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Lots of Jobs in Rutland VT

But the Mayor wants Tax Funded Refugees

Dumb city politicians want to “revitalize” urban areas with refugees on welfare. There are no jobs in these areas to support the population, so politicians are looking to in-fill with Muslim welfare recipients.

These politicians are simply responding to the needs of their campaign contributors who make their money building apartments.

When these Muslim enclaves become “No Go Zones”, city police won’t be needed or welcome. Refugees cost $64,000 over the first 5 years. 

The Mayor of Rutland VT is claiming that they have a worker shortage.  See below:

Rutland, VT mayor takes his refugee promotion show on the road to rural upstate New York, by Ann Corcoran 9/28/16

If you live in New York’s North Country, beware, because the great minds at the Adirondack North Country Association have invited Mayor Christopher Louras down from Rutland to tell them all about how to best get some refugees for themselves (for your towns!).

I’m sure the folks in Rutland will be tickled to see what their mayor says about them when he leaves home. “…ignorant by design!”

From The Sun: KEESEVILLE — The outcry over Syrian refugees has shaped much of Rutland’s discourse this summer. The dispute over whether to accept 100 asylum seekers has cleaved the city, pitting Mayor Chris Louras against constituents, city aldermen and other elected officials.

Rutland Mayor Louras told the gathering he got the idea to invite Syrians to Rutland from Gov. Peter Shumlin. Here the governor thanks seven of Vermont’s eight mayors for supporting his re-election bid, in Montpelier, Vt., Monday, Sept. 24, 2012. That is Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras to his immediate left. This photo identifies Louras as an Independent, but the Sun article says he is a Republican, which is it? 

As the five-term mayor waits for the Department of State to sign off on the expansion of the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program into his city — a roadblock thrown up by peeved aldermen — Louras ventured to New York last week, where he briefed local leaders on his push to make the state’s third-largest city a host for escapees of the war-torn nation.

A decision may come as soon as 10 days, he said, with the first family arriving as early as December. Bringing refugees into the city, he said, goes hand-in-hand with urban revitalization efforts. Their entry, Louras believes, would breathe new life into an ailing city.

But the road to get here wasn’t easy. The mayor has come under fire for a perceived lack of transparency. Earlier this summer, city aldermen asked the department of state to examine the issue. A former political opponent also circulated a petition, which was nixed, asking the issue be brought to a vote.

Louras admitted he could have been more open. “I keep trying to go back to the human element,” he said. [So is he saying secrecy and lying are o.k. if one is moved by one’s emotions to save the world’s downtrodden and in this case Syrian Sunni Muslims—ed]

The crowd at the Adirondack North Country Association’s annual meeting, the daylong workshop that acts as somewhat of an experimental laboratory for regional leaders to tinker with economic solutions to rural problems, was perhaps more receptive.

Louras joined other officials in Keeseville last week to share his experiences — and to offer advice for other communities exploring similar efforts.

When resettlement agencies zero in on a possible relocation site, they look at three main areas, Louras said: Safe and sanitary housing, the availability of entry-level jobs and the English-language learning opportunities necessary to build skills.

Rutland, a city of about 16,500, has all three, the mayor said. “We’ve got a workplace problem,” Louras said, “not a jobs problem. Our employers are looking for employees.”

There it is readers, once again, they hide under the humanitarian white hat, but it is all about labor (I’m guessing the Rutland Chamber of Commerce backs Louras?). Beware residents of the North Country, you could be the next resettlement site:

Discussions on accepting refugees have percolated this year in the North Country, and a number of organizations have been formed to explore the feasibility of the concept, including several in Essex County.

Then you can’t make this up, we have an immigration lawyer, Anas Saleh, a Syracuse-based lawyer who works directly with asylum seekers, telling us that refugees pay more taxes than they get out of the system in the form of welfare.  Be sure to see this post from last year where we told you that a study by the Center for Immigration Studies tells us that each Middle Eastern refugee costs the US taxpayer over $64,000 per refugee over the first five years in the U.S.

The Sun continues: Saleh said refugees don’t pluck jobs from Americans. Contrary to public belief, immigrants actually pay into social welfare programs more than they receive, he said. [He is flat-out lying!—ed]

Louras then tells the gathering that he doesn’t want to get into politics, but proceeds to call other elected officials and citizens opposing him in Rutland “ignorant by design.”
While Louras said he wanted to avoid politics during the roundtable discussions, he admitted to taking hits and incurring damage from a “small-but-vocal” group of opponents on his home turf.

Expect the national negative discourse to be replicated at the local level, he said. Could he have facilitated the discussions more transparently? Sure, he admitted.

But some people are ignorant “by design,” he said, and would have sabotaged the process — including the city’s treasurer, who the mayor said circulated misleading information about the impact of asylum seekers on property values.

“She’s helping create that fake narrative,” Louras said.
The mayor, a Republican, said his greatest frustration surrounding the debate was what he referred to as a “dearth of empirical analysis” among refugee populations.  [We have some analysis, impact on taxpayers is $64,370 per Middle Eastern refugee over first five years in US. Middle Easterners use welfare at a higher rate then some from other regions of the world—-ed] “Those numbers are validated through academia, but there’s not a lot of studies,” he said.

While his decision to make Rutland a beacon for Syrians stemmed from a discussion with Gov. Peter Shumlin following last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris — Louras said he was further miffed by a letter sent by 30 governors barring refugees from their states — he warned attendees that their efforts shouldn’t lean on the government, but rather a constellation of nonprofit agencies.

Grassroots efforts like Rutland Welcomes, the mayor said, were critical in laying down early infrastructure, creating “action-driven” plans that explored everything from transportation to language learning.

I urge all of you to visit The Sun article, especially all of you Vermonters and Upstate New Yorkers, it is really full of enlightening information that I couldn’t possibly analyze if I worked on this post all day.  They use the really refugee-overloaded/stressed cities of Syracuse and Utica as model cities even!  Sheesh!


Every job seeker within 100 miles of Rutland VT should show up at their city hall to apply for one of their jobs and bring the media and their cameras.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Zika Doesn't Cause Microcephaly

Brazil Admits Zika Doesn't Cause Microcephaly

I hate to mention the dreaded “Z-word” after all my railing against fearmongering, but I can’t let this pass without comment. Because once again we’re being lied to. Once again some very important information is being glossed over. Once again, the American media just isn’t reporting the facts because they don’t align with what CDC and the WHO want us to believe. So no matter how much I hate to bring it up, we need to talk about Zika yet again.

What I’m going to tell you today isn’t going to make it to the mainstream news. The Zika industry is well and truly established, with toxic chemicals being sprayed across the south, a vaccine “trial” underway, and genetically modified mosquitos on the loose. There’s probably no stopping this train now. Too much money is already being made by way too many people. So any evidence that conflicts with the “official” story will be suppressed. Any resistance to the “solution” from here on out is likely to be met with draconian “public health” measures.

And that’s why you’re never going to see what I’m about to tell you on any of the mainstream news sites. Because here’s what they don’t want us to know: Brazil—ground zero for the Zika hysteria—has admitted that Zika probably isn’t to blame for their birth defect problem after all.
That’s right.

So what is the rest of the world—and in particular the U.S.—going to do about it? Absolutely nothing. Brazil says we need to re-think Zika madness but the U.S. isn’t having it

This whole debacle has been a witch-hunt. Historically, witch-hunts followed a predictable pattern—and it’s exactly the pattern that the whole Zika story has followed so far.
First, some kind of negative event would take place. Maybe someone’s milk cow died for no apparent reason. Maybe some infectious disease hit the community. Maybe a natural disaster occurred. In any case something bad happened and, being human, the community needed to put the blame somewhere.

Witchcraft was an answer that fit every situation. And if witchcraft was going on, then someone must be a witch. So the finger would be pointed at some harmless but disliked person.

Once the first person pointed the finger, more people would come out of the woodwork. They’d remember all the times this person looked at them funny, or made a snide remark, or any number of things. They’d run down the list of every bad thing that had ever happened to them, and all would be chalked up to “the witch.”

Then the authorities would be called in. And once the process was started, it was almost impossible to stop. Even if the accuser recanted it didn’t matter. In fact, it was likely to get them branded a witch too. The “authorities” would put their changing story down to the evil influence of “the witch” and likely send them to the stake too. Because once bureaucracy is involved, there are boxes to be checked and quotas to be filled after all. And no one wants to look like a fool, especially a witch-finder.

And that’s where we are with Zika. Brazil first pointed the finger after noticing an upswing in birth defects. The CDC and WHO have acted as the witch-finder general and judges all rolled into one. And all the media outlets have been the other villagers fanning the fires of hysteria. They’re joined by government scientists trying to widen the net and hang other birth defects—ones that have many possible and more likely causes—on the Zika virus.

Now Brazil wants to recant its accusation. As recently as the end of July Brazil’s head health honcho said bluntly, “We suspect that something more than Zika virus is causing the high intensity and severity of cases [of microcephaly.]” She and other Brazilian scientists are pointing out what those of us with half a brain have been saying from the very beginning: if the problem was really caused by Zika we’d be seeing many, many more cases. And they’d be spread out all over the country.

But they’re not. They’re clustered in one area. And that’s led Brazilian scientists to—at long last—conclude that something else is at work. Too bad that doesn’t fit the story the official CDC and WHO storyline. 90% of Brazil’s “Zika” birth defects have happened in one area

Brazil is a big country. In fact it’s almost as big as the U.S., and Zika is widespread across most of it. If Zika were really to blame for the alleged uptick in cases of microcephaly, you’d expect to see these cases popping up all over.
But they’re not. 90% of them have occurred in one small area in the northeast, an area about the size of Minnesota or Michigan. Ninety percent.

Now, all the media coverage has left the impression that the only cause of microcephaly is Zika, and that it just didn’t happen before 2015. That’s simply not true. There are many possible causes for this birth defect, and it happens on a routine if fairly rare basis. The U.S. has about 25,000 cases of microcephaly per year itself. As of July, Brazil had confirmed only 1,709 and more than 1,500 have happened in the same region.

Now imagine if 22,500 of the U.S. cases happened only in Michigan. We’d be looking really hard at what was different about Michigan. We’d also be looking for what the moms and babies involved had in common. And that’s what Brazil is—albeit belatedly—doing. And what they’re finding isn’t Zika.

It’s malnutrition. And poverty. And pesticides.
But don’t expect to read that in the New York Times.

Nevermind the fact that the Brazilian doctor who first “confirmed” the link between Zika and birth defects is now rethinking the idea. Or that she and fellow researchers found traces of a cattle virus--a virus known to cause birth defects--in the brains of some of the cases they looked at. (They’re about to publish a paper on their findings.)

Nevermind that the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences thinks Brazil is finally on the right track. (They’re asking what all scientists should have been asking all along: Zika hasn’t changed since 1947. Why would it suddenly cause birth defects now?)

Brazilian scientists are in the process of reexamining the existing data. And several “monitoring” programs are underway which will follow pregnant women infected with Zika to see if their babies are born healthy.

Just don’t expect the results to change “public health” policy here in the U.S. The CDC will simply ignore them and steamroller on. The media will keep screaming “Zika causes birth defects!” And the average person will swallow the story without question. Big Pharma has a vaccine ready for us, and the Public Health Police will make darn sure we take our medicine whether we like it or not.

Don’t believe the official story. Instead, listen to what the people on the front line have to say. We can’t stop the Zika train now, but we don’t have to hand the conductor our tickets and get on board.

Trump gains in Florida

BOOM: Trump Breaks Massive GOP Record in Crucial Swing State

Republican nominee Donald Trump has been surging in the polls over the past few weeks. On the day of the first presidential debate, Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are tied in almost every national poll, and Trump is leading by a significant margin in a few swing-state polls.

It appears that Trump’s lead over Clinton isn’t just in the polls. In the swing state of Florida — a state Trump needs to win in order to become president — Republicans are leading in the number of vote-by-mail ballots, the first time the GOP has ever done so, Newsalert reported.

That’s a pretty big historic first. You could even say it’s yuge. The numbers provided by the Florida Division of Elections show that 881,731 Republicans have received vote-by-mail ballots, while only 760,346 Democrats have received vote-by-mail ballots.

It is important to point out that these numbers are just the numbers of ballots sent out. They do not reflect how many people have voted or will vote, or whom they have voted for.
However, Trump has roughly 90 percent support from Republicans around the country, so it is safe to assume that a large majority of the Republican ballot recipients who actually vote will cast their ballots for Trump.

In 2012 when then-Sen. Barack Obama won Florida, Democrats had 43 percent of the early voting as opposed to 40 percent for the Republicans.

Having more Republicans receive ballots than Democrats in one state doesn’t guarantee a Trump victory (we still have more than a month to go, after all ), but it is a very positive sign.

As of right now, all signs point to Trump surging around the country. The first presidential debate will be key in seeing if Trump continues his rise to the top.

If Trump can have a strong performance in Monday’s debate, he can continue to surge past Clinton and eventually establish a lead that will be very difficult for her to overcome.

Trump gains in Colorado, Pennsylvania & Ohio

TRUMP RISES: Hillary Gets Bad News From 3 Key Swing States

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a habit of underestimating her opponents on the campaign trail. She did it with then-Sen. Barack Obama in 2008, Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016 and again with GOP nominee Donald Trump.

After thriving in post-convention polls while Trump struggled, Clinton has now gotten some bad news in recently released polls from two swing states. Trump is on the rise in two battleground states critical to the 2016 election, Colorado and Pennsylvania, according to CNN/ORC polls. He also continues to look strong in Ohio.

Trump and Clinton are within one point of each other in each of the polls, which have a 3.5 percent margin of error. In Pennsylvania, Clinton has 45 percent support and Trump 44. In Colorado, the split is Trump 42 and Clinton 41.

These numbers are great news for Trump and abysmal for Clinton. Colorado and Pennsylvania are critical states where not long ago it appeared that the GOP candidate didn’t stand much of a chance.

Ohio is another important swing state, and according to CNN, it may be one that Clinton has decided to abandon after polls showed Trump ahead there. “The mother of all battleground states” is how CNN’s Jeff Zeleny described Ohio, and said that that it was “not in her wheelhouse anymore.”

The fact that Trump is doing so well across the country, and particularly in swing states, shows that the Democrats’ midsummer optimism was premature.
According to the mainstream media, Trump was not even supposed to be close to the candidate the Democrats strong-armed to win their party’s primary over Sanders.
Clinton has shown that she is feeling the heat. During a conference call with the Laborers’ International Union of North America last week, Clinton yelled at the camera, “‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?’ you might ask!”

Here we are just six weeks away from the election, anticipating Monday night’s first presidential debate — an event that might prove to be the most watched political event in history. Trump has made the race extremely close, undoubtedly frighteningly so for the Clinton campaign.
The GOP candidate is going into the home stretch and should prosper if he can remain composed and avoid any of the inevitable Democrat-planted landmines.

Given Trump’s masterful performances in the last month or so on the campaign trail, and Clinton’s veritable implosion, including her clearly serious health issues, this election could very well go Trump’s way come November. H/T Cain TV

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What do you think of the apparent shift toward Trump in these all-important swing states? Scroll down to comment below!


Hillary lives in her own little world.  How else could she be smiling and pretending that she is does a good job? She is delusional.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

BLM Rioters Bussed to Charlotte

Violent Protests in Charlotte - Courtesy of out of state BLM thugs, by Alice Greene, 9/27/16

Protestors filled the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina last week following the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by a police officer on Tuesday. 

Local police were looking for a suspect in University City when they spotted Scott, a 43-year-old black man, sitting in his car. Scott was not the suspect police were searching for, but they rightly assumed he was a threat when he refused to lower his weapon.  Scott was shot and killed by black police officer Brently Vinson.

Unverified reports insist Scott was holding a book, not a gun, but Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney states that “a weapon was seized; a handgun. I can also tell you we did not find a book.”

Charlotte erupted into protest shortly thereafter, and it wasn't long before the "peaceful march" turned into a violent riot. Officers were forced to use tear gas when the crowds refused to disperse, and bystander 24-year-old Justin Carr was shot to death. 

A spokesman for the area’s Fraternal Order of Police told CNN that most of the “instigators” were from out of state. “If you go back and look at some of the arrests that were made last night, I can about say probably 70% of those had out-of-state IDs,” said Todd Walther during an interview with CNN.  The Charlotte Observer later confirmed that this was not quite true, however many out-of-state individuals were indeed arrested.

Author's Note:  It seems to us if a black person is shot by a police officer (even a black police officer) in your neighborhood, you can expect Black Lives Matter to send in thugs to help destroy your neighborhood. I'm wondering how many of the riots around this country have been created from nothing by Black Lives Matter, to the chagrin of the local community.

Need more like Scalia on the Court

Justice Kennedy Signals A More Globally Minded High Court, By Jimmy Hoover,  9/23/16. Law360, Washington Associate

Justice Anthony Kennedy doesn’t pay attention to critics who think the Supreme Court should disregard the jurisprudence of foreign countries when deciding cases, suggesting Friday that the increasing “convergence” of international law is a positive thing for the nation’s top bench.

The 80-year-old jurist said during a discussion in Washington, D.C., hosted, fittingly enough, by the International Bar Association that looking at the laws in other countries can be informative for cases before the Supreme Court, rejecting a premise often peddled by his late originalist colleague, Justice Antonin Scalia, that one of the only appropriate times to do so is during treaty interpretation.

“Now you do get arguments like, ‘Oh, it’s the Supreme Court being controlled by international institutions or international laws.’ No. We learn from international law as to what works and what doesn’t. And we sometimes learn what the essence of human freedom is,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy spoke dismissively of the public “outrage” that came after the court’s divided 2005 ruling in Roper v. Simmons held it unconstitutional to execute a defendant for crimes committed under the age of 18. Kennedy’s majority opinion in the case pointed out that even the authoritarian regimes of China, Saudi Arabia and others had abandoned the practice, leaving the U.S. to “[stand] alone in a world that has turned its face against the juvenile death penalty.”

As Kennedy explained Friday: “We can look elsewhere to see what is best, to see what works, to see if it fits with our constitution.”

The weight foreign laws have in U.S. Supreme Court precedent has emerged as a wedge issue for the court in recent years. Before his passing in February, conservative Justice Scalia had railed against a spate of opinions that alluded to either the allowance or prohibition of controversial practices in other countries as a basis for judges to sway one way or the other in a case.

“Who cares? We have our laws, they have theirs,” he said in a May 2015 speech.

On the opposite of the debate is Democratic appointee Justice Stephen Breyer, who is just coming off of a press tour for his recent book, “The Court and the World,” which makes the case that the U.S. should consider the realities of global interconnectedness in domestic cases.

Often a swing-vote in cases involving gay marriage and other culturally charged issues, Justice Kennedy does not hesitate to disappoint the Republican establishment that nominated him and on this issue appears to have sided entirely with Breyer.

Kennedy largely avoided controversial issues during Friday's discussion, such as the vacancy left on the Supreme Court by Scalia’s death, sticking largely to broad, legal issues like the “transformative” nature of the Magna Carta and the sanctity of the “rule of law.”

Still, Kennedy offered some candor on current affairs in what appeared to be a veiled shot at the election season.

“[Aristotle] did not think [democracy] had the capacity to mature. And it’s our heritage, our duty, our destiny to prove him wrong. Whether we’re getting high marks at the moment is a matter to discuss,” he said.

--Editing by Bruce Goldman. 

Palestinians are not Refugees

Palestinian says Hungary is suspicious of refugees; no grass for the kids (huh?), by Ann Corcoran 9/27/16  Say what?

Invasion of Europe news…. Amnesty International’s friends! Some of those sweet refugees trying to break the border fence and get in to Hungary in 2015. How long do you think there would be a Hungary if they opened their gates to the Middle East?

Amnesty International is trying to influence a Hungarian election coming up in a week.  Hungarians will vote on whether to accept EU quotas on how many refugees each country must take, including Hungary.  Amnesty International has put out a ‘report’ on how mean Hungary is to the masses arriving from the Middle East. (Standard International Leftist ploy, put out a report.  Why don’t we do that more often?)

Here is the news at the UK Express: A report from the human rights agency claims the criminalization of those hoping to seek asylum in Europe has erupted into violence, with many reporting police beatings and aggressive threats from detention centers. Refugees are also allegedly being denied basic care, in a “flagrant breach” of intentional law and European Union directives.

The report comes just a week before [the timing is just coincidental, LOL!—ed] the country will take to the polls in a referendum to keep the decision on whether to accept more refugees in their hands – not Brussels’.

Many paragraphs later we see qouted one of those who talked to Amnesty. First note she is a Palestinian. What the heck, thought it was Syrians that are the flavor of the year.  Is Hungary expected to ‘welcome’ every Muslim who wants to come to the country from anywhere on the globe?

And, then look at this!  We are further expected to believe the ol’ grandma who can’t walk got all the way to the Hungarian border by presumably walking?  Or, were they chauffeur-driven? I’m pretty suspicious at this point. But, then see what the poor Palestinian ‘refugee’ says next.

Mean ol’ Hungary has no grass for her kids! Nothing green! Her kids are being deprived of grass in Hungary. What the heck! Do they have green lawns in Palestine?   And, it is hot in Hungary (hotter in Hungary than Palestine)! Sheesh! Just go home then!

One refugee, who spoke to Amnesty International, had travelled from Palestine with her husband, four children aged between three and 13, and her 72-year-old mother-in-law who is unable to walk.

She told the agency: “It’s not nice here for the children. It’s barbed wire and no grass, nothing green for them. It’s hot and not a good environment for them to be in.

“The first time we arrived here and saw this we were so scared. It looked like a jail, we were so scared. In Hungary there is suspicion.”

If that is the best maligned ‘refugee’ Amnesty can present, it is no wonder Hungarians are suspicious! Stick to your guns Hungary and say NO!

Our ‘Invasion of Europe’ news is archived here.