Sunday, April 30, 2017

Current Battlefields

There is a pile-up of issues being side-tracked by liberal courts and all of these are headed to the Supreme Court.

Trump inherited a federal government that has successfully trampled States rights for 8 years with hundreds of illegal executive orders. Now radical Democrat liberal judges are fighting each legal executive order Trump releases. These bogus judicial opinions need to be cancelled by the Supreme Court. Congress needs to be ready to make immediate corrections to current laws if needed.

Sanctuary Cities need to be defunded. The federal enumerated powers don’t include most of what the federal government does, but it does include responsibility for immigration. Cities and States have no constitutional standing to nullify and usurp federal enumerated powers. 

Campus riots need to end. These riots can easily be stopped by universities, but won’t be until local law enforcement does its job and arrests and prosecutes “protestors” who destroy property and attack others.

UN Refugee Resettlement needs to end. We don’t need to follow Europe’s lead into sovereign suicide. Refugees should be offered asylum in camps in or near their home countries with compatible cultures and customs and it should be temporary.  They should be deported back to their homes in their home countries after the crisis has ended. 

Sharia law needs to be limited and Muslims in the US need to live under US law. There is a good case for banning Islam in the US, because it is requires an incompatible set of laws and seeks to overthrow the US government and its current laws. 

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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