Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ben Carson on Jobs

Ben Carson just stunned everyone with a massive announcement about welfare, by Kirsty Jane, 4/27/17

Liberals love to attack Christians. It’s sad.

Ben Carson is the head of housing and Urban Development and is pro-American in his politics. Right now, Carson is focusing on Section 3 which is a job-creating program that converts agency money into local jobs, according to Politico.

Ben Carson wants to give Americans jobs so that he can get them off of welfare!

The left has been attacking Ben Carson incessantly. The new Section 3 proposal will put more Americans to work and is going to make the left go mad. They hate it when more Americans get to go to work.

Don’t you just love Ben Carson? He speaks the truth and is going to get all these liberals to shut the hell up! WHEW!

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