Monday, April 24, 2017

Ending the EU

The reason for setting up the EU was to implement UN Agenda 21 in Europe to usurp the sovereignty of member countries.  UN Agenda 21 was based on the global warming hoax and was published in 1992. The EU was pitched as a trade deal that added a common currency and easy cross-border employment.  It went sour when the EU began to dictate their own suicidal policies in member countries. These policies were based on Agenda 21 and required converting to expensive wind and solar energy production. This got too expensive and members stopped being green when their electric bills doubled. 

Excessive government spending used to implement UN Agenda 21 sent sovereign debt to unsustainable levels. Greece missed it’s “mortgage” payments and it looked like Italy, Spain and Ireland were in trouble as well.  The Euro became a problem.

Europeans saw their fishing industries and other industries being closed down by UN control and suffered government abuse inflicted based on political correctness and economy-killing liberal causes.

The global warming hoax that started in 1992 began to unravel in 2011 with no visible signs of warming and evidence of it being a scam.  Australia cancelled their carbon tax.

Global Trade was touted as the future, until it fizzled in 2014. Countries immediately began to pull back and look at their own economies.  Emerging Markets for exports were limited. Consumers in most countries were too poor to buy anything. The few countries with a working economy restricted trade; they wanted to export, but avoided imports.  Free Trade became “unfair trade”.

World economies settled into a slump that ensured that those who had been “emerging” would slow down.  Everybody realized that all economic activity is local.

The last straw was the UN Refugee Resettlement Program that dictated that member countries take millions of Muslim welfare recipients.  They have caused trouble and cost money.  European citizens now wonder why their tax dollars are supporting the terror attacks against them.  Europe is extremely dependent on tourism and terror attacks don’t help increase their tourist population.

The Brexit vote and the Trump election marked the end of UN Agenda 21. It looks like the end of the “new world order”.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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