Monday, November 20, 2017

What Georgia Voters Need to Know

The “Deep State” exists in all States. It is elusive. In Georgia it was known as the “good ol’ boys”. But is isn’t just a gang of “landed gentry” involved in politics to protect their own endeavors. It is “the establishment”. They carefully pick candidates who will join them and support everything they support. It creates legislatures full of “bobble-heads”.  Occasionally, voters will elect an outsider, who challenges the status quo, but their influence may be short-lived. When they make expensive mistakes, they declare a “news black-out”, so they are not held accountable. The “Deep State” usually involves the local media. It also includes municipalities, cities, counties and all government entities. Both Democrats and Republicans have their own “Deep State”.  It always involves government employees, developers, and corporations. They are long on hype and short on common sense and rule by emotion rather than facts. They will do some things right, but voters have no say.


“Deep State is responsible for allowing critical infrastructure to rot, while they spend time and money on in-fill “economic development” guaranteed to create gridlock. They push to build new stadiums every 20 years to attract “tourism”. They throw money at building large, expensive school buildings, but graduates aren’t prepared. But the developers are happy. Legislators never turn down a problem, even if it isn’t really their problem. The government footprint expands, but never contracts. It doesn’t behoove them to set limits and stick to their priorities.


The Georgia legislature reviews about 600 proposals for Bills to be presented each January. Of the 300 Bills that move forward, 90% of the Bills are requested by counties, cities and other government entities and they receive priority. This is government of the government, for the government and of the government. Most of these Bills allow these counties, cities and entities to spend and borrow more money. Georgia cities and counties can borrow up to 10% of the value of all property including your property. They should be limited to borrowing the value of city or county assets.


The other 10% of the Bills come from special interest groups. No Bills are ever advanced that pare back government largesse to protect the voters, who have complained about tax dollars being spent on unnecessary bike lanes, stadiums, public transit, trollies and other mal-investments while sewers and water pipes leaked, roads rotted and highways ground to a halt. Georgia spends 21% of its revenue on Education, 38% on Healthcare and 17% on Pensions. Our college campuses have become showplaces, but the degrees are worthless and tuition has quadrupled. Spending tax dollars on healthcare is unsustainable and government employee pensions need to be converted to 401k Plans.


From 2008 to 2016, the Georgia legislature passed laws to enable UN Agenda 21 implementation in Georgia.  Regional Planning Commissions were established as “Regional Commissions” to establish unelected governance to usurp city and county responsibilities in 2008 and 2010.  The 2012 T-SPLOST vote that would have established these Regional Commissions failed in 9 of 12 Regions by 66%. Still the Georgia legislature has refused to repeal these laws.


The State of Georgia has received Billions of dollars each year from the US federal government in “grants to states”. These were bribes to get Georgia legislators to vote for Obama’s globalist agenda. These grants totaled about $20 Billion a year and doubled the tax dollars spent in Georgia on federal programs. Georgia usually collects about $20 billion in State taxes. Lots of federal strings were attached to these grants.


Large corporations operating in Georgia have threatened to leave unless the Georgia Legislature obeys their corporate “values”, as dictated by the Obama Administration. This threat was prompted by the “Pastor Protection Act” passed by the Georgia legislature but not signed by Governor Bad Deal. This act would have allowed Pastors to refrain from officiating at “Gay Weddings”. This pits the voters against the corporations and these corporations need to return to mission statements that address their responsibilities to their customers.  Corporations need to drop the “values” statements and return to their statement to operate in compliance with US Law. Gays have not been included as a “protected class” by the US Congress and corporations should not interfere with State Law to engage in political activism. Georgia voters are not happy with these corporations. Georgia voters are not “Gay haters”, but they want to cut the Pastors some slack.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

What Atlanta Metro Voters Need to Know

Going almost anywhere in Atlanta Metro is more difficult than you will find in other cities. This is particularly true in DeKalb, Fulton and the City of Atlanta. The cities that used the grid design are much easier to navigate. You will also find that out-of-control in-fill development has been done with no regard for limiting gridlock. Atlanta’s failure to build an outer-belt, highway bypass forces interstate traffic through the center of Atlanta and adds to the gridlock. Our infrastructure should have allowed for growth, but it didn’t.


I’m not sure why urban planners in Atlanta failed to use the grid design to connect their streets to make them easier to navigate. They must have played with Spirograph when they were younger and then carried these circles to their road designs. In the 1980s, we resisted expanding roads and removing confusion. The in-fill development we built since the 1980s made gridlock worse.


If you have driven anywhere out of the Atlanta Metro area and taken one of our Interstate Highways, you will note the easy-to-use, massive and logical clover-leaf systems in rural areas that allow you to go on and off the Interstate Highways.


But when these Interstates go through larger cities, the massive clover-leaf systems disappear. The exit and entrance ramps become more complicated and confusing. They are not driver friendly. I think the reasons for this have to do with cost and density. Land costs in rural areas are lower and there is room for big, easy to follow clover-leaf systems.


Expanding Interstates is a very political process and is much worse today than it was before when we actually chose the lowest bidder. In the big cities, the land speculators want $1 million per acre for Interstate expansion land and in the rural areas you can get it for $6,000 per acre.


Highway expansion and maintenance costs doubled in the last decade, because laws and ordinances (written by the well-connected consultants) required extensive consulting and design and low bidders no longer got the jobs.


The “high density” we find in Atlanta Metro has caused gridlock, because our road and highway systems have been untouched for decades.


Public transit is not the answer to relieving our gridlock, because these trains and busses only go where they go and that isn’t usually where you need to go. Most Atlanta residents need to have a car to get to work, get groceries and pick up their kids. They are on a tight schedule and need a car to function.  They want to live close to work and have grocery stores and schools close by.


Tax funds should not be used to subsidize public transit expansion. The public transit lobby has joined the developers to push for tax subsidies. The failure rate of these projects is too high. The MARTA trains go to the shopping malls that are closing.


The Georgia Regional Commissions are a left-over of UN Agenda 21 implementation as “unelected governance” and need to be rolled back to reassert “elected governance”. Cities and Counties should have final approval of how tax funds are spent based on what their voters want. The ordinance and land-use plans that were imposed since 1992 need to be revisited to remove UN Agenda 21 requirements.


If we are able to get manufacturing to return to the US, most of these plants are likely to return to rural and suburban cities. Tax holidays will probably be granted to these companies.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

US Ideological Divide

We live in a bipolar country, where Alabama voters prefer Roy Moore and Minnesota voters prefer Al Franken in the US Senate. The divide is Left vs Right and appears to be 50:50 by population, but the Right controls the electoral vote.


The Left supports socialism, globalism, secularism, abortion, open borders, Islam, high taxes, big government control and government paid everything. They attack Christianity, capitalism, private property and personal freedom. They have created most of the financial crises and strife. They encourage rioting and reject free speech if it disagrees with their narrative or agenda. They promote racial strife and protected groups of “victims”. They reject individual responsibility. They are globalist Marxists and love the UN.  They concoct fantasies and promote unrealistic causes. They will do anything to turn the US into a big government globalist socialist republic and they will not stop  They have arranged for the brainwashing of most people under the age of 40 through school indoctrination by Leftist faculty and control most of the media. They are joined by government employees and everybody who likes “free stuff”. They are the Bolsheviks. If you disagree with them, they call you a “racist”. The Left would nationalize the entire private sector. They think Communist China is the model to follow. They can’t stand the US Constitution because it allows for change. They need “stability” to continue their “fundamental transformation”. Communists usually kill off the opposition to get this stability, but Americans don’t want another revolution. So, they are pushing to increase immigration to get more voters.


The Right supports the Private Sector free market capitalist

economy with small, limited government, a limited “safety net”, low welfare costs, balanced budgets, low taxes, low debt, strong military, national sovereignty, individual sovereignty, controlled borders, immigration based on job availability and merit requiring self-support. They support the US Constitution (as written) and oppose activist Judges who ignore the Constitution (as written) use case law and misinterpret the Constitution.


All Democrats who hold office support the Left and 80% of Republicans support the Left, because they are really Democrats who only claimed to be Republicans to get elected. 20% of Republicans who hold office support the Right as do most of the voters. The election process is controlled by power cartels in the States. These are “establishment” politicians who will eviscerate all challengers. They control who we can elect to office. Political campaigns get their funding from government employees, corporations and wealthy special interests, who are aligned with these political cartels. They also control State and Federal budgets and determine where tax dollars go.  Their priorities are often at odds with the voters, but voters find it hard to win.


The US Constitution was written to ensure a balance of State and National sovereignty and ensure citizen rights. It was created to function with a capitalist economy and limited government. There were corporate and special interests at the time and their issues were addressed by State and Federal entities.  Political parties gathered behind candidates whose agendas supported each party’s issues. Our economy included agriculture, resource extraction and trade. Most small businesses were family farms and services. It was a meritocracy, where those who did a good job would prosper. Voters in States determined the candidates they wanted to send to serve in the US Congress and all Voters decided on who would be the President responsible for leading the federal government. Our population was largely European and Christian or Jewish. Our culture supported hard work, private property and freedom.


Today we are more disjointed. The federal government has usurped States’ Rights and assumed control of most functions that were previously handled by States and the Private Sector. To understand how this happened, you have to follow the money. Willie Sutton, a notorious American bank robber said: “I rob banks, because that’s where they keep the money”. Eventually, the federal government became “where they keep the money”.


Our nation was founded by the “landed gentry”, who were drawn to government service in the Colonial government from the 1650s to the 1770s. They served as officers in the British Continental Army and served in State government. When rule by the British became abusive in the 1770s, they rebelled and formed the United States. This group of leaders accurately read the needs of the citizens. They designed and operated the government to meet these needs, but their successors failed to deal with areas of disagreement and made serious, costly errors. They were, however, able to expand the national footprint.


We have continued to elect the “landed gentry” to political office, but this crop has not been on our side except for Trump, who is on our side. I expect those Republicans who want to survive to convert to become real Republicans and actually change their votes to become more “Constitutional”. The case for the Right is easy to make, because it is based on facts. If you do what it says, everything starts to work and get better.


Republicans will need to add “populism” and “nationalism” and drop “globalism”. They need to review the list of Republican beliefs and actually pass laws to restore the economy.


Republicans will also need to reform government to become compliant with the US Constitution (as written),  They need to transfer unconstitutional departments, agencies and programs to the States to comply with the 10th amendment or write Amendments to add these to their “enumerated powers” and send them to the States for ratification. Healthcare and Education have become unaffordable and underperforming. Republicans need to transfer these to the States. These industries need to be controlled by the Private Sector free market to control costs through supply and demand. Neither appear in the “enumerated powers” for a reason.


For issues that are federal, Congress will need to amend laws that need fixing, abolish laws that are unnecessary or counter-productive, ensure that laws are enforced, restore the rule of law and live within their means. It is obvious that Republicans will need to reform the Rules to enable good legislation to pass and increase throughput.


Democrats will fight tooth and nail to prevent Republicans from fixing this bloated, corrupt and incompetent government, because it will reverse all of the bad laws they have been able to have enacted to support their march toward big government socialism.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Sunday, November 19, 2017


We are most motivated to do what we love to do. That’s why it’s important to find out what you love to do and figure out how you can turn it into a career. The most successful people agree that they “love” their jobs. What we find when we look at these individuals is that they love their jobs, because they have honed their skills and these are the skills required to succeed in their careers. Trump’s success as a developer required him to do all the things CEOs do, but his industry had a place for the theatrical. His sales skills and judgement are good and he is authentic.  Trump has successfully transitioned to becoming President of the US, because all of the skills he developed and likes to do by building his own companies are also needed in the President’s job.


I started a Rock Band in 1957 and played guitar and sang 3 nights a week through my high school years and joined a Blues Band in 1961 and played bass guitar and sang 6 nights a week through my college years. After I graduated in 1965 and started my career, I worked weekends in Jazz Trios until 1975 as a bass player and singer. In my 17 year music career I was able to play bass with Chuck Berry and met lots of good singers and musicians.


The question about motivation is best illustrated by Bonnie Bramlett.  I worked with Bonnie Bramlett in the Blues Band from 1962 to 1965 at the “Livingroom” a popular nightclub on Gaslight Square in St. Louis. Bonnie had a Tina Turner style and was a natural entertainer. She told me that all she ever wanted to do was to be a singer and keep doing what she was doing.  She couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  She loved it and wanted to make her career as a singer. She did just that. She is a great entertainer and is a big success. You can google Bonnie Bramlett on the internet. Bonnie scored in the “love it” and “good at it” box on the 9 box grid.


I was good enough at it to play with the pros, but could take it or leave it.  I was more interested in business issues and curious to know how businesses worked and motivated to fix what was broken, so I went to college and then went to work on my career. My band jobs did give me an outlet and a break from my career activities and it gave me balance and some recreation and additional income. Playing music was never a job to me, it was too much fun. I had the same attitude with my career, it was also too much fun.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

The Normal Curve

The Normal Curve is in the shape of a bell, with few at the low end and few at the high end and most in the middle. Our talents can be identified specifically and these individual talents follow the normal curve.

We can have specific talents for art, athletics and academics. Our artistic talents can be segmented into playing music, singing, performing, drawing, painting, decorating and designing.  Our athletic talents can be segmented into gymnastics, playing baseball, football or other sports.  Our academic talent can be measured by reading speed, comprehension and knowledge.

Our interests will affect our choices in what talents we are drawn to develop. We usually like to do what we are good at.  But is possible to give up some of the things we are good at to do other things we also love to do or for practical reasons. It is possible to be good at something, but you can take it or leave it.  We usually don’t do well with things we are not good at and we often lose all interests in things we are not good at.  Some of our choices have to do with age, physical ability and time. It’s not uncommon to give up hobbies to pursue a career we can use to earn a living.

Our expertise in exercising our talents may be natural or developed. Some find that exercising their talent is easy; they are gifted. These are students who don’t need to struggle to learn; they are quick to understand most subject matter. There are gifted artists who create perfect drawings and paintings with no apparent effort. There are athletes who can study certain moves and replicate them and that is the “mental” part of some sports. They have the kind of exceptional mind-body control we see in expert gymnasts, skaters and divers.

There are other characteristics that are developed around out talents. Leadership often comes from knowing what to do. These leaders are keen to learn everything they can about their work and they become experts. They become leaders when others follow them. If they become irritating for others to deal with, they are stuck just being experts. Leaders that others follow are also blessed with credibility that may derive from being trusted. That is the role that character plays in developing leadership.

Leaders have varying degrees of curiosity, motive and a sense of mission. They usually have the ability to look at things and improve them. If they are accomplishment oriented, they want to fix things they have identified as needing improvement.  They will go wherever they need to go to find what they love to do. 

Activities most people regard as hobbies can turn into careers if you’re good enough. I have a dear friend from high school named Mike Peters. He is a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist who has had a very successful career as an Editorial Cartoonist, the creator of the comic strip “Mother Goose and Grim” and his website is Grimmy Inc. Mike started to draw as soon as he could hold a pencil.  He loved Disney cartoons and drew them through his grade school years.  He drew like a talented adult professional by the time he entered high school.  He was a child prodigy. After high school he received a BFA degree and joined “Stars and Stripes”. After his military service, he joined the Sun Times as an editorial cartoonist.  He later became the Editorial Cartoonist for the Dayton Daily News.  He syndicated after winning the Pulitzer and has been cartooning ever since. Mikes teachers would always tell him that he can’t draw cartoons forever and he would just smile knowing that they were wrong.  Mike was at the top of the normal curve as a cartoonist.

I’ve known other child prodigies including actresses Marsha Mason and Mary Frann Luecke. They were not like most other girls.  They knew what they wanted to do from an early age and spent their time honing their craft.  Marsha was addicted to the stage and became a major star and film director. Mary Frann was very poised and focused. She worked as a child model and became the first “America’s Junior Miss” when she was 18. She worked in movies and is best know for her TV role on the Bob Newhart Show.

There is a normal curve for everything. Some are at the bottom and some are at the top and most are somewhere in the middle.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Human Nature

Animals are designed with instincts beginning with self-preservation and pro-creation. All animals need to absorb nourishment to stay alive and breed to perpetuate their species.


Moving up the food chain we see animals absorbing nourishment by eating other animals. Some animals are territorial and live in groups. Some are warm blooded like mammals and birds and seem to have emotions and share some of our abilities to learn and communicate.


At the top of the food chain, humans are the animal that we should be the most familiar with. We have instincts and hormones for survival and procreation. We prefer comfort and security and live in groups. Many of us are curious and also like learning and accomplishment.


Most human beings hope that after this short life they will continue in some spiritual form to exist after they die. Most have religious beliefs to support their desire for immortality. We look at our complexity and reason that we have been created to accomplish certain things with our life.


I marvel at our existence and the human body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. Our bodies include a complex system of chemicals and processes that keep us alive and functioning and unique. I am amazed at what we have accomplished and disappointed at our failures. I marvel at the earth’s ability to enable us to sustain ourselves and I marvel at the universe in its beauty and power.


Human behavior is more complex and includes higher mental abilities than other animals. We are all similar in our aspirations, but are free to choose our behavior and that makes us diverse. We have unique emotional reactions and unique emotional needs. We can choose to change our behavior, but we often don’t. Our aspirations vary and our needs vary and we are prone to conflict. We appreciate kindness and agreement and feel secure in our cocoon. We seek out like-minded people. Our free will allows us to choose our actions and beliefs. We are prone to make mistakes and we are fragile.  We can learn from our mistakes, choose to improve and eliminate self-destructive, self-limiting behaviors, but it takes self-discipline, courage, honesty and effort.


We are blessed to be living at a time when we can examine our human history and gather the evidence to show clearly what our errors and our accomplishments have been and use these lessons to chart our path forward.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Friday, November 17, 2017

Senate 60 Vote Rule

Bills that include federal spending cuts should not be subject to the 60 vote rule in the Senate. Mitch McConnell can end the 60 vote rule and allow all Bills to pass by majority vote.


This rule needs to be turned on its head to apply only Bills that will result in increases in the federal budget or introduce a new unconstitutional federal department, agency or program. I doubt that our current gang of legislators will want to do this.


Some legislators may want to impose the 60 vote rule on military adventures, but they should not risk leaving us open to attack. Congress may need to tighten the rules on military spending to avoid costly missteps by the Executive Branch except for invasion or attacks on US soil including territories and military bases.


Congress also needs to re-evaluate what they will consider to be “Our National Interests” to avoid squandering tax dollars on military foreign aid we are using as bribes to foreign countries. I realize that this would reduce the US diplomatic crayon box, but we should base our military support to keeping shipping lanes open for US goods.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Individual Income Tax Reform

The changes in the Individual Income Taxes look minor and not as necessary as the corporate tax cuts. The proposals from the House and Senate go after deductions, because Republicans won’t abolish the Senate 60 vote rule and they are attempting to reform the tax code using reconciliation that allows for a simple majority vote in the Senate. This rule should be eliminated to allow for federal spending cuts, Obamacare repeal, Immigration reform and other reforms we need to make.


The US tax code that controls our individual taxes has a history of allowing deductions for categories of spending that government has deemed to be worthy to be deducted to lower our taxable income.  These deductions have included charitable contributions, medical costs, home mortgage interest, State and local property taxes, State and local income taxes.  Medical costs were restricted with a 10% of income barrier in 1986.


Now, Congress is considering individual income tax rules that would likely change how we do out 2018 taxes in April of 2019. 


They kept the charitable contributions, but put caps on the amount of mortgage interest rate we could deduct. They also kept the 10% hurdle for Medical costs. They want to remove deductions for State and local taxes and they are silent on Student Loan interest. 


They want to eliminate the Personal Exemption completely, but double the $6300 Standard Deduction.  The Personal Exemption allowed for a $4050 deduction for each dependent claimed including dependent children. It looks like taxpayers who have used this deduction will lose it for dependent children.  There might be a deduction for dependent children in the new Bill, but it is unclear how it works and it could appear somehow in the Child Credit in CID that has suffered so much fraud from illegal Mexicans who claim all of the Mexican relatives as dependents.


Retirees on Social Security will still be subject to the taxation of their “benefits” and will require the continuation of the mind-bending calculations we attempt to complete each year. 


It’s hard to see how retirees and parents will be able to put all of this on a postcard, so simplification might reside in the code but not on the forms. Retirees will also have to report all benefits from Pensions, 401k distributions and Annuities as income. This double-taxation can be complained about, but not necessarily ended.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Corporate Tax Reform

If corporate taxes are cut from 35% to 20%, we will see these corporations return their manufacturing operations to the US because it will become economically feasible. Companies have always liked having their operations close to their customers and suppliers and will add manufacturing plants to make what American’s buy.


The Reform part of the Corporate Tax Bill is the removal of loop-holes and excessive complexity in the Tax Code in exchange for a lower rate for all businesses.


If tax loopholes will no longer be considered, it’s hard to figure out the role of the K-Street Lobby going forward. It looks like it could turn to corporate lobbying to secure sales orders from Trump’s bi-lateral agreements. Congress may actually have to write their own Bills and may actually need to know what is in these Bills.


The lobbying activity may be left to the Left. This will lower campaign contributions to these weasels and remove legal bribery from the equation. The Left gets their Bills through Congress through extortion. They threaten legislators with attacks if they don’t cave in to the Left-wing agenda to continue the advance of socialism.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Restoring Jobs

For the past several decades US citizens suffered job loss to immigrants and lower family incomes due to federal government enforcement of open borders, excessive immigration, Obamacare costs and multi-lateral trade deals.


The first step to restoring jobs has already been accomplished. Trump cancelled unnecessary regulations and executive orders, resurrected the rule of law and convinced corporations to stop leaving the US. Trump withdrew from UN scams, announced our move to bi-lateral trade plans and achieved 3% growth in GDP.


The next step is to make the corporate tax rate competitive and lower the US corporate tax rate from the highest on the planet to the average, to allow companies to establish their operations in the US


Both of these steps lowered the cost of doing business in the US, to remove the incentives for corporations to take their operations overseas.


The next step will further increase US jobs by reducing excessive immigration, return the US to a meritocracy and promote the hiring of US citizens. Our immigration laws need to be reformed to remove chain migration, lotteries, refugee programs, anchor babies, immigrant welfare benefits and open borders.


Restoring family income requires repealing Obamacare and is helped a little with Income Tax Reform, but will really improve when immigration law is tightened to force hiring US citizens and provide jobs for our new grads and students.


Ensuring the continuation of the US government requires that we end deficit spending and begin to grow our way out of our $20 trillion national debt,


We need to shrink government and expand the US Private Sector free market economy as the engine to expand US citizen wealth and provide an economy that works.


Draining the swamp requires that we cut all federal spending that is unnecessary, harmful and corrupt and stop viewing government employment as a “jobs program”. This includes cutting federal bribes to States and grants to political action and other groups. It will require reforms in processes and lean management. Reducing the cost of military foreign aid is being addressed by convincing our foreign allies to pay their share and further sharing the costs with groups of allies in Asia and the Middle East.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

US Economic Recovery

Trump was elected in November 2016, because he articulated a plan to restore the US economy. It included every element adversely affecting our economy including unnecessary excessive immigration, climate regulations and high corporate taxes.


If the Democrats had won this election, we would be looking at a 5-fold increase in the cost of US electric bills due to the cost of converting our power generation to wind, solar and geo-thermal justified by the global warming hoax.  We would not be lowering our corporate taxes. We would continue to allow tens of thousands of welfare immigrants to enter the US through the UN Refugee Program and our own unregulated border. We would continue to see immigrants being placed in US jobs by the immigration NGOs funded by our tax dollars. Like Europe, we would see “Muslim No-Go Zones” and Sharia Courts appear all over the US. We would see our legal system exported to foreigners through the TPP. We would see UN Agenda 21 implementation advance with the establishment of the American Union replacing the United States.  We would be integrating Mexico and Canada and the US into a governmental entity. We would see the implementation of unelected governance and the repeal of the US Constitution. Our property rights and all of our other rights would be replaced by a full-blown socialist oligarchical dictatorship. We would see the continuation of political correctness as the driver of this treason.  Corporations would continue to exit the US and we would become a third-world country with a population of 500 million.


Trump took office in January 2017 and began to cancel executive orders, impose government headcount control and pull out of the UN Climate scam and the TPP. He rejected multi-lateral trade agreements in favor of bi-lateral, reciprocal trade agreements. We saw companies reverse their plans to move their operations overseas, we saw US GDP increase to 3% and we saw an unprecedented US stock market rally. We saw Trump lay out an agenda that fulfills all unfulfilled Republican campaign promises.


We now see Congress struggle with repealing Obamacare and Tax Reform.  We knew that 80% of the Republicans were really Democrats by the way they voted.  Now these RINOs are coming out of the closet. We have an opportunity to reform Congress in 2018 with candidates who will support the Trump agenda.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Alabama Senate Race

Alabama voters will elect a new Senator to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions in December 2017.


We should let Judge Roy Moore to run for the Senate Seat in Alabama, because he won the Republican Primary and Alabama voters chose him to run for this Senate seat.


Congress should not take any action to unseat Roy Moore if he beats his Democrat opponent in the general election. He appears to be no better and no worse than most of the Senators in Congress.


The Senate should include an ethics investigation aimed at raising the bar on proper behavior, but should not be overplayed in the media.


The allegations against Judge Moore did not include accusations that he committed felony rape, but could turn into a “tough to prove” child molestation charge and take years to litigate. It seems like the current “pile-on” is about sexual harassment and these claims are normally filed against employers.


The outbreak of sexual harassment claims we are seeing now appear to be inspired by the accusations against Weinstein that rekindled a boat-load of new accusations. Some of these claims and revelations are fueled by our Left vs Right political wars. Most of these recent scandals have resulted in outing those who are aligned on the Right.


The allegations against Judge Moore remind me of the Televangelist scandals in the 1980s. These involved Televangelist Jim Bakker and Church Secretary Jessica Hahn in 1987, and Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart’s emotional but unspecific confession and resignation in 1988. It is also similar to the Catholic Priest child molestation scandal that was reported in the 1980s. This resulted in more church oversight of its leaders and that seemed to be helpful. These incidents revealed that Christian leaders can also be sinners.


I am suspicious of barring Christian sinners from public office. I think that has more to do with the war on Christianity by the Left and the Democrat’s desperate attempt to increase their votes in the Senate.


John F. Kennedy was a serial philanderer, but that didn’t make him a bad President. He was never attacked by the Press. There have been child molesters in Congress, but they have either resigned or been quietly replaced by the voters.


Judge Moore got his reputation as a Christian Leader when he fought to keep his 10 Commandments monument from being removed from the Alabama Supreme Court building in 2001. The ACLU filed suit for the Left and a Liberal Federal Judge ruled for removal. Moore’s rationale was that the 10 Commandments were the moral foundation of US Law and that made perfect sense to everybody in Alabama and most of the US. Moore became the champion for ending the war on Christianity that started in 1947 with Hugo Black’s deliberate misinterpretation of the US Constitution when he redefined the “separation of church and state”. The mandate that “congress shall establish no religion” meant that the US will continue to allow all denominations to exist and will not establish a theocracy.


The timing of the allegations against Judge Moore makes them suspect and sheds doubt on the validity of the accusations because of the timing. It really looks like a “hit piece”.  I expect that Judge Moore will survive this attack and be elected to the Senate by the voters of Alabama. They want Moore to continue the fight to defeat the “War on Christianity”.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Immigration Bill

Immigration to the US was geared toward accepting immigrants who were capable of self-support and was driven by labor shortages in specific fields.  Our current immigration laws have been drifting off-course for decades and have resulted in a surge in welfare immigrant terrorists and criminals. The new Immigration Bill needs to tighten immigration to allow only the best and the brightest to be admitted. All immigrants should be required to be self-supporting and should not be eligible for any federal welfare programs.


The Anchor Baby, Family Chain Migration and Lottery policies should be revoked. Babies born in the US from non-citizen parents should not be given US citizenship. We should consider them citizens of their parents’ home countries. Immigration of family members should be limited to spouse and children. 


Immigrants should not be issued a Social Security Card or a US Drivers’ License to prevent them from committing voter fraud.  They should take their foreign driver’s license to the local license bureau and have it certified if they pass the driver’s tests.


Immigrants should not have Social Security Accounts and should not be required to pay Social Security taxes until they receive their Green Cards. After they have received their Green Cards, they may opt not to have a Social Security Card and not pay Social Security Tax until they become US Citizens.


Immigrants who are visitors should be able to use their home country drivers’ licenses to vacation and work temporarily in the US.


All immigrants who apply for Work Visas should be sponsored by employers, who would apply for work visas to fill critical jobs only if qualified US citizens cannot be found. Employers would also have to use the E-Verify System to verify citizenship.


Professional immigrants who are sponsored by employers would enter with H1b visas. This should require technical degrees, licenses and sponsorship by employers. Technicians should not be eligible for H1b visas.


A limited number of Technicians would enter with H2b visas and should be limited to technical fields where we have shortages.


Hospitality workers, general labor workers and all others would no longer be eligible for H2b visas.


Non-citizen Seasonal Agricultural Workers should require an H2a Visa and be sponsored by their employers.


Schools should not be required to take any students who are not functional enough in English and Math to be admitted with their age group. They should be required to increase their proficiency in community based programs and pass an entrance test and be admitted to schools set up for students who are older than their grade.


Refugees will not be admitted to the US. The US government may co-sponsor refugee camps in home or neighboring countries and provide temporary food, shelter and medical until they can return to their homes and their families. Current refugees living in the US will be returned to these camps.


While there are about 185 different types of visas, there are two main categories of U.S. visas:
·       Nonimmigrant visa - for temporary visits such as for tourism, business, work, visiting family, or studying.
·       Immigrant visa - for people to immigrate to the United States.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Ending Obamacare

Including the repeal of the Obamacare Individual Mandate Tax is a good addition to the GOP Individual Income portion of the Tax Bill. Refusing to bail out the Obamacare Health Insurance Providers is another good move. Healthcare consumers need to be able to purchase the more affordable catastrophic coverage and each coverage should have its own cost, so consumers can customize the coverage they buy. By ending the Mandate, those who have already decided not to buy Obamacare “one size fits all” redistributionist scam will know that they will not have to pay the “Tax” to opt out.


For those who are enrolled in Obamacare, these consumers need to be able to migrate from their unaffordable, unnecessary coverage as they sign up for the cheaper more customized insurance.


Employers need to be able to go back to 40 hour per week jobs to reverse the loss of household income. They also need to be able to offer employees individual coverages with each coverage priced separately.


Health Insurance coverage is secured in what was called a Contract. That is an agreement between a buyer and a seller. Both should be free from government interference. Consumers should be free to choose their coverage and Sellers should be free to quote the price based on risk.


The US government removed the risk of “end of life” expenses by offering Medicare to citizens over 65 as part of the Social Security system to reduce pressure on employers and insurers.


Insurance functions as a cash-flow solution for consumers and provides an opportunity for insurance companies to collect premiums over many years and invest the cash that is collected to profit from the growth of these multiple pockets of money. The insurance company makes a profit if the total amount of money they collected plus the profits derived from investing this money exceed the amount of claims paid. This should work in the US, because 50% of our population have low medical expenses. These “healthy” Americans should not be expected to have to pay everybody else’s medical bills, but that’s what happens.  Government has forced providers to treat indigent patients that don’t pay their medical bills and shift the cost of this care to paying customers.  No other industry is forced to do this.


The excessive immigration of welfare immigrants and illegals we’ve experienced since 1989 has taken its toll on providers and the charges do to this surge in indigent care have contributed to the quadrupling of our medical bills. We now have too many poor people in the US and we need to restrict immigration to those who are financially self-supporting.


Price gouging by Big Pharma also adds to the cost of US healthcare and they should be made to stop cost shifting to US consumers. They price these drugs much lower for other countries and should not be allowed to do that.


Whatever government does with healthcare going forward, they need to end cost shifting and they need to end welfare immigration. They also need to end all regulations, laws and practices imposed on healthcare providers and consumers. Insurance companies should be able to offer each coverage with its own price and let consumers decide what coverages they are willing to pay for. This would allow insurers to offer lower cost policies if they have life-time maximums. Premiums should be based on risk, so insurance companies should be able to charge higher premiums based on pre-existing conditions. Government should not interfere with this by allowing cost shifting to the healthy or of premiums based on age. Government should get out of the way and let the market deal with it.  


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Minimum Wage Jobs

Low paying jobs were once reserved for student employment as a means to allow students ages 14 to 21 to earn their own spending money, learn how to work and keep them out of trouble. Over the past 20 years, most of the minimum wage jobs in the US have been filled by millions of immigrants using 185 different types of visas.


Our US Immigration laws were set up originally to allow immigrants from foreign countries who are self-supporting to apply for entry the US and required sponsors and a physical exam before they were admitted. Immigration was allowed based on US labor shortages and curtailed when the US had a labor surplus.


Our current immigration laws have been sabotaged to allow all immigrants and refugees to enter the US regardless of US labor needs.  We now have millions of immigrants in minimum wage jobs and have displaced the students. When the saboteurs opened immigration to all, they launched a campaign to tell students that they didn’t have to work, so most didn’t.  Our kids worked through school in the 1980s, but most kids just “hung out” at the Mall.


Our saboteurs also promoted “Diversity”, so we wouldn’t notice the migrant invasion and political correctness replaced the 10 Commandments and common sense.


At the same time, they managed to quadruple the cost of college and encouraged students to get loans. These loans are now totaling $1Trillion and may default.  Now we have to reverse all of that. Congress sets traps everywhere and they usually blow up to create new problems they will fix with solutions laced with more traps that cause more crises.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Congressional Reform

41% of the legislators in the US Congress are lawyers. They are a co-equal branch of government and they make their own rules.  Consequently they spend an inordinate amount of time holding hearings where they all become Prosecutors. This is fun for those who enjoy prosecuting. Even the non-lawyers enjoy pretending that they are Prosecutors.


The tactics attackers employ include “newspeak”. They use the word “interference” but don’t distinguish between “influence” and “ballot-stuffing when they argue about “Russian Meddling in US elections as if there is no difference between “political speech” and ballot-stuffing.  We in the US and many other countries have used their own “political speech” aimed at foreign voters. We sponsored “Radio-Free Europe” to broadcast to citizens behind the Soviet Communist “Iron Curtin”. Leaders in most countries continue to criticize actions of other countries on TV and print. Ballot-stuffing is clearly wrong, but influence as free speech should not be outlawed.

Consequently we find that televised hearing meeting have arisen to compete with the myriad of other TV shows that are court related. The difference is that we taxpayers are the Producers of these programs and we should be billing the cable companies for the content. The other thing we see legislators doing is to divide into two camps. The Democrats are arguing for socialism and big government and the Republicans are arguing for capitalism and limited government. Adopting this classic struggle adds another dimension to the drama and makes it even more fun to plan and execute attacks on your adversaries.


These members of Congress also spend most of their time raising money for their campaign expenses from special interests. That leaves very little time for these legislators to give much time to the Bills they write and it shows. We know that these legislators actually work for the special interest and not the voters.


Voters would do well to lobby to legislators to reform campaign finance laws to restrict contributions to only voter for contributions to only candidates who appear on their ballots.  This would end cross-border funds from contaminating local elections, reduce the cost of political campaigns significantly, and end corruption in government.


In the meantime, we are looking at the train-wreck of laws and treaties that have been orchestrated to ensure our economic collapse. Congress supported excessive immigration and suicidal job exportation and expanded welfare to include immigrants. The result was an excess labor supply of immigrants taking jobs from new grads and millions of “welfare immigrants” making bombs.


We can cite how bad laws have created what legislators call “unintended consequences, but we suspect that there are no “unintended consequences”. We can see the relationship between government-initiated events and future crises that prompt us to go looking for the “puppet masters”. We can identify a series of scams being initiated by government that result in economic decline and loss of citizen freedom. We as citizens need to examine what we would rather have our legislators do to stop this damage.


The best blueprint we have to guide us as we examine what Congress needs to do is the US Constitution (as written). We have seen a massive government takeover unconstitutional activities. These are the same activities we are having problems with. They are essentially socialist programs. Government has wrecked the Healthcare and Education industries by over-subsidizing these industries.  Prices are no longer controlled by consumers and the quality of outcomes have suffered. Social Security would not need to be bailed out if it had been established to mandate individual and employer contributions into individual participant accounts, so their funds could be invested. Instead, they created a Ponzi scheme, where these contributions went to the government and have been spent.


We have been experiencing our own Bolshevik Revolution in the US where the violent, socialist Democrats are the Bolsheviks and they have been winning. This has been going on since the 1960s. Anti-socialist Americans managed to win the last election, but Pro-socialist Democrats will fight to keep all the gains they have made to keep the US on track to grow their big government socialist republic. The Pro-socialist Democrats have dumbed down the schools and increased immigration to grow their own voters. The Anti-socialists have been attempting to get these voters to see the bad consequences of their Pro-socialist beliefs.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader