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Cruz Challenges Candidates

Ted Cruz Throws Down the Gauntlet to GOP Establishment Presidential Hopefuls: ‘Show Me Where You Fought’ 1/25/15
(TPNN) – Senator Ted Cruz is sounding like a 2016 presidential candidate, even though he’s not officially declared, with striking a cord as patriotic, principled and passionate as the last conservative president in America, Ronald Reagan.
And the enthusiastic crowd of conservatives at the Iowa Freedom Summit greeted Cruz with repeated breaks of thunderous applause on Saturday as Cruz brought the house down.
“What I want to talk to you about today is reigniting the Miracle of America,” Cruz began the body of his unifying remarks. “This country was built on an extraordinary miracle. The miracle of America began with the revolutionary idea, which is that our rights — they don’t come from government; they come from God Almighty,” Cruz affirmed.
Paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson, the Texas senator and Tea Party favorite said that the Constitution serves as “chains to bind the mischief of government.”
“There has been no country in the history of the world that has allowed so many millions with nothing to come and seek the unlimited dreams of their potential,” Cruz stated, using the example of America being the only country in the world where you can start out washing dishes or waiting tables, and rise up to be anything.
Cruz said that we must get the “senseless obstacles from Washington out-of-the-way,” and received perhaps his biggest applause of the day when he said regulatory reform meant “sending the locusts of the EPA back to Washington,” repealing “every word of Obamacare” and “we need to abolish the IRS,” which he call the most important tax reform.
Seeming to speak directly to the other potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates, especially the establishment types, Cruz threw down a gauntlet of powerful “show me where you stood up and fought” challenges:
“And one of the most important roles for the men and women in this room is to look each candidate in the eye and say, ‘Don’t talk; show me.’
  • If you say you support liberty, show me where you stood up and fought it.
  • If you say you support religious liberty, show me where you stood up and fought for it.
  • If you say you oppose Obamacare, show me where you stood up and fought against it.
  • If you say you oppose the president’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, show me where you’ve stood up and fought.
  • If you say you support life and you support marriage, show me where you stood up and fought.
  • If you say you’ll stand up to the Washington establishment, the career politicians of both parties, that have gotten us in this mess, show me where you stood up and fought.
  • If you say you oppose Common Core, show me where you where you stood up and fought.
  • And if you say you stand with our friend and ally, the Nation of Israel, show me where you stood up and fought.”
    Cruz, who has fought the political establishment in both parties to balance the budget, repeal Obamacare and fight Obama’s illegal amnesty, urged conservatives to “reassemble the Reagan coalition.”
    “We need to unify — we need to bring together conservatives, and evangelicals, and Libertarians, and Republican men and women and Reagan Democrats, and young people. We need to bring together a coalition of Americans who want to believe again,” he proclaimed.
    It looks like the 2016 presidential campaign has at least unofficially kicked off, folks.

Obama ‘Deserves Impeachment’

(Daily Caller) – George Orwell said that “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Republican congressman Brian Babin is new to Congress, and this dentist from Woodvine, Texas radiates a love for country while worrying for his grandchildren when he sees the sorry state of our federal government.
But Babin is unafraid to speak clearly, and Washington should listen to what he has to say.
When the Democrats crowed in December about getting “all they wanted from Republicans” in the Cromnibus, the newly elected Babin became increasingly skeptical of what House Republicans were doing. On the opening day of the 114th Congress, Babin was one of the 25 who didn’t vote for John Boehner for Speaker, a vote he said “was not fun,” but which was facilitated by numerous, passionate calls from his district supporting his doubts.
Contradicting the notion of compromise with President Obama that most Republican leaders are currently espousing, this freshman says his Texas voters “unequivocally sent a message to stop Obama’s policies. Period.”
While Babin believes President Obama “deserves impeachment,” he can’t see Washington doing it. But the new Republican Senate can allow the 114th Congress to demonstrate the congressional “power of the purse” as given to it in the Constitution. The president “can no longer hide behind the skirts of Harry Reid,” he says.
As a veteran himself and a father of a decorated Navy SEAL, Babin thinks Obama is an “appeaser deluxe” as the Texan watches the decline of our military — as well as the nation’s stature. Beyond foreign policy failures and the erosion of our military, the “unchecked and unsecured border puts us at risk.”
Apart from the implications of open borders, Babin sees the harmful impact of federal leniency on amnesty and borders from his experience as a school board member, mayor and city councilman. He says, “we can’t afford to take everyone under our wing and lay this burden on the American taxpayer.”
To those business interests or Republicans obfuscating on immigration policy to appease or pander, Babin calls this a “dangerous precedent.” This will “set the precedent that the Congress has completely abdicated their responsibility,” he believes.
Babin thinks President Obama’s legacy will be one of vacillation and weakness, with American decline on his watch. “We do not have a Churchill in office here.”
On Obama’s most infamous achievement, Obamacare, Babin says he will do everything in his power to repeal it. Obamacare, he believes, “is not affordable and it is the gift that keeps on taking.”
On the emerging threats from the Islamic State, Obama should stand up for American interests. “I’m an old Golden Glover. I’m not saying I was a great fighter or anything, but you need to know how to defend yourself, and when people are intent upon your destruction, bullying you, it’s time to stand up for your people and hit back and hit back real hard.”
Appeaser deluxe isn’t the half of it.  Obama is the Manchurian President.  He is here to destroy America. If Congress will repeal UN Agenda 21 and quit the UN, Obama will resign, because he has no other sabotage to do.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader 

Tea Party vs. Boehner

Our Differences With Speaker Boehner and the GOP Establishment
Jenny Beth Martin is co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest tea party organization, and is also chairman of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund.
“The issue with the Tea Party isn’t one of strategy. It’s not one of different vision … It’s a disagreement over tactics, from time to time,” said Speaker of the House John Boehner, on 60 Minutes Sunday night.
More than a year ago, Speaker Boehner took serious offense when conservative groups criticized a budget deal he favored. They had “lost all credibility… I don’t care what they do.” So irrelevant is the Tea Party movement that the Speaker took to 60 Minutes to complain about its criticism of him Sunday night.
The Speaker trivializes the differences that led to the biggest intraparty rebellion against a sitting Speaker since the Civil War. His first problem isn’t with outside groups, it’s his own GOP colleagues in the House. When one out of every ten takes the extraordinary step of standing before his colleagues and calling out the name of someone else for his job, he should realize he’s got a problem.
As for us, our opposition to his leadership centers on our belief that we do NOT, in fact, share visions and strategies.
For example, we oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants because we believe it would not be fair to the millions waiting in line to get into America legally, nor to the millions who already arrived legally after waiting in line. Amnesty rewards law-breaking, and only serves to incentivize further law breaking.
The Speaker, on the other hand, dances to the tune of the Chamber of Commerce, whose members and supporters want cheaper labor, and are, consequently, major proponents of the kind of comprehensive amnesty legislation that passed the Senate in 2013 and which the Speaker clearly wanted to put on the floor of the House last year before Dave Brat’s stunning upset of the former Majority Leader put the kibosh on those plans.
Moreover, we seek a federal government that is actually smaller than the one we have now, not merely one that is smaller than the one Barack Obama would prefer. We note with disdain the Speaker’s willingness to sign off on budget and debt ceiling increase “deals” that appear to have been negotiated by Popeye’s J. Wellington Wimpy — he will gladly give the president a spending/debt ceiling increase now, in exchange for the promise of spending cuts to come Tuesday. And when Tuesday arrives, somehow the spending cuts never materialize.
Similarly, we seek the repeal of Obamacare because we believe it tramples the fundamental liberties guaranteed us by our Constitution, destroys patient choice, degrades the quality of health care delivered, increases costs, and will ultimately break the bank. The Speaker, on the other hand, seems perfectly content to tinker at the margins (1099 repeal? Medical device tax repeal?) secure in the knowledge that many of his major funders — the health insurance and pharmaceutical companies who support Obamacare because of its mandates, which lead to a massively growing client base, and, hence, increased profits — don’t actually want him to fight to repeal the legislation.
Here’s a test of the Speaker’s assertion that our differences are merely differences in degree, not kind: Why has he refused to lead his GOP Conference to vote in favor of the bill introduced by his colleague Ron DeSantis of Florida, which seeks to overturn the August 2013 OPM ruling granting generous employer subsidies to Members of Congress and their staffs for the purchase of health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges, in clear violation of the law? That legislation is a fundamental part of a strategy designed to raise the temperature inside the offices of the Democrat Members of Congress whose votes are needed to build the necessary majorities for repeal in both House and Senate; yet, given multiple opportunities to put the bill on the floor, he has refused to do so.
Finally, I would note one other difference with the Speaker’s view, specifically regarding his assertion that the Tea Party’s opposition is manufactured for fundraising purposes: Every dollar we raise is contributed voluntarily, by donors whose only interest is seeking to influence their government to tax less, spend less, and stop running up a massive debt. They seek little from the government other than to be left alone, and we have nothing to offer them other than our promise that we will use the resources they contribute to do the best job we can to achieve our shared vision of greater personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future.
Everything Jenny Beth says is true, but it’s not the main event. The elephant in the room is that our economy is tanking because of federal overspending, overregulating, excessive immigration, excessive money printing, NAFTA and other bad trade agreements, with lots of mal-investment because of UN Agenda 21 implementation based on the global warming hoax. The federal government bribes the states with billions a year of printed money to not object the federal government’s goal to completely wreck America.  The Global criminals bribe elected officials with campaign contributions to allow this treason.
Boehner should be addressing this and so should the rest, but I’m afraid the global Marxists own our Congress. Most real Tea Party groups are battling Agenda 21 every day and we owe it all to our elected officials. They rein everything they touch.  We want to return to the Constitution (as written) and dismantle the beast. I urge Jenny Beth to join us in this cause and not just nibble around the edges. We are running out of time.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Bad Georgia Law

In 1994 Georgia passed a bill allowing applicants to pay half-price for a driver’s license if they agreed to become organ donors.    If they said YES, their decision was indicated on the back of their driver’s license. That was an opt-in plan, as it should have been, but fourteen years later, it was quietly changed to opt-out. That change meant all drivers became “presumptive” organ donors, if they didn’t leave a “refusal document” or had not told two
witnesses to prevent the harvesting of their organs.

The bill that changed the process 14 years later was S.B.405 that passed in 2008 and was signed by the governor on May 12 th that year.  S.B. 405 of 2008 is still online, if you’d like to read it for yourself.  In 2008, when I mentioned that the process had been changed from opt-in to opt-out, an official, said, “Well, I guess they weren’t getting enough
organs donated.”

S.B. 405, that remains current law, lists ten different groups that may allow a decedent’s organs to be harvested.  Relatives are seventh on the list and the ninth category allows “any person having the authority to dispose of the decedent’s body” to agree to harvesting, indicating that medical examiners, funeral directors or crematorium personnel may initiate the process.    The tenth category allows a court to decide and parents may over-ride the decision of a deceased 18-year-old son or daughter.

This is important today, because H.B. 19 was pre-filed December 3rd to create identification cards for people who want to donate their organs.  The Department of Driver Services would issue the cards, and add the names of donors to a state-wide registry accessible to organ tissue and eye banks.

ID cards addresses the matter for donors who opt-in to the program, but it does not reverse the “presumptive donor” classification of drivers that prefer NOT to be donors, but don’t realize they must leave a refusal document to prevent harvesting when they die. To accommodate those who choose not to donate their organs, H.B. 19 should be amended to eliminate the “presumptive donor” category and return the process to an opt-in plan, as it was when it was created.  When this bill is officially introduced and referred to committee, I’ll explain which legislators to contact.   

For  Georgia
Insight I’m Sue Ella Deadwyler, your Capitol correspondent.

Amnesty Ahead

Corsi: Boehner’s Establishment GOP has Double-Crossed the Tea Party on Amnesty
January 25, 2015 9:33 am  
 (Dr. Jerome Corsi) – Now that we have seen the immigration bill House Speaker John Boehner has championed in the House of Representatives, we can have no doubt that Boehner and the establishment GOP in Congress have once again sold out Tea Party Loyalists to capitulate to President Obama and the Democrats on amnesty.
As the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies reported last week, the House Homeland Security Committee rubber-stamped flawed border security bill (HR399) proposed by the committee chairman Rep. Michael McCaul, without meaningful improvements.
Instead of listening to career Border Patrol and ICE agents committed to border security recommending to toughen penalties for immigrants illegally crossing our southern border with Mexico to enter the USA, HR399 will preserve the Obama administration’s policies of “catch-and-release.”
Obama implemented “catch-and-release” specifically to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, including the 57,000 “unaccompanied minors” from Central America that surged illegally into the U.S. last year, to be detained for a few hours or days before being released to join friends and relatives throughout the USA who are also here illegally.
Democrats and open-border GOP in Congress destroyed the historic Secure Fence Act of 2006, pushed through Congress by Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, then representing San Diego in the House, by attaching language to a DHS appropriations bill that stripped from implementation the requirement of the bill that mandated the building of between 600-700 miles of double-fencing along the Mexican border.
The immigration bill championed by Boehner this year requires only 48 miles of double-fencing to be built on the border, a far cry from the 6—700 miles of double-fencing that Duncan Hunter felt in 2006 was the bare minimum that had to be built immediately if the nation was to have any chance of stemming the flood of illegal immigrants that have surged into the United States since the presidency of George W. Bush.
The truth is the GOP majority in the House under the leadership of House Speaker John Boehner has double-crossed Tea Party Loyalists to capitulate and side with Barack Obama on amnesty.
McPaul’s failed legislation does nothing to stop any illegal immigrant who wants to be in the United States from turning themselves in at the U.S. border and obtaining automatic entry into the nation, escorted by helpful Border Patrol and ICE agents, who will be trained in the last two years of the Obama administration to function more as social workers than law enforcement agents.
Once in the United States, the illegal immigrants can expect from the Obama administration and the double-crossing GOP establishment leaders in Congress nothing less than asylum, with a grant of amnesty to follow, all topped off by Social Security numbers, work authorization “green cards,” a full range of state and federal welfare benefits, state-issued driver’s licenses, and voting rights.
The truth is the Obama administration and the double-crossing GOP establishment leaders in Congress have made USA citizenship not a special privilege that millions around the world aspire to obtain, but the type of item a person could expect to purchase at the .99-cent store.
When the Obama administration and the double-crossing GOP establishment leaders in Congress get done, there will be no U.S. citizenship, just voters – such that anybody who manages to get into the United States illegally will soon expect they have a right to Social Security numbers, work authorization “green cards,” a full range of state and federal welfare benefits, state-issued driver’s licenses, and voting rights, regardless whether they are citizens or not.
Amnesty is Obama’s Cloward/Piven plan to break America’s back and bankrupt our workforce.
This is why I have decided to write a new, hard-hitting, “tell-all” eBook entitled Amnesty – the Plan Obama Designed to Break America’s Back that will give you an insider’s look at the Obama amnesty and the GOP “fix” that appears to be setting in to Congress.
In the eBook, you will learn about:
  1. Obama’s secret plan to bring America to her knees.
  2. Why illegal immigrants are the perfect fit for Obama’s insurgent secret plan.
  3. Why the Republicans are playing into Obama’s secret play.
  4. The facts that more than 50 percent of illegal immigrants overstay their Visa permits to come to the United States, including many from nations that are not friendly to the United States.
  5. Why only Tea Party Loyalists can throw the roadblocks in the government’s path to derail amnesty and restore the Constitution and the rule of law to preserve, protect, and defend U.S. sovereignty in this time of crisis.
My eBook entitled Amnesty – the Plan Obama Designed to Break America’s Back will available starting this coming week, available exclusively through
Remember, this is Obama socialism and hard-working U.S. citizens that have carried the full weight of the Obama economy – including suffering under government businesses that cripple small business, being forced to bear the cost of business failures and back taxes, while seeing their credit histories destroyed, losing their homes in record numbers, being forced to go on food stamps to feed a family, and wondering how they will pay to college educate their children.
While destroying the U.S. middle class, the Obama administration plans to burden the middle class to pay for the “amnesty” DREAMERS upon whom Obama plans to create first-class privileged citizenship status.
Also remember, Barack Obama end game is (and always was) redistributing income by destroying a middle class Obama has declared to be “racist,” while opening our borders to a Spanish underclass that Obama knows will have no appreciation of American history and no commitment to the U.S. Constitution.
Tea Party Loyalists must now tell Congress that they cannot get away with it?  The People are watching!
In this coming week, you will have the opportunity to be among the first to get and read the hottest Tea Party eBook, Amnesty – the Plan Obama Designed to Break America’s Back, right here at
This week, please also join me in sending to all 100 U.S. Senators and to all 435 members of the House of Representatives a Fax Blast that says “No to Amnesty!”
Tea Party Loyalists are the last line of resistance to “America’s Fraud President” who is attempting to deprive us of our Constitutional rights in his effort to debase America to a police-state maintaining order in a second-class nation.
Our voices must and will be heard.
We must say “No To Amnesty!” by reminding Congress they owe allegiance first to the U.S. citizen and the legal immigrant.
In November 2014, Tea Party Loyalists issued a strong statement that we are prepared to repeat in November 2016, defeating any and all incumbent members of Congress – Republicans and Democrats alike – who do not stand with us to defend the United States of America.

Greece Deflation

Greece elections: Have 5 years of austerity paid off?  By Virginia Harrison   @vharrisoncnn January 25, 2015: 4:32 PM ET LONDON (CNNMoney)
Sunday's national elections in Greece were widely seen as a vote on years of punishing austerity that its citizens have had to endure, and whether they can handle much more. And it appears Greek voters rejected it.
The incumbent prime minster conceded defeat, and exit polls reported by state television showed the anti-austerity Syriza party poised to win. Syriza has attracted significant public support on promises to renegotiate bailout terms and deliver relief to fed up Greeks. The apparent victory for Syriza casts doubt on the still fragile country's economic future.
Back in 2010, the country accepted its first bailout: €240 billion ($277.8 billion) of international aid to rescue its battered economy. In return, Greece agreed to deep cuts in government salaries, tax hikes, a freeze on state pensions and bans on early retirement.
Nearly five years on, Greece's economy is in better shape, but life for many Greeks is much worse. Unemployment has soared and wages have fallen even as people are working longer -- all of which are fueling demand for change.
So how far has Greece come since the start of its financial crisis?
1. Back in the black: In the last five years, Greece has swung from a hefty deficit to a small surplus. The country's primary deficit was a whopping 10.7% of GDP back in 2009. Last year it ran a primary surplus of 2.7% of GDP. That means when you strip out interest payments, the government collected more money that it paid out. And it hit that target earlier than promised to lenders.
2. Healthier banks: Greece's banking sector is much more resilient. Banks have been recapitalized and the industry has downsized from 18 commercial banks to just 4. Recent stress tests have underscored their stronger capital position and confidence in the financial sector.
3. Unemployment soars: But the biggest trouble spot is jobs. Five years ago the unemployment rate was about 12%. Last year it was more than double that level, at 26%. The job shortage is even worse for young Greeks: half of all young people are out of work. And that's a problem both in the short and long term.
"It's a ticking time bomb for national health care and public sector pension bills," said G+ Economics managing director Lena Komileva, "The taxpayer will need to pay the future public sector bills."
4. Economy is shrinking: Many of the job losses are tied to a sharp contraction in the size of the Greek economy, which is roughly 25% smaller than it was before the crisis. Last year, the country returned to modest growth after five years of recession -- but output remains far below levels seen in 2007.
5. Wages tumble: Those who have a job are getting paid less. Wage inflation peaked at an unsustainable 12.5% year-on-year growth in 2010. Then wages began falling sharply. In 2013 they were falling nearly 12% year-on-year -- and they're still falling.
6. Working longer: The retirement age averaged 61 in 2010. It has been pushed out to 65, and expectations are that it will be hiked again to 67 in the coming years.
7. Debt deluge: Greece's debt was very high then, and it's very high now. Net debt was around 130% of GDP in 2010 according to the IMF -- now it's close to 170%. The economy has shrunk so the debt ratio has increased and it's put the country in what G+ Economics Komileva describes as the "debt trap".
"Greece cannot possibly generate the level of income to pay back its debtors, ever," she said.
First Published: January 22, 2015: 5:20 AM ET

Democrats against TPP Fast Track

Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) opposes the fast track vote on the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP) Obama wants to sign on to. We don’t think Alan Grayson is right about much, but we agree with him on this one.  We believe our economic difficulties stem from the doubling of immigration in 1989 and NAFTA in 1993. NAFTA was so visibly bad, that we may be able to stop TPP. Email of interview below”
Thom Hartmann: In "Screwed" news, some lawmakers in Washington want to give the Obama Administration so-called "fast-track" trade authority to approve so-called "free-trade" deals, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. That's a terrible decision. A new report from the Public Citizens Global Trade Watch shows just how devastating fast-track trade deals have been for the American people, and the economy. According to the report, thanks to fast-track trade deals, over the past twenty years, trade deficits have ballooned, millions of American jobs have been shipped overseas, wages have stagnated, and inequality has exploded. So, given all of the destruction to our economy and our middle class over the last two decades, how can Washington be considering approving fast-track trade authority and signing on to yet another so-called "free trade" deal? Let's ask Congressman Alan Grayson, representing Florida's 9th Congressional District, the Congressman with Guts. Congressman, welcome back!
Congressman Alan Grayson: Thank you, Thom.
Thom: It's always great having you with us. What's your take on this new report from Global Trade Watch about the damage fast-tracked trade deals have done to our country?
Alan: Well, frankly, it's stating the obvious. The basic problem is very simple. Trade is supposed to [work like this:]
"You sell me yours, and I'll sell you mine."  But it's transmogrified into something very different in the United States, ever since NAFTA went into effect. For every year, before NAFTA went into effect - 200 years of American history - we never had a trade deficit as large as $140 billion. Now, every single year since NAFTA's gone into effect, our trade deficit has been $140 billion or more. In fact, in the last 14 years, we've run the largest trade deficits in human history, larger than any other country anywhere in the world, larger than any country in history, larger than in our own history. It's a disaster, and it's not simply an abstraction.
Let me explain what's really happening here. What's happening is that American consumers are buying goods and services from other countries, putting tens of millions of people in other countries to work. That would be fine if they bought an equal amount of our goods and services. The trade deficit reflects the fact that they are not; they're not, to the tune of half a trillion dollars every year. So what's happening is that they're taking those rectangular green pictures of dead presidents that they're getting from us when we buy their stuff and, instead of buying our stuff, they're buying our assets.
They're driving the price of our assets higher and higher, benefiting the 1% only, not creating any jobs in this country, and pushing us deeper and deeper into debt.  In fact, at this point, on the basis of these trade deals, one seventh of all the assets in America - all the farmland, all the homes, all the cars, all the stocks, all the bonds, all the real estate, all the small businesses -
1/7th of all our assets are now foreign-owned.  And the end game is that they will all be foreign-owned, and we will have to declare national bankruptcy. That's where this is headed, and NAFTA and Fast Track want to grease the skids.
Thom: You know, we've been well-trained over the last, God, 30 or 40 years, with increasing levels of Republican hysteria about our federal deficit-although they were notably silent during the Reagan years. . . .In my lifetime, there's never been a serious debate, outside the 1992 Ross Perot-Bill Clinton-George Bush debate, about trade deficits. Why do you think it is that the average American knows about budget deficits and our national debt, and has no clue either that we have a trade deficit, what a trade deficit is, or the consequences, those horrible consequences that you just described of our trade deficit?
Alan: Because, Thom, people don't understand that
one causes the other.  You've got a $14 trillion economy. Take out half a trillion dollars so we can buy foreign goods and services, and you're left with $13.5 trillion.
We have to make up that half a trillion dollars somehow. The way we make that up is called "the federal deficit."  That's the federal government borrowing and spending, to make up for the fact that foreigners are not buying our goods and products and services, so the federal government has to make up the difference.
One causes the other. One often equals the other.
Thom: Wow! . . . Fast Track is almost certainly coming, [and] TPP (I prefer to call it the "Southern Hemisphere Asian Free Trade Agreement" [or] S-H-A-F-T-A). In any case, how do you see this playing out? Because it looks to me like there's a coalition forming between progressive Democrats like yourself and conservative Republicans, who are concerned about the surrender of sovereignty associated with these things.
Alan: Well, we see it differently. I mean, progressive Democrats recognize that, because of these trade giveaways, this trade treachery, because of this we've lost five million jobs in manufacturing in the past twenty years, and maybe 15 million other jobs. So that's why progressive Democrats are against this. Republicans are against Fast Track because they recognize it as a power grab by the President. The Fast Track legislation prohibits subcommittee debates, subcommittee hearings, subcommittee markups, full committee debates, full committee hearings, full committee markups, and it limits us in the House of Representatives to 88 seconds of debate  for each one of us. Eighty-eight seconds to extend to 40 other countries (if we count both trade deals the President is working on), the disaster that's been visited upon the U.S. economy simply by having a dozen existing countries with these deals in effect. They want to put our $30/hour workers directly in full head-to-head competition with the $0.30/hour workers in Vietnam and Brunei and in other places like that, who have no environmental protection, no labor rights, and in many cases are [relying on] slave labor. That's what these deals are trying to do. It's the Fast Track to Hell.  "Fast Track" - a bill that only Snidely Whiplash could love.
Source: Email from Rep. Alan Grayson
Comments   We agree. We need to get out of NAFTA and all other trade agreements and return manufacturing to the US.
Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader.