Monday, April 24, 2017

Government Shutdown Scam

Currently, if Congress is unable to pass a budget, a large group of “non-critical” government employees get a paid vacation. 

Democrats will defend their funding of programs to promote the advancement of socialism in the US forever.  They will fight like maniacs to keep the US moving toward Communism to their dying breath. This makes it hard to cut any government spending ever. Democrats want to “fundamentally transform” the US into Venezuela.

Republicans want to cut government spending and expand the private sector economy that actually pays for government. Republicans want a smaller, less intrusive government and want a private sector that is big enough to take care of itself.

Campaign contributors want whatever short term advantage they can get through government legislation. If the voters actually want Congress to work for the people, they need to insist that special interests would be banned from making any campaign contributions.  Voters should be the only ones allowed to make campaign contributions to candidates who would appear on their ballots.  Special interest groups can exercise their free speech on their own websites.

The House is supposed to vote on a budget with a simple majority and send it to the Senate.  The Senate requires 60 votes to pass a budget. If they don’t pass the budget on time, the government shutdown begins and continues until they pass a budget.

Continuing Resolutions simply continue the same spending on the same things at the same rate as the previous budget. These always get approved. The Congress is organized to resist any cuts in government spending.

Trump should be able to cut actual spending using hiring freezes and executive orders like Obama did.  He simply tells his departments to cut.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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