Monday, May 15, 2017

Statism is the most dangerous religion

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How I View Government

I see government as a monopoly that should operate like a utility company to handle infrastructure and defense. I have no illusions about the limits of government.  They cannot protect us from harm; we are still responsible for that. We rely on the Police to investigate crimes and catch the criminals who committed these crimes.  We rely on the Courts to try these criminals and send the guilty to jail. We rely on our Legislators to maintain a set of laws that are needed. We rely on EMT to come to get critical patients to the hospital. We rely on Firefighters to put our fires. We rely on the Defense Department to protect the US from invasion.

The Police can’t always prevent crime; they are deployed after crimes have been committed.  The Courts don’t ensure justice,. Legislators allow too many unnecessary laws to remain on the books. EMTs cannot save everybody because CPR must begin immediately.  Firefighters don’t necessarily keep your house from burning down and the Defense Department doesn’t protect us from invasion.

We fund the government as if it can do more than it does. But the truth is that government is overpriced and underperforming.  I appears to be impervious to our constructive criticisms. I am convinced that we would all be better off if government did less…much less and do it less abusively.

If you have a car crash and your car can’t be driven, government tows it off to a holding lot that charges you $15 per day to store your wrecked car.  If you are in a coma, it will get very expensive.

Ambulance rides cost $1000 and you will be taken to the designated trauma center, not your own hospital.  It’s like living in “Green Acres” where you get ripped off by Mr. Haney.

Tickets for traffic violations are up from $75 to over $200. These charges need to be reviewed.

I am not a “first responder” worshipper. I think all the gushing on the news is propaganda aimed at proposing “first responders” for canonization. This promotes government as a religion.
The cost of milling and resurfacing an asphalt road in 2010 was $75,000 per lane mile. Now, in 2017 it costs $252,922.

I was raised as a Conservative who believed in the limited government enshrined in the US Constitution at a time when the Constitution had been violated by our own Congress and Whitehouse.  I read American Communist Goals 1920 when I was 10 years old and saw the Communists as the enemy, but I always associated “defense” as a domestic responsibility,

I went on to observe even more government abuse in the 1960s.  The abuse was suspended by Reagan but ramped back up in 1989. Communist Goals were accelerated by Obama in 2008.  Trump is reversing all of Obama’s sabotage rapidly and Democrats and Liberal are going nuts. It is illogical for Liberals to object to restoring the US economy.
I’ve traced all of the problems we’ve had in the US back to unconstitutional actions taken by our federal government and by state and local government as well.   I’ve traced all of these actions to the American Communist Party infiltration of the media, the universities and the government. I am convinced that government must allow and support the restoration of the US free market economy and to do that they need to reverse and extinguish socialist policies in the US.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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