Thursday, April 20, 2017

National Interests

The protection of our sovereignty should be our primary national interest.  We have failed to prevent foreign influence from weakening the US on several fronts. 


The first failure was to prevent socialism from infecting our free market economy.  We were formed as a meritocracy and have become a “socialist republic”.  Our free market economy obeyed the laws of economics and consumers controlled prices through the law of supply and demand.  That is no longer the case for Education and Healthcare. 


The next failure was to move from a free market economy to a “managed economy by creating the Federal Reserve Bank to control our money supply and interest rates. This unelected group of economists is responsible for the debasement of the US currency since 1913. Our $20 Trillion national debt and our $100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities makes us vulnerable.


The next failure was open borders and lax immigration rules that have allowed foreigners to migrate to the US and fail to assimilate. These migrants are invading the US to take over, not join in.


We have failed to ensure our self-sufficiency. It is in our national interest to grow our own food, provide our own water, provide our own energy and manufacture our own military equipment and not lose these capabilities. We have weakened our ability to extract our own raw materials. We are weak in cyber protection and vulnerable to computer hacking that could close down our electrical grids.  We have failed to develop reservoirs to ensure our water supply.


If we don’t protect our meritocracy, our economy, our resources, our capabilities and we fail to control immigration, our national sovereignty is at risk.


We had no national interests at risk in Korea, Vietnam or the Middle East. Keeping the world safe for democracy was not in the federal government’s list of “enumerated powers”.  It resulted from our joining in World War I and World War II and winning them both.  It resulted from the “cold war” that ensued after 1945 to “save the world from Communism”.  We became the “world’s policeman” and the “world’s Santa Claus”. And now we’re broke and need to fix ourselves.


We have been living in a dangerous bubble that directs us to fail to attend to business.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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