Tuesday, April 25, 2017

March for Junk Science Funding

It was too predictable.  Obama handed out $billions in grants to Universities and non-profits to prop up more junk science to justify the global warming hoax that was launched with UN Agenda 21 in 1992.  By 2012, with 10 years of no global warming and evidence of fraud, the climate change scam was unraveling. 

When the March for Science was announced, I knew it was a lame attempt to keep government funding for this fraud. As always, CFACT was there.  See article below:

Climate marchers all wet

How did you spend this past Saturday? I spent mine in a steady rain, standing amidst tens of thousands of largely left-wing protestors, activists, and yes, probably a few actual scientists mixed in here or there, all gathered for a so-called “March for Science” in our nation’s capital.

Not surprisingly, the march surely wasn’t about that. If anything, it was a “March for Silence” on real climate facts, and a rain-soaked but well-publicized call to keep the federal dollars rolling, as long as they keep going in the wrong direction.

The event, held not coincidentally on Earth Day 2017, started with a mega-rally at the foot of the Washington Monument. Then, after about four hours of mostly political speeches (and some music that was really pretty good featuring Jon Batiste of The Late Show band), the marchers slogged their way up soggy Constitution Avenue to Capitol Hill where everyone quickly dispersed to find someplace to dry off.

There were signs that actually had something to do with science. Some talked about vaccines and cancer research, a few talked about marine conservation, and others just extolled the general virtues of progress. Hey, who can be against the end of Polio and Small Pox?

But it didn’t take much searching to find the overwhelming message of the marchers: (1) Anti-Trump (2) Anti-budget cutting and (3) Anti-Climate Deniers.

One marcher I talked to was holding a sign denouncing fascism (of the Trumpian variety, I presume), but declined to be interviewed on camera because she said she was a government employee.

Another told me that even if NASA satellites show no significant warming over the last 20 years, she wouldn’t give up her belief in catastrophic global warming … well, just because.

Indeed, as we anticipated in a pre-march column published in Investor’s Business Daily, this “March for Science” was much more about venting against any potential rollback of Obama-era climate regulations and hysteria, than it was about advocating for genuine scientific inquiry.

To see more of CFACT’s coverage of the march, check out my colleague Marc Morano’s humorous wrap-up over at Climate Depot. He had wall-to-wall coverage of the march.

And to think, hundreds of thousands more are expected this coming Saturday in D.C. for the even more radical People’s Climate March. At least the forecast is drier. For nature and people too,

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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