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Carter can’t do Math

Pledges an extra $1 billion for Education
Carter's education and no-taxes pledge doesn't add up, by Kyle Wingfield
Call it the gnome theory of campaign promises: 1. Spend $1 billion more on education.  2. ??  3. Balance budget without raising taxes.
I refer of course to the pledge by Jason Carter, the Democratic candidate for governor, to increase spending on k-12 education by $1 billion without raising taxes. He has no list of cuts he’d make to offset that spending. He’s merely said there’s a “giant amount of waste” out there, and somebody should figure out where it is.
His opponent, Gov. Nathan Deal, responded with a list of 70 state departments, agencies and offices that would have to be completely eliminated to hit $1 billion.
Rather than list them all, and with some modifications to Deal's list, let’s look first at what wouldn’t be eliminated. Some assumptions: Given the way Carter has also talked about pre-K and college, we’ll assume no education cuts at all. He also wants to expand Medicaid, so let’s guess health spending is off the table. The state also spent another $960 million on debt service, the vast majority for bonds issued in the past, so take that out.
Setting those figures aside from this year’s $18.3 billion general-fund budget leaves Carter $3.5 billion worth of spending — 19 percent of the total — in which to find his cuts. (State revenue growth the past few years has mostly gone to pay for higher enrollments in schools and Medicaid.)
He can’t very well shut down the prisons. Assuming he sees the need for prosecutors and courts as well, we’re down to $1.6 billion to find the cuts.
The $600 million left to play with is enough to keep the Departments of Human Services and Revenue; the Legislature and governor’s office, though not all gubernatorial programs; the ethics commission (Carter surely wouldn’t cut that); and … well … even some of those bureaus would have to be cut.
That’d be it. Unless most state agencies took 60 percent cuts, your entire Georgia government would comprise education, health care, criminal justice, tax collection and some children’s and elder services.
No Agriculture, Economic Development, Labor, Transportation or Veterans Service departments. No auditors, regulators for banks or utilities, or drivers license offices. Just to name a few.
The point isn’t that a Gov. Carter would actually try to close down that many state offices and services. He surely would not. But these examples illustrate the scope of this extremely vague promise he keeps making while taking on a lot of other budgetary constraints.
In a budget that allocates more than half the state’s general revenues to education -- and with tax hikes supposedly off the table -- schools must feel some of the pain when cuts are necessary. Given the way spending outside the classroom grew in the two decades before the Great Recession, forcing school districts to economize probably wasn’t a bad thing.
If Carter thinks otherwise, and if he doesn’t want voters to assume he would break that no-taxes pledge, he might want to complete that review before Election Day.
Source:http://www.ajc.com/weblogs/kyle-wingfield/2014/aug/21/carters-education-and-no-taxes-pledge-doesnt-add/ Posted: 9:57 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014

Government Distrust

Stand By- by Bruce Duncil

A close friend has pointed out that the entire 'IS threat' could be nothing more than a 'false flag', that is, a story purposely concocted by the USG to fool us.  Perhaps.


But you'd have to ask to what end?  Make us more fearful and willing to accept even more government controls?


Why use just 'idle' threats when actual attacks - or casualties made to LOOK LIKE attacks by IS - would accomplish that same goal far more quickly and completely, and eliminate ALL suspicion to boot?


Don't believe in 'false flags'?  There is mounting evidence that 9-11 itself was perpetrated or at least aided and abetted by the USG.  The same goes for the Boston marathon adventure.


If you want to understand something that occurred, just look at the consequences, the aftermath and the final outcome.  In this case: America transformed.  As to WHO was actually responsible, in the words of globalist Hillary Clinton, 'what difference does that make now'?


If your goal is to establish a New World Order promised by Kissinger, Bush I and Barry Soetoro, you MUST eliminate the old one first and the ends would be used to justify any means.


Our federal employees are publicly denying that there is an imminent threat that Islamic militants will conduct terrorist attacks against Americans in our home towns.



Why would they deceive us since their self-stated goal is 'our

protection and safety'?  Only cynics believe that government denial always proves that the opposite is on the verge of occurring.  Right?


/But, as facts (as we know them) point out, the USG in this case NO reason to tell us the truth, and every reason to hide it./


- The USG has given IS terrorists ample motive, means and opportunity to invade and attack us through our porous border.

- The USG has declared war on IS - by funding their compatriots in a fight against Assad, Russia's close ally.

- The USG has been conducting air strikes against IS targets in Iraq, presumably inflicting casualties, inciting further hostility.

- IS recruits are joining their ranks from all over the world, including the US.

- IS has threatened that American blood will 'run in the streets' and that they would 'raise their flag over the WH'.

- IS has proven to be an organized, self-funded and highly determined band of thugs who murder or enslave captives using the most brutal means possible making their victims which include children into human shields.

- The border is completely unguarded; no one has any idea who and what has come/is being brought into the US.

- IS and the Mexican drug cartels have been given (or captured) the latest/greatest US weapons - including MANPADS.

- Our electric grid, our highways, our waterways, our malls, our medical facilities, our schools, our public transportation, and even our electronic communications are completely vulnerable.

- Since the USG is intent on maintaining (or restoring) control, they would not want knowledge of any real threat to panic us.

- There are widespread reports as to what the USG and its satellite police have been doing to prepare for mass chaos here including massive militarization, drills, and the establishment of camps.

- Whether the NSA, IRS, or DOJ/DHS, from Benghazi, to Fast and Furious and a dozen other scandals, this administration has done nothing but lie to Congress, the public and the world.

- Increasingly with each scandal, whether the IRS or now Clinton's State Department actions to protect her from public repercussions for her role in Benghazi, USG personnel now repeatedly break the law with impunity, knowing that they will be freed from any consequence.

- From 9-11 to Hurricane Sandy, the vast majority of Americans continue to believe that our government will step in immediately following any emergency with food, water, shelter, and protection and therefore they stay purposely unprepared.

Source: Bruce Duncil, Tue, 16 Sep 2014

Feds Seizing Money from Citizens

Written by Damon Geller

Times continue to be terrifyingly desperate for fiscally insolvent federal and state governments.  Following recent news that the U.S. government made savings & retirement accounts a prime target for confiscation, we now have this bombshell from the Washington Post:  The executive branch of government has seized money from thousands of innocent U.S. citizens with absolutely no due process. Police departments around the country, at the command of the Justice Department & Homeland Security, have confiscated money from over 200,000 citizens – in some cases tens of thousands of dollars – even though many of them committed no crime!  Why?  Because our state & federal governments are broke, bankrupt and in desperate need of capital.  Just like this administration, law enforcement is shredding the Constitution and rule of law.  The Police State is now being expanded to unlawfully gain access to citizens' money.  Experts advise that you have only ONE choice if you want to protect your savings and retirement from the eventual overreach of government confiscations and seizures.

Government on the Brink of Disaster

The U.S. government and the Fed pumped trillions of dollars of YOUR money into the banks and stock market over the last several years, catapulting the U.S. debt to $28 trillion by 2018. But now, the U.S. government and the Fed are completely out of ammo, with the Fed no longer able to buy U.S. treasuries.  They desperately need money to maintain their own power, and taxes are not enough.  So government officials are doing everything they can to keep the Ponzi scheme going, such as seizing the public’s money through inflation, deficits, and outright confiscation.

The 4th Amendment under Siege

The 4th Amendment of the Constitution reads clearly:  “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.”  But according to the shocking Washington Post report, the 4th Amendment is under siege.

Unknown to most citizens, police officers around the country received training and financial support from the departments of Homeland Security and Justice to engage in the practice of “highway interdiction” – which involves the police using minor infractions as an excuse to stop citizens, request warrantless searches, and seize cash.  In most cases, no crime has been committed and the police never make an arrest.

As part of highway interdiction, the enforcers within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government – the police – have seized an enormous amount of money from innocent U.S. citizens through a Justice Department program known as “Equitable Sharing.”  Equitable sharing, the federal government’s largest asset forfeiture program, gives the executive branch of government the authority to confiscate your money without due process, even if you’ve committed no crime!

The Washington Post obtained a database from the Justice Department containing details about 212,000 seizures through the Equitable Sharing Program, likely totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars or more. The following are just a few of the horrifying cases exposed by the Washington Post:

  • Police confiscated $32,000 from a New York man after stopping him because he had a cracked windshield
  • Police confiscated $17,550 from a Virginia man after stopping him because his car windows were tinted
  • Police confiscated $13,000 from a North Carolina man after stopping him for no offense whatsoever
  • Police confiscated $2,400 from a Nevada man after stopping him for no offense whatsoever

Gov’t Confiscation Goes Much Further

Government confiscation of citizen wealth doesn’t stop with Equitable Sharing.  As was recently reported, the U.S. government has made several highly controversial moves to nationalize retirement accounts like IRAs, 401Ks, pensions, 403Bs, as well as savings accounts worldwide:

  • FATCA requires foreign financial institutions such as banks, stock brokers, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, and trusts to report all U.S. citizens’ accounts directly to the IRS.  FATCA even requires reporting to the IRS by foreign private companies on any income made by a citizen of the U.S. whether they live here or not.

  • Obama announced the creation of the MyRA – your retirement money will now be used to pay for U.S. debt.  MyRA is nothing more than an investment scam being sold to the American people as a you-can’t-lose, zero-risk investment by the pitchman-in-chief himself.

  • The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which oversees how investments are sold, proposed what it calls CARDS – Comprehensive Automated Risk Data System – which is an electronic system that will regularly collect data on balances and transactions in all 4100 brokerage accounts nationwide.

So for the first time ever, the U.S. government is directing you where to invest your savings & retirement and has gained full access to the activity in every single citizen’s bank accounts, retirement accounts, brokerage accounts and trading accounts.  The IRS will also have full visibility on any oversees accounts, income, equity or other earnings, effectively giving them access to all the wealth of every American citizen no matter where they reside on earth.


Hillary Just as Radical as Obama

Bolton says her only chance for presidency is to pretend moderation
NEW YORK – Hillary Clinton’s only chance for the presidency is to persuade Americans that Barack Obama’s foreign policy is fundamentally sound and that she’s more moderate than Obama is, says former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton.
“She still is yet to separate herself from his foreign policy, and I don’t think she can because she was part of it,” Bolton said on Aaron Klein’s Investigative Radio Sunday night.
“Some people believe for whatever reason that somehow she’s more moderate – forget about it. I knew her and her husband in law school. I think the way you are in graduate school is pretty much the way you are. She was very comfortable in the radical Obama administration. Let’s just look at domestic affairs. Do you think Obamacare is materially different from Hillarycare, the proposal of the Clinton administration in ’93 and ’94? Absolutely not. If you like Obama, you’ll love Clinton.”
Bolton has formed a political action committee to support candidates in the 2014 election, which, he says, is important to set the stage for 2016. He also said the failed foreign affairs policy of the Obama administration will make national security a bigger political issue in both elections.
“I think the American people are already way ahead of their politicians on dealing with the Islamic State,” said Bolton. “The president’s running to catch up, so are most Republican and Democratic politicians. This is something a true political leader should be able to seize on in the 2016 election.”
Aaron Klein is a senior staff writer for WND and the news organization’s Jerusalem bureau chief. His radio show airs Sunday nights on 970 AM The Answer. He is a New York Times bestselling author, and his latest book, “The Real Benghazi Story,” was released five days ago.
Media interested in interviewing Klein about his book should contact media@wnd.com.
Source: http://www.wnd.com/2014/09/hillary-just-as-radical-as-obama/

California Leads the Way (Down)

By Norb Leahy

California is ahead of the rest of the country on Agenda 21 implementation.  The Bay area is finally rebelling against unelected regional governance, land seizures, attacks on property rights and regional tyranny.  It’s good to watch California to see the ill effects of Agenda 21 land use planning. California began environmental brainwashing over 40 years ago, so the majority of their citizens were unprepared for the slick sales jobs presented in “visioning” sessions that kicked off government control of their land. They thought the federal grant bribes were a good deal, like free money.  Now they aren’t so sure going regional was a good idea.  In Georgia, we rejected regionalism in 2012, but that doesn’t mean the Georgia regionalists have given up.


California has had tough sledding for over a decade, with businesses relocating to other states and jobs following, with high tax rates, water problems, forest fire problems, regional governance, high debt, cities going bankrupt, the illegal alien invasion, government abuse and earthquakes. The fact that California is still there is a testament to the resilience of what’s left of the local economy. But if Agenda 21 wants to take over our cars, move us out of the suburbs and stack us in small apartments in transit villages, we should see this occur first in California before it hits Georgia.


The following article from Uncommon Wisdom Daily outlines the housing sales downturn in California, mostly in the Bay area:


California Leads the Way – by Brad Hoppmann

Beware, Homeowners: Housing Trends Don't Look So Good - Affordability challenges - Trouble in the Southland - Homeownership going out of style?


If home is where the heart is, then wealthy Chinese hearts are at home in California. However, some foreign homebuyers may now be having second thoughts.


[House for sale] I reported in July how the Chinese and other foreign buyers were snapping up large West Coast houses while many American born citizens try to downsize (see Chinese-American House Swapping).


More recent data indicates the trend may be slowing. Average selling prices in some California markets dropped significantly in the last few months, while the raw number of homes sold plunged in the Los Angeles area last month.


Home equity is still a huge part of most family balance sheets. Another popped bubble could mean very bad news for millions. Let’s see what the West Coast trendsetters are saying.


DQNews.com is a real estate news and information site. Here is a headline they ran last Thursday.


[headline] Southland is the six-county Los Angeles region and seems as if August was a soft month for home sales there. Here is the beginning of the DQNews.com story.


“Irvine, Calif. — Southern California home sales slipped to a  four-year low for August as would-be buyers faced inventory and affordability challenges  and investor purchases held at the lowest level in several years. The median sale price climbed to a post-recession high, a real estate information service  reported.


“A total of 18,796 new and resale houses and condos sold in Los  Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, San Bernardino and Orange counties last  month. That was down 7.7 percent from 20,369 sales in July, and down 18.5  percent from 23,057 sales in August 2013, according to CoreLogic DataQuick  data.


“On average, sales have risen 3.7 percent between July and August since 1988, when CoreLogic DataQuick statistics began. Southland sales have fallen on a year-over-year basis for 11 consecutive months. Sales during the month of August have ranged from a low of 16,379 in 1992 to a high of 39,562 in  2003. Last month’s sales were 28.2 percent below the August average of 26,169 sales.


“The median price paid for all new and resale houses and condos sold in the six-county region last month was $420,000, up 1.7 percent from  $413,000 in July and up 9.1 percent from $385,000 in August 2013. Last month’s  median was the highest for any month since December 2007, when it was $425,000.  “The median’s 9.1 percent year-over-year gain in August was the highest in three months. But it also marked the third consecutive month with a single-digit annual increase following 22 months of double-digit year-over-year gains as high as 28.3 percent.”[Read more at DQNews.com] Notice the pattern here.  The number of homes sold is dropping, but the median sale price is rising.


We discussed mean vs. median in regards to income inequality last week, so I don’t need to remind you what it means. Half the homes sold in Southland last month went for $420,000 or more.


This indicates that there is still plenty of demand for high-end Southland homes. Yet, the number of such homes sold dropped considerably in the last year from 23,057 in August 2013 to 18,796 in August 2014.


Sales volume is slowing in the Bay Area as well with median prices actually falling in August. Here’s DQNews.com again.

“The number of Bay Area homes that sold last month declined again  as potential buyers continued to struggle with constrained supply, tricky  mortgage availability and affordability issues. ‘The median price paid for a Bay Area home dropped somewhat, as it usually does from July to August,’ a real  estate information service reported.


“A total of 7,578 new and resale houses and condos sold in the nine-county Bay Area last month. That was down 10.6 percent from 8,474 in July and down 12.0 percent from 8,616 in August last year, according to CoreLogic  DataQuick data.


“August sales have varied from 6,688 in August 1992 to 13,940 in  August 2004. The average since 1988, when CoreLogic DataQuick’s statistics began  is 9,526.


“The median price paid for a home in the nine-county Bay Area was  $607,000 in August. That was down 1.6 percent from $617,000 in July, and up 12.4 percent from $540,000 in August a year ago. A seasonal late-summer decline in median price is normal in the Bay Area. The Bay Area’s median sale price peaked at $665,000 in June and July 2007, then dropped to a low of $290,000 in March 2009.” [Read more at DQNews,com]


The story tries to sound optimistic, but if I owned Bay Area real estate, I think it would make me  nervous. The average August since 1988 saw 9,526 homes sold, but this year it was only 7,578. That’s almost 21% below normal.


We can’t blame all this on slowing Chinese demand, but that may well be part of it. The country’ National Statistics Bureau reported over the weekend that home sales in China  slowed 10.5% in the first eight months of 2014.


We may be facing a longer-term change in the housing market. The millennial generation, those now aged 25-35, show little interest in (or ability to afford) buying their own  homes. That age group was once the prime market for first-time home purchases.


Homeownership as a percentage of the population peaked in 2004-2005, and has been dropping  steadily ever since. The trend was already well underway before the last recession hit.


Source: Brad Hoppmann, Publisher, Uncommon Wisdom Daily


Monday, September 15, 2014


Perdue, Nunn and government obfuscation
When a missile is fired at a military airplane or a torpedo is fired from a ship, the targeted craft will send out chaff as a countermeasure.  Often the missile or torpedo is fooled into chasing the countermeasure.  The same strategies are used by government against their citizens.  These are called “false flags” and are similar to ‘bait & switch’.  Government will claim that their solutions will solve a particular problem, like healthcare cost, but in fact, their solutions will produce the opposite effect, like doubling the cost.
Countermeasures can be used in any debate.  The opponent will use the rules of war to win the argument.  The favored way is to attempt to discredit your opponent.  If the audience is taken in by the diversion or off-topic question, the presenter will lose stature. This is like asking a city council candidate his position on abortion.  City councils don’t vote on issues like abortion.  The presenter must grab the diversion and shove it gently down their opponent’s throat.
There are pat answers to most open questions posed to candidates for local office, like priorities.  The safe, favored and most vapid answer is ‘police protection’ with lots of rhetoric about citizen safety.  It’s vapid because no police officer can ever arrive in time to stop a crime or save a life. Most citizens in the audience will like the answer and give the candidate a pass.  The ‘softball’ questions allowed candidates to ‘hide out’.  Often candidates who attempt to give a thoughtful accurate answer are not liked as well by the audience.  Voters thereby continue to elect scammers and flim-flam artists.
We often see a question asked, but not answered. Instead, the candidate used the time to restate one of their talking points.  A good moderator with a relevant question will keep asking the same question the candidate refused to answer until the candidate answers it.  I’ve never seen this done.
Campaign ad strategies can be effective.  David Perdue’s ad against Nunn paints her as an Obama bobble-head and it’s effective.  Michelle Nunn’s ad against Perdue attempts to paint him as a woman discriminator and sites that a settlement was paid as proof.  In Perdue’s case, as a CEO of a retail chain, he was dealing with sales demand drops and increases and shareholder equity protection, not personnel compensation. If he did approve a settlement, he got bad legal advice and took it. The ad didn’t prove the accusation, that Perdue is anti-women.  Democrats invented discrimination laws to provide countermeasures and pay back campaign contributions from law firms. That is truer than Michelle Nunn’s assertions.
We will know how many voters bought Michelle Nunn’s countermeasures after we count the vote. Candidates who approve vapid campaign strategies are not qualified for public office and most of them aren’t.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Government Calming Propaganda

We have all experienced the effects of bad customer service.  We find it in the Post Office, in doctor’s offices, in every government office at every level, from every government employee whatever the venue.  To ensure inefficiency, government employees are often members of a government union.  This ensures poor customer service when procedures won’t allow good service and prevents termination of poor performers. 

To calm us down, propaganda has been prepared, digested and spewed out by the brainwashed promoters of calm.  In Europe they said Americans are missing out on the joys if sitting around.  In the suburbs, promoters are defending bad decisions on the part of elected officials.

Public schools have performed so poorly, that there are hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats employed every year to ‘work on this’ – most of them are in non-profits funded by government grants.  Publicly infected healthcare continues to invent even more expensive treatment plans and no cures.  Publicly infected universities up the dosage of Kool aid in every class, every department and every campus activity. 

DOTs plan for road humps (the inverted pot-hole) to calm congested traffic and on-street bike lanes to promote exercise for the few. Government grants abound for green space, so we can sit around in a potential crime-scene.  Government grants are plentiful for “retail space economic development”, so we can run up the balance on our credit cards.  Government agents are “secretly” destabilizing third-world countries to distract us from being robbed by the Federal Reserve.  Government provides ‘bread and circuses’ with food stamps and taxpayer funded pro football fields.

Allowing some tiny part of the economy to be totally in our control is another calming ploy.  In Germany, we were told that the government requires that beer, bakery goods and clothing must be sold by Germans to Germans.  They have family bakeries and micro-breweries and German textiles providing these.  They are so proud and pleased when they tell you about this.  They also love their government healthcare.  They would not give up their government pensions, but they like to make up rumors about disability benefit cheaters. They say they hate inefficiency, but they require a years’ severance for every terminated employee. They complain about them too.  In Germany, the Autobahn is alive and well, so some independent travel is now allowed (papieren bitte ?), but they do tout the trains.

In Rome Italy, public transportation is king.  This is because they have eliminated parking places.  This works ok unless the transportation union declares a holiday.  All trains and buses stop and tourists are left stranded miles away from their hotels.  It happened to us on Christmas Eve. 

All across Europe, they sell public transportation like crazy, but I prefer to rent a car, thank you very much. Europe is about the size of half the U.S. and most are not a mobile tend to settle not far from their birthplace. They still cherish their private property.

When government takes action against the citizens of other countries, citizens do react.  Germany and Australia have changed governments to off-load doubling their electric bills and carbon taxes.   It’s high time we do the same.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader