Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trump’s Mistake

Trump made very few mistakes in the campaign or since and he exposed 90% of the issues the politically correct politicians were avoiding. But he made a mistake when he promised to replace Obamacare with a “much better plan”.

Trump should have explained why healthcare costs have become unsustainable.  He did blame Obamacare and he had a strong case to do that. But there had been a series of mistakes made by government since 1965 that prompted the rise of healthcare costs he should have exposed.

I’m sure that his campaign staff would have advised him not to expose this, because Democrats would have attacked him, claiming that he would end Medicare.

He could have done this anyhow if he had reiterated his plan to retain all entitlement programs until they could be improved.

Instead, Trump promised a “better healthcare plan” and Democrats knew they had him in a trap.  Obamacare included “preexisting condition” coverage and charged everybody else for the claims. This is a form of welfare to allow those who run up gigantic medical bills to have “somebody else” pay these bills.

Trump could have explained why healthcare costs had become too high to qualify as an insurable expense for the very sick.  Insurance premiums are always determined by utilization.  Insurance is a “cash-flow” mechanism, not a lottery payment.

Trump could have shared the breakdown of total healthcare costs that cited that 50% of Americans spend less than $274 per year on healthcare and they will have their premiums lowered if we get the welfare out of health insurance.

Trump could have laid out a long term plan to include this welfare cost as government paid, until he could remove the laws and regulations that have contributed to the rise in healthcare costs.

In the end, Trump could have described that the healthy could look forward to premiums that did not include the liability for the high costs of the very sick.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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