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Citizen Abuse & Government Immunity

Dirty Dozen Sovereign Immunity Cases
As Citizens of Georgia, you may be surprised to learn that, according to exceedingly broad court interpretations of the Georgia Tort Claims Act (GTCA), you have no re-course against state officials who sexually assault you, sexually harass you, slam your head into a door, or even file your teeth down to nubs.
You citizens of Georgia are also likely unaware that state agencies and officials are immune from suit for gross negligence that results in your rape or murder, under an exception to the GTCA that immunizes state officials against assault and battery claims—under any and all circumstances.
The Georgia Attorney General, who defends the State in these actions, and the courts, in their zealous expansion of the GTCA, have even erased a provision of the Georgia Constitution that holds state officials liable if they act with malicious intent to harm you. It does not matter if the state official violates other laws or rules governing his conduct on the job—even if the state official is committing criminal acts. In fact, courts have held state inspectors immune for taking bribes to falsify inspections, and state budget officials immune for stealing funds and cooking the books to hide the theft. In each case, the Attorney General asserted immunity and the courts agreed.
Sovereign Immunity March 3, 2015
What State Officials Can Get Away With In Georgia
Here are twelve of the most egregious applications of sovereign immunity in order to protect state officials from any accountability to you as a citizen. We expect you will be shocked at the reprehensible and unacceptable con-duct state officials can get away with in Georgia… while being defended by your Attorney General.
1. Davis v. Standifer, 621 S.E.2d 852, 275 Ga.App. 769 (Ga. App., 2005)
A Georgia woman filed suit claiming a Georgia State Trooper put his hand up her dress against her will and inserted his fingers into her vagina. The Georgia Court of Appeals held the state trooper to be immune from the suit, even if the woman’s allegations were true, because the molestation occurred during a traffic stop, and therefore was committed in the course of the trooper performing his official duties.
2. Ferrell v. Young, 746 S.E.2d 167, 323 Ga.App. 338 (Ga. App., 2013)
The court held a state police officer immune for fondling the genitals of the arrest-ed suspect under the assault and battery exception to the GTCA—because the officer was acting in the scope of his state employment.
3. Ridley v. Johns, 552 S.E.2d 853, 274 Ga. 241 (Ga., 2001)
In this case involving a state office supervisor’s sexual harassment of a subordi-nate, a unanimous Georgia Supreme Court held the state official immune under the GTCA for, again, performing his official duties. “Since there is no exemption in the [GTCA] for acts motivated by malice or an intent to injure, the presence of such motivation has no effect on the immunity granted by the statute.”
Could This Happen To You?
7. Tootle v Cartee, 634 SE2d 90, 92, 280 Ga. App. 428, 429 (Ga. App. 2006)
Though Southeastern Technical College rules bar public disclosure of the reason for dismissing an employee, the case for violating that policy was dismissed on the grounds that even state officials breaking state rules were acting in their offi-cial capacities. Thus the court held that even illegal and unauthorized acts were immunized as performance of official duties, and that that the GTCA immunized defamation even if performed with actual malice and intent to cause injury
8. Sommers Oil Co. v. Georgia Dep't of Agriculture, 305 Ga.App. 330, 699 S.E.2d 537 (Ga. App., 2010)
A Georgia Department of Agriculture (“DOA”) inspector colluded with gas stations on I-95 to allow them to falsely calibrate their pumps so that customers received less gas than they paid for. The DOA was held to be immune for these criminal actions of its inspector, under the GTCA exception for licensing and inspection functions. Thus a provision that is supposed to allow the state to perform this function to the best of its ability, free from liability, in reality authorized a conspira-cy by state employees to intentionally subvert the state’s licensing and inspection functions—and no citizen of Georgia harmed by the criminal conspiracy had any recourse.
Immunity for Assault & Battery,
Strangulation and Rape
9. Mattox v. Bailey, 472 S.E.2d 130, 131 221 Ga.App. 546 (Ga. App., 1996)
A prison inmate claimed a corrections officer slammed his head into a door and then continued to beat him while escorting him across the prison grounds. The court dismissed the claim holding that, regardless of the extent of the injuries or the motive for the beating, the officer was immune under the GTCA exception for battery. In fact, by the logic of subsequent assault and battery exception cases citing this precedent, the officer would be immune if he killed the inmate out of pure premeditated malice.
10. Georgia Military College v. Santamorena, 514 S.E.2d 82, 237 Ga.App. 58 (Ga. App., 1999)
The College was immune for negligence despite the absence of any security pre-cautions in the housing for its two female students at the time, because the rape of one of the two females in her room by another student fell under the GTCA assault and battery exception. According to the logic of the opinions, the State would be immune if the College Dean raped the student.
11. Department of Human Resources v. Hutchinson, 456 S.E.2d 642, 217 Ga.App. 70 (Ga. App., 1995)
The State was not liable for negligence in placing a known violent juvenile in Hutchinson’s foster care, after the juvenile in her foster care shot Hutchinson, because the shooting fell under the GTCA assault and battery exception to waiver of sovereign immunity.
12. Department of Human Resources v. Coley, 544 S.E.2d 165, 247 Ga.App. 392 (Ga. App., 2000)
A patient at Central State Hospital was strangled to death after he was placed in a room with another patient who had threatened to kill someone in order to get a transfer to a different building for the criminally insane. The court found that the “loss” was caused, not by the state’s negligence, but by the assault [by a third party] for which state is immune. Quoting the Court of Appeals legal logic: It can-not be disputed that, when a plaintiff is injured by an assault or battery, his loss "results" from such assault or battery, even though there may have been other contributing factors. And the statute clearly provides that the state shall have no liability for the "loss."

Invasion for the Conquest of the US

Amnesty Allegation: Obama Wants to Create a “Country Within a Country” and Disenfranchise Citizens, written by Selwyn Duke Monday, 02 March 2015
The new illegal aliens are “seedlings” that will develop a “country within a country,” is the secret Obama administration plan. These foreigners will “navigate, not assimilate,” as they eventually “take over the host,” coming “out of the shadows” and “pushing the citizens into the shadows.” So said radio personality Sue Payne last Thursday, reporting on three conference calls involving administration officials that she, unbeknownst to them, was party to.
Payne, who co-hosts the Pat McDonough Radio Show Saturday night on WCBM 680, made the startling allegations while being interviewed by radio giant Mark Levin. Payne says that she became privy to the phone calls at an immigration rally and that they involved 16 Obama administration representatives. This allegedly included Cecilia Muñoz, an ex-senior vice president for the Hispanic triumphalism group National Council of La Raza (La Raza means “the Race”) and now director of Obama’s White House Domestic Policy Council. When asked to summarize what she heard, Payne began:
Well, what took place on the call was there was the Task Force on New Americans [TFNA], which Obama established on November 21st; remember when he went to Las Vegas the media said he was signing an executive order for five million illegal aliens to become deferred. In reality what he did was sign a “memorandum” that created the Task Force on New Americans, which was going to implement his amnesty mill for the five million illegals, which I believe is going to be more than that, Mark. I believe he [Obama] was planning, and on these conference calls it became clear, that he’s looking at 13 to 15 million to give protection [to] and move ... on to citizenship.
After pointing out that ex-La Raza operative Muñoz is co-chairing the TFNA, Payne explained that once the illegals are brought “out of the shadows,” the areas they’re in will be redesignated “receiving communities.” But while the TFNA is designed to create a “welcoming feeling” in these receiving communities, they will soon be transformed into what are labeled “emerging immigrant communities.” To accomplish this, the officials said “We need to start looking at the immigrant as a ‘seedling,’ and the seedling could grow, and the seedling needs to be in fertile soil,” related Payne.
Levin then asked what the plan’s next step was. Payne replied:
Well, eventually the seedlings will take over the host. And the immigrants will come out of the shadows, and what I got from the meetings was that they would be pushing the citizens into the shadows. They would be taking over the country; in fact, one of the members of the task force actually said that we would be developing a country within a country. There was a couple of buzz words that were really disturbing to hear; that was one of them. One was from the White House spokesman [who] said that “immigrants need to be made aware of the benefits they are entitled to,” which led to another comment saying that this group that Obama is going to pardon or give amnesty to would not be interested in assimilating — they would navigate, not assimilate.
Levin then remarked that this is right out of Obama’s playbook — as he doesn’t talk about assimilation, either — and said this process is better characterized as “conquering.” Payne agreed, saying this became very clear when it was stated, as she put it, that “the receiving communities would be morphing into the emergent immigrant communities.” She then provided details about the benefits to which the foreign “navigators” would be entitled, relating:
As soon as this [amnesty] decision is pushed through, these immigrants need to be treated as “refugees” [said the officials]. They need to be given cash, they need medical care, they need to use a credit card to pay for any documents that they need. And also we need to convince state and local governments to cut these people no interest loans with taxpayer dollars, so they can then pay for their papers, as if we were funding our own destruction here.
... [The officials also] said there was going to be a great deal of older immigrants in this batch ... and that the government should understand that immigrants need to “age successfully.”... And we need to get them into Social Security as soon as possible, so they can age successfully within their country within a country.
Levin called Payne’s allegations “stunning,” saying it sounded like “Mao’s China” and that the “radicals are in control.” But this scheme comes as no shock to observers who have been warning for years that massive immigration — and illegal migration — are being used to import left-leaning voters and transform our nation. Note that the Immigration Reform and Nationality Act of 1965 radically altered our immigration regime and created a situation in which 85 percent of our immigrants now hail from the Third World and Asia. Also understand that, perhaps owing to their wanting understanding of the Western tradition, approximately 70 to 80 percent of these new migrants vote for leftist Democrats upon being naturalized.
And occasionally a leftist lets this truth slip. For example, reporting late last month on comments made at an event sponsored by Causa, a prominent Oregon pro-amnesty group, Breitbart wrote, “‘Immigration reform [amnesty] is probably the biggest issue of the 21st century,’ Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR) reportedly said at an ‘Immigration Day Action’ event this weekend. ‘It will decide who is in charge of this country for the next 20 or 30 years.’”
The operative principle here is, “If you can’t get the people to change the government, change the people.” And Obama himself alluded to this early last month. As the Daily Caller put it:
The spread of vibrant social diversity is constricting the GOP’s ability to champion conservative causes, such as smaller government and independent families, President Barack Obama said in a softball media interview.
“Over the long term, I’m pretty optimistic, and the reason is because this country just becomes more and more of a hodgepodge of folks,” Obama told Vox editor Ezra Klein.
... That diversity hinders conservative priorities, he said.
So this strategy of targeting Western countries with massive immigration in order to usher in leftist hegemony is well known among those orchestrating the strategy — wherever the scheme is worked. Just consider, for instance, an even more striking admission by a former advisor to ex-British prime minister Tony Blair. The man is Labour Party operative Andrew Neather, and he confessed in 2009 that the massive immigration into the United Kingdom over the last 15 years was designed to “rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.”
And so it is in the United States. Providing 10 to 15 million illegals instant citizenship via amnesty would greatly accelerate the “fundamental transformation” of America Obama promised in 2008. Note, by the way, that a “fundamental” is not window dressing but the “essential part of” something, itsfoundation or basis.” If you say your wife needs fundamental change, it means you don’t like her very much — and you want to alter the very essence of who she is.
Source:<> Written by Selwyn Duke
Amnesty Allegation: Obama Wants to Create a “Country Within a Country” and Disenfranchise Citizens

Catherine Bernard’s testimony on No Knock Warrants

Posted on March 3, 2015 by Jason turner
March 2, 2015 Georgia Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee hearing on No-Knock Warrants, Senate Bill 45, a.k.a. Bou Bou’s Bill.
Statement from Mrs. Bernard:
Legislative update: the Senate Judiciary Non-Civil Committee hearing this afternoon was a success. We had lots of wonderful witnesses coming out to testify that no-knock search warrants should remain illegal in Georgia – so many that the Committee decided to continue the hearing until Wednesday afternoon. That means we all need to show up again at 3pm on 3/4 and keep making our voices heard for public safety, rule of law, and individual rights!”
See Video:

Bad Georgia Education Bill

GA SB 89 Digital Classroom Act
Mary Kay Bacallao posted in Educational Freedom Coalition
When Georgia’s State Senators passed SB 89 on March 3, 2015, they expanded the authority of Georgia’s appointed State Board of Education and diminished the authority of parents and their locally elected school boards over “digital instructional materials and content.”   With the passage of SB 89, the appointed State Board of Education will be given the sole authority in the State of Georgia to select a committee to examine and recommend “instructional materials and content” for approval by the State Board of Education.  If a local school system wants to adopt “instructional materials and content” that is not on the approved list, they must have local superintendents from five or more different school systems make the request.  Local boards of education, parents, and citizens are not permitted to make any requests.  If teachers want to request specific instructional materials and content, “… twenty or more teachers from at least 20 different school systems who teach and are certified to teach the courses encompassed by the instructional materials and content requested” need to petition the State Board of Education with their request.  (lines 50-53)  According to lines 69-76, the instructional materials and content purchased by local units of administration with Quality Basic Education Program funds or any other means of acquisition may, not shall (as written previously), remain the property of the local unit purchasing or acquiring them.  This removes the provision from the law that instructional materials and content ownership would remain with the local units of administration.  Why would citizens want to take away local ownership of purchased instructional materials and content?    In addition, this legislation strongly encourages local boards to provide, “a laptop, tablet, or other wireless electronic device to each of its students in grades three and higher or allow students to provide their own for use as the principal source of reading or accessing instructional materials and content.”  (lines 107-109)  Senators Mike Crane and Marty Harbin voted for this bill.  We need to make sure that it is stopped in Georgia’s House of Representatives.  At the last Georgia State Board of Education meeting, integrated Common Core math was replaced with traditional Common Core math.   Common Core math standards and assessments are owned by McGraw-Hill, a private company.  The State Board of Education is now moving on to revising Georgia’s Science and Social Studies standards.  It is anticipated that those revised standards will align with Common Core as well.  The Georgia Milestones Assessment will be given in April; a test aligned with Common Core in math and English/Language Arts.   There will not be separate tests for reading or writing, but those subjects will be “integrated” with the other subjects.
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There is nothing wrong with computer use in schools, but it should expand access to materials, not restrict it.  I trust the accuracy of Wikipedia’s version of history more than I trust our textbooks.  The GA Legislature needs to use the homeschool playbook to clean up the public schools.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

EPA Corrupt

Judge to EPA: Stop Lying and Stop Anti-Conservative Discrimination –

(Truth Revolt) - In a Monday ruling, Judge Royce C. Lamberth, Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, accused the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of lying to the court, displaying “apathy and carelessness” in carrying out the law.

In a suit filed in July 2014, Landmark Legal, whose President is Mark Levin of talk radio fame, accused the EPA of destroying evidence requested via an earlier Freedom of Information act request:

​Landmark Legal Foundation today asked Federal District Judge Royce Lamberth to sanction the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for destroying or failing to preserve emails and text messages that may have helped document suspected Agency efforts to influence the 2012 presidential election. Landmark’s request is the latest move in the Foundation’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit to force the Agency to release emails, text messages and other materials from former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and others who may have delayed the release dates for hot button environmental regulations until after the November 6, 2012, presidential election. Jackson, Deputy Administrator Robert Perciasepe, and other Agency officials admitted in depositions that they used their personal, nongovernmental email accounts and text messages sent and received on government-issued BlackBerries and smart phones to conduct official EPA business. The EPA was obligated under federal law to preserve and search those private emails and text messages for information Landmark is seeking, but the Agency failed to do so.

As reported in the Washington Times:

Judge Lamberth described the “absurdity” of the way the EPA handled a Freedom of Information Act request from the Landmark Legal Foundation and then the court case stemming from it — including late last week admitting it lied to the court about how it went about searching for documents.

In a scorching 25-page opinion, the judge accused the agency of “insulting” him by first claiming it had done a full search for records, then years later retracting that claim without any explanation.

“The recurrent instances of disregard that EPA employees display for FOIA obligations should not be tolerated by the agency,” the judge said in a 25-page ruling. “This court would implore the executive branch to take greater responsibility in ensuring that all EPA FOIA requests — regardless of the political affiliation of the requester — are treated with equal respect and conscientiousness.”

The judge chastised EPA Official Eric W. Wachter for providing, “false information to the court, then the EPA tried to withdraw it on Friday, though never explained how it got things wrong in the first place nor why it waited years to admit it had lied to the court.”

Landmark, a conservative public interest legal group, filed a request in 2012 trying to see what outside groups EPA officials had been speaking with as they wrote new rules and regulations.

EPA slow-walked that request, Landmark sued, and the matter has been in front of the courts ever since.

Just Lamberth said at several turns, the EPA was either lying or terribly incompetent in how it handled the situation, both in terms of the search it performed and how it responded to the court case.

“Either EPA intentionally sought to evade Landmark’s lawful FOIA request so the agency could destroy responsive documents, or EPA demonstrated apathy and carelessness toward Landmark’s request,” Judge Lamberth said. “Either scenario reflects poorly upon EPA and surely serves to diminish the public’s trust in the agency.”

Ouch! That had to hurt. Those are strong words by a judge to any organization but especially to an administration that once promised to be the most transparent in history.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Good Georgia Bills

HB171 "American Law in American Courts
This Bill should forbid all courts in Georgia to use foreign law in any and all cases.
Committee: Judiciary, awaiting action
This should protect us from Sharia Law, TPP and the UN
HB318 "Optional membership in Regional Commissions for cities and counties"
Local and state government; membership in regional commission is optional for counties and municipalities.  Regional Commissions are unelected, appointed governance.  Committee: Government Affairs
This should protect us from Regionalism’s erosion of local elected control.
Repeal Needed
Georgia should vote to cancel its application to the Article V Convention of States.  It was passed in 2014 to support a federal balanced budget Amendment, but could result in a Communist Constitution.  It’s too dangerous and should be unnecessary.  It’s a lot safer to allow the US Congress to write a balanced budget Amendment and send it to the states for ratification. This is the method we’ve always used for Constitutional Amendments.
Table This
Passed on to Senate Rules
Municipalities are caving in to allow Special Use Permits for Mosques to avoid lawsuits based on religious discrimination.  We want this extortion to stop.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Deported Criminals Return

Leaked Report: Deported Illegal Aliens Freely Jump Border to Commit Crimes
(Breitbart) – A DPS report leaked February 24th warns that “Deported criminal aliens too often exploit the porous border and return to Texas to commit additional crimes.” Spencer Golvach is a victim of one of those crimes. He was sitting at a stoplight when an illegal alien who had been deported four times between 2003 and 2010 randomly shot him. The calloused criminal then drove several miles and randomly shot Juan Garcia. He shot at another couple some miles up the road and was killed by a deputy who heard the gun shots.
Breitbart Texas interviewed Dan Golvach, Spencer’s father. During the video interview the grieving father said “my son is dead because the concept of borders is dead.” Mr. Golvach wants politicians and the public to know that the murderer had a history of violent crime, was deported, but “A Victor Reyes, an illegal alien, pulls up next to him, pulls his gun out, rolled his window down and blew my son’s brains out.”
Mr. Golvach believes stiffer jail time could be a solution to defer reentry.  He said “I think that if you are a felon, and you have committed crimes in this country, and you have been deported, well there has to be some sort of deterrent that when you are sitting on the other side of that border that you think about.”
Victor Rodriguez Reyes was born in Reynosa, Mexico. He was convicted of burglary of a building in Hidalgo County in 2002. He pleaded guilty and served three years of probation, did 120 hours of community service, and was assessed a fine. In 2003, Reyes broke a beer bottle on a man’s head and was charged with aggravated assault, a state felony. A motion to revoke his probation was granted and he was deported. In 2004, he illegally crossed the border twice and was deported again. In 2006, he was convicted of aggravated assault with serious bodily injury related to special maritime circumstances. He served 63 months in federal prison and in 2010 was deported again.
The factual circumstances by which Reyes happened to be in Texas in 2015 to murder Spencer Golvach is unknown. What we do know is that he obviously got through the border.
It has been difficult to determine the background of Victor Reyes because there are approximately 10,000 U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement records for a “Victor Reyes” from Mexico. This search does not include “Victor Reyes” from Central America and other countries. Reyes has also used “Victor Reyes Rodriguez” as an alias.
Mr. Golvach wants the public to know that the man who killed his son and was deported, was a criminal who had been convicted of crimes of violence. Spencer’s murderer wasinitially reported by law enforcement and the media to be a “Victor Manuel Reyes” who had been found guilty of drug crimes.
A recent unclassified but “law enforcement sensitive” Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) document leaked to the Houston Chronicle reported that:
There is ample and compelling evidence that the Texas-Mexico border is not secure, and this lack of security undermines public safety and homeland security in every region of the state. Crime has become increasingly transitory, transnational, organized, and discreet, and terrorism has become more disaggregated. An unsecure border with Mexico is the state’s most significant vulnerability as it provides criminals and would-be terrorists from around the world a reliable means to enter Texas and the nation undetected. This is especially concerning today, in light of the recent attacks and schemes around the world.
The DPS report was submitted to the 84th Texas Legislature and the Office of the Governor in response to a June 2014 directive by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. DPS was asked to address Operation Strong Safety.
The Washington Post reported that the Texas Department of Public Safety said the report “was not meant for public distribution.” Department press secretary Tom Vinger was reported to have emailed the Post and said “that report was inappropriately obtained and [the Chronicle was] not authorized to possess or post the law enforcement sensitive document.” Breitbart Texas independently verified this statement with the DPS press secretary.
The DPS Report stated “A percentage of the illegal aliens (IA) smuggled into Texas are committing crimes throughout the state, including homicide, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, and sex trafficking. Deported criminal aliens too often exploit the porous border and return to Texas to commit additional crimes.”
It also recounted crimes committed by individuals who had been deported numerous times. Two illegal immigrants who had been deported multiple times, were recently charged in the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Willacy County, Texas. Only Cameron County separates Willacy County from the Texas-Mexico border.
The dangers of a porous border do not affect just those on the border. An IA who was deported multiple times has been charged with the sexual assault of a 9-year-old Parker County girl in North Texas. As late as January 2015, an illegal alien sex offender was arrested in Austin. He had been deported in 2012 after a conviction for indecency with a child. In 2013, he reentered the U.S. by swimming the Rio Grande River near Laredo.
These criminal threats are not always readily apparent. The dated mugshot provided of Reyes from his 2001 arrest in Hidalgo County shows he was not a tattooed, gold-toothed, gang-member-looking-thug, seen in other criminals’ mug shots. He was someone who would not have raised any alarms if he were seen in your neighborhood. When asked how seeing Reyes’ mugshot affected him, Dan Golvach, told Breitbart Texas “Thank God I don’t have to look at him in Court!”
The Report on Operation Strong Safety warned that “The consequences of a porous international border with Mexico are not limited to the border; rather, they reverberate throughout the state and nation. In fact, many of the most serious consequences do not occur in our border communities. Instead they occur in our major urban areas where there is a proliferation of gangs with direct access to the drugs and people smuggled into Texas within the high-demand retail markets.”
It also detailed the effect of the Mexican Cartel on violent crimes in the United States. “The Mexican cartels have also carried out acts of violence in Texas and elsewhere in the U.S., including murders and kidnappings, aimed at recovering lost drug loads, intimidating or silencing rivals and witnesses and retaliation against their enemies.” Nearly all illegal aliens who illegally enter the United States made use of alien smuggling organizations, which are nearly all associated with Mexican cartels.
DPS reported that 313,100 illegal aliens were apprehended in Texas in 2014.  Department of Homeland Security statistics reveal that more than 96,000 illegal aliens were arrested for criminal offenses and put into Texas jails between June 2011 and December 2014. Those arrests included 561 homicide charges, 27,588 assault charges, 8,984 burglary charges, 31,154 drug charges, 394 kidnapping charges, 17,133 theft charges, 23,476 obstructing law enforcement charges, 1,972 robbery charges, 2,836 sexual assault charges, and 3,770 weapons charges.  The DPS Report stated that these numbers are likely an undercount of all the crime in Texas committed by IAs.
The Report stated that “The Texas State Legislature long ago recognized the importance and linkage of border security to public safety, and consistently, over the last several sessions, has dedicated substantial resources to increase capabilities in the border region.”
Victor Reyes came over the border at will, and deportation and borders obviously meant nothing to him.
Mr. Golvach told Breitbart Texas “this is a place of total despair. There is no healing from this.”