Monday, April 24, 2017

French Election Results

Macron received 24%, 8,657,326 votes for EMA
Le Pen received 21.3%, 7,679,493 votes for FN, Conserv.
Filton received 20%, 7,213,797 votes for LR, Conservative
Melenchon received 19.6% 7,060,885 for LFI, Socialist
Harmon received 6.4%, 2,291,565 for PS, Socialist
Dupont received 4.7%, 1,695,186 for DLF
Lasalle received 1.2%, 435,365 for R
Poutou received 1.1%, 394,582 for NPA
Asselineau received .9%, 335,588 for UPR
Arthaud received .6%, 232,428 for LO
Cheminade received .2%, 65,598 for SP, Socialist

The run-off between Macron and Le Pen is set for May 7th.

France has a population of 65 million with 88% Catholic and 8% Muslim.  France has 750 “no-go” zones with Sharia law for Muslims.  Leaving the EU would restore French sovereignty, allow them to remove Sharia, end terror attacks and take their country back.

Annual GDP is $2.5 Trillion making France the 6th largest economy.  80% of the French economy is Services, 18% Industry and 2% Agricultural.

France is relatively prosperous with an average income of $42,000 per year, because they host 500 global corporations and headquarters. Exports are $505 Billion and Imports $525 Billion.  The Corporate Tax Rate in France is 34.4%.

Government Debt is 97% of GDP.  Taxes are $1.3 trillion and government spending is 1.5 trillion; that’s 60% of GDP.

The prospect of the US setting the corporate tax rate at 15% could give companies the incentive to move to the US. The current US corporate tax rate is the third highest at 38.9%. The UAE rate is 55.8% and Puerto Rico is 39%. The average corporate tax rate is 22%.

A Le Pen victory in France would be the equivalent of the Trump victory in the US.  If French voters really want to reverse the Muslim Invasion and retake their sovereignty, then Le Pen could win.  If you add up all the socialist leaning political parties that led France into this mess, it’s easy to predict a Macron win.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Ending the EU

The reason for setting up the EU was to implement UN Agenda 21 in Europe to usurp the sovereignty of member countries.  UN Agenda 21 was based on the global warming hoax and was published in 1992. The EU was pitched as a trade deal that added a common currency and easy cross-border employment.  It went sour when the EU began to dictate their own suicidal policies in member countries. These policies were based on Agenda 21 and required converting to expensive wind and solar energy production. This got too expensive and members stopped being green when their electric bills doubled. 

Excessive government spending used to implement UN Agenda 21 sent sovereign debt to unsustainable levels. Greece missed it’s “mortgage” payments and it looked like Italy, Spain and Ireland were in trouble as well.  The Euro became a problem.

Europeans saw their fishing industries and other industries being closed down by UN control and suffered government abuse inflicted based on political correctness and economy-killing liberal causes.

The global warming hoax that started in 1992 began to unravel in 2011 with no visible signs of warming and evidence of it being a scam.  Australia cancelled their carbon tax.

Global Trade was touted as the future, until it fizzled in 2014. Countries immediately began to pull back and look at their own economies.  Emerging Markets for exports were limited. Consumers in most countries were too poor to buy anything. The few countries with a working economy restricted trade; they wanted to export, but avoided imports.  Free Trade became “unfair trade”.

World economies settled into a slump that ensured that those who had been “emerging” would slow down.  Everybody realized that all economic activity is local.

The last straw was the UN Refugee Resettlement Program that dictated that member countries take millions of Muslim welfare recipients.  They have caused trouble and cost money.  European citizens now wonder why their tax dollars are supporting the terror attacks against them.  Europe is extremely dependent on tourism and terror attacks don’t help increase their tourist population.

The Brexit vote and the Trump election marked the end of UN Agenda 21. It looks like the end of the “new world order”.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Government Shutdown Scam

Currently, if Congress is unable to pass a budget, a large group of “non-critical” government employees get a paid vacation. 

Democrats will defend their funding of programs to promote the advancement of socialism in the US forever.  They will fight like maniacs to keep the US moving toward Communism to their dying breath. This makes it hard to cut any government spending ever. Democrats want to “fundamentally transform” the US into Venezuela.

Republicans want to cut government spending and expand the private sector economy that actually pays for government. Republicans want a smaller, less intrusive government and want a private sector that is big enough to take care of itself.

Campaign contributors want whatever short term advantage they can get through government legislation. If the voters actually want Congress to work for the people, they need to insist that special interests would be banned from making any campaign contributions.  Voters should be the only ones allowed to make campaign contributions to candidates who would appear on their ballots.  Special interest groups can exercise their free speech on their own websites.

The House is supposed to vote on a budget with a simple majority and send it to the Senate.  The Senate requires 60 votes to pass a budget. If they don’t pass the budget on time, the government shutdown begins and continues until they pass a budget.

Continuing Resolutions simply continue the same spending on the same things at the same rate as the previous budget. These always get approved. The Congress is organized to resist any cuts in government spending.

Trump should be able to cut actual spending using hiring freezes and executive orders like Obama did.  He simply tells his departments to cut.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

US Communist Campuses

Campus Mob Shuts Down #BlackLivesMatter Critic, 4/22/17

(Heather Mac Donald, InsideSources) All who cherish free expression, especially on campuses, must combat the growing zeal for censorship.

Where are the faculty? American college students are increasingly resorting to brute force, and sometimes criminal violence, to shut down ideas that they don’t like. Yet when such travesties occur, the faculty are, with few exceptions, missing in action, though they have themselves been given the extraordinary privilege of tenure to protect their own liberty of thought and speech. It is time for them to take their heads out of the sand.

I was the target of such silencing tactics two days in a row earlier this month, the more serious incident at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California, and a less virulent one at UCLA.

Claremont McKenna had invited me to meet with students and to give a talk about my book, “The War on Cops,” on April 6. Several calls went out on Facebook to “shut down” this “notorious white supremacist fascist Heather Mac Donald.” A Facebook post from “we, students of color at the Claremont Colleges” announced grandiosely that “as a community, we CANNOT and WILL NOT allow fascism to have a platform. We stand against all forms of oppression and we refuse to have Mac Donald speak.”

A Facebook event titled “Shut Down Anti-Black Fascist Heather Mac Donald” and hosted by “Shut Down Anti-Black Fascists” encouraged students to protest the event because “Mac Donald condemns (the) Black Lives Matter movement,” “supports racist police officers” and “supports increasing fascist ‘law and order.’”

When I arrived on campus, I was shuttled to what was in effect a safe house: a guest suite for campus visitors, with blinds drawn. I could hear the growing crowds chanting and drumming, but I could not see the auditorium that the protesters were surrounding. One female voice rose above the chants with particularly shrill hysteria. From the balcony, I saw a petite blonde walk by, her face covered by a Palestinian head scarf and carrying an amplifier on her back for her bullhorn.

Just before 6 p.m., I was fetched by an administrator and a few police officers to take an out-of-the-way elevator into CMC’s Athenaeum. The massive hall, where I was supposed to meet with students for dinner before my talk, was empty — the mob, by then numbering close to 300, had succeeded in preventing anyone from entering. The large plate-glass windows were covered with translucent blinds, so that from the inside one could only see a mass of indistinct bodies pounding on the windows.

The administration had decided that I would live-stream my speech in the vacant room in order to preserve some semblance of the original plan. The podium was moved away from a window so that, as night fell and the lights inside came on, I would not be visible to the agitators outside.

I completed my speech to the accompaniment of chants and banging on the windows. I was able to take two questions from students via live-streaming. But by then, the administrators and police officers in the room, who had spent my talk nervously staring at the windows, decided that things were growing too unruly outside to continue. I was given the cue that the presentation was over. Walkie-talkies were used to coordinate my exit from the Athenaeum’s kitchen to the exact moment that a black, unmarked Claremont Police Department van rolled up. We passed startled students sitting on the stoop outside the kitchen. Before I entered the van, one student came up and thanked me for coming to Claremont. We sped off to the police station.

Last week’s events should be the final wakeup call to the professoriate, coming on the heels of the more dangerous attacks on Charles Murray at Middleburg College and the riots in Berkeley, California, against Milo Yiannapoulos.

When speakers need police escort on and off college campuses, an alarm bell should be going off that something has gone seriously awry. Of course, an ever-growing part of the faculty is the reason that police protection is needed in the first place. Professors in all but the hardest of hard sciences increasingly indoctrinate students in the belief that to be a non-Asian minority or a female in America today is to be the target of nonstop oppression, even, uproariously, if you are among the privileged few to attend a fantastically well-endowed, resource-rich American college.

Those professors also maintain that to challenge that claim of ubiquitous bigotry is to engage in “hate speech,” and that such speech is tantamount to a physical assault on minorities and females. As such, it can rightly be suppressed and punished. To those faculty, I am indeed a fascist, and a white supremacist, with the attendant loss of communication rights.

We are thus cultivating students who lack all understanding of the principles of the American Founding. The mark of any civilization is its commitment to reason and discourse. The great accomplishment of the European enlightenment was to require all forms of authority to justify themselves through rational argument, rather than through coercion or an unadorned appeal to tradition. The resort to brute force in the face of disagreement is particularly disturbing in a university, which should provide a model of civil discourse. But the students currently stewing in delusional resentments and self-pity will eventually graduate, and some will seize levers of power more far-reaching than those they currently wield over toadying campus bureaucrats and spineless faculty. Unless the campus zest for censorship is combated now, what we have always regarded as a precious inheritance could be eroded beyond recognition, and a soft totalitarianism could become the new American norm.

60 Votes Required

Need Republican Senate Seats for Budget

Republicans need an additional 8 Senate seats to pass a budget.  This should happen after the 2018 election.  Democrats will vote down any budget that cuts any of their unconstitutional activities.

Trump needs a 15% corporate tax now. Trump also needs to end all refugee resettlement activities in the US now. Trump also needs to end welfare for all illegal aliens and refugees.  Trump needs to build the border wall and clean up the immigration and visa processes to deport visa overstays. All of this is needed to return jobs to the US.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Syrian War Spilling over to Golan Heights

BREAKING: Israel Attacked, Warplanes Respond…4/23/17

The Syrian Civil War continues to expand into a full-scale regional conflict. As evidence of this, the Israeli Defense Forces just launched a strike targeting fighters inside of Syrian territory.

On Friday afternoon, Israel struck back after two rockets fired from Syria landed in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. On the same day, a mortar strike also fell in Golan. In response, the Israelis struck a military position in Quneitra, via Jerusalem Post.

While Israeli media remains somewhat silent about who caused the first attack, the official agency of Syria, SANA, claims that the Israelis hit a military site under the control of President Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Arab Army, via Israeli National News.

Further, the SAA asserted that the Israeli strike was an act of “aggression” that only caused “material damage.” This is far from the first time that Israel has become involved in the Syrian Civil War. Tel Aviv, which considers both Assad and his Hezbollah allies as major threats, frequently lobs shells or conducts airstrikes in order to keep Assad from transferring advanced weapon systems to Hezbollah, via i24.

Today, the area around the Golan Heights continues to be a scene of fighting between the Syrian government and various rebel factions, most of which are hardcore Islamists.
Israeli commandos have been caught on camera crossing over into Syria in order to drag the wounded or dying from the battlefield.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Democrats want Communism

This is the Party that advances Statist goals to have government control everything leaving the individual to control nothing. 

This is typical in tyrannical states that adopt socialism and communism.  In the US, government abuse includes unnecessary regulations, suicidal anti-discrimination laws, dangerous political correctness, public school indoctrination and media brainwashing all working in concert to perpetuate this scam.

The Democrat strategy of excessive immigration was adopted to accelerate the socialist phase of this “fundamental transformation”. Increase US real unemployment and weaken the US economy.

Republicans need to pass the corporate tax cut as a stand-alone Bill to get the corporate tax rate down to 15% and eliminate unnecessary loop-holes and offer a 10% tax to repatriate dollars from overseas now. 

Trump should instruct departments to cut spending administratively and ignore the budget.  Republicans could operate without a budget until 2018.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Just Repeal Obamacare

Let's Have a Clean Repeal of ObamaCare With No Replacement

The biggest problem with the ObamaCare legislation (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, PL 111-148, and Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, PL 111-152) is that it enabled a huge increase of government involvement in healthcare. This has led to soaring healthcare insurance premiums, loss of insurance coverage, loss of choice of insurance plans, etc., etc.

We don't need the various ObamaCare-lite and ObamaCare 2.0 proposals that would partially repeal ObamaCare, then replace what's been repealed with continued government involvement in and control of our healthcare system.

What we need is legislation that would repeal the basic ObamaCare laws in such a way that the provisions of law amended or repealed by the ObamaCare laws would be restored or revived as if ObamaCare had not been enacted.

Happily, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) introduced H.R. 1718 ("ObamaCare Repeal Act") on March 24 to accomplish this. Although he only has three cosponsors so far, he spoke at length about his plans for bringing his bill to a vote during a radio interview on April 3:

First thing to do is to get a bunch of co-sponsors so that the House leadership starts to take notice. The second thing to do is to file a discharge petition that forces it past the committee structure and straight to the House floor for a vote. So, I'm hopeful that, when we get to the point in time where I can file a discharge petition, that we will slowly but surely get the signatures on that petition.

I can't do it right now. Under House rules, I have to wait 30 legislative days. In calendar days, that translates into some time in late May, or June, just depending on how many days we're in session. But, when that time comes, if we've not addressed the repeal of Obamacare to the satisfaction of the American people, then I'm going to file that discharge petition. And at that point, it will be up to the American people to decide if they really want a repeal of Obamacare.

If they do, they contact their congressman, they get enough congressmen to sign that discharge petition, we have a House floor vote, and boom, we repeal it.

So, as Rep. Brooks said in his interview, what he needs now is "a bunch of co-sponsors" to get the attention of House leadership.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had already introduced S. 106 ("ObamaCare Repeal Act") on January 11 with almost identical wording to H.R. 1718.

Please phone your U.S. representative (202-225-3121) and senators (202-224-3121) and ask them to become cosponsors of H.R. 1718 and S. 106. Tell them you want a clean repeal of ObamaCare with no replacment.

Please also email your representative and senators with the same message.

Thanks. Your Friends at The John Birch Society

Obamacare Designed to Fail

The goal of Obamacare was to move the US into “socialized medicine”, a government tax funded single payer system. The Democrat controlled Congress spent the entire year in 2009 to have this Obamanation” written by far left-wing Communists and passed with bribes and threats. Democrats hid the fact that Obamacare was an intermediate step to achieving government controlled healthcare, but cracks in the law were appearing within days of its passage. It was designed to fail on purpose.

Communists are a minority in the US, but by manipulating the factions in the US voter base, Democrats were able to isolate groups.  Clearly, the 5% of the US population who were sick and being overcharged for treatments that don’t work were already frantic and easy to manipulate. The next group is large and that is the poor and working poor who can’t afford to pay their bills, much less an additional $100,000 hospital bill.  Those on Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans benefits were not involved, because they weren’t affected.  Next the group of employees covered by employer plans already had their corporations subsidizing their health insurance.  Finally, the group of employees who were not covered by an employer health insurance plan rounded out the factions.

The 50% that didn’t pay much for health insurance because they were healthy and had very low medical bills was the target group and were included in all the factions. 

Corporations supported Obamacare, because they wanted to get out of subsidizing employee health insurance, but they should have known better. They should have seen that the cost of healthcare is directly proportionate to the amount of government funding. Any increase in government funding of healthcare will increase the cost, because providers are confident that government will pay whatever they charge.

Obamacare interfered with the economy by requiring employers to offer health insurance to all who worked 30 hours a week or more.  These employers simply put their employees on a 29 hour week. The imposition of fines on corporations and individuals who refused to buy health insurance helped to awaken the healthy.

By 2015, the healthy were tired of being bilked to pay ever higher rates to pay for the poor

In 2016, the healthy elected Donald Trump to repeal Obamacare and restore the US economy.  They also didn’t mind that he wanted to restore the “rule of law”, because they had seen all of the jobs created since 2009 go to immigrants.

The scam was to force the healthy to pay for the sick.  The sick and poor have always had buckets of money from mysterious sources to pay for their big hospital bills. Hospitals will secure payment for expensive destitute care, but sometimes have the uninsured patient pay off their bill in installment payments.  Hospitals also take your house.

The big lie was that with everybody paying, medical costs would go lower.  But instead they increased at higher rates than before. 

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Appeasement & Bribery

Obama and his predecessors conducted foreign policy using appeasement and bribery and it didn’t work. As far back as Clinton, the US bribed North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions; it didn’t work.  Obama used bribery and appeasement with Iran and it didn’t work. 

Bribery by the federal government did work with States in the form of “grants to states’ with strings attached to the money designed to convince legislators to ignore the will of the people. 

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

Dumb Refugee Deal

Pence in Australia: Sure! We will be taking over 1,000 illegal aliens now held in Australian detention, by Ann Corcoran, 4/23/17

Donald Trump called it a “dumb deal,” but your American town may soon see some of the 1,250 illegal aliens, who attempted to get to Australia by boat and have been housed in detention centers, flown in and given apartments and homes where you live.  They won’t be living next door to Vice President Pence for sure! 

Here is what AP is reporting at the Japan Times (emphasis is mine) about a deal the Obama State Department left for Trump:

SYDNEY – Vice President Mike Pence and Australia’s prime minister brushed off any lingering hostility over a contentious refugee deal and joined forces on Saturday to urge China to take a greater role in pressuring North Korea to drop its nuclear weapons program.

Pence and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull repeatedly praised the decades-long American-Australian alliance following a meeting in Sydney, with the vice president thanking Turnbull for calling on Beijing to play a more active part in the international effort to de-escalate Pyongyang’s nuclear threat.

The two leaders appeared at pains to present a united front following an unusual period of tension between the longtime allies that was sparked by a spat between Turnbull and President Donald Trump over a refugee resettlement deal struck by the Obama administration.

Pence said Saturday that the U.S. would honor the agreement even if it didn’t agree with it. Under the deal, the U.S. would take up to 1,250 refugees that Australia houses in detention camps on the Pacific island nations of Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Trump’s anger over the agreement led to a tense phone call with Turnbull in January and an angry tweet in which the president called the deal “dumb.”

“President Trump has made it clear that we’ll honor the agreement — that doesn’t mean we admire the agreement,” Pence said during a joint news conference with Turnbull. So some small American towns and cities are going to get illegal aliens (mostly Muslim men) who failed to be approved for asylum in Australia! Disgusting!

Here is a portion of a letter from the chairmen of both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees sent to the Obama Administration in November identifying which countries the illegal aliens are from (the “stateless” are most likely Rohingya from Bangladesh or Burma).
All of our posts on the Australian “dumb deal” are hereAnd, by the way, beginning in 2012, I testified at US Dept. of State hearings that there were ten reasons a moratorium on refugee admissions should be put in place.  One thing I said must be done is to stop using the refugee program to move people around the world just to address some other foreign policy objective.

Only people who are truly refugees, in need of humanitarian assistance, should be considered for resettlement.  This Australia deal is exactly what I had in mind when I presented my testimony.  This deal is only to help the Turnbull government out of a sticky situation. 

Here is my #7: Congress needs to specifically disallow the use of the refugee program for other purposes of the US Government, especially using certain refugee populations to address unrelated foreign policy objectives—Uzbeks, Kosovars, Meshketians and Bhutanese (Nepalese) people come to mind.

Let the White House know how you feel by clicking here (do it even if you have done it before!). 

And, Chairmen Grassley and Goodlatte are not off the hook either, they could pressure this White House (they were all too happy to pressure the Obama White House) on the subject!

All of my posts about Trump’s refugee policies are archived in Trump Watch! Share this:

22 Muslim Training Camps in US

Video by Bill O’Reilly, 4/22/17

WATCH: Before Being Fired, O’Reilly Released This Video Warning. Watch Before It’s Removed.

Bill O’Reilly, the victim of a leftist character assassination, was a great commentator and was not afraid to reveal the truth.

Before being fired, O’Reilly revealed some horrifying information: there are Muslim extremist groups training within our border. There are Muslim guerrilla warfare training camps inside our great country.

Dear Mr. O’Reilly: thank you for revealing this information to the world. We can rely on President Trump to do something about this, and we need to make sure our fellow Americans know that this is occurring.

The Democrats and the mainstream media are afraid to talk about this, as they should be, because it destroys their narrative. We constantly see the media twisting the truth. The recent Paris attack has already been spun into lunacy. 

The liberals that pollute the social media networks are already trying to say that the Paris terrorist attack was set up by Russia to hand Marine Le Pen the election. Are you kidding? And they call us conspiracy theorists?

What is more ironic is that France has strict gun laws, and yet, this attack was carried out by a radical Islamic terrorist with an AK-47. It is the same story in Chicago; they try to ban guns, and they have the highest gun deaths.

The Left will stop at nothing to hide the truth. It never ceases to amaze me how clever the mainstream media can be, and that is why this blog exists — to expose the truth.

For too long, our country has been mishandled by incompetent Democrats dedicated to reducing our country to rubble. Thankfully, we have Trump to rebuild our nation.

The radical Islamic terrorists will be exposed, and we will have justice. These so-called “training camps” will be found and destroyed. Our country needs more patriotic militias like our Founding Fathers intended.

We cannot allow radical Islam to infect our country any longer. We cannot let the mainstream media get away with lying to the American people. There needs to be accountability. We need to prosecute the Obama family and the Clinton family for the horrible situation they have caused. Our country is in trouble, and it all goes back to the liberals and their failed policies.

We lost a great defender of truth when O’Reilly left Fox News. It is sad to see a decent network succumb to liberal bullying. O’Reilly didn’t even get his day in court, but at least he was able to send out this final warning to the American people. We need Donald Trump to hear Mr. O’Reilly’s warning, so that we can take action!

Crazy Muslim Arrested

GUN-WAVING 'ANGRY MUSLIM' ARRESTED FOR TERRORISTIC THREATS, South Dakota files charges 12 days after livestreamed Facebook video at Christian conference, by Leo Hohmann, 4/22/17, WND

After a week of growing controversy and public pressure, authorities in South Dakota on Friday arrested a Muslim man who livestreamed a Facebook video in which he made threats against Christians while showing off an arsenal of weapons.

It was a complete turn-around from earlier statements by police and prosecutors, who maintained that the Muslim man was just exercising his First and Second Amendment rights and had “broken no laws.”

The original threats by Ehab Jaber were made April 9 during the Worldview Weekend Rally in Sioux Falls, and Jaber followed up with more threatening posts on his Facebook page, including one on April 19 where he challenged his fellow Americans who oppose him to a “shoot out.”

Leaders of the Christian Worldview Rally who felt directly targeted by the threatening video are now calling for the resignation of the Sioux Falls police chief and the local prosecutor who sat on the case for nearly two weeks before making an arrest.

Ehab Jaber, 45, a former resident of Saudi Arabia, entered the Worldview Weekend Rally conference, a private event attended by about 500 Christians at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sioux Falls, on Palm Sunday, April 9.

The event, reported ahead of time by the local newspaper as “controversial” and “anti-Islam,” drew several dozen protesters who stood out front of the hotel with signs condemning the speakers at the conference as “intolerant” and “Islamophobic.”

An imam wearing a long white robe came out to thank the protesters. “We are so happy and so grateful to see our community come together and stand up for one message – there is no fear among us, there are no haters among us,” he said in a speech captured on a local video.

The robed imam said he would be out protesting if hate was being expressed for “any faith” including Christians. Yet, he was nowhere to be found when, one week after the event, Jaber’s threatening, anti-Christian Facebook rants were exposed in the national media.

The goal of the Sioux Falls conference was to present historical and current facts, according to the speakers, who told WND their presentation was about Islamic subjugation and persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in countries where Muslims make up the majority.

Featured speakers were former Muslim-turned-Christian pastor Shahram Hadian, a native of Iran, and talk-radio host Brannon Howse. They say their message has nothing to do with hatred for Muslims but is a warning about Islamic law, under which moderate Muslims are the first to suffer. The more solidly Islamic a country is, the less tolerance can be found for dissident opinions or religious diversity, they said.

Take Jaber’s former home, Saudi Arabia, as an example. There is not a single church allowed in the country and the penalty for possessing a Bible is death. It is not much better in Iran, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya or Afghanistan. Even in the historically more moderate Muslim countries of Turkey, Egypt and Indonesia, Christians are coming under increasing persecution as attacks on churches, pastors and others accused of “blasphemy” increase.

Howse told WND he found it ironic that the protesters outside the Christian Worldview conference in Sioux Falls were talking about “tolerance” while they were completely intolerant of the Christians inside. They were more tolerant of a man with five guns and 1,200 rounds of ammo threatening the Christians.

Jaber snuck into their private event and began livestreaming video of his Quran, then filmed shots of the audience, at which time he was asked by a security guard if he was armed. He had at least one handgun on his person while inside the event, and wore a t-shirt that said “I open carry. I conceal carry. I am an American. I am Muslim. I am only dangerous if you’re stupid.”

The security guard ushered him out of the hotel ballroom and Jaber made a second video from his car parked in the hotel parking lot, brandishing three handguns and two assault rifles along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. He showed each gun and magazine while unleashing a profanity-laced diatribe that included the comments “be scared, be very scared, be terrified.”

Watch one of the four videos Jaber streamed live on Facebook [profanity has been edited out]:

Yet, no arrests were made and police Lt. Mike Colwill with Sioux Falls Police Department told WND on Monday, April 17, that police had investigated and found no reason to make an arrest, that Jaber had not uttered any specific threats against any individual or group.

The local prosecutor for Lincoln County, Tom Wollman, told WND on April 17 that Jaber had First Amendment rights and Second Amendment rights that had to be considered, and that police on the scene would have made an arrest if they’d thought Jaber had stepped outside the boundaries of those rights.

But that all changed on Friday evening, four days after an article by WND, and two days after more articles appeared in the U.K.’s Daily Mail and the New York Post, which labled Jaber an “Angry Muslim.”

Police raided Jaber’s house Friday and arrested him on one count of making terroristic threats. While the SWAT team was inside Jaber’s home they also found an undisclosed amount of alleged methamphetamine and Jaber will face separate drug charges related to that discovery.

Howse told WND he contacted local law enforcement two days after the April 9 event to file a criminal complaint but he was told not to bother, that the local prosecutor had viewed the videos and determined Jaber had broken no laws.

Howse on Saturday posted on his website a full response to the charges that ultimately were filed 12 days after the event. “I was shocked this Muslim man was not arrested the very night he made, what we believe, fit the legal definition of a terroristic threat. After no arrest came on the third day, I told Shahram that I was convinced the authorities simply wanted this to go away. I told Shahram I believed the authorities were waiting to see if I was going to bring national attention to the story through my broadcast and that if I did not, it would all just be forgotten.”

Despite the news reports on the incident, South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley denied to the local newspaper that public pressure had anything to do with the sudden change of heart on the part of law enforcement community, which had been defending Jaber’s “rights” earlier in the week.

“If anything, the public pressure can create more challenges for an investigation,” Jackley told the Argus Leader. “It doesn’t play any role in our investigation or our decisions.” Howse is not buying that argument, which he dismissed as political posturing by the attorney general, who is running for governor of South Dakota.
“What if we had not turned this into a national story? Do you think we would have seen this outcome? What if we did not have an attorney and State Representative like Steve Haugaard helping us? “What if this had happened to a small conservative or Christian group that did not have a national radio program and lots of friends in conservative media?”
If convicted on the felony charge, Jaber could face up to 5 years in the state penitentiary and/or a fine of $10,000. The possession of methamphetamine case is being prosecuted by the Minnehaha County State’s Attorney.