Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Virtue of Ridicule

Massive ridicule of the failure of socialism, globalism and UN Agenda 21 is long overdue.  We’ve watched liberals push these disastrous policies since 1870, despite the failure of our communal farm Plymouth Plantation in 1623.


Guilty politicians who advanced socialism, globalism and UN Agenda 21 need to be held accountable and not given cover to save face. The cost of these suicidal policies is staggering. 


Government debt exceeds annual GDP and all countries need to pare back all welfare schemes and reduce their spending and cut their national debt by 80%.


Sovereign suicide always starts with government hubris accompanied by government overspending.  Eventually, these governments run out of money and fail to provide the most basic of government functions.


The Roman Empire failed because it couldn’t afford to pay its armies and had to contract its borders. The Soviet Union failed because it couldn’t afford to support its satellite countries and had to contract.  The Spanish Empire went bankrupt attacking the British Empire and had to contract. The French and the German governments went broke trying to conquer Russia.


The US has amassed a $20 trillion debt by overspending on Middle East wars, open borders, immigrant welfare, overregulation and unsustainable socialist welfare programs. Government in the US needs to reduce its footprint and return to limited powers at all levels.


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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