Sunday, April 23, 2017

22 Muslim Training Camps in US

Video by Bill O’Reilly, 4/22/17

WATCH: Before Being Fired, O’Reilly Released This Video Warning. Watch Before It’s Removed.

Bill O’Reilly, the victim of a leftist character assassination, was a great commentator and was not afraid to reveal the truth.

Before being fired, O’Reilly revealed some horrifying information: there are Muslim extremist groups training within our border. There are Muslim guerrilla warfare training camps inside our great country.

Dear Mr. O’Reilly: thank you for revealing this information to the world. We can rely on President Trump to do something about this, and we need to make sure our fellow Americans know that this is occurring.

The Democrats and the mainstream media are afraid to talk about this, as they should be, because it destroys their narrative. We constantly see the media twisting the truth. The recent Paris attack has already been spun into lunacy. 

The liberals that pollute the social media networks are already trying to say that the Paris terrorist attack was set up by Russia to hand Marine Le Pen the election. Are you kidding? And they call us conspiracy theorists?

What is more ironic is that France has strict gun laws, and yet, this attack was carried out by a radical Islamic terrorist with an AK-47. It is the same story in Chicago; they try to ban guns, and they have the highest gun deaths.

The Left will stop at nothing to hide the truth. It never ceases to amaze me how clever the mainstream media can be, and that is why this blog exists — to expose the truth.

For too long, our country has been mishandled by incompetent Democrats dedicated to reducing our country to rubble. Thankfully, we have Trump to rebuild our nation.

The radical Islamic terrorists will be exposed, and we will have justice. These so-called “training camps” will be found and destroyed. Our country needs more patriotic militias like our Founding Fathers intended.

We cannot allow radical Islam to infect our country any longer. We cannot let the mainstream media get away with lying to the American people. There needs to be accountability. We need to prosecute the Obama family and the Clinton family for the horrible situation they have caused. Our country is in trouble, and it all goes back to the liberals and their failed policies.

We lost a great defender of truth when O’Reilly left Fox News. It is sad to see a decent network succumb to liberal bullying. O’Reilly didn’t even get his day in court, but at least he was able to send out this final warning to the American people. We need Donald Trump to hear Mr. O’Reilly’s warning, so that we can take action!

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