Thursday, May 25, 2017


Palestine has a “puppet” government totally controlled by well-armed terrorists.  This makes it impossible for Israel to get a peace agreement with Palestine. Terrorists need to demonize whoever they want to destroy. Palestine needs to be disbanded and given back to Israel to eradicate the terrorists.

Wherever there is a big disconnect between the voters and their government, there is some form of puppetry affecting that government.  Wherever there is excessive propagandizing of voters to the level of abuse and brainwashing there are puppeteers in action. Wherever voters have simply given up trying to influence their government’s actions you can be sure that puppetry was at the core. Disaffected voter have a choice. They can stay and fight and get other voters to join them, or they can try to move to where they have better conditions if they qualify for admission.

The puppeteers in the US appear to be special interest groups who bribe and threaten elected officials into passing laws we think are dumb and short-sighted. They bribe politicians with campaign contributions and threaten to “primary” them if they don’t “play ball”.

The problem with what these special interest groups want is the effect these laws have on our economy and our freedom and the “unintended consequences” of these laws. 

The puppet show continues to play the same themes to bamboozle the voters.  It may be some outrage over the plight of some victim or victims to pry loose some welfare program.  It may be some scam we are told that we need to “get behind” and support.  The goal is to whip up a large enough group to promote the myth or scam and bribe enough legislators to get bad law passed.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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