Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Media Ignores Big Issues

The cost of welfare refugees and immigrants to the US is $384 billion a year.  This includes federal welfare and State costs. Nobody has mentioned the obvious. We could save $384 billion a year if we remove these welfare benefits and could give welfare refugees and immigrants the incentive to go home and allow our 95 million working-age US citizens a chance to get a job.

The cost of healthcare in the US has quadrupled and has become unaffordable due to overfunding by the federal government, starting with Medicare in 1965 and culminating in Obamacare. Reform should include separating welfare from the insurance market and including the sick to apply for Medicaid. The cost of health insurance should be based on utilization, just like any other insurance product, not based on age.

The balance between our constitutional rights and our anti-discrimination policies are in conflict.  The Community Redevelopment Act 1993 caused the 2008 mortgage meltdown.  Muslims have announced that they will take over the US using our own anti-discrimination laws against us and set up Sharia law to replace US Law. This should prompt either a ban of Sharia in the US or the repeal of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Obama is an illegal alien, Muslim Communist with a bogus Social Security number. He occupied the Whitehouse for 8 years and seeded the federal government with Marxists in every department to”transform” the US into a Socialist Republic. These Communist operatives are still there.

UN Agenda 21 based on the global warming hoax was signed by GHW Bush in 1992, implemented by Clinton in 1993 and Obama completed its implementation from 2009 to 2016. This needs to be repealed and there is a case to be made for the US to quit the UN for launching this hoax. Agenda 21 implementation costs ran in the $trillions and resulted in sovereign debt that matches or exceeds each affected country’s GDP.  This needs to be exposed and repealed from all levels of government down to the cities who adopted Agenda 21 ordinances.

The US Constitution has been violated by Congress since the 1970s. The Constitution provides an Amendment process Congress has ignored to add powers that were not included in the “enumerated powers” granted in the US Constitution (as written).  If the federal government wants to retain these powers, they should write Amendments and submit them to the States for ratification. If we are to restore the “rule of law” Congress should start with the “law of the land”.

The US voters are divided into two groups, The Conservative half prefers the US as it was originally designed.  The Liberal half wants to make the US a Socialist Republic.  The battle is over voters and the goal is to dominate US elections.  So far, the Liberals have been losing, even though they have infiltrated the media, the government, the schools and have dictated immigration policies until now.

Elections are corrupted by special interest funds going to candidates. This is government by bribery and extortion. We need to reform campaign finance to make elected officials work for the voters and outlaw contributions from everybody else.  Registered voters should be the only ones who could make legal campaign contributions and only to candidates who appear on their ballots. Special interests can exercise their political speech on their own websites. Candidates would need to put their full resumes and positions on issues on their websites and wouldn’t have to spend all of their time raising campaign contributions, so they could do their jobs, like reading the bills and writing the regulations.

Congress and the Federal Reserve are locked in a suicide pact that will bankrupt the US. Federal spending should not exceed federal revenue. Congress should produce a balanced budget. Congress should look to transferring unconstitutional federal activities back to the private sector or the States.

Healthcare and Education are overfunded by the federal and State government and these costs need to be shifted back to communities where this activity actually takes place.

Social Security needs to be privatized to allow participants the right to invest their contributions in their own private accounts and triple their retirement funds. This will require the federal government to fund this last generation of participants from the general fund and will require $1 trillion a year for 30 years. This won’t even be possible until the US can operate with full employment and advance US GDP to produce 4% growth every year.

The “entitlement” programs need to be pared back in tandem with the goal to provide jobs for all US citizens. As we restore jobs, entitlement participants will lift themselves out of welfare.

All levels of government need to adopt “enumerated powers” to prevent them from wandering back into expanding government. This should be complied with at the federal level and proposed by the States, counties and cities to contain their own responsibilities. The family and the private sector should carry the brunt of the responsibilities for welfare and the economy.

These are the big issues we need to address.

Norb Leahy, Dunwoody GA Tea Party Leader

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