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Unconstitutional Federal Land

The Bundy Debacle and Federal Land Grabs - The Nation's Wealth

So why natural resources you say? Because there are a butt load of them. That's why. And it doesn't stop with diamonds. This is about ALL natural resources.

Natural resources are the MAIN reason for the federal seizure of privately, state/people owned, land. Look carefully at the map and you will realize that any and all of the land west of the Mississippi was up for grabs a while ago.

The Supreme court also decided somewhere along the line that this action was completely Constitutional.

I would like that court or any other to show me where in ANY Constitution, state, federal or otherwise it gives the PEOPLE'S permission to the FEDS to run the show.
They may be perfectly correct, that these areas do need to be preserved for future generations, as they were for me, but nowhere does it say that the states and it's people don't have first dibs on CONTROL of that land and it's resources as well as to profit from those resources. Think about it people.

How many resources are there to be had in any given area, anyway? The answer. A BUTT LOAD! And the feds want to control them.

The mining of coal, sulfur, gold. silver, diamonds, copper, tin, and exploring for gas, oil, water, dams, electricity, the mountains themselves, and what about TREES? Aren't these resources? Are these all property of the federal government? Where does it say that? What DOES our nation's rule book say about it? Let's look.

"The Congress shall have Power To… exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States…"

Last time I looked folks, there were resources all around me that God put here and that We The People have NATURAL RIGHT TO! That's why they're called NATURAL resources people. Because government did not create them, nor did they ordain that such shall exist. In fact, the last time I looked, It went
1.    Nature
2.    Nature's God
3.    The FREE People with free will to make mistakes and take full responsibility for them. And then and ONLY then;
4.    Governments and cities and organized societies and rules and statutes and jails, etc.
All of number 4 is subordinate to the rest. Governments do not make laws, only God and Nature do. "The Law of Necessity" is not a man-made law. we were born with it, knowing it, doing it, right away, without being told that we needed to.

It's known as "The right to defend myself against harm." Still recognized today in every court in the land as the concept called the right to "Self-Defense".

If you point a gun at my head to rob me of my rights, I have the right, no the DUTY to stop you. Self defense. That's what Robert "LaVoy" Finicum was trying to get across. It is all the Bundy family  is trying defend and it is, by their own admission the number one reason the federal government under Ulysses S. Grant on March 1st, 1872 - Grant signs legislation establishing Yellowstone as the nation's first national park. There you go, created by statute; the "National" Park/Refuge System.

Don't misunderstand me. I LOVE these places. Have seen many of them. They are magnificent. That's not the issue. Ownership of the RESOURCES and THE LAND! That's the issue.

Right now as you read this, they are occupying those lands, with absolutely NO intention of giving them up. They claim they "belong to the world." They have even labeled them "World Heritage Sites" and put them "Legally" under the control of the Unesco and the IMF.


The US Constitution (as written) states that the federal government cannot own any land beyond that needed to conduct its business.  We need to restore the US Constitution (as written).  The US Congress needs to draft Amendments and send them to the States to be ratified.  They don’t do this, because they know the States would not ratify them.  We have a rogue federal government that deserves to be overthrown peacefully, by public opinion and at the ballot box.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Electric Rates going up by 300%,

An Open Letter From Michael Reagan: Millions of Americans without affordable heat or electricity. Obama and Hillary creating the worst energy crisis in US history.

The national best-seller Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan for a One-Party Nation shows you how President Obama and the progressives have been secretly destroying America, and how they now plan the biggest assault ever on our wealth and lives. It sounds incredible but it’s true:

President Obama and progressives like Hillary Clinton have launched the biggest power grab in history, a power grab that could overthrow our constitutional republic and leave your family freezing in the dark in just a few years.

The latest assault is an all-out attack on our energy companies. By declaring the life-giving gas CO2, on which all plant life on earth depends, a pollutant, Obama and the EPA have begun closing down all coal mines and coal power plants in America, and threaten to bankrupt oil-fired plants as well.

Under these extreme environmental edicts, some 50% to 70% of our power plants could be forced to close in the next few years — causing your energy bill to quadruple and leaving many families freezing.

U.S. mining companies we depend upon for fuel are being put out of business. Major power companies filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy include America’s largest mining company Peabody Energy, Arch Coal, Alpha Natural Resources, and Walter Energy.

And it’s not just big companies that are at risk. Thousands of small businesses — including neighborhood dry cleaners, small manufacturers, and even restaurants — will soon be forced to close by an insidious combination of crazy environmental regulations, skyrocketing costs, and massive new taxes.

I’m Michael Reagan, TV host and commentator, and president of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Foundation.

President Obama’s deliberate destruction of America’s energy grid, which could bankrupt the middle class, is just the latest link in a chain of progressive outrages.

Obama’s progressive goal: To obliterate your constitutional rights, tax and regulate you to death, and give the Democratic Party a total and permanent lock on power in America.

No modern president has so blatantly violated the Constitution and Bill of Rights as Barack Obama and the consequences for your income and freedom are devastating.

As the national best-seller Power Grab: Obama’s Dangerous Plan for a One-Party Nation makes clear, it’s a real threat, Dick Morris warns, and we are close to a “tipping point” in which these radical Democrats will have a stranglehold on the White House and even Congress for decades to come.

When Dick Morris first warned of Obama’s power-grab plan, he was scoffed at. But almost every play Obama has made moves the ball down the field for his ultimate plan: to put the Republican Party and its conservative wing out of business, making the Democratic Party — controlled by radical leftists — the country’s single dominating party.

Republicans just don’t get what Obama’s real strategic plan is, Morris explains. “They need to because our whole way of life is at stake,” he says. Again and again, in defiance of the separation of powers and constitutional government, Obama has . . .
* Created or rewritten dozens of laws — including Obamacare and No Child Left Behind — to impose a far-left political agenda on America and seize power from Congress.
* Pushed the Supreme Court to overturn marriage laws in all 50 states, and mandate same-sex marriage, setting the precedent that he and the court can unilaterally create a new law that never existed before, overruling more than 200 years of legislative and state control over marriage laws.

* Unilaterally authorized by executive action a $150 billion-plus giveaway to Iran — which sponsors terrorism throughout the world — putting that country on the path to acquiring nuclear weapons. The Constitution requires the Senate to pass such a “treaty” by a two-thirds vote — which never took place here.

* And now he has instituted his step-by-step plan to criminalize legal gun ownership in total defiance of the Second Amendment and the will of Congress.

Why You Should Read Power Grab

While a growing number of Americans are aware of Obama’s unconstitutional use of executive orders, few realize that it’s all part of a secret plan to lock in power for radical progressives in the Democratic Party and permanently consign Republicans and independents to political no man’s land.

For instance, Obama unilaterally gave 5 million illegal aliens work permits. He did this without congressional approval — where does the president get such power?

The Constitution states clearly that Congress appropriates funding for government programs. The president is illegally spending federal funds on his amnesty program. By the way, Dick Morris’ Power Grab predicted Obama would unilaterally take this action.

Here’s why, as Dick explains: Obama knows the next presidential election could be very, very close. A change of just a few hundred thousand votes in key states like Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and a handful of other states will give the Democrats a “lock” on the White House.

How to Stop Obama From Dick Morris’ Power Grab

“Here is our strategy: To wage a new kind of political guerrilla war, battling Obama — and defeating him — each step of the way, each and every day. “Throughout this book, we will describe each of Obama’s outrageous power grabs, assess its impact, and explain the game plan for the guerrilla war we must fight to stop his tyrannizing of America.” We also know there is statistical proof that many voters are not even legally allowed to vote!

By giving 5 million illegals work status, the Democrats will ensure that many of these individuals will vote in the next election!

Dick Morris’ Power Grab shows you exactly how Obama is accomplishing this overthrow of the U.S. Constitution, and the practical steps we can take to stop him.

More Obama Outrages

The longer Obama is in office, the more outrageous his conduct becomes. Other Obama attacks on our freedom you’ll learn about in Power Grab include . . .

* Giving the EPA total control over every source of water and piece of land in the country, in the name of protecting us from climate change,

* Destroying community-controlled schools and massively dumbing down our children under Common Core. 

* Tremendously expanding welfare entitlements to create an unstoppable, national power base for Democrats, and permanent economic dependency. 

* Giving the FCC control of the Internet in the name of “fairness” and copyright protection.

Unless we stop him, Obama will continue to legislate without Congress and rewrite laws to further his agenda. But we must do more: We need to understand Obama’s secret plan and share it with our friends and family.

The more people know that our very system of constitutional government is at stake in the next election, the more we can stop Obama’s radical agenda!

The first step in stopping him is learning the truth about what he is doing. Power Grab does exactly that.

Here’s what presidential candidate Ben Carson says about Power Grab: “I read Power Grab and couldn’t put it down. Dick Morris thoroughly reveals President Obama’s hidden agenda.” He added, “This book is a must-read for all Americans.”

Freedom or ‘Progressive’ Tyranny; It’s Our Choice. America is now at a crucial turning point in our history. If Obama succeeds in making millions of Americans financially dependent upon entitlements (like Obamacare subsidies and food stamps and Social Security disability) and flooding the country with illegal aliens, there will be little opposition to Democrats who boast of this never-ending gravy train.

Left unchecked, Obama’s power grab will mean the end of the American middle class and our freedom. Power Grab shows how we can stop this far-left agenda.

Source: Newsmax

UK Healthcare is Toast

NHS: UK now has one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world, according to OECD report. Hospitals so underequipped that people are dying needlessly because of a chronic lack of investment, by Paul Gallagher, 11/4/15

The UK has one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world according to a damning new report which said the nation has an “outstandingly poor” record of preventing ill health.

Hospitals are now so short-staffed and underequipped that people are also dying needlessly because of a chronic lack of investment. The verdict, from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), will make embarrassing reading for David Cameron who denied the cash-strapped NHS is heading for its worst winter crisis.
Staff are too rushed to improve levels of care that have in many areas fallen below countries such as Turkey, Portugal and Poland. Almost 75,000 more doctors and nurses are needed to match standards in similar countries the OECD said in its annual Health at a Glance study comparing the quality of healthcare across 34 countries. 

While access to care is “generally good” the quality of care in the UK is “poor to mediocre” across several key health areas, obesity levels are “dire” and the NHS struggles to get even the “basics” right, the report said citing a lack of investment over the last six years.

Britain was placed on a par with Chile and Poland as countries still lagging behind the best performers in survival following diagnosis for different types of cancer. The UK came 21st out of 23 countries on cervical cancer survival, 20th out of 23 countries on breast and bowel cancer survival and 19th out of 31 countries on stroke.

The organization called for “urgent attention” to combat high rates of smoking, harmful alcohol consumption and obesity, which are all above the OECD average, to reduce premature mortality in the United Kingdom. Some 19 per cent of adults in the OECD are obese on average, but the figure in the UK is 25 per cent. 

While survival after hospital admission for heart attack and stroke is improving it is “worse than many other OECD countries” including Canada, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, the 220-page study said. The UK is ranked 20th out of 32 countries on heart attack deaths.

Mark Pearson, OECD Deputy Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, said many medics were too rushed to improve the care they give.

He said: “At the moment in the NHS I think there is the risk that people do not have the time to do that. What they are doing is going through the processes ... rather than being a learning organization, an organization that can improve.”

He said the UK was doing “outstandingly poorly” on preventing ill health by tackling issues such as obesity thanks to lower than average levels of public investment in healthcare which was mirrored by a “somewhat mediocre performance across the board - from relatively low staffing levels, to high rates of avoidable admissions for asthma and lung disease”.

NHS funding had remained static between 2009 and 2013, the OECD report said. Mr Pearson said the UK was spending “considerably less” than many OECD countries and that “you get what you pay for” in healthcare.

The OECD average number of nurses and doctors is 9.1 and 3.3 per 1,000 population respectively, while the figure in the UK is 8.2 and 2.8. Nine countries including Greece, Italy and Portugal have more doctors per head.

Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive of the think tank the Nuffield Trust, who helped launch the report at a meeting in central London on 4 November, said 47,700 more nurses and 26,500 more doctors were needed to match the OECD average. The extra staff would cost the NHS another £5bn a year.

Mr. Edwards also called junior doctors “the backbone of the workforce in hospitals” rather than more highly qualified doctors.

His verdict came as Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt writes to all 50,000 junior doctors in England in a last ditch attempt to persuade them not to take industrial action. Mr. Hunt’s letter includes fresh clarification on what the changes involve to their new contracts, due to come into effect next August, and a few concessions. Basic pay is to rise by 11 per cent, but other elements, including what constitutes unsociable hours, are being curbed.

The report said that spending “out-of-pocket” on health goods and services is low in the UK and unmet care needs for medical or dental care are also comfortably below the OECD average. Waiting times for planned interventions such as hip and knee replacement are now lower than in most other OECD countries reporting data. 

The UK also won praise for its coverage of vaccinations, such as the flu jab for the over 65s, while breast and cervical screening rates are well above the OECD average. 

“However, too many lives are still lost because the quality of care is not improving fast enough,” the report said. “Survival following diagnosis for cancer has increased in the United Kingdom over the past 10 years, but the UK still remains in the bottom third of OECD countries in five-year relative survival for colorectal cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer, though survival rates are improving at least as fast as the OECD average. The United Kingdom does not excel at delivering high-quality acute care either.”

David Cameron refused to answer Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s questions when the Labour leader asked whether he could guarantee there would be no winter crisis in the NHS. Mr Cameron said the NHS was benefiting from an injection of £10bn not supported by Labour at the last election.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: “We are making the NHS the safest healthcare system in the world which is why we have invested £10 billion to fund the NHS’s own plan for its future. We know there are areas where the NHS can improve which is why we have prioritized investment in the frontline and there are already more than 21,400 extra clinical staff, including 10,500 additional doctors and more than 7,600 additional nurses on our wards since May 2010. 
“The OECD report shows there are many indicators where the NHS continues to be the envy of the world.”


The UK needs to lay off their healthcare bureaucrats and buy efficient critical equipment and supplies and focus on out-patient surgery and home healthcare.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Syrians Reject Ireland

Syrians in Greece picky about where they will go, reject Ireland, by Ann Corcoran 5/1/16

Whew! Does this mean Ireland could dodge a bullet!

Invasion of Europe news….Probably not as the Irish government still plans to persuade them to resettle there and begin Syrian Muslim colonies in the Republic of Ireland.  Of course this begs the question—if they think they can go country-shopping, how desperate are the Syrian migrants who came over from safe Turkey (a Muslim country) to claim asylum in Europe?

Joan Burton, Deputy Prime Minister: Not to worry, we will take our full quota whether the ‘refugees’ like it or not. Do-gooders know best.

From the Irish Independent: The Acting T├ínaiste has claimed refugees from the Syrian conflict are snubbing the chance to come to Ireland as they would rather be reunited with family members in other European countries.

Just 10 people out of the planned 2,600 have relocated to Ireland from refugee camps in Greece and Italy under an EU relocation program.

Joan Burton said the small numbers could be explained by the fact refugees were seeking to join relatives elsewhere. “They would like to go to friends, relatives and communities and these are, for the most part, in Germany, Austria and the Scandinavian countries. That is what refugees do,” she said.

However, despite the low numbers arriving to date, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald insisted Ireland remained committed to relocating the numbers committed to under the EU plan.

Ms. Fitzgerald said Ireland had committed to taking 2,600 refugees under the EU relocation program by the end of next year and 4,000 overall when other schemes are included.

Ireland has already a growing Muslim population, here they take in Rohingya. For more on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ go here.

Syrian Bishop Opposes Resettlement

One Catholic in the world is not advocating for the wholesale movement of Syrians to the West, by Ann Corcoran on 5/1/16

He is the Archbishop of Aleppo, Syria and in this interview with Catholic News Service he is highly critical of Canada’s mass importation of Syrians.  (By the way, we have never seen a breakdown of the percentage of Muslim v. Christian Syrians Canada is admitting.)

I’m guessing he would be even more appalled if he knew how the US Conference of Catholic Bishops takes millions of tax dollars every year and is now busy scattering Syrians to the four winds and into every corner of America. Here is what he says about the cradle of Christianity potentially being devoid of Christians.

I wonder does this give any good Catholics pause about what is being done in their name when thousands upon thousands of Syrians are scattered for permanent resettlement?

MONTREAL (CNS) — Seated in a quiet room, the Melkite Catholic archbishop of Aleppo, Syria, spoke slowly, in an almost muffled voice.

He goes on to describe a horrible bombing of the city.  Then this….The city is 8,000 years old. It gave civilization to the world,” said Archbishop Jeanbart, giving details about what Aleppo brought to history, culture, science and economics. Located in northern Syria, until recently Aleppo was a driving force for the country’s economy, providing work to 1.2 million workers and hosting 150,000 university students.

“More than half of the city’s population left over the last four or five years,” added the archbishop who has served there since 1995.

Ever since the war started, Archbishop Jeanbart has said that his wish is to see the population — and especially the Christians — stay in Syria. When asked what he thinks about Canada welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees in the past few months, he was not impressed.

“We’re not happy when we see the Canadian government moving refugees and facilitating their integration. It hurts us. A lot,” he said.….he would rather see the Canadian government making more efforts to allow the Syrian population to stay in Syria.

We will reconstruct our country. We want to build and stay,” he said, pounding the arm of his chair. “We want it to be our country and stay in this country where Christianity was born, and give a testimony of Christ’s love and charity, and of the possibility to live together, as men believing in God and respectful of one another.”

Continue reading here. Go here to see our complete Canada archive with recent posts about ‘Boy’ Trudeau’s impulsive, supposedly humanitarian, airlift of over 25,000 Syrians in only a few months.

And, I wonder if the Pope ever listens to others of his faith who clearly must disagree with what he (the Pope) is advocating.

Christian Bakery Case Appeal

OFFICIAL WHO PENALIZED 'SWEETCAKES' ACCUSED OF VIOLATING CONSTITUTION, Bakery owners punished with $135,000 fine for refusing to violate Christian faith, by Bob Unruh, 4/30/16

An Oregon state official and his agency violated the U.S. Constitution in multiple ways when they assessed a $135,000 penalty against Sweetcakes by Melissa bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein for refusing to violate their Christian faith by creating a wedding cake for a lesbian duo, according to a new appeal filed in the long-running case.

“In America, you’re protected by the Constitution, and you’re also innocent until proven guilty,” said Kelly Shackelford, president of First Liberty Institute, which is working on the Kleins’ case.

“Commissioner Brad Avakian decided the Kleins were guilty before he even heard their case. This is an egregious violation of the Kleins’ rights to due process. We hope the Oregon Court of Appeals will remedy this by reversing or dismissing the government’s case against the Kleins.”

Boyden Gray, former ambassador to the European Union and founding partner of Boyden Gray and Associates, noted the Constitution “guarantees the rights of free exercise of religion, free speech, and due process for every American.”
Gray also has joined in the Kleins’ case.

“We hope the Oregon Court of Appeals will defend the Kleins’ rights in accordance with state and federal law,” he said.

The case was prompted by the Kleins’ decision in 2013 not to make a cake for a lesbian duo. The couple had sold products to the women before and said they would again but declined to provide the cake because its message violated their religious beliefs.

Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries responded with a lengthy and wide-ranging attack on the couple, ordering them to pay the $135,000 penalty and not to say “certain things about their religious faith.”

Officials overseeing the case even stated publicly that people with such beliefs need to be “rehabilitated,” according to court records.

Now they have appealed to the Oregon Court of Appeals, arguing the state violated their constitutional rights to religious freedom, free speech and due process.

Avakian, for example, before hearing the case against the Kleins, “made numerous public comments on social media and in media interviews revealing his intent to rule against them,” according to the brief.

“He stated that the Kleins had ‘disobeyed’ Oregon law and needed to be ‘rehabilitated.’ By failing to recuse himself from the case, while harboring a bias against the Kleins, Commissioner Avakian deprived the Kleins of their right to due process with a fair hearing before an impartial tribunal.”

The brief also contends the $135,000 penalty was gratuitous and excessive and that the agency order violates Oregon law, the state constitution and the U.S. Constitution. The complaint asserts the state agency violated constitutional prohibitions against compelled speech, free speech, due process and limits on the exercise of their religion.
Avakian did not respond to WND email and telephone requests for comment.

“This case addresses a BOLI final order misinterpreting Oregon’s public accommodations law, ORS 659A.403, which requires business to sell their goods and services to all persons, regardless of protected characteristics like sexual orientation. BOLI’s misapplication of Oregon law violates both the Oregon and United States Constitutions,” the brief argues.

“It unlawfully compels two law-abiding Oregon citizens, the Kleins, to devote their time and talents to create art destined for use in expressive events conveying messages that contradict their deeply and sincerely held religious beliefs,” it says.

The dispute, the brief says, “is about “the state forcing business owners to publicly facilitate ceremonies, rituals, and other expressive events with which they have fundamental and often, as in this case, religious disagreements. BOLI says the Kleins’ refusal to create custom-designed cakes for same-sex weddings tells complainants that ‘there are places they cannot go, things they cannot be.”

“The Kleins, however, have no power over where the complainants go, what they can be, or whether their identities are worthy of recognition. BOLI, of course, does have those powers over the Kleins and others like them. And its final order sends a clear message that their identity as a religious people is not worthy of state recognition and that they cannot operate a business in Oregon unless they facilitate same-sex weddings.” The state said its ruling was about how “people in a free society should choose to treat each other.”

“BOLI’s charge is to fairly and impartially enforce the law, not to use it to bring about its vision of a free society, compelling people to engage in speech that violates their consciences in the name of rehabilitating religious dissenters,” the brief says.

It points out that refusing to do “gay weddings” is not the same as refusing to sell services to “gay” people. Under the agency’s standard, the brief points out, a feminist photographer could be forced to facilitate fraternity initiations with pictures and an atheist store manager could be forced to provide bread for Wiccan rituals.

Citing Thomas Jefferson’s statement that compelling a man “to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors” is “tyrannical,” the brief argues that the people of Oregon have given BOLI certain powers, but not the authority “to determine how people in a society should treat each other, compelling speech and running roughshod over sincere religious beliefs.”

It also explains there were significant problems with the evidence that the state agency accepted, including the claim from Cheryl McPherson, the mother of complainant Rachel Cryer, that Aaron Klein called her an “abomination.”

What actually happened was that she went to the bakery to “confront” the Kleins about their beliefs and instruct them that she believed the Bible to be silent about “same-sex relationships.”

Aaron Klein listened to her, then responded with a verse from Leviticus: “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”

McPherson left and reported that Klein had called her an “abomination,” a variation of the evidence that was not addressed by the state agency’s ruling, the brief explains.
The agency also repeatedly rejected the Kleins’ attempts to obtain a fair evaluation by restricting witnesses they could question regarding the evidence and refusing their requests to disqualify certain components.

The Kleins’ brief cites a recent ruling from a parallel agency in Colorado that ruled homosexual advocates who are bakers legally could refuse to produce a cake with a biblical message on it.

“There is no basis, however, in law or logic for forcing some bakers to associate with expressive events (same sex weddings) while exempting others from associating with expressive messages (Bible passages),” the brief argues.

WND previously reported that Samaritan’s Purse CEO Franklin Graham, who also is CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, called the ruling against the Kleins a travesty for the First Amendment. Graham reacted on his Facebook page to the Oregon ruling against the Kleins.

He wrote: “This is unbelievable! … Brad Avakian, Oregon’s Bureau of Labor & Industries Commissioner, upheld [the previous] ruling that the Kleins have to pay the lesbian couple $135,000 for a long list of alleged damages including: ‘acute loss of confidence,’ ‘high blood pressure,’ ‘impaired digestion,’ ‘loss of appetite,’ ‘migraine headaches,’ ‘pale and sick at home after work,’ ‘resumption of smoking habit,’ ‘weight gain,’ and ‘worry.’ Give me a break. In my opinion, this couple should pay the Kleins $135,000 for all they’ve been through!”

He continued: “Even more outrageous is that Avakian has also now ordered the Kleins to ‘cease and desist’ from speaking publicly about not wanting to bake cakes for same-sex weddings based on their Christian beliefs. This is an outright attack on their #‎freedomofspeech. A senior attorney with the The Heritage Foundation was absolutely right when he said, ‘It is exactly this kind of oppressive persecution by government officials that led the pilgrims to America.'”

On Monday, WND reported four members of the Colorado Supreme Court, including a justice who boasts on a state website of being a homosexual-rights advocate, refused to intervene in a case in the state that is similar to the Kleins’. There, a state agency ruling is forcing a Colorado baker to violate his Christian faith by baking a cake for a homosexual duo.

The court on Monday issued a terse statement denying a petition for review. It said that Chief Justice Nancy Rice and Justice Nathan Coats would have reviewed the case because of the important constitutional questions it raises. But four other justices, including Monica Marquiz, who boasts of winning the Colorado GLBT Bar Association’s 2009 Outstanding GLBT Attorney Award, joined with a growing social movement that insists homosexual rights trump the religious rights protected by the Constitution.

For Rice and Coats, the issues that need to be reviewed include whether the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) “requires Phillips to create artistic expression that contravenes his religious beliefs about marriage,” whether “applying CADA to force Phillips to create artistic expression that contravenes his religious beliefs about marriage violates his free speech rights under the United States and Colorado Constitutions” and whether “applying CADA to force Phillips to create artistic expression that violates his religious beliefs about marriage infringes his free exercise rights under the United States and Colorado Constitutions.” The other three justices joining the campaign were Brian Boatright, William Hood III and Richard Gabriel..

Colorado’s antagonism to Christians was apparent when Diann Rice, a member of the state civil rights commission, which reviewed the allegations, said: “I would also like to reiterate what we said in the hearing or the last meeting. Freedom of religion and religion has been used to justify all kinds of discrimination throughout history, whether it be slavery, whether it be the Holocaust, whether it be – I mean, we – we can list hundreds of situations where freedom of religion has been used to justify discrimination. And to me it is one of the most despicable pieces of rhetoric that people can use to – to use their religion to hurt others.”
Hear a recording of Rice’s statement:


The US Congress has not passed any Amendment to the Civil Rights Act that includes LBGT citizens as a protected class.  Colorado State Law may have included homosexuals in their own Anti-discrimination laws.  If this is the case, the “bakery case” fine may be reversed because Colorado didn’t allow for “due process”.

I’m surprised that Colorado businesses have allowed this in their state.  States should repeal their own versions of the US Civil Rights Act and not get ahead of the federal on this issue. 

The laws that allow predatory law suits need to be repealed as anti-business.  The Community Reinvestment Act 1993 and HUD anti-discrimination rules caused the 2008 Meltdown and haven’t been repealed.  Continuing to include unqualified borrowers as a protected class is suicidal.  US Law needs to draw a line in these anti-discrimination laws when they endanger the economy or unduly violate everybody else’s rights.

The gay marriage opinion by the Supreme Court needs to be reversed by the Congress.  The Courts should not be passing new laws in violation of the Constitution.   

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader