Friday, April 14, 2017

Restore National Sovereignty

Bloated central government, excessive government spending, high government debt, socialist government welfare schemes, open borders and weak immigration laws destroy national sovereignty.


Governments that attempt to do too much always fail. Voters need to demand less from government and restrict what government is allowed to do. Governments need to expand their private sector economies and reduce government footprint.


Europe is the posterchild for the loss of national sovereignty. Many European countries bargained it away when they joined the European Union.  The UN is the “doctor evil” who concocted this debacle to implement UN Agenda 21.


The Europeans are learning about national sovereignty the hard way; they experienced new laws not written by their elected representatives and are now experiencing a Muslim invasion because of those laws.


US citizens are also learning about national sovereignty as the new administration attempts to undo the damage done by the previous administrations that threaten sovereign bankruptcy.


National sovereignty is as critical as recognizing the family as the primary “economic unit” of each community or the need to obey the laws of economics. Nations and families cannot sustain themselves without adequate savings and reserves. Nations and families should refrain from going into too much debt. Nations and families fail when they ignore these laws.


When families fail, their relatives usually help so they do not starve.  When nations fail, people die. They may die from starvation and exposure or die from violence.


Citizens don’t learn from history or from applying simple economics to know that governments must be kept in their box.  Citizens wait until conditions are unbearable before they react.  Citizens are bribed with welfare and bamboozled with promises and need to apply more critical thinking about the sustainability of their elected representatives’ proposals.


Nations that fail to elect honest reformers are doomed to just elect another bunch of incompetent crooks.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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