Saturday, April 22, 2017

CNN Fake News

Watch: Shining a light on CNN’s fake news
If CNN wonders why its coverage is no longer taken seriously, the news outlet need look no further than this parody of its coverage from Reason TV’s Remy. During the 2016 election season, CNN news coverage became so hilariously pro-Hillary Clinton that it earned the moniker Clinton News Network.

And after working unsuccessfully to get Clinton elected, the network turned its attention to attacking President Donald Trump without regard for the actual content of its coverage.
The problem has gotten so intense that a Reddit user using the decidedly anti-PC handle “shitsinyoursafespace” was able to compile a list of 50 outright false reports from CNN since Trump scored the Republican nomination.

Here’s his full list:

What’s most bizarre about CNN’s slanted coverage is that there are actual reasons to criticize the Trump administration that don’t require fabrication and embellishment.

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