Thursday, August 10, 2017

Delusional Cold Warriors

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, retired, Fox News Contributor is a delusional Cold Warrior who misses the good old days when the Communists were in Russia.  But now we’ve had them in the Whitehouse and the Congress and they permeate the US federal government as the “Deep State”. They call themselves “Progressives” or “Liberals”, but they are Communists all the same.


Talk about the Russians soiling the sanctity of our elections sounds like General Jack Ripper from the movie “Dr. Strangelove”, who called for the nuking of Moscow. He could not allow the Communist conspiracy to “sap and adulterate all of our precious bodily fluids”.


Our Republican politicians remind me of the homesteaders who had a two-sided portrait above the fireplace mantle. On one side was a portrait of Abraham Lincoln and on the other side was Jefferson Davis.  The flipped it to the right President based on whose cavalry just rode up to the front door.


Not long ago, the Council on Foreign Relations was a sought-after honor to be named to.  I haven’t heard a thing about it since Trump was elected.  The media started to stop reporting on it after 1992, when Bush I announced the “new world order”.


I see Russia as a bear that would roam into our campsite to get food.  We try to shoo it away, but if it comes after us, we will shoot it.  I think they know that.  I also expect Russia to try to keep all of its trading partners.  They don’t have that many. I also think they regret giving away the Ukraine. I didn’t get that upset when they grabbed the Crimea, because their citizens voted 80% to be annexed by Russia. I know why Poland and Hungary and Slovenia are happy to be free of Russian influence, because they have been free to develop their private sector economies.  I think the other former USSR satellite countries in the economically stifled Baltic States who do copy Russia’s anti-free market policies.

They would like different politicians and a better economy. 

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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