Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trump Critics

When the media complains about Trump, they pick on his Twitter messages and say that he should stop these, because they create distractions from what he should be doing.  But these are not distractions, they are responses to attacks and observations he is making. 

Politics is blood sport and the first rule of politics is to attack back, otherwise your opponents will be free to paint you any way they want. That’s why he Tweets responses.

The media attacks all of his “off-hand” comments and tweets, but most of them have been proven true, because he has the ability to see through the bullshit.

What the media thinks he should be doing is drinking the Kool-aide that usually makes politicians adhere to the rules of political correctness, go along to get along and make friends in DC

But Trump doesn’t show up for sycophant classes to learn how to “kick the can”, because he honestly believes his reforms will work and so do his voters.

We’ve seen where politically correct academia has taken us and we needed a tough CEO to come in and drain the swamp.  We all know that every several years, large organizations need to reduce spending, so they reorganize and lay off thousands of employees.  Now it’s the federal government’s turn and they don’t like it.

They have enlisted their media to assist in a campaign to attempt to terrorize Trump, so that he won’t end any of their over-priced, useless, duplicative “jobs programs”. They worked hard to make this a Socialist Republic and they don’t want to give an inch to let Republicans dismantle this disaster.

It’s clear to every informed voter that the federal government is overspending at least one half $trillion each year and it wouldn’t take much to make this cut. There are not “hard choices” for Republicans.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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