Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Alex Johnson for GA GOP Chair

I was the first candidate to say it, beating the other chairman candidates by years

The Georgia GOP is in bad financial shape. We must fix our broken fundraising and financial system. We must stop believing lies from the political industry that money will magically return to the party as long as their hand-chosen candidate is elected. Doubt this is a lie?  Then simply ask yourself, "Do I give to organizations because of the person in charge, or because I know my hard earned money will be put to good use?"  As your Georgia Republican State Party Chairman, I will put your money to good use by leading our party to again become a brand people are proud of.

Money is raised through proper branding. Donations are only made when those donating believe there exists a strong organizational structure to put their money to efficient use.  We will not increase donations if we elect a Chairman who sat by for years and did nothing while we went broke. That is why I am running.  We must have an open and transparent bid process for both political consulting contracts and major vendor services.  We must end the practice of awarding such contracts based on personal connections.  We must stop being complacent in our own financial demise. To sustain adequate fundraising, we must:

1. Require competitive bids and better utilize volunteers to ensure faith in our stewardship of donated funds. This must be done IMMEDIATELY.

2. Raise money for SPECIFIC projects, such as voter registration, voter education, social media, mailers, and statewide training.  Donors want to know exactly how their money will be used to become comfortable donating more often and in larger sums.

3. Host no fewer than 10 fundraisers throughout the state every single year.  These smaller fundraisers should be coordinated with both district and county parties, helping boost their prestige, brand, and bank account as well.  These smaller fundraisers should be affordable for all who would like to attend, not just those with big bank accounts.  We must stop leaving money on the table by ignoring our legions of smaller donors and areas outside of Atlanta.

4. Reconnect With Large Donors - personal calls to large donors is key, and I will continue to connect with both existing and new large donors.  Merely maintaining our existing donors will not keep Georgia RED.  We must substantially increase large donations by selling a substantially improved brand.  Large donors have privately told me they are waiting for credibility to return to our State Party before opening their checkbooks, specifically asking for the exact credibility that I offer. Making claims to raise money is expected during convention season. Delivering requires a new plan, and I have that plan.

My name is Alex Johnson and I ask for your vote for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.


Delegates to the GA GOP State Convention in Augusta on June 3, 2017 need to vote for Alex Johnson.  Alex ran for this office in 2013 and got 40% of the vote.  Alex ran again in 2015 and got 45% of the vote.  Alex is running again in 2017 and should be elected.  Alex knows that the GA GOP needs to be a “bottom-up” organization that supports voter issues over special interest issues.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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