Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ignoring Democrats

Fox News is currently showcasing Liberals on every show. They are attempting to allow Liberals to explain their policies. Liberals refuse to answer their questions, but use the time to spew their brainwashing narratives. Fox may be doing this to expose Liberals as the illogical ideologues they are, but they are sociopaths and are delighted to have a platform.
The best way to end bad behavior is to not reinforce it. Democrats need to be sent to their room.

Liberalism is a disease and Trump is the cure. Democrats need to be exposed and indicted for all the harm they have done. They push for a totalitarian state

We don’t need to be polite to liberals. They are dangerous and destructive. We don’t need to associate with them.  They cannot be converted. They are sociopaths. They have been brainwashed beyond repair. They will not listen to reason. They are immune to facts. They have a mission. It is to destroy freedom and prosperity and impose slavery and poverty. They are Communists.

They have done this for 100 years.  They took over Russia 100 years ago and ruined it.  The Russian people has still not recovered from the 80 years they lived under Communism. They are hopeless, depressed and unable to advance and improve their circumstances. Putin could change this if he rallied his government behind developing the private sector economy in Russia.

We don’t need to compromise with Democrats. It always ends with more socialist programs that ignore the laws of economics and individual rights and never turn out well.

We need to protect ourselves from harm and liberals do a lot of harm. If we are invaded by dangerous animals, we should hunt them down and remove them permanently.

Communities of people with common sense need to step up and run liberals out of town.

We need to stop electing politicians who push bad ideas. These bad ideas usually involve a government takeover of some task that belongs to the private sector. We have collected these tasks over the years and need to start handing them back to the private sector to clear our plate to do what government needs to do.

Government is responsible for infrastructure and the management of monopoly services that have not been privatized. If government has a legitimate job, it is certainly water and roads. Can’t we make a water distribution system that doesn’t leak? Shouldn’t government make that a goal?

The US doesn’t need to attract poverty. The US needs to be the role-model for prosperity. The US is the one country left that can demonstrate success and prosperity. Other countries need to copy our free market policies to have an economy that works.  The US is a meritocracy with private property rights and the rule of law and representative government.  Socialist programs make the poor poorer. If we concentrate on rooting out the corruption in our system and concentrate on our economy, we will enable the poor to lift themselves out of poverty.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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