Sunday, May 21, 2017

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Show us the Laws


It is unclear what the Special Counsel is tasked to do in his investigation.  It seems the first step is to determine what laws might have been broken. 


The question of Russian interference to affect the 2016 US Presidential election should tie to some law that prohibits this. But in 1996, the Chinese government gave Bill Clinton $1 million campaign contribution and I don’t remember that being investigated.  So, I must assume no law exists to prohibit this.


The question of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians might revolve around the leaked emails from John Podesta, but Wikileaks says they came from a DNC staffer. Again, what law would this have violated?  Is there a law that prohibits this?


There is an accusation that Trump “obstructed justice” by telling Comey to drop the Flynn investigation is questionable.. But Trump says he didn’t do that and there is no proof that he did. If Comey thought this was “obstruction of justice” he was required to report it at the time, but he didn’t.


The question of the firing of Comey by Trump had two messages that are both probably true.  Sessions and Rosenstein probably did send Trump a letter recommending that Comey be fired.  Trump probably did want to replace Comey. Is there a law against firing federal employees?


The question of Trump giving information to the Russian Ambassador to help them understand information about the Syrian conflict is not a violation, because the President can legally share information with other countries.


If there are no laws that were broken in these events, then why is the FBI involved? 


There is the leak of Flynn’s name to the newspapers that is a violation of federal law.  Will the FBI find the leaker?


Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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