessica Shahin, associate administrator of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program at the USDA, dictated in the letter that if an applicant follows the proper procedure in applying for the welfare benefit, the state must issue the food stamps.

“As long as an applicant submits a SNAP application that includes the applicant’s name, address, and signature, the state agency must accept and process the application to be in compliance with federal law,” Shahin wrote. “As you are aware, State agencies administering SNAP must comply with all Civil Rights requirements and laws.”

In addition to further stating (threatening) that a refusal to issue food stamps to qualified individuals would constitute a federal offense, Shahin also named which refugees could not be denied.

“Refusing to accept applications based on a household’s national origin is in violation of these vital requirements. FNS would like to clarify that all refugees, including Syrian refugees, are considered qualified aliens and are able to receive SNAP,” she wrote.

The letter from the USDA comes on the heels of Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal’s Nov. 16 executive order that put the brakes on Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement program in the state. Deal instructed all state agencies to “halt any involvement in resettling Syrian refugees.”

Deal has not yet responded to the federal demands. Georgia has joined 27 other states in opposition to Obama’s plan for Syrian refugees. Polls also indicate that 54 percent of Americans are against accepting the refugees. Fifty-two percent were not confident that the Obama administration’s screening procedures adequately vet the refugees credibility.

As these numbers clearly indicate, the majority of America agrees with Gov. Deal and does not trust that the president of the United States can protect them — or that he even wants to. How did America get to this place of insecurity and mistrust where the president strong-arms his people into compliance?

Americans should tip their hats to Gov. Deal for the strong stance he has taken. Clearly, it is that kind of gutsy action that will win the fight in securing America’s interest at home and abroad.

It’s time to impeach Obama.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Establishment doesn’t like Trump

GOP establishment to back Hillary if Trump nominee, 'They want a puppet that they can control, Donald will never be that person', by Joe Kovacs, 11/29/15 

Although Donald Trump has signed a pledge to support the Republican Party’s nominee, that doesn’t mean the party’s establishment will support him, should he win the GOP presidential nod.

A report by the Hill suggests the big money Republican donors are actually looking to support Hillary Clinton for commander in chief if Trump is at the top of the GOP ticket. Yes, the Democrat Hillary Clinton could be getting millions of dollars from Republicans.

The website says: “In conversations over the past month, GOP establishment donors have confided to the Hill that for the first time in recent memory, they find themselves contemplating not supporting a Republican nominee for president.”

When asked for whom he would cast his vote if the choices are only Mrs. Clinton and Trump, the former mayor of Los Angeles and a longtime Republican establishment figure, Dick Riordan, said: “I would probably go find a deserted island.” “I think Hillary is disgusting,” Riordan told the Hill. “And I think Trump is crazy.”

The paper says Trump was the topic at a recent Beverly Hills lunch hosted by former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Rockwell Schnabel.

In attendance in a private dining room of the Hotel Bel-Air were powerful donors said to include Ronald Spogli, the venture capitalist and former ambassador to Italy under President George W. Bush; his business partner Bradford Freeman; and Riordan.

The donors reportedly faced the hypothetical question: “If it was Donald Trump running against Hillary Clinton, who would you vote for?” The Hill reports: One version has it that most of the Republicans at the table put their hands up for Clinton. Schnabel disputes that account and said in a telephone interview Tuesday that it was just banter among friends and that he is confident that all the Republicans at the table would support the final GOP nominee for president, whomever that turns out to be.

Schnabel called back later on Tuesday afternoon to clarify what he meant. “My only caveat would be that … I assume that the Republican we’ll nominate will be somebody that would make a great president,” he said. “That’s not a conversation we’ve had to have in the past, but obviously there are some we would be concerned about.”

The hesitation among establishment GOP donors comes as no surprise to Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager.

“The GOP establishment will do anything they can to stop Mr. Trump from being the GOP nominee,” Lewandowski told the Hill.

“Mr. Trump is the only one who is not controlled by the special interests. … They want a puppet that they can control, and Donald Trump will never be that person.”
Not all big GOP donors, though, are sour on the New York businessman. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn and Doug Manchester, a California developer and chairman of Manchester Financial Group, are among those in Trump’s corner.

“I met with Donald himself and was again very impressed with a Man [sic] who does not have to be doing what he is but believes as I do that we need to Make America great again and believe he can do it!!” Manchester wrote to friends in an email seen by the Hill. “As all of you know I was all in for Mitt but unfortunately he did not make it!!” “I think Trump can win,” Manchester added.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

RRW Weekly roundup for week ending November 28, 2015, Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, but it is now time to get to work perhaps more seriously than you have ever done before on this issue.

Those who are promoting the resettlement of hundreds of thousands of refugees to America (like these churches we told you about this morning) are now pulling out all the stops.  I’ve been following this issue for eight years and I have never seen a campaign like the one that started in the wake of the Paris terror attack.

The resettlement contractors have never been as worried as they are at this minute that their gravy train is being threatened by citizens standing up to them and that the issue is being discussed in American homes like never before. The Obama Administration is worried that its final year to bring as many immigrant “seedlings” in to America as they can is in jeopardy.

There will be action in Congress, legal challenges to Governors who are standing up for state’s rights, and a major media blitz (already underway) to make you sound like a heartless bigot by the NO Borders Left who knew all along that Obama was changing America by changing the people! We will have more tomorrow on what you need to do!

Here are our top three posts of the week (top daily posts are in the right hand side bar).  The third one is an older post.  It is always surprising to me why some old post takes off and goes viral.

Top Three Posts

Here are our Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived at RRW this past week (excluding the US of course). Top Ten Countries Canada, UK, Australia, Romania (for the second week in the top ten!), Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, India.

Removing “gun free” zones

Rand Paul Introduces New 2nd Amendment Bill that Is Bound to Make Liberals Freak Out

2016 Presidential candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is introducing legislation to open D.C.’s restrictive gun control laws, empowering everyday citizens to better protect themselves. According to The Blaze:

“For too long the Americans who live in and visit their nation’s capital have been prevented from defending themselves and their loved ones,” Paul said in a statement. “No longer should our citizens have to choose between safety or visiting Washington, D.C.”

The Republican presidential candidate’s legislation would require the district to issue concealed carry permits to both residents and non-residents, in addition to honoring the “full faith and credit” of concealed carry permits issued in other states.

The bill would also allow for the carrying of firearms on public, “non-sensitive” areas of federal property. Additionally, Paul says residents should be able to purchase firearms across state lines.

The legislation also aims to eliminate all existing D.C. laws that restrict firearm and ammunition ownership. The right to bear arms has been a hotly contested issue in the district for decades, leading up a landmark Supreme Court decision in 2008.

That case, D.C. v. Heller, found that the Second Amendment does, indeed, protect a U.S. citizen’s right to lawfully bear arms. The case also found that the Second Amendment right extends to U.S. enclaves such as the district.

What’s surprising is that such a bill is required. Gun ownership is the 2nd most important issue according to the US Constitution. The right to keep and bear arms is essential to a free people. So, isn’t it surprising – or perhaps not – that in the nation’s capital, you can’t defend yourself? Hopefully, thanks to Senator Paul, that right will be returned to the people.

Hillary is Guilty

Judge Nap Blasts Hillary for Violating International Law – Here’s What She Did and How She Got Away with It

Here’s the BIG question everyone wants to know about Benghazi. Yes, it’s shocking that Hillary and Obama didn’t protect and rescue Chis Stevens and the other three men.
It’s now clear the attack on the embassy wasn’t due to some video. Now, the big question is this: What are Hillary and Obama really hiding? How about the fact that Hillary Clinton sold arms to Libya?

In a scathing column Fox News contributor Andrew Napolitano makes the convincing case that Hillary Clinton sold weapons to Libya in a direction violation of the U.N. arms embargo, and then lied about it under oath during her testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi Oct. 22.

“To pursue her goal of a ‘democratic’ government there, Clinton, along with Obama and a dozen or so members of Congress from both houses and both political parties, decided she should break the law by permitting U.S. arms dealers to violate the U.N. arms embargo and arm Libyan rebels whom she hoped would one day run the new government,” Napolitano explains. “So she exercised her authority as secretary of state to authorize the shipment of American-made arms to Qatar, a country beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood and friendly to the Libyan rebels and a country the U.S. had no business arming—unless the purpose of doing so was for the arms to be transferred to the rebels.”

Memos recovered from the incinerated compound in Benghazi give great weight to the assertion. The documents were obtained by the Washington Times and they reveal the American diplomats stationed there were keeping track of numerous potential U.S.-sanctioned weapons shipments aimed at arming our allies, “one or more of which were destined for the Transitional National Council, the Libyan movement that was seeking to oust Gadhafi and form a new government,” the paper reports.

This is the fall-out from a failed foreign policy. We attempt to force “democracy” in foreign countries. We try to pick winners and losers. We have a Secretary of State brokering arms deals.

Then, we have this Secretary of State and President covering it all up so the Secretary of State can continue the same failed foreign policy of the President.

Hillary Clinton, Arms Dealer, for President. Sound better than Hillary Clinton, Felon, for President, doesn’t it?

Obama drops Warning Notes to ISIS

Obama’s Increasingly Surreal War on ISIS, by Deroy Murdock November 27, 2015

America’s role in the Global War on Terror grows stranger by the hour. President Obama’s fight against ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists — such as it is — has entered the Twilight Zone. That is the only explanation for Obama’s increasingly bizarre tactics and statements against these existentially dangerous savages.

• After 15 months of airstrikes against ISIS, America finally managed to bomb 116 trucks that smuggle oil out of ISIS territory, generating some $1.2 million in clandestine cash daily. That sum buys plenty of knives for beheadings, Kalashnikovs for mass shootings, and plastique for suicide vests. France now leads the War on Terror, in the wake of ISIS’s November 13 massacre in Paris. Obama must have reckoned that, with France bombing from in front, he might as well bomb from behind. But even this is kinder and gentler. “This is our first strike against tanker trucks,” Operation Inherent Resolve Colonel Steve Warren told journalists from Baghdad on November 18. (A November 23 raid destroyed 238 more trucks.) Then he added this detail: “To minimize risks to civilians, we conducted a leaflet drop prior to the strike.” Each leaflet reads, “Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them.” It continues, “Warning: Airstrikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life.”

Dropping such fliers on a playground is one thing. Sparing third graders is admirable. But anyone who drives a truck full of stolen oil and helps ISIS generate some $450 million in annual revenue, deserves to die behind the wheel. Every ISIS oil-truck driver so spared lives another day to steer another oil truck, deliver ISIS fighters to battle, or grab an AK-47 and shoot American troops or — even worse — innocent civilians. As Colonel Warren further explained, these leaflets fell from the skies “about 45 minutes before the airstrikes actually began.” Too bad ISIS does not follow these same genteel rules. Imagine if ISIS killers gave music fans at the Bataclan nightclub a 45-minute warning before opening fire. All told, the obsessive pursuit of “no civilian casualties — zero,” as retired four-star General Jack Keane quotes Obama as demanding, has led U.S. pilots to report that they fly sorties over ISIS territory and return to base with 75 percent of their bombs undropped. RELATED: After Paris, Obama Refuses to Leave

• Obama has attacked GOP critics of his open-door policy towards Syrian refugees as being “scared of widows and orphans.” But then, almost on cue, evidence emerges that refugees indeed have been involved in terrorism. Senator Jeff Sessions this week released a list of 12 refugees who entered America and then were nabbed for jihad this year alone. And, of course, at least one ISIS killer in Paris entered Europe as a “refugee.” RELATED: Obama’s Moral Hypocrisy on the Syrian-Refugee Question Is Astounding These Islamic radicals are atop those who only seem severely suspicious: Multiple Syrians have been caught in Costa Rica, St. Maarten, and Turkey with phony passports. Five men traveled on stolen Greek passports from Syria to Lebanon, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, and Costa Rica before being intercepted in Honduras, en route to America. More Islamic State Grateful for What They Hate No, George Bush Is Not to Blame for the Paris Attacks John Kerry’s Reprehensible Charlie Hebdo Comments Perfectly Reflect Obama Administration Policy This is not the typical CARE-package-and-rainy-tent approach to refugee status. This jet set √©migr√© lifestyle instantly triggers this question: Where can exiles from Syria — a poor nation with an average annual wage of $4,368, according to the International Labor Organization — afford travel fit for global-marketing executives? indicates that plane tickets for these Greek-impersonating Syrians caught in Honduras would cost at least $6,041.00. (Compared with the $39,156 U.S. average annual wage, this would be like an American purchasing that same fare for $54,152.) Could such a pricey itinerary be underwritten by, say, ISIS’s illicit oil revenues? A Project Veritas journalist last week interviewed three Syrian men in Greece who boasted about their bogus papers. “You need a person who made the fake passport,” one of them said, in broken English. “And you need to pay for it. Maybe about €3,000,” or about $3,187. One former Syrian scoffed at the notion that Team Obama can separate deadly terrorists from among the masses fleeing his former country. RELATED: There Are Serious, Unbigoted Reasons to Be Wary of a Flood of Syrian Refugees “You can go to the Syrian government today and say to them, ‘I need a piece of paper that says I’m Tony Caterpillar.’ And they give it to you,” Aarafat “Ralph” Succar of Brooklyn told the New York Post. “These are not forged documents. These are written out by a government employee who needs money, whose family has no food. . . . So when they tell you that [the refugees] are vetted, are you out of your mind?”

• The Pentagon’s inspector general is probing reports that Defense Intelligence Agency analysts who described ISIS’s threat as grave and robust were told to “cut it out” and “toe the line.” E-mails to that effect may have been destroyed in order to cover up this apparent undercooking of the books. If true, this proves that Obama can’t handle the truth. With his head planted firmly in the ground, Obama is now America’s ostrich-in-chief.

• Meanwhile, the State Department on Monday issued a chilling Worldwide Travel Alert. The State Department alerts U.S. citizens to possible risks of travel due to increased terrorist threats. Current information suggests that ISIL (aka Da’esh), al-Qa’ida, Boko Haram, and other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions. These attacks may employ a wide variety of tactics, using conventional and non-conventional weapons and targeting both official and private interests. This Travel Alert expires on February 24, 2016. Authorities believe the likelihood of terror attacks will continue as members of ISIL/Da’esh return from Syria and Iraq. Additionally, there is a continuing threat from unaffiliated persons planning attacks inspired by major terrorist organizations but conducted on an individual basis. Extremists have targeted large sporting events, theatres, open markets, and aviation services. In the past year, there have been multiple attacks in France, Nigeria, Denmark, Turkey, and Mali. ISIL/Da’esh has claimed responsibility for the bombing of a Russian airliner in Egypt. So, basically, Muslim terrorists will have the full run of Earth for the next three months. Get ready to stay tense until almost a fortnight past Valentine’s Day.

• Standing beside the new leader of the Free World, France’s Francoise Hollande, Obama declared on Tuesday: “Next week, I will be joining President Hollande and world leaders in Paris for the global climate conference. What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children.” Perhaps Obama intends for ISIS and other Islamofascists to hear this news and then drop dead from fatal laugh attacks. If so, then heckuva job, Obama!

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University

Few in Congress follow the Constitution

Defenders of Constitution Put Congress on Notice. Federalist Society tackles modern attacks on lawmaking authority.

(Daily Signal) – The Federalist Society has catapulted traditional jurisprudence into prominence, making constitutional principles vogue at both law schools and the U.S. Supreme Court. Now, for the first time, the society plans to make a similar play on Congress.

At its annual convention in Washington last week, the legal society announced the “Article I Project,” a pro bono effort to analyze the health of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Traditionally, the influential legal group has focused on issues concerning the executive and judicial branches. But in recent years, Federalist Society President Eugene Meyer says, the legislative branch has not received “the kind of steady stream of attention it deserves.”

“We hope to change that dynamic through this project,” Meyer said in an interview with The Daily Signal. Prominent and influential in legal circles, the Federalist Society has achieved significant success at the judicial level since its founding in 1981. In the past three decades, the group has spearheaded the effort to advance an original or textual interpretation of the Constitution.

Meyer said the Article I Project—which takes its name from the section of the U.S. Constitution granting legislative power—will examine the evolving challenges facing a modern Congress in light of permanent principle. Rather than tailor-made policies, the Article I project aims at producing a guiding philosophy for lawmakers.

Meyer said a “philosophical perspective” on the proper role of Congress has been lacking in recent discussions among academics and policy makers. “And that’s what we are really hoping to contribute, and think we have a good chance to do,” he told The Daily Signal. Already, the Federalist Society has recruited leading legal experts for the project, Meyer said. Over the next year, they will study and analyze Congress before offering their findings to lawmakers. Meyer declined to speculate on where he thinks Congress could improve. Another society member, Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, was not as reserved.

During a keynote address at the organization’s national conference, Lee chastised Congress “for investing in its own irrelevance” by surrendering lawmaking authority to administrative agencies.

Lee also praised the Federalist Society for taking “an increasing role in shaping how the Constitution operates [and] how it’s followed within the United States Congress.”
More than an academic exercise, the society’s project could yield significant result, Heritage Foundation scholar David Azerrad said.  Azerrad, director of the think tank’s Simon Center for Principles and Politics, credits the Federalist Society with being “one of the great conservative success stories of the latter half of the 20th century.” He described its examination of Congress as “a welcome effort.”

Since beginning as a student group at Yale Law School, the Federalist Society has grown into a national network of scholars, students, lawyers and judges. Three of its members currently sit on the Supreme Court: Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

Extending that influence to lawmakers on Capitol Hill will be difficult but achievable, said Randy Barnett, director of the Georgetown Center for the Constitution. Barnett, who argued against the Affordable Care Act before the Supreme Court last summer, said he believes the society can convince Congress to change.

“This is where the Federalist Society comes in,” Barnett told The Daily Signal. “Generally ideology can trump narrow parochial interest when they are salient, when they are well publicized enough. That’s how we got the Constitution in the first place.” Although the society has yet to reach out formally to congressional leadership, Meyer said he’s certain lawmakers are aware of the project.

Before he got the job, House Speaker Paul Ryan’s chief of staff, David Hoppe, was scheduled to speak at the Federalist Society’s recent annual convention. Hoppe canceled after Ryan tapped him, Meyer said.

Meyer cautioned that the Article I Project shouldn’t be construed as a shift away from the legal group’s traditional emphasis on judicial matters.

The society’s president dismissed rumors that conservative Supreme Court justices wouldn’t attend the group’s convention this month. Although Scalia and Alito did not speak at the event, they attended a banquet afterward, Meyer said.

Some news outlets reported earlier in October that justices were skipping this month’s convention to avoid any appearance of encroaching on another branch of government. Since 2010, the event has featured addresses each year by either Alito or Thomas.


Voters can find out which Senators and Congressmen do not honor the Constitution (as written) by checking Conservative Review Scorecard and looking at scores below 80%. Those that do honor the Constitution have scores between 80% and 100%.  We need to elect more of these high scorers to Congress and get rid of those who score below 50% as quickly as possible. 

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader 

Canada Delays Refugee Deal

Libs in Canada change their minds: let’s not rush into this Syrian refugee thing we promised, Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2015

You knew it had to happen, the new Trudeau government couldn’t possibly get it done—-bring in 25,000 Syrians by the end of THIS December.

Does Canada’s boy wonder know what he has done to his children and grandchildren?
They still want 25,000 (actually now they are saying 35,000) but over a longer time and apparently what is happening south of the border, in the US, has influenced the decision to slow down.

As they colonize Canada, Canadian immigration officials, working in the new government, have said they will take refugees selected by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees which means they will take mostly Sunni Muslims.

Here is Christian Today on the decision. They say they will focus on women and children. Young single men won’t get in unless they are gay, or traveling with Mommy and Daddy.

Now this is the question I have been asking for years as this rush to save the homosexuals of the Middle East has gotten underway—how are they going to know they are gay?  Take their word for it? (ISIS leaders are laughing their heads off!).

Canada has delayed its plans to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to the country after New Year amid concerns in the U.S. over the vetting-system and the possible embedding of Islamic State (ISIS) militants among the refugees.

Immigration Minister John McCallum made the announcement early this week, saying the refugees will come in batches with only 10,000 expected to land by Dec. 31 this year, an additional 15,000 in January and February 2016, and some 10,000 more later in 2016 for a minimum of 35,000.

“I’ve been saying time and time again, that yes we want to bring them fast, but we also want to do it right,” he said, according to Fox News. “We’re happy to take a little more time.”

McCallum said the Trudeau government will this time give priority to the “most vulnerable” such as families, women at risk and members of the LGBT community.

Single men will only be granted admission if accompanying their parents or if they are part of the LGBT community, according to Canadian newspapers. LOL!  And, here is that word “robust” again.  Would someone please explain “robust security screening.”  Do they really think the voters are that dumb?

President Pierre Trudeau has said robust security screening continues to be a high priority in Canada in the light of recent terror attacks.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Refugee Resettlement Industry

Office of Refugee Resettlement threatens governors, says they can’t discriminate against Syrians. Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 28, 2015

Looks like the ACLU and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) are on the same page.

The way to solve the latest argument by the Obama Administration and the NO borders gang is to defund all refugee resettlement in the upcoming ‘omnibus’ and not single-out the Syrians for special treatment.

First Reema (from Jeh Johnson) and now this as the administration pulls out all the stops to get those 10,000 mostly Muslim Syrians resettled in your towns.

All of this activity demonstrates that the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program is in the greatest crisis it has ever faced in 35 years since Senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden, among others, sent the bill to Jimmy Carter for his signature.

The revolving door!

We wrote about Carey, at the IRC in 2013, out stumping for Syrians to be admitted to the US. Unfortunately, but no surprise, all links back to what Carey said have been removed and the IRC doesn’t allow you to check their employees list either. What are they hiding?

Before I get to ORR chief Bob Carey’s letter to governors, a little background on the revolving door for new readers (also go here to our recent fact sheet for general overview of program):

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees chooses most of our refugees.  The US State Department admits them and Homeland Security screens them (as best they can).  The State Department PRM (Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration) contracts with nine supposedly non-profit group contractors to resettle them through about 312 subcontractors (at one point the State Department was throwing the number 350 around) to most US states. PRM is overseen by Anne Richard who was a former vice President of contractor—International Rescue Committee.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is in the Dept. of Health and Human Services and is the major dispenser of your money to the contractors through myriad federal grants.
The present director of ORR is Robert Carey who came over from one of the nine contractors (wait for it!)—International Rescue Committee (IRC)—where he served as a vice President.  His predecessor at ORR was Eskinder Negash who had come over from another contractor the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Negash has since returned to a perch at his former employer—US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI). Are you still following me? Negash’s boss at USCRI, Lavinia Limon, was Bill Clinton’s director of ORR before she left to become President of USCRI.  LOL! did you get that!

Both Carey and Anne Richard came from the International Rescue Committee headed by BRITISH former foreign secretary David Miliband, bff Clinton, Soros and Samantha Power.  (We have an extensive archive on Miliband, brother of Britain’s “Red Ed.”)

Contractors enter government and become the dispenser of your tax dollars and then they leave government when administrations change and become the recipients of your tax dollars—and around and around they go!

Back to the Bob Carey letter to governors (remember he is relatively new at ORR and was pulling down a six-figure salary from the IRC before becoming the big shot now threatening governors).

In April of this year, Carey moved from his job with super-wealthy contractor, IRC, and into the government where he dispenses your money to his former employer. Shouldn’t there be a law?

The Obama administration has warned states to comply with federal efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in communities around the U.S. or else find their states subject to enforcement action.

In a letter this week, the Office of Refugee Resettlement threatens states concerned about resettling Syrians with punitive responses if they refuse to accept the refugees. ORR explains that states may not refuse ORR-funded benefits for refugees on the basis of religion and national origin.

“Accordingly, states may not categorically deny ORR-funded benefits and services to Syrian refugees,” ORR Director Robert Carey wrote in the letter. “Any state with such a policy would not be in compliance with the State Plan requirements, applicable statutes, and their own assurances, and could be subject to enforcement action, including suspension and termination.” I’m afraid of overloading you, but beware of termination because the feds and contractors may well make your state a Wilson-Fish stateif it isn’t already.  They would like nothing better.

The agency also pointed to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibiting discrimination for federally funded assistance benefits. Refugees are immediately eligible for welfare and other benefits upon admission to the U.S.

“Thus, it is not permissible to deny federally funded benefits such as Medicaid or [Temporary Assistance for Needy Families] to refugees who otherwise meet the eligibilities requirements,” the letter reads. “ORR is committed to ensuring that all refugees receive assistance and services vital to achieving their potential in the United States and becoming self-sufficient, integrated members of our communities.”

If nothing else comes out of this, we are pleased to say that the American taxpaying public is being educated about the huge costs this program places on our welfare system—nationally and locally!  The contractor’s job is to get refugees their welfare benefits and then they move on to the next paying batch of refugee CLIENTS.

Nine major federal contractors which like to call themselves VOLAGs (Voluntary agencies) which is such a joke considering how much federal money they receive:

·        Church World Service (CWS)
·        International Rescue Committee (IRC) (secular)