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Economies of Scale

Companies come in all sizes. Some industries like, plumbing, electrical or HVAC repair can be family businesses where the wife answers the phone and the husband has a phone, tools in the truck and may have a helper. If the husband is an expert and the wife can handle the office work, this is the most cost-effective model.

Schwan Foods designed their Driver-Salesman job to operate like the home-based plumbing company.  The wife answered the phone and scheduled deliveries and the husband had a phone and a truck full of frozen food to deliver to homes and stores. They were paid commissions on everything they sold and the company provided the refrigerated truck.


Family owned restaurants can be viable if the owners own the land and the building to lower their fixed costs and avoid rent payments.


There are lots of service businesses that can operate this way. Small manufacturing companies doing low volume can function from home and many businesses started that way.


I’ve operated a private consulting practice for Atlanta electronics manufacturing companies from home since 1993. That enabled me to keep my expenses down and I didn’t really need to rent an office. I would go to the customer’s office when I needed to do that.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Fighting Poverty

We all need to be self-supporting. If we are totally disabled and unable to be self-supporting, we are dependent on our families to help us.  Being self-supporting means we can pay our bills. If our paychecks can’t cover our bills, we are in trouble.  We either have to increase our income or reduce our spending.  This law of economics applies to all individuals, but apparently does not apply to governments.

There are many “one-liner” sayings that have been added to our cultural landscape aimed at reversing poverty.

My favorite is: “Ignorance is trainable, but stupid is forever.” Ignorance is a lack of knowledge.  Stupid comes in two flavors, the first is low IQ and the inability to understand things and the second is bad judgment.

My other favorite is: “Poor people have poor ways.” This refers to conditions where the poor could improve their lives, but they don’t. It is more about “self-defeating behaviors”.

Jesus said: “The poor will always be with you”. He was referring to your children. Remember: “Charity begins at home”.

I can sum this up with “shit happens”. We are all subject to ups and downs. We all need to save during the up times, so we can survive during the down times.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Middle East Stans

Uzbekistan’s population is 31 million, GDP is $67 Billion. Government Debt to GDP is 11%. Land Mass is 173,351 square miles, 93% are Sunni Muslim Per Capita GDP is $2009 per year.

Cotton production is about 1 million tons per year. Uzbekistan is the 6th largest producer and the 2nd largest exporter of cotton in the world.

The main cereals are wheatbarleycorn and rice. Minor crops include sesameonionsflax, tobacco, fresh fruits, dried fruits and melons

Cattle, sheep, and chickens are raised for meat. There are 3 million cows in Uzbekistan, and they produce 5 million liters of milk per year.

Uzbekistan is sandwiched between Turkmenistan and Tajikistan and sits below Kazakhstan. These were all former USSR states and all have majority Muslim populations. They are part of the Middle East Country alliance Trump addressed in Saudi Arabia to fight terrorism. These are not all wealthy countries.

The Other “Stans”

There are lots of “Stans” in the Middle East. They are former USSR countries that were freed to resume their sovereignty in 1990. Their GDPs range from $7 billion to $134 billion. Kazakhstan is the largest and wealthiest of the “Stans”.

Kazakhstan’s population is 18.4 million. GDP is $134 billion. Per Capita GDP is $10,570 per year. Land Mass is 1 million square miles. 70% Sunni Muslim. Government Debt to GDP is 21%. Exports include oil, gas, aluminum and copper.

Uzbekistan’s population is 31 million, GDP is $67 Billion. Per Capita GDP is $2009 per year Land Mass is 173,351 square miles, 93% are Sunni Muslim. Government Debt to GDP is 11%. Exports are agricultural.

Turkmenistan’s population 5.7 million. GDP $36 billion, Per Capita GDP $6389 per year, Land Mass is 189,660 square miles, 89% Sunni Muslim, Government Debt to GDP is 36.5% Exports include oil, natural gas, electrical power, cotton and agricultural equipment.

Kyrgyzstan’s population is 6.1 million GDP $7 billion, Per Capita GDP $1139 per year. Land Mass 77,202 square miles. 86.3% Sunni Muslim, Government Debt to GDP 64.9%. Exports are nonferrous metals and minerals, woolen goods and other agricultural products, electric energy, and certain engineering goods

Tajikistan’s population is 8.7 million. GDP is $7 billion, Per Capita GDP is $ 968 per year.  Land Mass is 55,251 square miles. 95% Sunni Muslim, Government Debt to GDP is 35.3% Exports include cotton, aluminum and electricity.

Azerbaijan’s population is 9.8 million. GDP is $37 billion. Per Capita GDP is $3340 per year. Land Mass is 33,436 square miles, 85% Shia Muslim. Government Debt to GDP is 37.7%. Inflation is 13%. Exports include petroleum and natural gas, petroleum products, oilfield equipment; steel, iron ore, cement; chemicals; petrochemicals; textiles; machinery; cotton; foodstuffs.

The history of these countries reaches back to the Mongol Empire for Kazakhstan and the Persian Empire for the others.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Common Core is Dead

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos declares: ‘Common Core is dead’, by Kate Scanlon, 1/18/18, the Blaze

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said earlier this week that Common Core — a controversial set of federal education standards — “is dead” at her department.

What did DeVos say? During a conference hosted by the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday about “lessons learned” about school reform during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, DeVos said that, despite “valiant efforts to improve education” from both parties, “federal education reform efforts have not worked as hoped.”

“That’s not a point I make lightly or joyfully,” she said. “Yes, there have been some minor improvements in a few areas. But we’re far from where we need to be.”

DeVos said she didn’t want to “impugn anyone’s motives” but asked, “Why, after all the good intentions, the worthwhile goals, the wealth of expertise mustered, and the billions and billions of dollars spent, are students still unprepared?”

She criticized both No Child Left Behind and Common Core as ineffective at combating problems in American education, noting that the former “did little to spark higher scores.”

DeVos said the Obama administration then “dangled billions of dollars through the ‘Race to the Top’ competition, and the grant-making process not so subtly encouraged states to adopt the Common Core State Standards.”

“With a price tag of nearly $4.5 billion, it was billed as the ‘largest-ever federal investment in school reform,’” she said, adding that “nearly every state accepted Common Core standards and applied for hundreds of millions of dollars in ‘Race to the Top’ funds.” DeVos noted there was “public backlash to federally imposed tests and the Common Core.”

“I agree — and have always agreed — with President Trump on this: ‘Common Core is a disaster,’” she said. “And at the U.S. Department of Education, Common Core is dead.”
She argued that “two presidents from different political parties and philosophies” took “two different approaches” but both left America’s students “unprepared.”

“Perhaps the lesson lies not in what made the approaches different, but in what made them the same: the federal government,” she said. “Both approaches had the same Washington ‘experts’ telling educators how to behave.”
DeVos argued the results of the two programs show “federal action has its limits.”

“Ideally, parent and teacher work together to help a child discover his or her potential and pursue his or her passions,” she said:

When we seek to empower teachers, we must empower parents as well. Parents are too often powerless in deciding what’s best for their child. The state mandates where to send their child. It mandates what their child learns and how he or she learns it. In the same way, educators are constrained by state mandates. District mandates. Building mandates… all kinds of other mandates! Educators don’t need Washington mandating their teaching on top of everything else.

DeVos offered few specifics about a plan for education reform, but emphasized she wants a more state-centered approach with more “parental empowerment.”

Outcomes-Based Education

This is a cookie-cutter of behavior requirements. It has nothing to do with reading, writing and arithmetic. It has to do with behavior conditioning of students who will be required to demonstrate the Liberal versions of self-esteem, proper attitudes, adaptability to change, ethical judgement, family living, understanding proper environmental attitude, proper role for citizenship, living in a constitutional democracy, understanding and appreciating others, It uses behavioral goals and control of student learning outcomes. It removes parents from participating. 

The goals of each State are identical. They used the UN Agenda 21 implementation Delphi Technique to “guide” participants to approve the consultant’s choices. Students are “remediated” if they fail to meet the standards. This is brainwashing to achieve “minimum positive attitudes”.

It tests Other-directedness vs Inner-directedness. Conditions kids to accept collectivism and group think. It teaches students to accept rapid change with no protests. The message is “Obey”.  See video below:


Legislatures have created this mess and they need to repeal all laws and regulations that have to do with education. They are not doing this.  Instead, they are denying that this system exists. Student behavior and family background allows tracking by student to ensure that the student is “conditioned”. This is “Common Core”. It ruins students and is unsustainably expensive.  The goal is state control. It is similar to Hitler’s approach to raising the youth to become obedient Nazis, but now computers are used to continually “remediate” students to conform.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Muslims Target Schools

West Virginia school district signs off on mosque’s ‘indoctrination’ of teachers. South Charleston High School was one of at least three Charleston-area schools that allowed a local mosque to solicit its teachers and invite them to a workshop on the Muslim culture and religion.

Parents and taxpayers in Charleston, West Virginia, are starting to ask questions about what’s going on in their public schools after teachers were recently targeted by what appears to have been a brazen violation of separation of mosque and state.

Kanawha County Schools Superintendent Dr. Ronald Duerring gave his approval for the Islamic Association of West Virginia to place personal invitations into each teacher’s school mailbox to attend a “Get to Know Your Muslim Student Event” at the mosque on Jan. 25.
“We came back from lunch [on Jan. 4] and found them in our mailboxes,” said a teacher who asked not to be identified for fear of professional repercussions.

The invitation included a request for teachers to “Please RSVP by Jan. 19.” See the invitation below.

The invitation appeared in the teacher mailboxes of at least three Charleston-area schools: South Charleston High School, John Adams Middle School, Ruthlawn Elementary 

When contacted by a local resident in his district and asked about the Muslim outreach to teachers, Duerring said he had spoken with the school-district attorney, Jim Withrow, who said there “wasn’t a problem” with regard to church-state issues.

Duerring, reached by phone Thursday afternoon, said he did not consider it at all controversial for schools in his district to be allowing mosque leaders access to their teachers.

“That’s not a controversy for us and, no, I am not going to answer any of your questions,” Duerring said before abruptly ending the conversation.

Brenda Arthur, a local insurance broker who leads the Greater Charleston ACT For America chapter, says she will approach the Kanawha County Board of Education at its Thursday night meeting on Jan. 18 to address the controversial invitations.

“I told them this is, to us, an egregious violation of the separation of church and state. They only give you five minutes, so I’ve got to give it my best shot,” said Arthur, a Jewish American who feels her tax dollars should not be going toward the promotion of Islam in the schools.

Arthur said Islam appears to be advancing its agenda throughout West Virginia in a series of aggressive moves.
The city’s only mosque – Islamic Association of West Virginia – doubled in size about two years ago. CAIR, or the Council on American Islamic Relations, announced plans last year to open an office in Charleston, likely in anticipation of a second wave of 100 Muslim refugees arriving from Syria. Because of a citizen backlash, however, that second wave never happened.

Episcopal Migration Ministries wanted to open a Charleston office, and had been approved to do so in the final weeks of the Obama administration, according to local media reports of December 2016.

Catholic Charities had served as the only federal resettlement contractor operating in West Virginia for the last 37 years. But Episcopal Migration Ministries, doing business under the name “West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry” or VWIRM, was granted approval by Obama’s State Department to open another office and resettle 100 Syrian refugees in and around Charleston.

But after Donald Trump took office in January he drastically lowered the ceiling on the number of refugee arrivals, from 110,000 under Obama down to 50,000 and then 45,000. The Episcopal-backed Interfaith Ministry’s big plans for more Syrians were nixed.

But the Muslim Student Association and other Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups have been upping their game in the state ever since.

The MSA filed complaints of bullying on the campus of George Washington High School in Charleston, according to a Nov. 11 report by the Charleston Gazette-Mail.
The MSA joined with the San Jose, California-based Islamic Networks Group, or ING, to put on a seminar at the mosque for students.

The ING goes around the country putting on cultural diversity seminars and interfaith programs, according to its website, with particular emphasis on schools, colleges, law enforcement agencies, churches and civic groups.
Muslim leaders with ING worked with Muslim students at George Washington High on how to deal with bullying.
Islamic Network Group was founded by Maha El Genaidi, who once advised American Muslims not to talk with FBI agents without an attorney present, and to notify CAIR or the Muslim Public Affairs Council of any investigative inquiries.

CAIR, ING, MSA and other Islamist organizations often approach schools under the guise of being concerned about bullying, then use that to leverage special concessions for Muslim students, such as Islamic prayer rooms, separate food arrangements, etc.

It wasn’t but about six weeks after the November bullying seminar at one Charleston high school that the invitations for teachers to come to the city’s only mosque appeared in mailboxes. And the advancement of Islam in West Virginia hasn’t stopped there.

The vice president of the Charleston mosque, Ibtesam Sue Barazi, is now offering a class through the state university system’s adult education programs. She will be at the South Charleston Public Library on Feb. 6 teaching on the “Holy Quran,” and “the Quran’s universal message where Allah speaks to all humanity, believers and non-believers.”
It’s unclear what other religions will be offered a platform at the public library to share about their faith.

Watch video below of Ibtesam Sue Barazi talking about how Muslims had outgrown their mosque in Charleston and needed to expand.

“These incremental steps make it very clear to me what is happening in our state,” Arthur said.

Another teacher who asked not to be identified for fear of losing her job, said she was one of about 40 teachers at her school who received the invitation to the mosque. She said reactions to the invitation varied among her colleagues.
“I actually found it first and told a friend who is also a teacher. She’s pretty disturbed about the whole thing. My first reaction was disbelief.

“Some teachers were very offended by it,” she added.
She said the issue was raised at a teachers’ meeting with the principal. Dr. Guerring gave his approval to the mosque but with the caveat that principals at the individual schools in the district could have the final say as to whether to give access to the their teachers’ mailboxes.

“I know a few who didn’t have any kind of reaction and maybe seemed a little aloof when someone else brought it up in our teachers’ meeting,” the teacher said. “She wanted to know, she asked if this was approved by the superintendent, and the principal said it was approved by the superintendent, who left it up to the principals to give final approval in each school, and that he had approved it for our school. As she asked the question she held up her invitation, which had been ripped in two. There were a few in the meeting who you could tell didn’t appreciate it. She was the only one to speak out at the meeting.”

She said most of the teachers are afraid to say anything about the invitations. But a few have voiced concerns that it may look bad for their careers if they don’t attend the event.
“I posted on Facebook and just included something about how I received this invitation today and I’m just wondering if any of my teacher friends also received it and if any of my teacher friends are interested in going,” she said. “I thought I would get some sort of reaction but nobody wanted to touch it. No responses. And that’s so unusual. I rarely put anything on Facebook that gets no response. That post did nothing in about 36 hours, so I went ahead and took it down.” The teacher said she hasn’t decided yet whether she will attend the mosque event.

If the effort to get teachers indoctrinated into the belief system of Islam can happen in West Virginia, it can happen anywhere, says Mathew Staver, executive director and lead attorney with Liberty Counsel.

“I think this invitation crosses the line because it specifically indicates that the teachers are invited to come to the mosque with a Muslim association to learn about the religion of Islam, that’s the sole purpose of it, not only to learn about their culture but about the Islamic religion,” Staver said. “It was authorized by the superintendent and the principals to be sent to all the teachers in at least three schools. It would be no different than a church sending out an invitation to come and learn about the Christian students and particularly their Christian faith.”

If it had been a similar outreach by a Christian church, instead of a mosque, Staver said he feels certain the ACLU and the Freedom from Religion Foundation would be putting the school district on notice about a violation of the so-called “establishment clause” of the First Amendment.

“I think they would be up in arms because they would argue it violates the separation of church and state. In this case I think it’s very clear from the invitation that it is an Islamic indoctrination event being held at the mosque and it was authorized by the superintendent, so it’s clear it crosses the line. It looks like this particular mosque and Islamic association has been given special access to the teachers.”
Staver said he can’t imagine that any other faith would get this type of inside access to the teachers to invite them to a specific event designed for the teachers to learn about their religion. “We will follow up with the school to make them aware of this situation,” Staver said.

The teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity said special concessions are given at her school for students fasting during Ramadan. “I just feel like it’s a very slow process of giving the country away,” she said.

Arthur, in her sixties but showing no signs of slowing down, says she will continue to serve as a watchdog in West Virginia, because if Islamization can happen there, it can happen anywhere in America.

“Who would think that little West Virginia would be a target but these are exactly the kind of places they think they can go into and get a foothold without anybody noticing,” said Arthur, a native West Virginian who moved back to the state in 2013.

“When I got back here and saw the large mosque here in s Charleston I was pretty stunned, then they went back in and doubled the size of the mosque about two years ago. We didn’t know at the time they were intending to establish a second resettlement site here. Looking back, when you put the pieces together it makes all the sense in world why they did it because they were expecting a second wave of migration. That’s been shelved for now, Trump happened.”

Leo Hohmann is a veteran journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” Donate to this website and help support his investigative reporting on topics most journalists are afraid to touch.

Friday, January 19, 2018

American Spending

Americans spend a lot of their money on necessary things that now cost a lot more than anybody ever thought they would.  We are all stuck with a home mortgage or rent bill and basic utility bills for electric, natural gas, water, telephone and property taxes. These bills have always been with us, but now they cost 10 times more than they used to cost.


Most of us have automobiles and we are required to have automobile insurance and immediately replace burned out front and rear lights or we get fined. 


Many of us have televisions and internet and are billed for these. We also have cell phones that act as cameras, video recorders, internet connectivity and lots more, but they cost more than land lines.


We now spend lots of money on unnecessary things we used to do without. We used to get our pets free from neighbors or animal shelters and these mutts never got sick, but now we pay big bucks to buy them at pet stores.  Pets used to be healthier, but now we can rack up lots of veterinarian bills.  We used to play ball in vacant lots, but now we sign up for sports teams with uniforms and coaches and play at expensive tax funded sports complexes. We used to have swing sets in our back yards, but now we go to expensive tax funded parks. We used to have blow-up plastic pools and games in the back yard, but now we go to the subdivision pool and tennis courts. We used to celebrate birthdays at home with a birthday cake we baked. Now we buy the cake and rent a blow-up slide or go to a “party facility”.


We used to cut our own grass and apply our own fertilizer and water it with a hose, but now we hire out the yard work and have an in-ground automatic sprinkler system. We used to do our own home maintenance and painting, but now we hire contractors. We used to maintain our own automobiles, but now they are too complicated to work on.


I used to go to schools where the buildings were over 100 to 200 years old, but the buildings were well maintained and upgraded and the education was much better and much cheaper. I used to ride my bike everywhere, but today moms don’t want their kids to be out of their sight.  I got to work my way through school, pay my own expenses and had no student loans, but those days are past.


We have tried to survive on the “service economy” we were left with after we exported our manufacturing jobs to other countries and imported welfare refugees to take whatever jobs that were left. The cost of our socialist policies has soared and our wages have stagnated and we are now just like Europe.  It’s time to increase our productivity to dig our way out of this hole.


Today, consumer debt in the US is now $12.7 trillion.  US government debt is over $20 trillion with unfunded liabilities of $124 trillion. Our situation in the US is similar to the economic decline we saw in Europe after the expenses they paid to rebuild after World War I and World War II and were losing their colonial holdings. The Trump agenda is the key to restoring our economy. We also need to tighten up and pay down our debts.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader