Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Globalism vs Nationalism

The problem the Democrats have with Trump and Putin is that they are “nationalists”. The both believe in the role of nation-states. They both participate in the corrupt UN to protect themselves. They know if you’re not seated at the table you will likely end up on the menu. All countries were duped into signing on to UN Agenda 21 in 1992, before global warming was exposed as a hoax.

Despite signing on to UN Agenda 21, several developed countries refused to impose carbon taxes including the US and Russia joined by China, India and others, who continued to use coal-fired power-plants.  The undeveloped countries also ignored the ban on carbon and looked forward to becoming the recipients of the carbon tax.

When the “global economy” slowed in 2014, nation-states began to look after their own economies and returned to more nationalist approaches. This was bad news for dedicated Communists embedded in the governments of most countries.

In the US, the Democrats carried the Communist flag and the Brexit vote and the Trump election were serious setbacks.  They have attacked Trump and will continue to do so.  Trump poses a threat to Democrat-imposed Socialism, State-ism and Internationalism.

The selection of Russia as the strawman in this farce was prompted by Trumps invitation to Russia to join in the war on ISIS. The drop in oil prices made Russia nervous, because they are overly dependent on their oil revenue and unlike the Saudis, don’t have much money in the bank. Trump also didn’t attack the Russians for their take-over in Crimea, because the vote was 80% to join Russia. Thus we have the Russian Ruse as a weapon of choice our American Communists can use against Trump.

The global corporations who jumped on board with the globalism scam are peeling off to join the nationalist movement wherever it is taking hold. This is more bad news for the globalist communists. Corporations like the promise of taking the US tax rate from 35% to 15%, but don’t like Trump messing with their supply chains.

It is clear that globalism will fail and nationalism will spark the economies of nation-states that participate in bi-lateral trade agreements and take control of their own laws.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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