Monday, January 16, 2017

Political Party Mistakes

The majority of elected officials in both parties underestimated the ability of voters to recognize bullshit.

Neither party would admit to the damage being done by UN Agenda 21 implementation. Republicans are finally coming on board against the UN refugee program, excessive immigration, socialized medicine, and Liberal control of the media. I am waiting to hear about propagandized education.

Democrats were preaching pure fantasy with global warming and multiculturalism. The Democrat Party is not dead.  It still controls the federal agencies, the news and entertainment media, the schools and the universities.  Communists never quit. They will go back to the voters with a hard sell for socialism in 2018. I don’t think they will succeed.

The Republican Party establishment turned on the Tea Party after 2010 and rejected their conservative base. That same conservative base returned the favor and rejected Jeb Bush. We trust Trump to clean up this mess.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Nation Building

Nation building is the “bottomless pit” strategy used by the US federal government since 1945.  It worked in Japan and Europe, but failed everywhere else.

The “If you break it you own it” doctrine only made sense when it came to helping Europe and Japan rebuild after World War II.  The Marshal plan saved Europe from itself and provided a market for future US exports. That made sense, because we shared the same cultural heritage and most US citizens’ relatives came from Europe. General McArthur made it work in Japan, because they had a meritocracy.

This made no sense when it came to Iraq, Afghanistan or other countries, because we knew we had oil reserves that would have insulated the US from disruption in the Middle East. These were countries that continued a tribal structure of government for thousands of years; it’s in their culture. Imposing other governing models on Middle Eastern countries is a waste of time.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Restoring US Jobs

Finding US workers who can perform well in US manufacturing should not be difficult, because we had this workforce performing well until 2000. If we build it, they will come.

Skill shortages should disappear as real jobs are anticipated.  When pipelines are approved, there will be no problem finding workers to build these pipelines. Some will learn how to maintain and operate these pipelines. This will reduce transportation cost for everything that can move through these pipelines. Property owners should be well compensated for easement rights and the money from transportation savings is there to pay them.

Plants with high-speed automated production should be easy to maintain in the US under the Trump plan. These would include high volume products like paper diapers, light bulbs and other fully automated processes. These plants can be operated by a few hundred skilled technicians who maintain and operate the automated equipment.  Electronics board stuffing is fully automated.

The integration of design and manufacturing developed prior to 2000 by US manufacturers is the reason that these industries can be cost-effectively based in the US.

American workers who are able-bodied should consider employment in meat packing and agriculture, now being held by refugees, illegals and seasonal workers. These workers typically move from one industry to another and back again based on harvest requirements.  The Alaskan salmon industry uses these seasonal workers.

Engineering staffs require abilities beyond those found in production jobs.  Here we tend to hire the top 10% of applicants.  We’ve used H1b visas to hire engineers from China, India and other countries by hiring them from US campuses.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Liberalism is a Cult

A cult is defined as: “Great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially:  such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad”.

Liberalism is an intellectual fad and has its own hero figures; most of their heroes are Communists. They are Obama worshipers. They also like Mao and Mandela. They are devoted to the UN. They love socialism. They should never be allowed to work in government at any level.

Like most cults, they like sexual deviation and follow a “prophet” and accept that their prophet’s word is law. Followers put up with all sorts of abuse while living under the threat of “eternal damnation”. Those who disagree or reject the prophet are forever reviled like Senator Joe McCarthy.

Like most cults, they have their own “enforcers”. In a cult like polygamous settlements, the “enforcers” are those men who are loyal to the prophet and carry out his orders.

Liberals are stuck on the idea that they can control “outcomes”, but it never happens. They don’t understand that people need freedom to function and become self-sufficient.

If Liberals want to control outcomes, the miserable outcomes they achieved in the Middle East with the Arab Spring should be enough to make us take away their crayons.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Ignore the Democrats

They are all Communists and they live in a delusional bubble. They are big government, big spenders. They are unbridled socialists who are determined to regulate our private sector into oblivion. Their policies are suicidal and they never give up trying to destroy the country. Republicans should act like pre-1994 Democrats and ignore these clowns.

Democrats need to either get on board or get out of the way.  The professional way to behave as the “loyal opposition” is to dig deep into the Bills and identify the worst case scenario outcomes and inject these warnings and questions into the debate. Maybe that’s too much work for Democrats, but it is what legislators in the minority party need to do in order to become “positive contributors”. 

One Law that should have never been passed was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1993, which required banks and lenders to give mortgages to unqualified buyers because they were Black or Hispanic. That together with HUD anti-discrimination rules resulted in too many mortgage foreclosures and triggered the 2008 Meltdown. The global economy has really never recovered from this liquidity crisis.

Where were the Republicans when these suicidal laws were passed?  These laws are still on the books. Where are the Bills to repeal these dangerous laws?  Only crooks and fools would have done this. These were Democrat Bills.

How many bad Democrat laws can we afford to pass before we blow this country up due to fiscal mismanagement?

I believe the Democrats will not engage as professional “loyal opposition” legislators.  I think they want to ruin the country on purpose.  I think they will carp about needing to bring the country together, but what they really mean is to bring the country together under their reckless rule.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Russian Witch Hunt

This is simply a political attack on Trump by the Democrats.

The notion that the Russians somehow cause Trump to be elected is a “red herring”, an implausible falsehood made up by Democrats to give them a distraction and an excuse to complain about the fact that Trump beat Hillary. They are fighting like hell to keep all of their bad laws intact so they can turn the US into a socialist 3rd world wasteland. We don’t want that; we want a meritocracy with a robust private economy and a small government that minds its own business. 

Trump was the one who brought up Putin, when he campaigned that Obama was useless and feckless in dealing with Putin and everybody else. He said Putin was a “strong leader”. Trump also said that he didn’t have a problem with the Crimea annexation because the vote was 80%. Putin, for his part, said a few things, but it fell short of an endorsement. Trump said the US and Russia could work together to destroy ISIS.  All this talk does is set up talks between Trump and Putin to see if they can negotiate a deal to help each other with ISIS.

Trump’s support of Brexit could be common ground between Putin and Trump. Putin is not a global warming believer and he ignores the UN with regularity.  He also has an arrest warrant out for George Soros. Trump thinks countries should be sovereign and so does Putin. There may be no end to the common ground we have here. They seem to be on the same side.  It’s Putin and Trump against the UN Globalists. Guess who they are.  That includes Hillary, Obama and the Democrats.

The fact that Obama’s Intelligence agency heads are launching this political attack makes the credibility of the attack problematic.  All of Obama’s agencies are politicized and would engage in Democrat partisan attacks on Republicans. Trumps candor makes this too tempting.  Trump is plain spoken and Democrats think he’s an easy mark.  But every time they try to attack Trump, it’s turns into a Roadrunner cartoon.

The other problem with Obama’s Intelligence agency heads’ involvement is that all Intelligence agencies hack each other’s information. This is the pot calling the kettle black. Why should they be concerned? They all hack each other. 

DNC emails were obtained and published by Wikileaks and they claim that they got the emails from a DNC staffer. The Intelligence heads say that the Russians hacked them and gave them to Wikileaks. The Democrats’ complaint is that these emails damaged Hillary’s campaign.  Well, da!  It was their emails!

Voters are done with the Democrats. Their track record is a train wreck.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fair Trade

Business people have been complaining about US trade policy for decades. The federal government set US trade policy to give advantages to foreign manufacturers.  They got caught up in the “emotional fix” of being Santa Claus to the 3rd world.

“Free Trade” has caused US manufacturing jobs to move to low wage, low regulation countries and the US 35% corporate tax has kept overseas earnings in off-shore banks.

Americans understood that the unionized auto workers were overpaid and could understand that if corporations were free to set up manufacturing plants anywhere, they would be better off to operate where their costs were lower.

The big lie about NAFTA was that it would result in higher US exports and therefore more jobs. Politicians said we were entering the “Information Age”, but what they didn’t say was that the information wasn’t good. The catch phrase “emerging markets” became the rallying cry. It assumed that we would be able to sell to China as they grew their middle class someday. But this came at the expense of our middle class.

Americans had to know that potential consumers of US products didn’t exist in 3rd world countries, because they were very poor.  But Americans had turned off their brains.

It was true that US companies fared well in the days of “Free Trade”, but they did this by moving their manufacturing and other operations to low cost countries.

Open borders and the doubling and quadrupling of our US immigration policies from 1989 forward exacerbated the US jobs problem. Foreign workers were taking jobs from US students.

The US graduates about 1.8 million students each year.  The US has created about 1.8 million new minimum wage jobs each year. And the US has been importing about 1.8 million immigrants of all sorts each year.  The jobs went to the immigrants at the direction of the federal government.

There are no unintended consequences with government.  The US federal government was running a scam on the US citizens.

At the same time, the US government was threatening to increase our electric rates five-fold and passed a mass of other job-killing regulations.

So, here we were, after 30 years of bad policies, with a 35% corporate tax, the highest on the planet, excessive immigration policies, trade deals that advantaged foreign countries, no jobs and 86 million working-age US citizens without jobs. 

On top of that we ran our National Debt up from $5 trillion in 2000 to $20 trillion in 2017. The Democrats are still telling us we got a good deal and the Republicans are being very quiet. Now comes Trump. He gets it. He articulated every issue that needed to be addressed.  He exposed the scams and he won.  So, what is possible? 

The 15% corporate tax and the reversal of job-killing regulations gets companies close to being able to move more jobs back to the US.  The 10% repatriation tax will allow companies to move their profits back to the US. Our current tariffs are around 2.9% compared to China’s 5% tariffs on US-made goods.

Doing business in foreign countries has always been a pain because of corruption, instability and danger. US consumers are sick of cheap, throw-away electronics, so this industry should send jobs back to the US to build products that are more durable, reliable and repairable. US consumers will pay more for better electronics and electrical devices that are reliable enough to work for decades. We don’t have that now.

US electronics companies have been having their circuit boards stuffed in China for 50% of what it had been costing in the US. Auto-insertion equipment is used, so It’s not labor intensive.  Chinese engineers are taking care of concurrent design, changing the boards to accommodate component obsolescence. It’s a hassle, returning noncompliant boards and quality isn’t good. These companies will gladly go back to having this done in the US if they can. The 15% corporate tax could make the difference.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader