Thursday, November 23, 2017

What are Democrats Up To

Democrats are much noisier and more belligerent than in campaign losses past.  I think they were confident in 2016 that they would be able to win and continue to implement their socialist-globalist agenda without much resistance.They had everybody in their corner except the voters. But voters were not happy with the Obama agenda and supported Trump’s agenda to reverse the damage.


Democrats usually go underground when they don’t occupy the Whitehouse and continue to plant more landmines in their Bills and regulations.


When Ronald Reagan won the Presidency in 1980, Democrats went underground. They carped a little, but didn’t become hysterical. Democrats controlled the “Deep State” and the Cold War gave them cover. Reagan faced a Democrat Congress and they were willing to agree to Reagan’s military build-up as long as they could get their welfare program funding and government got bigger. They knew Reagan wanted a Tax Cut and some regulations repealed. They knew that government was unpopular after the Vietnam War and the imposition of the Welfare State in addition to high inflation and gasoline prices. Democrats didn’t view Reagan as a threat to their quiet march to socialism and welfare was safe. Americans were reeling over the loss of the Vietnam War and they didn’t want to elect anybody that could be labeled as a “peace-nick” and the Democrat candidate George McGovern lost.


Democrats had already infiltrated the US Universities and the Courts and most government employees were Democrats.


There are two kinds of Republicans. The Liberal Republicans referred to themselves as Rockefeller Republicans. These are internationalists and statists who agree with Democrats on most issues.  The Conservatives referred to themselves as Goldwater Republicans.  Ronald Reagan was a Goldwater Republican we came to call Conservatives.


After Reagan left office in 1989, the Liberals were again in charge. This time with a Republican Liberal, George HW Bush, who had been groomed in the “Deep State”. Democrats unleashed a boat-load of regulations and George signed them. He became President as the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, did a great job winning the Gulf War in 1990, but was defeated in 1992 when Conservative Republican Ross Perrot ran as a third party and siphoned off Republican votes. He had signed on to UN Agenda 21 and supported global governance.


Democrat Bill Clinton followed Bush I in 1993 signed the Executive Order to implement UN Agenda 21 in the US. He then introduced “socialized medicine”, but it failed to pass the Republican Congress. Clinton benefitted from the PC revolution of the 1980s, the Reagan tax cust and the “peace dividend” that resulted from the end of the Cold War and he balanced the budget in 1994. But he and the Liberal Republicans gave away all of our US middle class jobs in trade deals like NAFTA in 1993. Our manufacturing jobs went to Mexico, Canada and China and the Japanese were already dominating the auto industry in the US. Our US economy was taking a hit. Clinton served 2 terms and left a $5 Trillion debt


Republican George W. Bush was elected in 2001 and became a “War President” with invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq.. But he was asleep at the switch and failed to avert the 2008 Financial Meltdown. Bush II served 2 terms and left a $10 Trillion debt.


Republicans were in trouble in 2008 and Democrats were about to take over.


Democrat Barak Obama was elected in 2008 and launched Obamacare to install “socialized medicine” in the US. His plan was to have the young and healthy pay the medical costs for the sick and poor.


Republican Donald Trump was elected in 2016 and his campaign was eerily similar to Ronald Reagan’s. He accurately articulated voter concerns and he told the truth. Voters in 2016 were even more disenchanted than they were in 1979. Like Reagan, Trump had spent decades thinking this through; he not only had a vision, he had a plan. He has made impressive gains and is continuing to implement the plan to bring back jobs and enforce the rule of law.


Democrats are doing everything they can to derail Trumps plan, but voters know he will continue to slog his way to completing his plan.  The Democrats lost the majority of the voters and most corporations and have not yet articulated a plan to win them back. 


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

UN Agenda 21 in the US

In 1992, George HW Bush approved UN Agenda 21 in Rio. Bill Clinton issued the EO to implement this in 1993.  By 2009, all federal departments and government funded NGOs were ready to impose unelected regional governance in all States using deceit, threats and bribes. Obama’s UN Agenda 21 Implementation has been costly and damaging.

The first signs of UN Agenda 21 implementation were seen in California when their Regional Commission for San Francisco launched “visioning sessions” and by 2011 Tea Parties were frantic about Agenda 21 threatening private property with mandates for transit village development.

I attended a “visioning session” early in 2011 sponsored by the Dunwoody GA City Council.  These were meetings that residents were urged to attend to get “voter input”, but all of these meetings were rigged to control the outcomes.  They used the “Delphi Technique” to have voters choose between pre-ordained, almost identical pictures of proposed changes in strip malls. They used these rigged plans to change our Land Use and Zoning Ordinances. These plans included unnecessary on-street bike lanes, multi-use paths requested by Public Transit, much smaller lots for homes and the assumption that we would spend a fortune on redevelopment with tax subsidies.

We first saw UN Agenda 21 implementation in Georgia with the passage of Bills in 2008 to establish Regional Commissions for transportation and economic development and 2010 to authorize Regional Commissions to propose the T-SPLOST that asserted this unelected commission’s authority to control transportation spending.  The project lists for the 2012 GA T-SPLOST were abysmal. Tea Party groups fought it and defeated it in 9 of the 12 Regions. Voters didn’t want their tax money to be given to neighboring Counties and they didn’t like the project lists. They also knew that the project list didn’t solve the gridlock problems on the I-285 loop in Atlanta Metro. So the NO vote in this Region was 66%.

The media and the politicians were told to deny the existence of UN Agenda 21 and there were no articles written and the existence of this UN initiated “cookie cutter” planning was denied by politicians.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Is Cable TV worth the cost

TV used to have loads of comedy, music and variety shows. The 1950s brought us Cid Caesar, Ernie Kovacs, Ed Sullivan, Milton Berle and Steve Allen, I remember watching TV with the kids We liked the Variety Shows like Andy Williams, Perry Como, Dinah Shore, Carol Burnett, Sonny and Cher, Donnie and Marie, Lawrence Welk and good movies, It was called “Television’s Golden Age” in the 1950s and for us it continued through the 1970s. The best music came out in 1970s by the Carpenters, Burt Bacharach, Fifth Dimension, Brazil 66, Marvin Hamlisch and Quincy Jones.


There was a drastic change in the 1980s. Cable TV became available and good music declined. Entertainment became darker, more sinister and violent and a lot less entertaining 


Cable TV News covers natural disasters and scandals day and night for weeks while actual news goes unreported. It’s like the chafe fighter planes release to divert missile attacks. It is loaded with Left-wing angst and drama and Coverage includes propaganda interspersed with tabloid news. It’s a Left-wing gossip column and indoctrination camp. Cable news continues to fail to cover information voters need to track Legislation. Voters need to know what mistakes the RINOs in Congress making, so they can try to stop them. Cable news channels like MSNBC that are pure Left-wing propaganda machines and so are most newspapers. Even Fox News channels give the Left far too much face time.


Left-wing Propaganda permeates most TV programming. You will notice a lot of documentaries praising famous Liberals of Christmas Past. There is a series of documentaries on Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. All of this is aimed at preserving “Progressive Values”. The documentaries are well done, but subtle showcases of Liberal doctrine. We also are seeing the same happy propaganda on Bush I and Bush II. These documentaries are designed to make us appreciate the “Progressive Values’”, without mentioning the consequences of the actions and the cost of failed programs and laws. Hollywood “Award Shows” carry distinct Left-wing messages. Shows like “The View” are dedicated to Left-wing propaganda. There are tons of documentaries that promote “National Parks” that suggest that they are necessary and shouldn’t be given back to the States. Shows like “Tiny House” and Naked and Afraid” suggest that we should prepare to become a poor third-world country.  Even the Weather Channels continue to promote the global warming hoax.


Cable TV continues to poison the popular culture. Reality TV must have a fan base full of crazies.  Shows like “Jerry Springer” and “Bad Girls” are dedicated to bad behavior. Shows like “Kardashians” focus on the lives of the rich and famous. Court TV shows minor disputes for people who can’t get along. Interview Shows


There are about 5 Channels for each audience.

Crime Show Channels, Situation Comedies, Cooking Shows, Game Shows, Fishing Shows, Sports Channels, Cartoons, Kid’s Shows, Home and Garden, Shopping Channels, Music Videos, Spanish Channels and Chinese Channels.


I tend to watch C-SPAN Channels, History Channels, PBS Channels, Movie Channels, Travel Channels, Weather Channels and Fox News Channels. I also watch good movies and shows that are actually entertaining or educational.


Continuous Ads are increasing. Station breaks are longer and now include seven 30 second ads every 10 or 20 minutes on cable news. That gives you enough time to click through all the other channels. I try to avoid buying anything that runs an excessive number of ads on TV. They most advertised products include Pills for obscure conditions with deadly side-effects, Insurance and investments like gold and silver.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Obamacare Removal Transition

The first step should be to remove all penalties and allow the Obamacare participants a chance to purchase cheaper major medical plans or open medical savings accounts and allow them to cancel their overpriced Obamacare coverage.

The next step is to repeal Obamacare in its entirety to remove costly rules and regulations imposed on healthcare providers, employers and insurance companies.

These changes should allow health insurance consumers a chance to migrate off of Obamacare coverage and select cheaper coverage that may include lifetime maximums and coverage maximums and medical necessity requirements. Items covered should not be “bundled”, but should allow individually priced coverages to be chosen in a “cafeteria” fashion, so that consumers can customize the coverage they buy. The use of “annual elections” should be abandoned so that consumers can change insurance plans with a 30 day notice and they don’t have to re-assert their coverage.  If a consumer chooses a plan, it should remain “in force” until the consumer takes action to cancel the insurance or modify the coverage.

Insurance companies should have the right to establish limited rules to prevent consumers from “gaming” the system. Maternity coverage should be required to be in effect 9 months ahead of expected delivery dates.  All premiums should be based on risk and be determined by past claims like auto insurance. Those consumers who have diseases they have been treating should have the cost of those treatments added to their premium until those treatments stop.  Those consumers who have purchased “rescue and repair” major medical coverage should not be denied coverage based on their medical history so that medical and hospital bills are covered for serious illness and accidents.

There are two major groups of consumers for healthcare. One is the group who receive their coverage through their employers where premiums are based on the experience of the group.  The other group is comprised of consumers who buy “individual” policies.  Consumers who have experienced low healthcare utilization should get the lowest cost.

Hospitals should require indigent patients to secure loans to pay for treatments before they are admitted. Those patients who fail to do this should be referred to hospitals that serve indigent patients and receive charity funding.

We have already tried to base premiums on age, but that doesn’t take actual utilization into account for the 50% of the population deemed as “healthy”.  We have already tried to cost-shift costs to the young and the healthy like we did under Obamacare and that was an unacceptable disaster. Going forward, we need to base premiums on risk and for healthcare that translates to past utilization.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

New University Departments

Common sense doesn’t appear to be making a comeback.

Universities are still launching non-occupational curricula and students are signing up.  If you look at the new university curriculum, you will find courses that offer no applied skills or useful occupational knowledge.

If you extend the trend, our universities have become Institutions dedicated to Anti-American Studies to house their Progressive “revolutionary” subject majors.

This should require renaming the departments housed in our universities to include:

Department of Interesting Information That Isn’t True

Department of Useless Information to house all other courses for hobbies.

Department of Junk Science and Climate Change

Department of Obsolete, Unavailable Government Jobs,

Department of Revisionist Reality,

Department of Political Correctness and Rioting

Student Life buildings now include “Safe Zones” for Snowflakes Teaching peaceful Islam could lead to No-Go Dorms. We really need to clean house at the US universities.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Paying off Student Loans

Sallie Mae has farmed out their student loan collection problems to collection agencies who are filing lawsuits. College Graduates with low-paying jobs are not able to pay off these loans. Those entering college should have two concerns. One is limiting their expense and the other is being scammed into paying a fortune for political indoctrination that won’t get them a good –paying job.  I wondered how many students were graduating with degrees that would allow them to get jobs that paid enough to pay off these loans. I found a table with numbers of graduates by degree from 1970 to 2015.

Most Popular College Degrees

There were 1.9 million college graduates in 2015, roughly double the number in 1970.

The most popular degrees in 2015 included “Business” with about 370,000 graduates and “Health Professions” next with about 216,000 graduates. Engineering got about 98.000 graduates.

Social Science and History got 167,000
Psychology got 117,000
Biology got 109,000
Ethnic Studies got 104,000

All other Majors got less than 100,000
Education got 91,000
Computer Science got 60,000

High earnings and the ability to repay student loans. We have 44 million student loan borrowers with loans totaling $1.3 Trillion.

We expect those who graduated in 2015 with Business, Health Professions and Engineering Degrees will be able to repay these student loans, but the jury is out on the rest. It may be that although about 900,000 of these graduates might have good earning potential the other 1 million might not.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Homeless Populations

We are beginning to see an increase in the homeless population. Cities and Counties need to ensure that their citizens are not bothered by pan-handlers, but also must ensure that shelters are available, especially during winter months. The homeless population may need access to ATMs to access their direct deposit social security disability checks or other funds. They also need access to day labor jobs. They don’t have cars and should be able to take public transport.

Homeless families with children should be handled separately from the single homeless population.  Shelter buildings might be provided by churches and government entities with available space. Staffing shelters is often provided by church volunteers.

The Salvation Army has the best experience and the St. Vincent DePaul Society in Catholic Churches usually provides sandwiches and volunteer staffs for winter night shelters.

Alcoholism is common, particularly with the single homeless populations. These are usually men, who have lost their families because of alcoholism. Those who “hit bottom” may have some hope to recover. Alcoholics Anonymous has meetings and many homeless people need access to these.

Drug addicts are included in homeless populations because they have been exiled by their families. They associate with drug dealers who are essentially criminals and families exile their drug addicts. They are knows for stealing, lying and being disruptive. There are more government funded resources for addicts available through the courts.

Mental patients also add to the mix in the homeless population now that we’ve closed most of our State Mental Hospitals. Most of these people are harmless, but some are not. Families are not as opposed to sheltering their own mentally ill relatives unless they are violent.

The homeless population could function as seasonal laborers to gather the harvest, but rural counties or large farms would need to provide a campground they could use to sleep and eat.

The homeless population used to gather by railroad tracks to camp out in groups. They were called Hobos and they traveled in the open boxcars on freight trains, but that is not as common today. The homeless have been shifted around in cities and their migration is hard to track. The homeless population seems to grow and then retract.  It’s difficult to find optimum shelter space.  

All of these homeless people are free to roam. They are not incarcerated unless they break the law. Some will recover from their difficulties and return to a normal existence. Some will continue to remain homeless. Some will eventually die homeless. Mother Theresa dedicated her life to them as she gathered them from the streets of Calcutta.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader