Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Trump & Syria

Trump Adviser: No Neocon Shift, ‘Not the Bush Administration’. Gorka says president made pragmatic call on Syrian strike, suggests little risk of escalation, by Edmund Kozak 4/14/17

Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the president, said on Friday morning that President Donald Trump’s populist supporters need not fear that the decision to strike a Syrian government target last week represents an embrace of neo-conservatism.

“It’s not a modification,” Gorka said Friday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” “Donald J. Trump hasn’t changed from November 7 to Good Friday, April 14,” he said. “This is not the Bush administration, and it is not neo-conservatism.”

“This isn’t 2003, this isn’t 1991 and the Gulf War, and the president has not changed one bit,” Gorka said. “This is not the Bush administration, and it is not neo-conservatism.”
Rather, Gorka claimed, Trump’s actions are motivated by the recognition that “if there is to be [a global] influence, it better be our values.”

Gorka blasted the notion that a limited Tomahawk missile strike in any way precipitates full-on intervention. “It makes no sense — the idea that we are mired in something when we take an action that lasted 15 minutes,” Gorka said. To compare it with Iraq or Afghanistan “is just a salacious analogy … we are not mired in anything,” Gorka said.
Trump’s decision to attack Syria is, according to Gorka, motivated not by a desire to dive headfirst into the Syrian swamp but by a desire to project American power.

"Think about what happened since then," said Gorka. "Vladimir Putin didn't want to meet with us, well he did," Gorka said, also pointing out China's decision to suspend coal imports from North Korea. "These are not accidental issues," said Gorka. "This is the master of the art of the deal." "The bottom line is [Trump's] a patriot, and he's a pragmatist," said Gorka.

Comments by Hank Sullivan, 4/17/17
Trump spokesman says neocons not winning with Trump and Trump has not changed. At best Gorka's statement is partially true. The neocon globalists certainly had a win when they convinced Trump Assad attacked his own people. We must assume Trump believed #fireMcMAster. If Trump's actions are guided by false, agenda-driven narratives rather than the truth, there is no end to where that could take us.

We must stay in contact with the White House in the ways we have available-Twitter, email, Facebook, video and send messages of truth to our president...carrot and stick, just like he does. When he does good, he gets the carrot, when he follows bad information or advice, he gets the stick. Help me and others in that regard. We cannot let Trump become isolated, to the extent that we can prevent it.


The issue is whether or not Assad dropped chemical weapons on the rebels.  He and the Russians said that the chemicals were on the ground and stored by the rebels. Trump’s action suggests that the evidence pointed to Assad.
If Assad can catch the rebels with another stash of chemical weapons stored near civilians, he can assert that Trump was wrong.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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