Friday, May 19, 2017

Fox Counterattack Needed

Today, Fox News began to cover the big bills in Congress for a change.  Fox fails to identify that Democrats are using Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to disrupt Congress and are using all media as their platform. Fox continues to ask the same questions asked by the Democrat networks.

It’s time for Fox to go on the offensive and attack the Democrats.  Bill O’Reilly is gone, so Fox has dropped his “the spin stops here” rule and should drop his “fair and balanced” rule. This is a war and they need to pick sides.

Fox has lots of topics to cover, like a rehash of Obama-era scandals and a call to set up refugee camps in Middle Eastern countries. They could cover the refugee invasion and its ramifications. They could ask how US law could cancel Sharia law and how Muslims will have to comply with US law instead of Sharia law.

Fox could examine how prices are controlled by consumers in a free market economy and how education and healthcare are not part of the free market economy

Fox could cover the fact that healthcare costs are the result of excessive government subsidies. They could cover how removing government from healthcare could lower the

Fox could compare Social Security with a Private Account Retirement Savings Plan that allows members to invest their savings and triple their retirement savings and own these accounts to pass on to their heirs  They could discuss how we can convert to a private plan.

Fox could examine the $20 trillion debt and discuss how it can be paid off without causing inflation.

Fox could examine campaign finance and how it could be changed to allow elected officials to work for the voters who elected them.   They could discuss how special interests could be banned from making campaign contributions and could use their own websites and ads to exercise their free speech.

Fox could examine how the US federal government is not in compliance with the US Constitution and how Amendments would be required to have states ratify legal additions to its “enumerated powers”.

Fox could examine Federal Lands, expose how the federal government got 30% of the landmass and identify what parts of it could be used productively and who really owns it. They could recount the history of the abandonment of timber and fishing industries.  They could examine the causes of wildfire on federal lands and who is responsible for preventing these.

Fox could cover the big questions that Congress isn’t addressing to educate the viewers ahead of time.

Fox could use Alinsky’s blitzkreig on the Democrats to balance the discussion.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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