Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump Immigration Policy

In the campaign, Trump said we need to attract “the best” in immigrate to the US.  He needs to have this policy codified in a Bill to change our immigration policy going forward. This would replace all other immigration laws and should operate like it operated before 1965, when immigrants were required to be self-supporting or sponsored by a company or family members.

In the campaign, Trump said we needed to remove the illegal criminals and stop catch and release and build the border and control who is in the country.  He also said that illegals who are not criminals should “go to the end of the line and apply for legal status”.

Also in question are the holes in the current immigration policies like granting citizenship to alien babies when their parents are still citizens of other countries. There is also the need to end the lottery, chain migration beyond spouse and children and the H2b visa scam that allows unskilled and semiskilled workers in that we don’t need.

This is also a good time to end the H1b scam to ensure that these are not just technician jobs we could fill with US citizens.  And we need to fix the H2a Seasonal Worker visa system to give farmers hiring control over this process.

No welfare eligibility should be allowed until these immigrants become citizens. Immigrants who are non-citizens should be issued Immigrant drivers’ licenses to prevent voter fraud. E-Verify should be implemented in all States to protect job availability for US citizens.

The new immigration law should not import poverty. Refugees should not be allowed to enter the US, but should be directed to camps within their own countries and cultures.

School systems should not be required to accept immigrant children who are not prepared to enter their grade and age level.  School systems should have separate facilities for immigrant students to concentrate on English.  Classes should be constituted by age group.  School systems should have the right to refuse to set up these immigrant prep schools, especially when there are few students.  They will have to be sent to private schools at their own expense.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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