Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just Repeal Now

Senator Rand Paul is speaking our language - true conservatism -when it comes to repealing and replacing ObamaCare. His recent takedowns of Republicans pushing "ObamaCare Lite" in the Senate have been, quite frankly, legendary.

After writing and posting a scathing Breitbart op-ed on Wednesday, he had another stinging rebuke published yesterday by the Washington Examiner. In it, the junior senator from Kentucky attacks the revised Senate bill released yesterday and makes a direct hit on the sickening culture of the D.C. Swamp:

In order to advance their crony capitalism, the Senate Obamacare bill takes us beyond the long-running debate about "is healthcare a right" to a new debate: "Is health insurance a right?" In other words, is there somehow a right to healthcare that includes a taxpayer obligation to maintain insurance industry profits, which hit a record $15 billion last year?

As we forgot about what natural liberty means, so have we forgotten what made America great in the first place - freedom.

I am disappointed that my colleagues have insufficient confidence in the freedom of the healthcare marketplace, and I am greatly disappointed they've decided there now exists a federal right of insurance companies to have their $15 billion annual profit subsidized by taxpayers.

I really can't describe my level of disappointment. Crony capitalism is enshrined as a "right" by the new GOP Obamacare bill, while that bill does little to nothing to repeal Obamacare or fix our ailing healthcare sector.

Sen. Rand Paul has it EXACTLY right, and unless there's an UPRISING from patriotic citizens THIS MONTH, ObamaCare will NOT be repealed. Or worse... the GOP RINOs will pass an ObamaCare "Lite" bill that's even worse than ObamaCare. THE SENATE MUST HEAR FROM YOU.

Thanks, in advance, for taking action. The Grassfire Team

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