Thursday, August 10, 2017

Legislator Scorecards

Those voters who want less bureaucracy, waste and corruption in government need to understand the legislative scorecards posted in Conservative Review to see scores for members of the US Congress and for members of the Georgia Legislature.  A high score indicates votes against overregulation by the “nanny-state” and adherence to the US Constitution (as written). Those with scores under 70% are considered as failing to vote enough for small, less intrusive government.  There are Conservatives in the 60% to 70% range, whose scores have slipped because they voted to pass bloated budgets, just to get them done and avoid a government shut-down.

The US federal government began violating the US Constitution (as written) in the 1870s with the creation of national parks.  It got worse in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax.  It went over the line in the 1930s with big government socialism. It went for broke in the 1960s with Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare and “protected groups”.

Congress could have remained in compliance with the US Constitution if they had written Amendments and submitted these to the States for ratification.  They didn’t do this because they knew that voters would prevent their States from allowing the federal government to add to their “enumerated powers”.

Liberals invented the notion that the US Constitution was a “living document” and could be amended by the Courts. This in itself was a violation of the Constitution.  Voters were asleep at the switch and politicians were the perpetrators trading votes for cash. The extent of the corruption in the US federal government reached the States when the bribery kicked in for States and their politicians.

Today, we find ourselves with very few Constitutional Conservatives in our legislatures. These are members who score 90% and above. 

We do have “conservatives” with scores that range from 70% to 90%.  The total percentage of members who score from 70% to 100% are as follows:
The US House has 15.4% with a score of 70% and above. The US Senate has 12% with a score of 70% and above.  The Georgia House has 20.1% with a score above 70% and the Georgia Senate has 17.9% with a score above 70%

Conservative Review –
US House: Dem 42.8%, RINO 40.3%, Rep 15.4%,
US Senate: Dem 48%, RINO 42%, Rep 12%

Isakson 38% Perdue 64%
Tom Graves 75%, Jody Hice 75% L. Westmoreland 73%
Austin Scott 71%, Barry Loudermilk 67%, Rob Woodall 60%,
Doug Collins 59%, Rick Allen 50%, Buddy Carter 50%,

GA Dems
John Lewis 22%, Hank Johnson 13%, Sanford Bishop 12%, David Scott 10%
Georgia House - Dem 34.1%, RINO 45.8%, Republican 20.1%
Georgia Senate - Dem 30.4%, RINO 51.8%, Republican 17.9%

Hunter Hill – GA Senate –SD-6 51% RINO, for GA Governor
Brad Raffensperger, Johns Creek HD 50, 74% grade C for GA Secretary of State

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