Thursday, April 27, 2017

North Carolina Voter Fraud

BREAKING: Massive Voter Fraud Confirmed In New State, Nearly Cost Trump Election

Patriots, do you remember when President Trump announced that illegal votes almost had an impact on this election. Well, once again, President Trump was proven correct.

Officials in North Carolina discovered that there were 500 ineligible votes cast in their state alone during the presidential election. The board broke down the illegal votes so that we could get an idea of where they are coming from, and how we can stop them. (via Newsobserver)

They reported that the 500 votes came from felons, multiple voters, and yes, illegal immigrants. President Trump spoke at length multiple times about the dangers that illegal voting can have on our Democratic system, and the proof is in the numbers. This kind of evidence CANNOT be ignored!

Trump’s prosecutors will get to the bottom of this fraud. If necessary, charges will be pressed. We HOPE this issue gets resolved, and that the people involved are punished for their crime. We know Obama enjoyed the benefits of illegal votes.

The North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes made a statement regarding the issue. She said, “We are dismayed but not surprised by this report confirming unlawful voting during the 2016 elections.” That’s right, Ms. Hayes. We need to get to the bottom of this.

She went on to say, “This report confirms instances of illegal voting by convicted felons, illegal immigrants and people voting under other names, including dead voters. These people should be investigated and criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” We could not agree more! (via Wral)

In an attempt to curb this issue, there will be updates to voter recognition software that checks the status of felons at the time of their registration. They are also working on revising the registration forms, so voters can confirm that they are legal citizens and not active felons. Finally, we are starting to see some accountability.

Upon further examination, this case of voter fraud is disturbing and reveals a potential blight upon our sacred voting process. Two of the illegal votes involved people completing an absentee ballot for a relative that died weeks before the election.

We have to do what we can to stop this kind of behavior from seeping into the fabric of our country. The Left is doing things like handing out illegal voter cards to refugees, encouraging illegal immigrants to flood the country, and disregarding federal law. All of these factors are cause for concern, especially when it comes down to an election as important as the Presidential election. Even minor elections, like electing a mayor, are not immune from this plague.

In this case, we need to stay vigilant, and watch for this kind of illegal behavior. We also need to ensure that the laws regarding ineligible felons are enforced. Otherwise, the left will continue to stoop so low as to use the names of their dead relatives to win elections.

The Left has no problem blaming Russians for the “hacking” of the election, but will not address serious issues that are actually plaguing our country. We have to wonder why they are silent when it comes to this issue.

The obvious answer is that they are hypocritical, and only speak up when they are, or think they are, being infringed upon. We know President Trump will do everything in his power to ensure that future elections are both fair and legal!


This makes me wonder if voter fraud occurred in Georgia in 2016 and in the recent District 6 Congressional election.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader 

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