Saturday, April 29, 2017

Liberals on Fox

Fox news has shifted gears and is now allowing radical Democrat liberals more facetime on the air. Up to this point, the liberal media networks and Fox have been “preaching to the choir”. 

It should be clear to everyone that the radical Democrat liberals do not answer questions, but instead are using their new facetime exposure to spew their hateful narratives aimed at their brainwashed base.

If the reason for this gift to the left is to expose radical Democrat liberals as brainless robots, the brainwashed base will ignore it.  They seem to be happy to be robots.

This shift is annoying to conservative listeners who would rather hear about actions designed to punish the radical Democrat liberals for the damage they have done.

Fox could be asking why the Community Reinvestment Act of 1993 that caused the 2008 Meltdown has not been repealed, or why we haven’t heard that Trump cancelled the UN Agenda 21 executive orders issued by GHW Bush and Bill Clinton.

There are lots of reason why Fox is not in attack mode.  Their advertisers have UN implanted “values” embedded in their corporate mission statements and their puppet masters are clearly liberals. They moved lock-step with Obama and the Democrats to impose the global economy myth. 

If Fox takes off the gloves, they could suffer the cancellation of more sponsors. But I think the sponsors are stuck with whatever Fox wants to do, because Fox has a huge listener base they want to sell stuff to.

Bill O’Reilly cleverly attacked the culture war, the war on Christmas and other soft targets. Fox also covered government abuse of farmers and ranchers. 

Glen Beck was the first to explain the role of George Soros in the UN “new world order” scam.

Fox never went after UN Agenda 21 and neither did the print media. But you can trace all of the problems we are currently reversing back to UN Agenda 21. 

Trump cleverly attacked UN Agenda 21 without naming it and he is in the process of reversing its policies by reversing the damage it caused. He is doing it in the name of US economic recovery.

Fox continues to provide Trump cheerleaders like Hannity and Dobbs and has a legion of other conservatives on other programs who keep liberal lies in check.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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